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Friday, August 04, 2006

Shuttle Atlantis Suspicions

This entry will probably test the credulity of most, so be it. I find this kind of thing a kind of mental gymnastic. Here we go...

While cruising the net today a paid one of regular visits to the Etemenanki web sight. This amazing sight weaves thousands of seemingly unconnected ideas and events together, attempting to show an underlying message subtilely embedded in the very fabric of time and space by super intelligences somewhere out there attempting to make contact to those sensitive enough to recognize and understand it. At least that's what I think Goro Adachi, author of "The Time Rivers" and this mind bending sight, is trying to say. He also uses these "messages" to make predictions about possible future events. I like it because he frequently uses coincidence and conspiracy memes to further his arguments and that's what this blog is all about.

In his most recent entry on his sight he mentions how he believes the August STS-115 Atlantis shuttle launch will be a significant occasion possibly marking a pivotal world event. What that event will be (if any) we will have to wait and see. What ever you think of prediction some of the points raised by this line of inquiry are fascinating.

If you follow the Illuminati conspiracy the fact that NASA, a rather suspicious bunch to say the least, even have a shuttle called Atlantis seems weird enough. Ad to that the fact that STS-115 is set to launch on August 27-28 with a window running up to September 7, a timeline that corresponds to the anniversary of hurricane Katrina's American landfall (August 29) and our future overlord Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator 2 date of Judgment Day (August 29). Pretty flaky? Yeah.. well, it sounded good in my head this morning when I woke up.

Here is what I wrote about Arnold Shwarzenegger and movie synchronicity in a previous post.
This was originally inspired by another page on the Etemenanki web sight

Lets look at a the previous NASA mission patch as analyzed at Etemenanki

After seeing those I thought id have a quick look at the new mission patch to see if anything suspicious jumps out at me. Boy, did I ever find some interesting stuff, or perhaps I have explored new as yet undiscovered depths of my neurosis. Actually I'd be surprised if someone else hasn't noticed this as well. Either way, here we go!

See the pyramid with missing capstone?

How about now?

The sun is represented here as a six pointed star. Israel/Solomon connection?

Weirdly when we cut out the triangular part of the shuttle and place it on top it perfectly completes the pyramid. The shuttle is the captsone of the pyramid!

Now what the hell does that mean? Will the Atlantis STS-115 launch lead to some kind of completing of Illuminati plans...

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Interlocutor28 said...

"Will the Atlantis STS-115 launch lead to some kind of completing of Illuminati plans..."

Well... in practical terms, maybe. I saw on TV that they are adding solar panels to the Interantional Space Stattion - a major step towards its completion. Apparently, after this mission the ISS will be double in size. Which leads to another question - How does the ISS fit into Illuminati plans?