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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Children used in the media to create fear.

Time Magazine July 3 1995 and May 13 1991

I saw a headline today on the CBC web sight about 2 Edmonton teens who helped police make a "break" in a child pornography case.
The headline photo at their home page for this article looked really creepy and voyeuristic. In it we see through blinds and foliage from outside into the home of the alleged pornographer at work on his PC. As if we, the viewer, were looking surreptitiously at the man who is in turn watching child pornography. It looked blurry and dark and I couldn't tell if it was supposed to be a stock image or actually part of the news being presented. Alas, it is no longer on their main page and I can't find the image.
I did however get me thinking about how George W. Bush just recently used a bunch of children in his address to the world about his rational behind his first presidential veto of the embryonic stem-cell research bill . The children were "born from "adopted" frozen embryos that had been left unused at fertility clinics" says this CNN article.
Whatever your viewpoint on stem cell research it seems pretty obvious that the idea of having actual children being held up by president Bush was done deliberately to create a particular image our minds. He could have explained is opinion verbally but that would not have sent such a intense and clear message. The message being along these lines "Stem-cell research kills babies, babies like this one I am holding, right here in my arms. Would you kill this baby right here in my arms?"

The media seems to play the edangered kids card allot lately in there increasingly child pornography filled reports. Armies of sexual predators are seemingly everywhere and ready to take advantage of the youth of the world. Obviously this kind of thing is a valid concern when it does happen but is the frequency and intensity of these reports an accurate portrayal of the threat out there? Could it be that this is all part of a bigger plan to use the fear of child pornography and other internet "evils" to legitimize increased government control of the internet? The comedian Doug Stanhope has also, I believe, discussed this issue in his live act.
Meanwhile I have also been scavenging the online Time Magazine archives looking for interesting covers and have found many wonderful things which I have and will continue to post here. Included in these are some covers relating perfectly to the this topic.
Check out the "Crack Kids" one, a subject that many believe now, in retrospect, to have been a bit of the old "fear mongering".
Some words come to mind like bird flu, Africanized killer bee and maybe even, dare I say it, terrorist?

Time Magazine November 3 2003 and March 27 2006

Time Magazine May 10 1999 and August 6 2001

Yet again more all seeing eyes on Time covers...

Apr 12 1993
Aug 25 1997
June 7 1999
Oct 11 1999
May 25 1987
Mar 24 1980
May 8 1950
Jul 14 1952

Wow, read the cover. It even refers to the "summit" as in peak, apex or capstone of the pyramid!

One more on the side that I've been seeing popping up on the net.

Do you see his fingers making a triangle centering his eye? Now, I have probably been lumped in with some crazy company by pointing that out. Ah... well.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Fraternal symbols on Time covers 10: Egyptian Obelisk

March 14 1949

Oct 13 1952

May 1 1939 (May Day! Happy 163 Birthday Illuminati!)

Sep 22 1952

The phallic Egyptian Obelisk is believed by many to be an adopted symbol of Freemasonry. This seems hardly a stretch when considering many masons trace their fraternity's origins to ancient Egypt. The obelisk I believe analogous to the pillar and in the bottom two images one can also see the globe, another Masonic symbol. In the top image we have burning candles, again Masonic and in the second a bird with outstretched wings probably derived from the Assyrian/Egyptian winged solar disc.

The winged orb inspiring many fraternal symbols, most famously in the zeitgeist at this moment the American Bald Eagle (debatable, Manly P. Hall suggests its a phoenix) on the front of the Great Seal which is seen on the back of the dollar bill.
To read more on Masonic pillars, spheres and candlesticks follow this link
This of course raises interesting questions about the real meaning of the giant 555 ft obelisk in the capital of the USA, the Washington Monument...
In my mind it lends allot of weight to the idea that America is seen by the elite in the mystery schools (remembering that many top government rich white dudes are members of these) as Francis Bacons' "New Atlantis". You can watch a rather good conspiracy documentary on this subject on Google Video "Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings".

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Fraternal symbols on Time covers 9: Triangle and Square

Sep 2 1952

Oct 3 1949

The triangle and square which are most often used in masonry in their most famous symbol, the compass and the square, can be seen in the top image. For more on the significance of this see this link.

If you look closely at the top image you will even see the phallic Egyptian obelisk inside the triangle!

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Monday, July 24, 2006

Irony: USA sending bombs to Israel and aid to Lebanon

Sending bombs to Israel and aid to Lebanon, Irony? Imagine munching on some grub that George W. Bush sent you. While at the same time your hiding in a dark cellar from the bombs that George W. Bush sent the country that's bombing you. The magick of the circle of life. George and his New World Order friends can send you life and death all in one day!

Mar 10 1975

Maybe the theme of the two combined elements in this Time cover help explain why Israel gets the laser guided bombs while Lebanon gets the aid?

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Fraternal symbols on Time covers 8: The Owl

Time Magazine June 23 1967

Here for your enjoyment I bring you Alex Jones' favorite giant stone owl. Molech, Bohemian Grove bird of doom on the cover of Time Magazine!

But seriously, the owl is, according to Jordan Maxwell, a symbol of secret societies because of it's connection to wisdom. It also sees in the dark, where as we (the trembling masses) are blind, and all that elitist jazz.
I even managed to find a copy of this particular Time yesterday at a second hand store and can confirm that the referring to fraternal doings isn't limited to the cover of Time but, in this case at least, extends to the interior pages. The cover article is about Kingman Brewster Jr. who was the President of Yale at the time of publication. In the article we read "Among the things that Brewster found absurd were Yale's secret societies and fraternities. Rebelliously anti-Establishment, he turned down a tap from Skull and Bones, declined the presidency of Zeta Psi fraternity and attacked those institutions of privilege in Daily News editorials. He also wrote that... girls should not wear slacks: "The woman of Wellesley, Smith and Vassar must be deprived of their pants"

Other than the giant owl of Bohemia many believe that the owl is also hidden on the Dollar bill and in the street plan of Washington DC. To decide for yourself check out the argument at Alex Jones Prison Planet. Link below

Bohemian Grove article at Wikipedia.

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Friday, July 21, 2006

Fraternal symbols on Time covers 7: The Rose and the Bee

Time Magazine August 24 1953

The fraternal symbol of the rose features heavily in the peak period of Masonic symbolism on Time Magazine covers (roughly 1945-1955). The symbol is connected to the 18th degree of Scottish right Freemasonry (18° Knight of the Rose Croix) which is connected to Rosicrutionism.
Check out the one that even has a bee, another symbol of masonry!
"The bee and the hive have long been symbols of industry and regeneration, wisdom and obedience, with a place in Egyptian, Roman and Christian symbolism. The hive is often seen in Masonic illustrations of the 18th and 19th century and both Clovis and Napoleon adopted the bee as their symbol. Although "the bee was among the Egyptians the symbol of an obedient people, because, says Horapollo, 'of all insects, the bee alone had a king.'1, its use in Freemasonry was secondary to any number of other symbols based on the working tools of a stone mason."
Another interpretation of the rose could be the idea of secrecy as in "Sub Rosa"
sub rosa \suhb-ROH-zuh\,
adverb:1. Secretly; privately; confidentially.
adjective:1. Designed to be secret or confidential; secretive; private

Sub rosa comes from the Latin, literally "under the rose," from the ancient association of the rose with confidentiality, the origin of which traces to a famous story in which Cupid gave Harpocrates, the god of silence, a rose to bribe him not to betray the confidence of Venus. Hence the ceilings of Roman banquet-rooms were decorated with roses to remind guests that what was spoken sub vino (under the influence of wine) was also sub rosa.

Note the bee in the image above.

Click on image to enlarge

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Fraternal Time covers 6: East

Time Magazine May 19 1952

On this cover we see the cardinal points arranged with East in the top position where North would usually be. Masons do the same on there Tracing Boards. East is where the sun rises, the all important over arching theme found ubiquitously in Masonry, veneration of the sun. Interestingly the East spoke crosses the word news which is an amalgamation of the first letters of the four cardinal points.

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Fraternal Time covers 5: Keystone

"the first three degrees are but the outer court of the Temple. Part of the symbols are displayed there to the Initiate, but he is intentionally mislead by false interpretations. It is not intended that he shall understand them; but it is intended that he shall imagine he understand them... it is well enough for the mass of those called Masons to imagine that all is contained in the Blue Degrees" (Albert Pike "Morals and Dogma", p.819).

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Fraternal Time covers 4: Hermes

Hermes? Of course it's Hermes!
More fraternal images on a major news providers front page. I will keep adding many new ones over the course of the next few days.

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Time Magazine: Tricky Triptych of Terror

These three arrogant, tasteless and gloating images I find very telling about Western culture. Firstly it shows how the rationalist/materialist mentality sees evil as something separate from himself. Evil is always shown as something outside of oneself that you can destroy in the physical world. Does this ever work?
It also shows how they tried to create the impression in our minds that the war on Terror is on equal footing with the war against the Nazis. Zarqawi is an equal with Hitler? I personally had never even heard of Zarqawi before he was murdered by the Americans.

The first two images are of men who weren't even killed by America. The third however is and this makes the bloody cross on his face take on a new meaning. This also shows how they tried to create the image in our minds that killing Zarqawi was just as good as killing bin-Laden. It's probably still profitable to have bin-Laden drop of tapes at AlJazeera when America needs a good scare.
Oh, wasn't Saddam one of the boys at one point?

Is the world is a safer place now that these three men are "crossed" out?

Monday, July 17, 2006

Fraternal symbols on Time Magazine covers 3: The Oroborus

Click on image to enlarge

Do you see what I see? These blatant hermetic symbols and others can be found on many time magazine covers of old, particularly (but not exclusively) between the dates of about 1945 to 1955. I am currently in the process of sorting through the whole library of Time Magazine to bring you the dirt. I am also working on investigating the theory that allot of these images contain intentional coded messages to initiates of the mystery schools and playful hints at the real nature of the media game. Other assorted interesting discoveries will also be unveiled. Stay tuned.

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Fraternal symbols on Time Magazine covers 2: Shriner Fez

Just the tip of the ice berg! I've been plowing through the archives and have found a mountain of this stuff.

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More all seeing eyes' on time magazine covers.

Click on image to see it larger

Think about it! Many more fraternal symbols coming soon..

Fraternal symbols on Time Magazine covers 1: All seeing eye

What does it mean when one of the biggest news distributors has many blatant secret society symbols on the cover of there news magazine? Does it mean that our news isn't objective and might be filtered through the minds of people who might hold there own interests in higher regard then the publics?

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