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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Monkey Puzzle (Multiple choice question)

Click to enlarge and see if you can solve this monkey puzzle.

Monday, June 26, 2006

The Twin Disasters of September 2001

1.Ahmed Shah Massoud a.k.a the Lion of Panjshir was one of the leading mujahideen who helped fight the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan, men who were once called by none other than president Ronald Reagan, "freedom fighters... defending principles of independence and freedom that form the basis of global security and stability." These mujahideen were significantly financed, armed and trained by the United States. Finances which were in part distributed to mujahideen fighters by the rich and influential Saudi, Osama Bin Laden. In the early 1990's Massoud also functioned as Defense Minister of Afghanistan.

Massoud continued his struggle against the Taliban who came into power after the fall of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan as military leader of the Northern Alliance.

Massoud was assassinated in a suicide bomb attack by two Arabs posing as Belgian journalist two days before the events in New York city that lead to the destruction of the World Trade Centre. (Suspicious-sounding timing? Yer damn Skippy!)

2. Dr John C. Lilly was a physician and psychoanalyst specializing in biophysics, neurophysiology, electronics, computer theory and nearoanatomy. Inventor of the Isolation Tank Method of exploring consciousness, his work led him to interspecies communication projects between man and dolphin. Timothy Leary praised John as the twentieth century's Columbus.

Some memorable quote's : "In the province of mind, what is believed to be true is true, or becomes true within certain limits to be learned by experience and experiment."

"When consciousness got bored and turned in upon itself, creation began. He /She/It created time, space, energy, matter, male, female - the whole tableau. And he made it all so complicated that sneaky things may go on beyond its ken. If you get into these spaces at all, you must forget about them before you come back. You must forget that you are omnipotent and omniscient and take the game seriously so you'll engage in sex, have children and participate in the whole human scenario." The Omni Interviews (Wow! -Jake)

His work inspired two Hollywood films, The Day of the Dolphin and Altered States.

John died on the 30th of September 2001.

(Most info gathered and plagiarised from these fine sights and

Sunday, June 25, 2006

A Secure London Bus?

This image from an old National Geographic takes on a new and frightening (well, even more so) meaning post 7/7. What a joke!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

King Solomon's Freemasonic Temple Of Doom?

Hello folks. Today we venture into a den of the ruling class as The Brave New World Order brings you a firsthand account of the Freemasonic temple which currently shares space and title with the 'good people' of the Manitoba Legislature.

Researcher Frank Albo of the University of Winnipeg has been making the rounds trying to bring attention to the historical and architectural significance of the building. Read more here:

Somehow he appeared on the Alex Jones radio show last year, a rather humorous affair in which the lovable Alex true to form denounces every Freemason as Satanic while ranting about The New World Order. Meanwhile kind-natured Frank Albo, obviously out of his element, somehow handles the entire affair with some measure of poise and dignity. Reminds one of the classic Alex Jones interview where he denounces Noam Chomsky as a New World Order puppet, live in an Ugly and unfortunate, but gold.

Armed with the knowledge of having read a full half of 33 degree Mason Manly P. Hall's Secret Teachings of All Ages (and dam proud of that accomplishment mind you!) for what that's worth, I visited the structure to have a look for myself. The most apparent signs of fraternal involvement would have to be the giant 13-foot golden statue of our old friend Hermes (that the locals have affectionately dubbed "Golden Boy") surmounting the rotunda and the circular chamber directly underneath this inside the building referred to as "The Pool of the Black Star," including a giant 8-pointed black star. Let me repeat that for dramatic emphasis while we reflect on whether this government building is suspicious in anyway:
1. Giant golden 13-foot statue of Hermes
2. "The Pool of the Black Star"
The security guards at the building seem very willing to talk about this and on two separate visits pointed the Masonic connection out to me with a distinct air of pride. I have also spoken to Masons that have confirmed the Masonic ties to the building.

Well that was enough to satisfy my scepticism, not that I expect anyone to believe I don't have any bias, hell this blog is called The Brave New World Order! But please consider for a second some other famous likely Masonic structures and symbols that governments like to use, such as the Pentagon, the Washington Monument, Statue of Liberty and of course the uber-meme on the back of the dollar bill, etc. It seems obvious to me that these secret groups and fraternal organizations, whether old and traditional (Masons, Rosicrucian, etc) or new and political (Bilderberg, Skull and Bones), have a measure of sway in world affairs. They definitely have a flair for introducing fraternal symbols in government-run buildings, if nothing else. Some degree of power has never really been the question. The question seems to be how much influence do they actually have? My answer changes daily depending on my mood. Tellingly, the better I feel the more personally responsible for the world situation I feel, and conversely, the worse my mood the more likely I am to blame the Illuminati for all my woes. There's a lesson here.

So, what about this building? Is it really an occult temple filled to the brim with esoteric hidden meaning and symbols, sacred geometry, divine proportions and host to many sex orgies invoking Pan and Diana with well known celebrities and members of the worlds power elite reminiscent of Kubrick's 'Eyes Wide Shut'? Dam well could be, if you're going to ask me... but, you will have to decide for your self.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Movie Synchronicity 6: Robert Anton Wilson, UFO's and rabbits

In the conspiracy giga book The Illuminatus Trilogy by Robert Shea (any body have a copy of The Saracen pt2: The Holy War for me?) and Robert Anton Wilson the character Joe Malik gets abducted and taken away on a spaceship. Later in the novel he is made a Discordian and given the holy name U Wascal Wabbit. Later in life R.A Wilson started noticing many more connections between UFO’s and rabbits. It would seem he then decided to popularize the idea of connections between rabbits and UFO’s in his books and lectures. He claims there is even a branch of UFO study called Lepufology, a claim which might be a classic case of Guerilla Ontology. Please let me know if anybody out there knows if Lepufology is legit and can verify its authenticity. Whether Lepufology is real or not the connection between Rabbits and UFO’s is certainly intriguing. I will quickly cover the usual basics of the connections between the two which most people familiar with the subject are aware of, adding a few of my own intuitions and then go on to try and tie the subject of Rabbits and UFO’s together with that of magic mushrooms and shamanism in future blog posts.

I would also like to quickly interject with the thought that the synchronicities between UFO’s and rabbits bare a lot of similarities to the 23 enigma and the Discordian law of 5’s. All 3 share the property of seeming more real the harder you look for them in your environment. Could it be that they are (hell R.A Wilson has at points explicitly said this!) just techniques of encouraging the adept to do foolish things persistently until he/she gains illumination when giving up the search for the other in his surroundings. If Alan Watts (a friend of R.A Wilson mind you) is right and the difference between self and environment, object and subject, experience and the person having the experience is a false dichotomy aren’t we just playing the serpent trying to swallow its own tail? Isn’t Bob’s over arching message more about our belief systems and self-hypnotization? Hasn’t the question always been more “Who is the Master that makes the grass green” than “Have you seen the fnords?" You don’t think that he doesn’t sometimes laugh in his sleeve like the Rascal Guru when people talk about this shit?

A fool who persists in his folly will become wise. -William Blake

On to the bunnies!

-In 1948 Bugs Bunny landed on the Moon soon followed by Marvin the Martian in the Looney Toons Cartoon “Hardevil Hare”. I am told Bugs Bunny is possibly the first UFO abductee in history (can you verify this?).
-Also the Pooka, a six foot tall Celtic folklore beastie, features heavily in the discussion of rabbits and UFO’s and appears in the film Harvey (one of Wilson’s favorite movies). Does Donnie Darko’s Frank qualify I wonder?
-Close Encounters and E.T feature rabbits before we see UFO’s and aliens. The poster of E.T has E.T and Elliot flying across the image of the moon (Rabbit in the Moon?)
-President Jimmy Carter has claimed to have seen UFO’s and also bizarrely was once reportedly attacked by a swimming rabbit while fishing! (Monty Python Holy Grail…?)
-Many real life alien encounters including UFO’s and rabbits are reported out there and available online for further perusal.

Some loosely related ideas come to mind for possible further reflection and investigation on this blog:
-Alice In Wonderland’s White Rabbit
-The Matrix “Follow the white rabbit Neo!”
-2001: A Space Odyssey’s black monolith on the moon.

So what about the rabbit/UFO mushroom idea I mentioned? All in good time my friend.

One more thing quickly comes to mind. Wasn’t Robert Anton Wilson an editor for Playboy? The Bunny Empire… FNORD

Dear Robert Anton Wilson
You ruined my life. For that and much more I am eternally grateful.
I love you.

Jake Kotze

P: S I wonder if those folks bad mouthing Timothy Leary would ever understand the above statement?

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Movie Synchronicity 5: Jude Law asks for "the special"

In both the films Road To Perdition and eXistenZ Jude Law asks a waiter about the special. In both films he doesn't immediately get what he wants. In Road To Perdition as Maguire he asks "You got a special?" and the waiter replies "Everything is special". In eXistenZ as Ted Pikul he says "We want the special" the waiter replies "The special is for special occasions".
Pretty flaky I here your skeptical voice yell through the ether.
What if I told you Jennifer Jason Leigh Appears in both films. Still not convinced anything funny is happening here? Stay tuned my friend.

Some older ideas

Beware Of Bob!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Movie Synchronicity 4: Schwarzenegger and Reagan

Both men former actors turned politicians. Both governor of California. Schwarzenegger currently speculated in some parts of the conspiracy community as being groomed for president of the USA. Plus Arnold is an anagram for Ronald!
This is the page that turned me on to this info.
Check this out! In the futuristic Demolition Man, Sandra Bullock and Sylvester Stallone talk about president Schwarzenegger. The clip is available here

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Tool - The Pot

Betters the Vicarious video where the audio was just cut together with scenes from a Harry Potter movie.

A good Tool fan music video?

This video, I am of the belief, marks an historic occasion. The first fan film that actually has one doubting if it isn’t really a sneaky legit one (helped along in some measure by the fact that Tool are famously prone too pranks), it dam nearly fooled me. This kind of thing goes with the theme of ever increasing empowerment of the individual through technology into something else (transhuman perhaps?). Reflect for a second on other recent technological historical moments such as the bittorrent availability of the new series of Battlestar Galactica before its release in the USA, the exponential growth of Wikipedia and the current self empowering online broadcasting capability taken out of the hands of the major news networks and given to the individual through sites like Youtube. At the very least this helps prove the point made by Mark Pesce that each of us isn’t merely learning how to be famous or become stars, we are becoming our own television networks!
If this kinda thing resinates with you I would highly reccomend checking out the Mark Pesce lectures available online at google video.
Piracy is good?

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Movie Synchronicity 3: The Lone Gunmen 9/11 fine mess

Pilot episode "predicts" 9/11
In a foreshadowing of the
September 11, 2001 attacks, subsequent conspiracy theories, and the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the plot of the March 4, 2001 pilot episode of the series depicts a secret U.S. government agency plotting to crash a Boeing 727 headed for Boston into the World Trade Center via remote control for the purpose of increasing the military defence budget and blaming the attack on foreign "tin-pot dictators" who are "begging to be smart-bombed." This episode aired in Australia less than two weeks before the 9/11 attacks, on August 30.

There is allot more of this kind of stuff foreshaddowing the 9/11 event. The one I like is the cover of "The Coup" album "Party music".

The group gained some national attention for the cover art of their recording Party Music. The album cover depicted group members Pam the Funkstress and Riley standing in front of the twin towers of the World Trade Center as they are destroyed by huge explosions; Riley is pushing the button on a guitar tuner. The cover art was finished in June 2001. The album's planned release date was just after the events of the September 11, 2001 attacks, and the cover art was withdrawn hastily. There was no connection between the band and the attacks. The album release was held back as alternative cover art was prepared.

Anyway, an explanation by myself about this fine mess would probably involve ascended Illuminati Grandmasters, a tesla coil, a 13 spanner and Solomon's Temple. I think its best for all if you make up your own explanation come to think of it.
The Lone Gunmen (pilot episode) - PREDICTS EVENTS OF 9/11

The television coincidence to end all others. It's famous by now, but one cant help but take pause every time you try and cognize the stranges of this one.

Movie Synchronicity 2: Alfred Molina and the Spiders!

Alfred Molina's first claim to fame was being covered by tarantulas in Indiana Jones: Raiders Of The Lost Ark, right? Now at this point in space/time he is most recognizable in his role as Doc Ock in Spider-Man 2. Note the specific recurring focus on his back. Remember the camera focusing on all the spiders on his back in Indy? Now reflect on the tentacles coming out of his back in Spider-Man 2. Mere meaningless coincidence? Is there such a thing? Let's keep going and see if we can jot this all down to happenstance, shall we..

Movie Synchronicity 1: The Cyclops and Riker connection

Here follows the first of many bizarro coincidences in movies and television that I would like to highlight in an attempt to show the interconnectedness of all things and the general weirdness of reality and other such mystical metaphysical "hippy crap". Just a small humble attempt at undermining the boring consensus reality tunnel and mundane materialism/rationalism that passes for a complete world view at this stage in the planetary affairs of most terrans.

I was comparing Cyclops (from the X-men movie trilogy) to Riker (from Star Trek) seeing as there both mammas boys and team players. You know, "By the Book" types. A co-worker present at the time pointed out, as I was discussing Riker's reaction to the lady in the episode "The Perfect Mate", that this lady is none other than Famke Janssen (Jean Grey from X-men). So, Famke Janssen has been the Venus to both Riker and Cyclops. Further reflection on the matter brought the fact that, Patrick Stewart (in both X-Men and Star Trek: The Next Gen) is chief in charge to both Riker and Cyclops, to the comparison. If your staring at this entry like "A dog being shown a card trick" as Bill Hicks would say, just hang in there as my point will hopefully become clear as we continue... I hope.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Oprah's Satanic Book Club?

Recently I have noticed a disturbing trend of stranger and progressively more subversive titles appearing in local book stores carrying the "Oprah's Book Club" endorsement. Has Oprah finally flipped or is this some kind of Dadaist prank/Hakim Bey type of poetic terrorism? All things considered I would have to side with the latter explanation. Here are photos of just some the offending books.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

CNN's Glen Beck attacks Dave vonKleist about Pentagon hit

Control your astonishment as Beck does it again. This time debunking conspiracy theories.

Glen Beck

I wonder how to say how this man makes me feel with love and humility.....
His comments on possible U.S.A stoolie Al-Zarqawi were in my opinion purposefully inflammatory and racist to Muslims. The man was handing out "Bacon Cake" in celebration of a murder! My reaction (probably exactly what such a fellow would want) was loud 'whooping' sounds and hysterical uncontrollable nervous laughter. Watch the video here