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Monday, July 09, 2007

911 Time Lords Across the 4th Dimension (Comic Book Cycle Part 4)

Further adventures in speculative synchromystic research ensue as pop-culture is delved for clues as to the aim and method behind the 911 mega-ritual. Old favourite resonators like Spider-Man and Thoth-McDuck are used, along with an ever-expanding cast of lovable characters. This episode in particular sees comic book entities like the Fantastic Four, Thor and Superman. The rather controversial element of time travel is suggested so get your head in there and let me know what ya think...

Check out Steve Willner's latest for some more interesting Fantastic Four/Silver Surfer observations (video below).

Thanks to eugene who left a message at Ben Fairhall's new post Has Gerry McCann met VALIS? for some good Abydos leads. His profile says he is affiliated with these sites: FSHOD - Fearlessly Seeking Honest Open Disclosure and The Underground Stream. (Let me know if you would like me to edit that info.

Fascinating Abydos research by Richard Hoagland at The Enterprise Mission
The "Lost Tombs" Revisited:

Aferrismoon shares some interesting related thoughts. (Thorts?)
Thor and Horus, Hammer and Fall-Con
Fox Features Samson where DC fears to don't tread on me.


Steven said...

A helicopter flew through the vortex opened by the 9/11 ritual, sent it back to pharaohs Egypt where it was sighted and recorded on the now ancient stone tablets. Incredible. Any guesses as to why "they" would go back to that specific time period? Perhaps they wished to contact the 'god's' who assisted in the pyramid building, and learn about possible future scenarios of the time tree by studying or (affecting) the past.
The Giza location being renowned for it's close proximity to the 33rd parallel where tangible star gates and 4th dimensional transformers have been rumored to exist.. also Hoagland's Egyptian-like Mars anomalies being near the 33rd on that planet. That opens up several wormholes
concerning Newtonian
Superimposition and the Butterfly Effect Scenario. If they went back and destroyed the moon for instance, would we have any memory of it.. or would it be a fragmented collective conscious lucid dream from an alternate time tree that was like a splinter in the general third eye consensus? Man I need a smoke...

aferrismoon said...

Pre-watching new presentation I noticed that in the clip of inside the Death-Star [1,2 or 3 vidz ago] the actor [ old guy] was the late Peter Cushing who appeared as Dr.Who in the 2movies made in the 70's.
A great actor , he played often as Van helsing and always looked approx. 73 years old, even when he was 50, even when he was 80.
Just watched the final Doctor Who [ anagram of Torchwood] episode so I await , though not expect, interestingness.
Enjoy the day

Pedro Santos said...

how is this possible? knoking down those towers oppened a time gate? What for?

SunKing said...


This is Sunking from FSHOD, friend of Eugene. Thanks for the nod.

I was turned on to you via Goro Adachi and must say I like what you do. You got style...AND insight.

Again, thanks for the 'advertisement' and I'll place your Blog in my Links section, if I may, to return the kindness.

Greetings to your readers and fellow fans.

Jake Kotze said...

It's about the Pyramids to me.. Who built them, how and why? I don't think anybody really knows but the answer I am starting to believe is tide into the crucifixion (Jesus' 3rd degree initiate, alien contact?) Exodus (Akhenaton creation of Monotheism because of alien contact, comet?) Solomon's Temple (psychedelics, Jacobs Ladder?) John Dee (Enoch/Thoth) Crowley (Aiwass) 911 (Stargate, Time Travel?) and 2012 (Capstone, Eschaton?) or some such combination of high level magickal events that are all connected non-locally through stargates. I'm ranting..later. One more thing if the Freemasons claim to be descended from the original pyramid builders, can you prove it? I think we should call there bluff. Maybe they are as in the dark on the subject as we... Just a thought..

Anonymous said...

Howdy Jake,

Has your eagle-eye noted that the 'top down' viewpoint for the plans of Solomon's Temple look the same as for a plain ol' D Cell Battery?

Crowley talks about making batteries in 'Magick in Theory and Practice'. The critical number is 11.

It is possible to imagine the Twin Towers and Building Seven as the three prongs of a standard western electrical plug!?! Two long and one short.

What about this -- could it be that the earth itself is being given ECT treatments in order to induce a universal spiritual/psychological shift?

Time Traveling psychiatrists reaching the heart of our sub-conscious angst in Our Distant Past to repair Our shattered world mind of it's current autism!

Awe-some. Shocking. ZZZ.

In 'Return to Oz' Dorothy is treated by Shock Therapy!

Oz iz the Zound ov an Electrical Hummmmmmmm!

Later Dude.

The Wrong Way Wiz

Jake Kotze said...

How's it possible Pedro? I really dont know. Maybe it isn't, but the coincidences point that way for now and these are the pages of synchromysticism. If I didnt follow them there would be no point... (A finger pointing at the moon)

Thanks Sunking (for the links etc)

Sun Moon Man's Fun House of Smoke and Mirrors a battery? I like it. WTC a giant power fixture? I love it.

Peace out Bros and Sistas

1 more vid in the series and its done. Dropping the deck b4 I head for Crop Circle land to meet some friends e.t.a. 1 week or so (the vid, that is). Actually I haven't started but its in my head, for the most part..

Steven Kruyswijk said...

Awesome work! Did you read all those '80s comic books yourself?

One thing that stood out to my mind when viewing this last video was the combination of the 9/11 destruction of the towers and 'reverse time' phenomena.

There's this physics professor lady that alledges that some kind of scalar interferometry weapon was used to bring down the towers, as evidenced by the seemingly complete pulverization of the core columns, among other super-weird phenomena.

This ties into things like the Philadelphia Experiment, where the same kind of technology was used, and which also (alledgedly) produced time travel side-effects.

For more on scalar electromagnetics, check out Tom Bearden's site

aferrismoon said...

buenos dias
Even without the subject matter the classic two-parter.
Itsy bitsy brought those little buzzy helioscopters in to the mix, and though in images 911 TimeLords showed choppers it wasn't til the end of it that both episodes gelled for me and suddenly became 1. Like a piece of string randomly cut fits exactly through all the lace holes to tie a perfect knot, that's how it felt just after the hieroglyphic helicopter - bing
The 3-pin plug - excellent

hoi polloi said...

Its great that you brought time travel into this! I also think the pyramids had something to do with reincarnation of the pharoahs, but that's just me ;)

Cameron said...

No F---in Way!!! My jaw is on the floor. Thanks for sharing your beautiful mind Jake!!!!

I gotta tell you guys and gals...
The more I look into this stuff the more John Titor seems legit.

Not as a time traveler himself but as someone who was really in the know.

BTW, since watchin your comic book series Jake I stopped in a local comic store. I let my intuition pick out two.

I think Loaded Bible is one to keep your eyes out for. There's another one but I can't seem to remember the name.

Anyhow... I've got a punky brewster lead if you want it.

I'll check back in to see if your interested.

eugene said...

Great great stuff Jake!

Check out latest at Ustream!

Jake Kotze said...

I am a comic book fan Steven, but I found those comics online.. I have read the ones featured, but my knowledge of the subject is not so vast that I new about them before doing some research. Im just trying to cover all the best 911 syncs relevent to the mega-ritual and stagate concept. A formidable task if I might be so bold, the towers were used frequently. I can only use my intuition to pick the right ones and still have time to develop other ideas.

See Steve Willner's work for some cool ones I have missed so far...

Thanks to all the rest for the good response to this series..

You should tell me more about your Egypt ideas Hoi

FrenchConnektion said...

Hello "Jake Kotze" or Holy Jake in arabic..! ;-)

Congratulations for your brilliant research on 911 metaphysics.

Looking for new synchronicities? check out this amazing "comic creativity" on the daily show of jon stewart(broadcast at the end of june, "dick move" and "nonexcutive" parts)if you would like to discover the link between Dick Cheney,secrecy of elites,Giza pyramids, the octogon, the Beast of poet Yeats and apocalypse...Funny but highly strange for a popular show...!

By the way, 911 is full of egyptian connections...Just one example for now: the date of 11september is the First day of the Coptic(christian-egyptian) year..Moreover,two so-called key players of the "attacks", Mohammed Atta(hijacker) and Ayman Al Zahwiri(Alquaeda Speaker) are egyptian....

One last thing to many political celebrities, the Bush family was rumored to have lived the Millenium Celebration(12/31/1999)in Giza, Egypt, for the big show of Jeanmichel Jarre,full of masonic symbology, in front of the pyramids....

About time travel, did you know that, in the most famous story about that concept, written by HG Wells one century ago, the machine to travel in time was represented as a metallic...sphinx..?!

Anyway,keep on,brother-in-arms !:-)

Salaam from a French citizen

aferrismoon said...

There is a device in SG-1 called ' Thor's Hammer' in the episode 'Thor's Hammer'. It belongs to the Cimmeria who , i think, get a little attacked Heru-Ur.
Hammer & Falcon
Said Qutb , seen as the moving force behind Neo-Con Islam drew his inferences of Western culture from his stay in the US in the 50's. He saw the same godlessness as Lewis Strauss the father of the Neo-Con Christianized movement.
Adam Curtis produced a BBC docu. called The Power of Nightmares' which details this philisophical similarity in both movements.Qutb, too, was Egyptian, and was imprisoned and I think executed by the then Egyptian govt.
Also I see that FoxFeatures Syndicate published Thor
'Hawk like an Egyptian' anyone

Wiindigoo said...

Hi Jake,
In the realm of Thoth-duck, there is also the immortal “Donald in Mathmagic Land,” Narrated by “A Spirit...the true spirit of adventure.” This film could/can be seen at any American public school with a film projector and overworked math teachers. Youtube Part One depicts the “fraternity of eggheads,” the Pythagoreans, meeting in secret. At 3:11 the “Spirit” whispers, “They used to meet in secret to discuss their mathematical discoveries. Only members were allowed to attend…” Two of these secret mathematical fraternity brothers with pentagrams inscribed on their palms grasp hands (accompanied by a weird audio glitch/subliminal at 3:25, just following the pentagram handshake). Then a bouncy pentagram filled with “mathmagic” illustrates how, “This is only the beginning…hidden within the pentagram is a secret for creating a golden rectangle.” The trippy pentagram-based animation that follows is no doubt handy for any Monarch mind control hypno-programmer (the 1947 US Navy-initiated Project CHAPTER and the programs it spawned might finally explain Donald’s funky sailor suit…).
To wit, in Part Two,
(where your pool game is improved by a dude with a pool table on his forehead that just happens to look like a pyramid with the capstone missing), there is a scene 5:40 or so in where Donald's mind is erased (“a nice clean sweep”) before “Mr. Spirit” suggests(~6:33), “Think of a pentagram, Donald...” Future doors of perception, spiral galaxy stargates, and even a DIO reference follow. This all could be seen as an initiatory sequence for Thoth-duck, where he is inducted/abducted into a secret society with big plans for the future.
It’s great to see you including the Promethea stuff. Anything from Alan Moore is so good, it’s like you said in an interview, as I recall: it’s perhaps more interesting when the symbolism is happening almost subliminally, rather than from people who are obviously highly aware of it. What Disney animator/director chose, say, the black and red color scheme for the pentagrams in Donald’s forehead and who decided to begin their animation in Donald’s Ajna chakra? Free will or 4th dimensional mind control or both?
See you in helicopter dreamland, man!
“Everywhere with helicopter, send them up where lightning goes” - Guided by Voices.

aferrismoon said...

JK- a photo from Prague adorns my blog , an old fresco depicting the bees and hive. A bit small but I took it myself. It's on Vaclavske Namesti [ Vatslavsky] or Wenceslas Square, in the centre of town.
Windigoo - relating to yout black and red 5agram have you seen or been to Sabrina's Journey where her latest article features a picture if this penta-G.

aferrismoon said...

Thort exhorts Thorus - Torus
and US-hammer Bin Landin

Steven Kruyswijk said...

Awesome link and commentary, Wiindigoo.

I also have a tip: the book "The Secrets of the Ages" by David Wilcock. It's an excellently readable book about multidimensional physics, which I feel is super-relevant to the material discussed here.

keywords: Atlantean Secret Metaphysics, the octave of existence: musical hierarchy of successive dimensions/densities, which are all platonic solids, which gives the reason for the pyramid being half an octahedron. Mayan resonances, torsion fields, zero point, spiral mechanics, you name it!

Ow, and it's also got the revised version of E = MC2, btw. Check it:

E = (C + 1 / sqrt C) C2

Steven Kruyswijk said...

Oh and thanks for the pointer Jake. I didn't know there were so many comic books online :-)

aferrismoon said...

Re: Illustration of Tarot card' Babe of the Abyss'. The Torus-doughnut int he top centre has been stolen and carried to Cerne Abbas in the UK, held aloft by a fat man waving to what looks like an early portrait of Barney

aferrismoon said...

Managed to get a pic of Mac Os X Leopard logo thang - Conquer Time and Spaces, at my blog . Article named OX. Kinda Stargate rising

Wiindigoo said...

Jake (as drunk girls at bar-time from the street yell “Jake! Jake! Jake! That’s not him…There’s no cosmic connection!”– just happened outside my window, siriusly!),
I’m working my way more slowly through your entire “Comic Book Cycle” once again, and am even more amazed at the intricacies and creativity you continue to give us. No wonder I try to share them with those I respect most. They remind me of Promethea #12, where Alan Moore adapts a story from Crowley’s “Magick in Theory and Practice” (for a real headtrip “listen to a recording of this doc” on

“…one must discuss briefly this question of reality, for misapprehension on the subject has given rise to endless trouble. There is the story of the American in the train who saw another American carrying a basket of unusual shape. His curiosity mastered him, and he leant across and said: "Say, stranger, what you got in that bag?" The other, lantern-jawed and taciturn, replied: "mongoose". The first man was rather baffled, as he had never heard of a mongoose. After a pause he pursued, at the risk of a rebuff: "But say, what is a Mongoose?" "Mongoose eats snakes", replied the other. This was another poser, but he pursued: "What in hell do you want a Mongoose for?" "Well, you see", said the second man (in a confidential whisper) "my brother sees snakes". The first man was more puzzled than ever; but after a long think, he continued rather pathetically: "But say, them ain't real snakes". "Sure", said the man with the basket, "but this Mongoose ain't real either". This is a perfect parable of Magick.”

The story is intertwined with the Tarot card illustrations throughout the issue and concludes, on the second to last page where Tarot 21 (“The Universe”) is featured (I would add a link to a picture of this page, but the Cosmic Giggle Factor is in full effect today and the absolutely exhaustive commentary at does not feature the page...pretty much *only* this page is missing;). The scrabble pieces with the anagram of “Promethea” are arranged to read “Heart Poem.” As I come to realize that things like “terrorist stalking” via helicopter actually ‘exist’ in ‘physical reality,’ your increasingly artistic presentations become more and more liberating. They are “heart poems,” demonstrating Alex Jones’ “Creativity and the dynamic human spirit that refuses to submit!”

Thanks, brother.

Finally, a related image for you from Herge’s “Blue Lotus” Tin Tin books:

Jake Kotze said...

Thanks Wiindigo

Good stuff to ponder..

I have looked into the Tintin "Blue Lotus" sync. Part one of that pasrticular story is the preceding book "The Pharaohs Cigars". Other interesting covers "The Shooting Star" sees a giant red and white mushroom and of course Tintin also travels to the moon and Bermuda Triangle etc.. Maybe that will come up some day.


Drunk girls at the bar you say...