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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Lost In Manhattan (Synchromystic Double Bill)

Lost in Manahattan A (Comic Book Cycle Part 5)

Lost In Manhattan B (Comic Book Cycle Part 5)

We explore the 911 Stargate and it's mysterious mechanics using the 'camera' of synchromysticism. A picture starts to emerge detailing the likely source of the technological aspect of the mega-ritual. The image that develops hints towards both earthly and interstellar sources...

Ending with a double bill as I sign off the Comic Book Cycle. I am leaving Canada and video making for a short while.

I will be exploring the English countryside, visiting friends like Ben Fairhall and Crop Circles.


Thanks for some particular help with this post:

Goro Adachi - Lost and Octagon Ideas
Richard Hoagland - Abydos and Pegasus
The Enterpise Mission
Todd Campbell - X-Files and Bees
Through the Looking Glass
Henrik and Fredrik Palmgren - Lost "Enter 77"/OZ and Podcast with Joseph P. Farrell
Red Ice Creations
Aferrismoon - Lost Ideas

The collected Synchromystic Comic Book Cycle, all 5 parts.

Two new Steve Willner (Soundlessdawn) videos way worth your time:

Stimulating new youtube lectures by the wonderfull Mark Pesce:
Natural Selection & The Inconvenience of Truth

A recent photo I took of a Church sign on a street corner overlooked by Winnipeg's Manitoba Legislative Building.

A drawing by my artist friend Piepan.

Cool Aferrismoon article involving more syncromystic connections to this piece.
Tale spin

Monday, July 09, 2007

911 Time Lords Across the 4th Dimension (Comic Book Cycle Part 4)

Further adventures in speculative synchromystic research ensue as pop-culture is delved for clues as to the aim and method behind the 911 mega-ritual. Old favourite resonators like Spider-Man and Thoth-McDuck are used, along with an ever-expanding cast of lovable characters. This episode in particular sees comic book entities like the Fantastic Four, Thor and Superman. The rather controversial element of time travel is suggested so get your head in there and let me know what ya think...

Check out Steve Willner's latest for some more interesting Fantastic Four/Silver Surfer observations (video below).

Thanks to eugene who left a message at Ben Fairhall's new post Has Gerry McCann met VALIS? for some good Abydos leads. His profile says he is affiliated with these sites: FSHOD - Fearlessly Seeking Honest Open Disclosure and The Underground Stream. (Let me know if you would like me to edit that info.

Fascinating Abydos research by Richard Hoagland at The Enterprise Mission
The "Lost Tombs" Revisited:

Aferrismoon shares some interesting related thoughts. (Thorts?)
Thor and Horus, Hammer and Fall-Con
Fox Features Samson where DC fears to don't tread on me.