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Saturday, June 24, 2006

King Solomon's Freemasonic Temple Of Doom?

Hello folks. Today we venture into a den of the ruling class as The Brave New World Order brings you a firsthand account of the Freemasonic temple which currently shares space and title with the 'good people' of the Manitoba Legislature.

Researcher Frank Albo of the University of Winnipeg has been making the rounds trying to bring attention to the historical and architectural significance of the building. Read more here:

Somehow he appeared on the Alex Jones radio show last year, a rather humorous affair in which the lovable Alex true to form denounces every Freemason as Satanic while ranting about The New World Order. Meanwhile kind-natured Frank Albo, obviously out of his element, somehow handles the entire affair with some measure of poise and dignity. Reminds one of the classic Alex Jones interview where he denounces Noam Chomsky as a New World Order puppet, live in an Ugly and unfortunate, but gold.

Armed with the knowledge of having read a full half of 33 degree Mason Manly P. Hall's Secret Teachings of All Ages (and dam proud of that accomplishment mind you!) for what that's worth, I visited the structure to have a look for myself. The most apparent signs of fraternal involvement would have to be the giant 13-foot golden statue of our old friend Hermes (that the locals have affectionately dubbed "Golden Boy") surmounting the rotunda and the circular chamber directly underneath this inside the building referred to as "The Pool of the Black Star," including a giant 8-pointed black star. Let me repeat that for dramatic emphasis while we reflect on whether this government building is suspicious in anyway:
1. Giant golden 13-foot statue of Hermes
2. "The Pool of the Black Star"
The security guards at the building seem very willing to talk about this and on two separate visits pointed the Masonic connection out to me with a distinct air of pride. I have also spoken to Masons that have confirmed the Masonic ties to the building.

Well that was enough to satisfy my scepticism, not that I expect anyone to believe I don't have any bias, hell this blog is called The Brave New World Order! But please consider for a second some other famous likely Masonic structures and symbols that governments like to use, such as the Pentagon, the Washington Monument, Statue of Liberty and of course the uber-meme on the back of the dollar bill, etc. It seems obvious to me that these secret groups and fraternal organizations, whether old and traditional (Masons, Rosicrucian, etc) or new and political (Bilderberg, Skull and Bones), have a measure of sway in world affairs. They definitely have a flair for introducing fraternal symbols in government-run buildings, if nothing else. Some degree of power has never really been the question. The question seems to be how much influence do they actually have? My answer changes daily depending on my mood. Tellingly, the better I feel the more personally responsible for the world situation I feel, and conversely, the worse my mood the more likely I am to blame the Illuminati for all my woes. There's a lesson here.

So, what about this building? Is it really an occult temple filled to the brim with esoteric hidden meaning and symbols, sacred geometry, divine proportions and host to many sex orgies invoking Pan and Diana with well known celebrities and members of the worlds power elite reminiscent of Kubrick's 'Eyes Wide Shut'? Dam well could be, if you're going to ask me... but, you will have to decide for your self.


Anonymous said...

It could be that the Masons are the good guys.

Jake Kotze said...

No doubt some of them are "good". But as much fraternal involvement in wars and Big-Business has shown, many are "bad". But you have a point, my Freemason views do come across one sided. I will look into this...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Remotely Controlled said...

Well, My opinion on this particular instance and how you've presented it is pretty straight forward. In the traditional sense of the Freemasons obviously they would be Master Builders. The arcitects probably spent a lot of time learning their art and want to show how good they are. Perhaps they had to win the commision. my views on the masons can be slighty schitzophrenic, on the one hand their the neferious elite, on the other hand their friends that do each other favours, on yet another hand, their the cream of the crop, the best in their fields(presumably). Building like this should be studied, for the golden mean and ratio preside in quite a lot of things so the knowledge is transferable.

Their ambiguity is one source of their (percieved?) power. You find out all the criminal/governmental/military/cult links and are dismayed, then you find something else that casts them as perhaps a force for good holding back the tide so to speak. The only to end the perpetuating cycle to expose them, and be careful not to replace them with them in another form.

The same reasoning can be applied all the way up to the eye on the top. Is God good or bad? Of course, good or bad, he may not like the questioning so, so question tactfully, and keep it too yourself, lest people cast you as a force of evil, and dehumanise you.

I could ramble on forever

martin mahon said...

Lets see the pentagon (pentagram) and washington monument is 555ft high and has a foundation of 111ft i.e. 666ft and the u.s. dollar has masonic symbols in GOD WE TRUST hmm i wonder in what god that is or am just paranoid your thoughts please.