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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Movie Synchronicity 1: The Cyclops and Riker connection

Here follows the first of many bizarro coincidences in movies and television that I would like to highlight in an attempt to show the interconnectedness of all things and the general weirdness of reality and other such mystical metaphysical "hippy crap". Just a small humble attempt at undermining the boring consensus reality tunnel and mundane materialism/rationalism that passes for a complete world view at this stage in the planetary affairs of most terrans.

I was comparing Cyclops (from the X-men movie trilogy) to Riker (from Star Trek) seeing as there both mammas boys and team players. You know, "By the Book" types. A co-worker present at the time pointed out, as I was discussing Riker's reaction to the lady in the episode "The Perfect Mate", that this lady is none other than Famke Janssen (Jean Grey from X-men). So, Famke Janssen has been the Venus to both Riker and Cyclops. Further reflection on the matter brought the fact that, Patrick Stewart (in both X-Men and Star Trek: The Next Gen) is chief in charge to both Riker and Cyclops, to the comparison. If your staring at this entry like "A dog being shown a card trick" as Bill Hicks would say, just hang in there as my point will hopefully become clear as we continue... I hope.

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Anonymous said...

Cyclops is in that new Superman movie too, as Lois Lane's new fiance. This guy is the master of the odd man out in Superhero love triangles.