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Friday, June 16, 2006

Oprah's Satanic Book Club?

Recently I have noticed a disturbing trend of stranger and progressively more subversive titles appearing in local book stores carrying the "Oprah's Book Club" endorsement. Has Oprah finally flipped or is this some kind of Dadaist prank/Hakim Bey type of poetic terrorism? All things considered I would have to side with the latter explanation. Here are photos of just some the offending books.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jake, nice site man, keep the good stuff rolling...and keep rolling the good stuff.

I especially found the Oprah Book Club article interesting.

Hail Bob!

Cheers mate.

L said...

last thing before bed last nite i was perusing your blog which, i believe, led me to dream of oprah...
on television of course and the theme of her show was that janet jackson hadnt given funding to oprah in 20 years! oprah was going on and on and the camera zoomed in as, unbeknownst to O, janet was in the audience. but her face was made of thread, like a doll, stitched on and she was crying big doll tears.
thanks jack,

L said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sumo Potpie said...

If you wish to delete this and keep the mystery alive, I don't mind... But bookstores have rolls of those stickers to put on books when she announces them--before they are released to bookstores with them already attached, or reprinted with that symbol worked into the cover artwork.

Anonymous said...

Just found this site. I have no idea where you are coming from since background data is skimpy. You wear a funny hat that makes you look taller and you seem to be attracted to conspiracy theories. I think.

But what exactly is the problem with the Oprah selections? So what if some of them are of alternative religions? Or, less succinctly, who cares?

The whole post is just innuendo. If there is an issue, say so. This is a blog. Blogs should present opinions, not ephemeral possibilities.

Jake Kotze said...

It's a Fez. My funny hat. It's a Fez....

Anonymous said...

you aint never gonna do it without yer fez on..."steely dan

Senchaholic said...

Offending books? What's offending about them?

chris. said...

great pics! very funny.

old bogus said, "Blogs should present opinions, not ephemeral possibilities."

if he or anyone else is reading this, can you send me the official list of Dos and Don'ts for blogs? i'd hate to break any blogging ordinances.

Remotely Controlled said...

Old bogus comes across as a bit of a nob, doesn't he. I came here through a link on M.Tsarions blog so this is in keeping with what I expected. L is a scary one.

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