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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Contacting God our Alien Creator: The Occult Motivation for the 9/11 Mega-Ritual

The World Trade Centre complex is shown atop the primordial mound of Atum penetrating the chaos of Nu. 'The Sphere' sculpture stands in between them representing the Benben and Kaaba and giving us a hint as to the Egyptian origins of the 9/11 symbolism and talisman employed in the mega-ritual. We see the eye in the triangle with the processional movements of the stars indicating the astrological and heavenly bodies’ significance in the timing and invocation of this magickal act committed on 11 September 2001. This image and post examines the motivation of the ritual-the opening of the stargate or cosmic consciousness- an attempt at contacting God our alien creator.

Since my previous post, focusing on the WTC as veiled pyramids and "Great Spherical Caryatid" (a large sculpture in the middle of the World Trade Centre plaza up until 9/11), I’ve been thinking more about this strange object. I highlighted how it was designed to represent the Kaaba at Mecca. It was shown how the sculpture is related to atlas, the Black Stone inside the Kaaba and the Benben. All of these attributes connected to this bronze "The Sphere" (its popular nickname) sculpture, implies another occult interpretation of this corporate art piece. If Caryatids are stylized pillars and the Freemasonic hero Hiram Abiff was known as the bronze pillar maker in Masonic lore, than it stands to reason that the bronze-pillar connected-statue in the middle of a bull's eye design and water fountain has more Masonic resonating occult significance than previously thought.

Fore the previous post which investigated the WTC as related to the pyramids and "The Sphere" sculpture click here:

Before we move on to further investigation of God through geometric shape related occult synchronicities I would like to point out a little insight that occurred to me while drawing this posts picture, right at the top. While staring at my framed third degree Masonic certificate I noticed how the three candles pictured, present in Masonic lodges, are in the same relative arrangement as the pillars of the first degree tracing board.

On this image they are portrayed as being atop the primordial mound of Atum-Ra piercing the chaos of the watery abyss of Nu. The image goes some length to betray the Egyptian origins of the Craft and the Christian bible. The bible (sacred book) in between the candles/pillars in the drawing is also found in Masonic lodges and used in ritual and initiation. Having a representation of the Christian bible atop the mound of Atum -of the Egyptian creation myth- is a powerful and obvious symbol. If we combine this image with the revelation of Genesis as amalgamation of Egyptian mythology and history a powerful insight into ancient history is achieved.
See my previous post and Ralph Ellis' "Eden in Egypt" for more (p 10 mentions Atum and Nu specifically and much of this information is drawn from that source).
After seeing the image I thought it would be interesting to portray the three destroyed WTC buildings as the three similar sized and arranged candles atop the mound. At some point yesterday it occurred to me that I was drawing the three buildings on an Island. This is the reality of the three buildings as it were in real life! The buildings which have been connected with the three pillars of the tracing board which are obviously also reflections of the similar sized candles of a Masonic temple.

Thus another veiled symbolic connection between Freemasonry and 9/11 can be sited, the three buildings of Manhattan Island as symbolic representations of the three candles/pillars on the primordial mound of Atum. The primordial mound represents the Benben stone (again see p10 of "Eden in Egypt") which if you read further I will attempt to accuse the WTC buildings themselves of being intended to invoke.

A first degree tracing board

I should also note before we continue that I hadn't completed "Eden in Egypt" before writing the previous post in which I connected the three WTC buildings (1,2 and 7) to the three biggest pyramids at Giza. On reading page 196-197 I learned that Ellis had made a simmilar connection to the Great and Second pyramid and the Twin Towers in passing. Here is the relevant passage: As the Amercans have demonstrated at Pearl Harbour and the Twin Towers, sometimes it is better to wait patiently, and perhaps nervously, for an unprovoked attack, so that the overwhelming military response can be made from an indignant, united nation. (Note the symmetry between the Twin Towers and Twin Peaks at Giza).

Geometric shapes like the cube and the sphere have invaded my mind, like, well like the Borg Cube! Assimilating my everyday thought processes and making resistance futile.

The Borg Cube arrives at the Earth. An encoded reference to our alien God's arrivil?

A very interesting sync happens when we keep the Kaaba of Mecca its spherical sacred Stone and the related bronze WTC sculpture in mind. Then at the same time, recounting a sequence in the film "Star Trek 8: First Contact".

The Cube releases its Benben.

The alien Borg cube attacks earth and seconds before being destroyed releases a smaller spherical ship that opens a time-vortex. Vortices and time travel are stargate themed technologies. A little later I will try and connect teleportation to stargates. The ovoid Black Stone (possible Benben) inside the cube shaped Kaaba at Mecca is speculated to be of space and/or alien descent (again please see previous post for more details).

We need to cut away from Star Trek and look into Freemasonry to prepare this sync for its maximum potential esoteric relevance.

Ralph Ellis, as pointed out in the previous post, deconstructs the word Kabbalah as Kabba and Allah which he translates as "Cube" and "God". Ellis further reveals in "Eden in Egypt" the final and ultimate secret of Freemasonry in a commendable, no nonsense and matter of fact manner. Whether he is correct, and that he has revealed the actual, no bones about it, cold hard fact behind the secretive Freemasons or not. We can in the very least speculate that it is the ultimate occult truth believed by many esoteric schools and individuals and no doubt represent many Masons personal view. At the same time Ellis notes that many Masons would scoff at the very idea but none the less he puts it forward whether we (or even all Masons) believe him or not. It’s nothing new, quite simply he claims the secret kept alive by the Craft is that God is an alien.

The Benben travels through a stargate.

Let’s return to the Star Trek scene I mentioned and compare notes. A cube shaped alien spacecraft shows up at earth and releases a sphere that opens a stargate and travels back in time. The word cube has been connected to God and God has been identified as being an alien, lets hope if God can read this he takes well to this kind of accusation! The sphere released by the borg cube is reminiscent of the stone inside the cube shaped Kaaba which in turn has been well connected to the sphere sculpture at the destroyed WTC. My personal bias leads me to connect "The Sphere" sculpture (which the architect designing the WTC plaza as a reflection of Mecca, placed at the corresponding position of the cube shaped Kaaba) to stargates because of its positioning the middle of a bull's eye in water as seen from the top.

For an explanation of stargates and stargate symbols read William Henry or try this post.
William Henry lectures can be viewed for free on Google Video.

The Enterprise and its crew follow the Benben through the stargate.

Could we now say that the Star Trek scene with the Borg Cube and Sphere shows us an encoded occult message along the lines of "God as cube, shows up at the Earth and sends his sphere (Benben) through a wormhole to the surface."? This would tally well with the story about the Benben falling from the sky or an angel giving Abraham the Black Stone believed by many faithful Muslims to be inside the Kaaba, right?

Ben Fairhall has mentioned over at his blog "Ben Fairhall - Battling the Behemoth" some interesting cube related syncs. He has connected cube shaped designs in the ornamentation of Rosslyn's Lady Chapel to Clive Barker's "Hellraiser" and the Nintendo "Game Cube" logo.

"Hellraiser" sees a cube shaped puzzle box that opens the portals (stargates) of hell and the "Game Cube" logo is pointed out as showing a "G" inside a cube. The idea here is to think of the Masonic square and compass symbol with its "G" inside. When we consider that the square and the "G" (which is often translated as geometry) of the Masonic symbol could be well represented by a cube this sync starts to enter the realm of possible intentional veiled occult symbols. Michael Tsarion has taken great efforts to point out the occult sacred symbols hidden in corporate logos. It used to be an issue of much frustration and import to me to try and separate which ones were intended to be veiled imagery and which were synchronisticly relevant. Now it seems the dividing line which was blurred at most points has started to disappear all together, leaving me unconcerned whether the occult message was intentional or imbued with relevance by myself. I believe we could derive a mystical insight from this blurring of lines. In essence the problem is the false dichotomy between subject and object, experience and ‘experiencor’. Added to this polarizing principal of the rational westernized materialist mindset is the overarching tendency for the human intellect to try and make experience fit into either/or categories. A primitive and outmoded Aristotelian program, starting to be overwritten by the non-linear inter-subjective emergent omni-directional interconnectedness of the human mind. Aided materialistically by technology like the internet and grounded spiritually by the acceleration of awakening of consciousness into divinity. All this (and a free bag of chips) finding artistic expression in the 2012 meme...

I believe the three buildings destroyed on 9/11 represent the first degree tracing board's three pillars and both systems of symbols find their origin in the pyramids of Giza. Can other elements of this Masonic image be said to be represented at the original WTC complex?

Before we try and answer this question I would like to put forward a few more sculptures that echo the themes explored on this blog that might help solidify the claim that art works -like 'The Sphere'- can be used as occult symbols to heighten the geomantic relevance and invocation of magickal power by public structures.

Note how the two bigger pyramid type structures align with the Twin Towers in this image.

Masayuki Nagare's 'Cloud Fortress' was destroyed during the cleanup of the 9/11 mega-ritual. When I look at this image I see three pyramids, two greater on the sides, with a third, smaller one, in the middle. The Twin Towers (modeled after the pyramids and twin pillars of Jachin and Boaz) are seen on the far left and right of the image. The sparse information about this piece on the net does somewhat confirm this suspicion.

The massive sculpture, which creates the image of a floating pyramid-structured in black granite stone, stood in front of the World Trade Center buildings, which were destroyed in the Sept. 11 attacks.

"Sphere Within a Sphere" sculpted by Arnaldo Pomodoro located outside the Vatican Museum. Thanks to Vince, who left a comment on my previous post, for pointing this out. Is this sculpture another occult reference to the Benben or Great pyramid (The Great Pyramid containing the Pi ratio)?

The tessellated checkerboard type design and related symbols present in Masonic lodges seen on the tracing boards is believed by Ralph Ellis to be based on physical attributes of actual locations rather than spiritual or moral iconographic teachings.(See "Eden in Egypt" Ralph Ellis p 166-167) The Giza plateau in this theory is believed to contain the original precursor of the checkerboard which was possibly mimicked for the Temple of Solomon, generally accredited as inspiration for the floor plan of Masonic lodges.
The idea is put forward that the original pavement east of the Great Pyramid was comprised of black and white stone owing to the discovery of polished marble and basalt in this area. The Biblical account of the pavement surrounding Mt Sinai according to p 167 of "Eden in Egypt" reads: "And they saw the God of Israel: and there was under his feet as it were a paved work of sapphire stone, and as it were the body of heaven in his clearness."
Ellis believes Mt Sinai is the pyramids of Giza, obfuscated by later scribes of the Bible to hide the overt Egyptian origin of Judaism, Islam and Christianity. The Bible passage could then be originally referring to a reflective surface at the Giza pyramids in which the stars could be seen "under feet".

It seems entirely likely that Freemasons, who are no strangers to architecture (hell, they might originate from the original pyramid builders making this statement an extreme understatement!) and secretly keepers of a more original interpretation of the Bible would design structures that reflect the occult knowledge of the pyramid rituals. This is what I believe we can see proof of in the design of the Washington Monument and the Twin Tower's construction and the execution of the ritualistic and symbolic elements at play on 9/11.

Connecting Spheres and circular motifs to the Great Pyramid at Giza is no logical jump as Pi as mathematically encoded in its very construction. Its height represents the radius and its perimeter the circumference of a circle. Ralph Ellis writes in "Eden in Egypt" on p 169 : "... so to all intents and purposes the 'triangular' Great Pyramid is a representation of a circle." We can therefore see a direct and logical link between spherical and pyramidal (triangular) representations of the Benben.

The idea of having the stars reflected around the base of a pyramid, just as would be seen in ancient times at Giza, could very likely be the true purpose of the reflecting pool at the George Washington Monument.

The monument being a giant obelisk is obviously surmounted by a pyramid which would at night, from the right angle, like the view seen by Lincoln on his marble Emperor throne, be reflected in the heavens along with the pyramid on top of this big needle. The triangle representing Aton or God (an alien in this post, dig?) hovering in space.

Enigmatically the triangle in space is a recent theme of many UFO sightings and is represented in pop-culture in shows like the X-Files.

More veiled Masonic checkerboards, the Eiffel Tower

The glass pyramid at the Louver, a Benben reflecting.

The London Eye displaying one of its occult properties by reflecting in the heavens. Is 'The Eye' a circular pyramid and Benben allusion?

Big Ben also reflects in the Thames. Could Big Ben, a somewhat obelisk shaped clock-tower, really be referencing Benben (Big Ben-Benben)? We see the structure here relative to "The Eye", it's almost as if the eye is staring towards the Houses of Parliament. Though, that way lies paranoia... Hopefully, if you've made it this far into this post, your well beyond paranoia.

Is Isis/Liberty designed to interact with the WTC layout and purposely built on an island to represent Atum, even perhaps reflecting in the heavens? This is an area still wide open for investigation, maybe in future posts we can confront this American symbol of so-called freedom.

More reflecting pools which invoke Masonic tracing boards (pictured above), present at famous occult landmarks, include the glass pyramid at the Louver, Eiffel Tower, Big Ben (Benben), Isis/Statue of Liberty and the London Eye. Now that we have established the veiled manner in which water can be used to reflect Masonic-pyramid inspired- symbolic elements in public landmarks lets get to the point, shall we?

For more about the London Eye as occult landmark see:

The Twin Tower Pyramids (Jachin and Boaz) felled on 9/11 were built on an island in a manner which allowed them to be reflected in the waters of the Hudson River. If the original intention of the checkerboard was to portray the reflected heavens at the base a pyramid both the Washington Monument (and many other public structures) and the WTC can be said to have this theme represented by the reflecting waters at there respective bases.

The WTC can be said to have this theme doubly represented as "The Sphere" had a black granite base over which a thin film of water flowed, making this surface perfect to reflect the towers in the heavens. To go deep into the theme of bringing 'heaven on earth' through architecture, a great source of information on the Hermetic and Gnostic beliefs that Masonry is steeped in can be found in Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval's "Talisman".

The WTC can now with greater conviction be said to have been a giant representation of the Masonic tracing board with the two pillars of Jachin and Boaz reflected in the heavens by the Hudson River. The Benben of legend, having fallen from space and consisting partly, or actually comprising, the original obelisk from Heliopolis. The idea of building obelisks and pillars that are seen reflected in space seem quite appropriate. That is, if you follow the 'heaven on earth' or 'as above so below' Hermetic and Gnostic idea of using the ignorant populace's very dwelling space as giant talisman to perform mega-rituals like 9/11! We should keep in mind that the Benben is believed by some to be the progenitor of the pyramid. If the Benben pyramid origin is true (what ever true is) and the Twin Towers are modeled after the Twin Peaks of the Great and Second pyramids at Giza (and an aerial view of the WTC plaza does seem to confirm this) then the original idea for the Towers would be the Benben itself.

(Click on image to enlarge). Notice how the relative positioning and layout of WTC 1 and 2 are very similar to the Great and Second Pyramids of Giza. See previous post "WTC Pyramid: Part 2" for more information.

The World Trade Center could thus be argued to be modeled after a rock that is said to have fallen from space or given to Abraham by an angel (alien) and represents God, or as stated earlier, an alien. The presence of the Kaaba representing "Sphere" sculpture in concentric circles (magick circles and stargates) lends weight to this theory. The WTC was built in the image of and represents an alien artifact. If we consider that the new WTC complex's major structure,the Freedom Tower, (what a vulgar misnomer) will be a building 1776 (Illuminati founding date) feet tall featuring an octagonal centre point we might just go mad. If you haven’t gone mad yet and need one more push to reach the edge, think about how the Dome of the Rock, the possible origin of the Octagonal shape's importance to the Templars (passed on down to the Masons) is built over another sacred rock believed in some circles to be part of a giant cube-shaped megalith (could anything resonate more with the Benben!?) Could sheer coincidence account for the fact that this building is being built on, or near, the spot where a giant spherical statue used to sit in intentional resonance with the Kaaba at Mecca? A statue which has been connected to the Benben itself! Not to mention that the pyramid pillars of Jachin and Boaz (Twin Towers) themselves alone reflect the Benben. How in the world could all the complex symbolism invoked by the Freedom Tower and 9/11 possibly be reconciled with the terrorist theory?

Please read my X=10=9/11 post for more synchromystic significance of the octagon shape.

The Freedom tower to be completed in 2012 no less, is 1776 (Illuminati founding date) feet tall and has an octagonal middle point. Seen from the top, (the heavens) its profile would be an octagon.

Wait a second! Are you saying that the World Trade Centre and 9/11 comprises a ritual and invocation of forces by certain individuals in the brotherhood of Freemasonry, to contact God, who is himself an alien, and as proof you offer only your word, a round sculpture and some scene from Star Trek? I suppose I am... But I have more scenes from Star Trek if that will help!

Let's find more syncs to include with the great Borg Cube example from "Star Trek 8" that might help us uncover a "God as alien" theme in the synchromystic sync-web.

Comedian George Burns plays God in the "Oh, God" films. Reading Wikipedia's Trivia section on George Burns gives us two “Star Trek” and a “Simpson’s” sync.

The time traveling whales in "Star Trek 4" (as the entire ship time travels, just like the Enterprise crew and Borg in "Star Trek 8") are named George and Gracie after Burns and his wife. Thus we have George Burns connected to time travel (stargates) and aliens (Star Trek couldn’t be more alien connected, right?). Again in the Next Generation Episode, "The Outrageous Okona," Data tries his hand at comedy in his never-ending quest to be more human and mimics George Burns. Data, who resonates George Burns, "jumps the gate" many times including hurtling through the vortex created by the Borg Sphere (connected to the WTC Sphere and Benben) in "Star Trek 8: First Contact" which is about mankind’s first contact with aliens (god?).
"The Simpson’s" episode with George Burns' "Rosebud" sees Montgomery Burns lampoon Charles Foster Kane (Orson Welles) from "Citizen Kane" as the title would suggest.

Morgan Freeman plays God, who bestows his almighty power on Jim Carrey in the horrible "Bruce Almighty". Morgan Freeman narrates for Spielberg's "War of The Worlds," saying the lines that Orson Welles would have said in the famous radio drama about alien invasion that legend has it caused many people to flee for terror in real life! Wonderful, now we see George Burns, “Simpson’s”, Orson Welles and Morgan Freeman all well-connected to aliens and God.

Jim Carrey can also be considered as God following the plot, poster and title of "Bruce Almighty". When reviewing his classic "In Living Color" days we can appropriately tie him into this theme by highlighting his "Star Trek" spoof from the T.V. show in which he plays Captain James T. Kirk. Kirk has even been involved in contacting "God," or something pretending to be God, in "Star Trek 5". Here's the "In Living Color" Star Trek spoof.

Check out the Fez-sporting Nation of Islam dudes, good stuff.

Now things get weird. Being a big fan of "Star Trek" I was delighted when Henrik Palmgren (from Red Ice Creations) brought up in an email how perfectly "Enterprise" fits into the alien/ reptilian/David Icke scenario. He's quite right, as a major antagonist group in this show is the Xindi, which are comprised of several species including the Reptilians.

The Reptilians attack earth dramatically with a spherical weapon that kills seven million people. The Reptilians have themselves been duped into this action by the inter-dimensional beings called The Sphere Builders who can view multiple time lines. We now have cluster fuck of stargate, sphere and alien syncs all part of the "Star Trek" universe, which has already been intimately connected to God and aliens. Another way of connecting the stargate/time travel theme here would be to invoke the memory of Scott Bacula's (The Enterprise captain in "Enterprise") first famous role as Dr. Sam Beckett in "Quantum Leap".

Goro Adachi brought up "Lost," octagons and gates recently at his great website.

I have yet to get deep into this show, which has been making blips on my sync radar for a few months, but some preliminary thoughts, which tie right back into Star Trek, might be worth mentioning at this early point. Terry O'Quinn, who plays a key position in "Lost," acted a one-off role on a fan favorite "Star Trek: Next Generation" episode called "The Pegasus". In this episode O'Quinn is the Captain of the Pegasus, which is a ship with a top secret and illegal phase shift cloaking device, allowing it to become invisible and move through solid matter. This cloaking technology I find somewhat resonating with vortex or gate themes and the Enterprise and "Star Trek" alone allows O'Quinn to be considered as stargate resonating. In one particular scene we see O'Quinn gleefully clutching at his pillar-shaped cloaking device. This episode was based on the Philadelphia Experiment, a conspiracy theory involving US government teleportation technology.

"Lost's" Terry O'Quinn finding his secret teleportation conspiracy theory inspired technology.

Terry O'Quinn (with Jonathan Frakes) and his space manipulating device, being teleported. Crazy cool.

To help solidify this occult resonance O'Quinn is also intimately involved with Illuminati subject matter including the Spear of Destiny (which features again in this post) in "Millennium". "Enterprise" rears its head again as the final episode takes place at the same time as the events on board the Enterprise of "Next Generation" during the already mentioned, "The Pegasus" episode (with much focus on Jonathan Frakes). Adding to the "Lost"/"Star Trek" ball of coincidences is the fact that "Lost" co-creator J.J. Abrams is heading the new "Star Trek 11" movie project. We will have to keep our beady little eyes firmly etched on this matter as it develops.

One more fascinating God reference which I haven’t connected to aliens yet, but does contain another impressive sphere, is found in the career of Keanu Reeves. Keanu Reeves as Neo (anagram for One) from the "Matrix" films visits the "Architect" in "Matrix: Reloaded". This is an obvious reference to one of the versions of the Masonic God "force". Let’s take a quick closer look at Keanu Reeves' career and see if there are any more theological resonating themes. In "Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey" back in 1991, Keanu Reeves has a prior audience foreshadowing his Masonic encounter--meeting with God, having died and travelled to heaven. This tallies well with some folks messianic suspicions about the character of Neo and my Keanu theology. In the "Little Buddha", Keanu nullifies any doubts as to his identification and resonance with the enlightened or "shining ones" playing Siddhartha (Buddha) himself. Further, we can bring Christ and even the Spear of Destiny, the spear said to have pierced the side of Christ, into the mix by invoking his role and name in the movie, "Constantine". The name "Constantine" should already be ringing in our ears with Christian overtones, seeing as the Roman emperor by the same name could quite possibly have codified Christianity into much of what it is today at the First Council of Nicaea. The Spear of Destiny was mentioned earlier with regards to "Millennium" and Terry O'Quinn and is a central plot device in "Constantine."

The Matrix Revolution Shockwave water Sphere, seen during a fight between Neo and Hugo Weaving (Elrond from Lord of the Rings).

A link between "The Matrix" and "Lost" is created when we learn Harold Perrineau acts in both "Matrix Revolution" and "Lost" (Michael Dawson). "Lord of the Rings" connects to "Lost" through the actor Dominic Monaghan (Charlie Pace).

Warning: "The Fountain" (one of my new favorite movies) spoiler in next paragraph.

Having mentioned "The Sphere" sculpture and movie, ("Sphere" 1998) adding the Borg and Xindi sphere's of this post, another amazing sphere appeared into my awareness yesterday. I went and watched "The Fountain" and had my mind turned inside out. This film's rich use of mystical and occult symbols could merit an entire post or a even a book and I think it's the new "2001: Space Odyssey." But to cut a long story short, the sphere shape is a pivotal element of this work of art. We see Hugh Jackman, a stargate veteran (see link below) climbing a pyramid with Orion's belt overhead and later flying right into the heart of a star with the "Tree of Life" inside a giant glass sphere!

For a previous post with "The Fountain" and Hugh Jackman syncs try:

(Click on image to enlarge). Notice how the concept of radiating light is present in all these stargate-themed images. The light comes through the tree's branches , from behind the earth's rim, through the water door and again finally from behind the Illuminati eye.

"The Fountain" came up before because a shot from the film with the Tree of Life and Hugh Jackman walking on water at its base was likened to a NASA mission patch and the stargate from the Stargate films and shows. All these images hark back to the Illuminati dollar bill pyramid.

For Hugh Jackman and Stargates see:

How in the world do I account for the fact that right after a post debating the meaning of "The Sphere" inside a fountain at the World Trade Center plaza, this fountain itself lying inside a giant stargate bull's eye of concentric circle design, we once again see this same theme expressed overtly in the movie "The Fountain!" Hugh Jackman, a stargate traveller ("Kate and Leopold" and "The Prestige") who is also seen battling foes on the head of Liberty/Isis (with the WTC in the background, see link above) in "X-men" can now be seen contacting the god inside himself, inside a Mayan pyramid and penetrating the heart of a star in a nebula that is part of the constellation Orion (this all while floating inside a sphere!). Contemplation of Orion was the source of my own WTC pyramid realization.

My only conclusion for this kind of incredible synchronicity and the point of all my work is highlighting the unity and resonance between all things. As comedian Bill Hicks used to say: "We are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There is no such thing as death, life is but a dream and we are the imaginations of ourselves."

"Lost's" crashed plane and its concentric circle or bull's eye stargate logo.

"Lost's" jet plane has itself the concentric circles (a symbol of God and the cosmic Illumination of the stargate) or bull's eye theme expressed as a logo printed on the side of the crashed plane (need I bother reminding us of 9/11 here?). Thanks to Henrik's journal (link below) we can also take note that the WTC alien pyramid pillars are visible through the windows in a flashback sequence in this enigmatick show.

Henrik and others have validly compared "Lost" to "The Prisoner". Another Sphere, "The Rover," often springs from a fountain or other water source in "The Village," a familiar cult T.V. icon.

In conclusion:

In the spirit of Ralph Ellis' inspirational and refreshing open and honest claim that the secret of masonry is that God is an alien, I too would like to do the same and just come out and say what 9/11 appears to be, taken from my current belief system which is ever evolving and changing.

A materialist interpretaion of the 9/11 ritual would have me believe in Illuminati wizards using magick to open stargates to talk to aliens from Sirius or some such far away space place.

A spiritual interpretation would lead me to claim that 9/11 was an ushering in of the new Aeon and a powerful birth pang of the emerging transhuman godhead of Earth.

These two interpretations need not exclude each other and can quite possibly both have equal validity.

Just saw online that David Lynch has admitted to harbouring huge doubts about the official version of the 9/11 events. I find it interesting how the director of Twin Peaks (names used for the pyramids in this post) is now openly debating the Twin Tower deception. Perhaps this will come up again on the blog...

I am leaving for South Africa to visit friends and family for 5 weeks, not quite sure how much time I will get to Blog in 'the dark continent'. My artist friend did this piece for me, you can check out her work here:

I don’t think she really truly captured my hat but my little plane looks just like the real thing...