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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Lost In Manhattan (Synchromystic Double Bill)

Lost in Manahattan A (Comic Book Cycle Part 5)

Lost In Manhattan B (Comic Book Cycle Part 5)

We explore the 911 Stargate and it's mysterious mechanics using the 'camera' of synchromysticism. A picture starts to emerge detailing the likely source of the technological aspect of the mega-ritual. The image that develops hints towards both earthly and interstellar sources...

Ending with a double bill as I sign off the Comic Book Cycle. I am leaving Canada and video making for a short while.

I will be exploring the English countryside, visiting friends like Ben Fairhall and Crop Circles.


Thanks for some particular help with this post:

Goro Adachi - Lost and Octagon Ideas
Richard Hoagland - Abydos and Pegasus
The Enterpise Mission
Todd Campbell - X-Files and Bees
Through the Looking Glass
Henrik and Fredrik Palmgren - Lost "Enter 77"/OZ and Podcast with Joseph P. Farrell
Red Ice Creations
Aferrismoon - Lost Ideas

The collected Synchromystic Comic Book Cycle, all 5 parts.

Two new Steve Willner (Soundlessdawn) videos way worth your time:

Stimulating new youtube lectures by the wonderfull Mark Pesce:
Natural Selection & The Inconvenience of Truth

A recent photo I took of a Church sign on a street corner overlooked by Winnipeg's Manitoba Legislative Building.

A drawing by my artist friend Piepan.

Cool Aferrismoon article involving more syncromystic connections to this piece.
Tale spin


jack said...

wow freakin awsum stuff.i left a link for the aslter corwley atlantis stuff on your youtube he said atlantis was it wasnt a good place to be if you were human,but it was before egypt.lumeria i think was the happy place you would want to be.jahova is an alien god.not sure if the sirius entity is tring to help us.i saw a documentry on google called illumaniti,its about the antichirst stuff.they said satans/alien fetus was in the first atomic bomb that was tested at trinity.funny how history channel is showing stuff about freemasons as good guys now on tv.

jack said...

i left the aslter crowley atlantis link ob ur youtube comment.he basicaly says it was like an experimental society.not humans really.i think the jahova jewish god is an alien also.lumeria might be the happy place where people lived in nature.i think they might try to use alien invasion to get us all chiped by 2012.look up lucifer project on youtube.they plant to egnite saturn making it a second sun.

jack said...

alster crowley-atlantis puts atlantis in a different view.basicaly an experimental society.jewish jehova god is an alien i think.look at teh lucifer project on youtube.they plan to egnite saturn as a second sun

aferrismoon said...

A classic double-bill seasons end. A blessing to bump into your vids and then onto links to the relevant and in4matif. Have seen Soundlesses latest, great bit of plane 'flying into building' double meaning jiz.
From a personal point of view- what a GeeBee!
Enjoy your 'sabbatical' in the You-K.

FilmNoir23 said...

You've really struck gold now my friend. Have a great trip. You'll be missed but I'm sure you'll be bringing back all kinds of new wisdom for us as well.

Jake Kotze said...

Safely In London folks. Long, fascinating and tough journey.
Thanks for the comments, gonna go nurse my self...

Steven said...

Stays aways from the rozzers and the trollops.. don't be a tronk or a waster or a woofter ya yank. Hopes youes and Mr. Fairhall can sit down for a spot Lupper. Mabey a jazzle of Yorshire pudding or a Canterberry cabbage waddle. Cheers Mate!

aferrismoon said...

Hi Jake
Hope Dingland treats you well.
If you and anyone you might find on the streets have 21secs could you listen to the Peanuts video.
Tell me what you think you here, though there are far more imp. things to do.
I guess you'll be there for the start of the English Premier Hive league [ note the goal nets].

ZAK said...

911 is not a stargate. A stargate is a field of energy that allows one to go from one state/station of consciousness to another.

The significance of 911 is this:

In the microcosm [all individuals on the earth], there are 9 elements of the inner soul that is missing.

In the macrocosm there are 11 elements missing in the whole picture of the solar system.

Keep this in mind: 9 relates to the microcosm

11 relates to the macrocosm.

That’s why the twin towers[11] means that this MAY be an indication that the celestial forces that have been geared for millennium to return to us are close by.

The 9 11 number refers to that

In the last days when this dimension is dissolved and then re-perfected these missing elements in the world, macro and micro return to their lost positions in the inner soul as well as the outer soul [macrocosm]

Things are really pretty simple.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if anyone has noticed - I found some octagons in 'Evan Almighty'.(about 40 minutes in during the scene where Evan is hiding his beard from John Goodman in an elevator lobby) Well worth a look.

eugene said...

Once again...kudos on darts thrown left handedly...she does seem to wire the universe left handedly...a wicked tell on the right hand of not where the real power lies. Such is the gospel by sword, ie wieldly right handedly.

Read any John Lamb Lash on the mysteries and entheogenic substances?

Also read anything by Arthur Young the bell helicopter inventor? He has very interesting cosmology as well.

UruK said...

u rock man !
There is a wonderfull book in "french" (perhaps translate in english) about Synchronicity by a great french scientist:

Hubert Reeves, "La Synchronicité, l’Âme et la Science", Éd. Poiesis, Diff. Payot, 1984 <--- fuck... another synchro

aferrismoon said...

Lost in Manhattan A = LIMA
'' '' '' B = Tentacle.
Earthquakes , no just the big beehive below turning gold into special honey 33 miles into the Earth.
Sometimes that Beedance sets them rocks a-singing

Floyd Anderson said...

Hey Jake, mucho respect. I'm a weirdo journalist researcher
and I wanted to let you know about my existence. I've listened to some of your interviews on Red Ice Creations Radio and checked out what you're posting on your weblogs.......and it's inspiring.

Biological_Unit said...

What is your opinion, as a Jew?

Jake Kotze said...

Oh dear... Trouble brewing. Hi biological unit, back again I see. What, pray tell, about my comic book and "Lost" synchronistic research seems racially motivated? Not that I identify or even believe in race paradigms, but just so you know.. I am from South Africa, I am of Dutch (Afrikaans/Boer) and English descent how by any stretch am I Jewish? Oh boy do I know I shouldn't have replied to this...

Jake Kotze said...

Or was that a response to Floyd Anderson? Oh dear, oh dear here we go again.

aferrismoon said...

Buckminster-Fuller once said something like I seem to be a verb, not a noun [known].
As a moving frequency it proves impossible to BE a thing, thus involving that element, ever motive, we call CHANGING
Despite the possibility that JK single-handedly masterminded the latter years of the De Beers Mining operation under apartheid, while directing Sun City in Jo'burg , and cloning a Rothschild-Rhodes Moonchild as director of BOSS I do enjoy the man's present work.

Not a Blogger said...

When I saw this:
I instantly though about you Jake.
Although the words IBM also could be:
I Be Am, Three words that signify Being or the ego.

Biological_Unit said...

What, pray tell, about my comic book and "Lost" synchronistic research seems racially motivated?

Kotze is a German word, I thought all common German words are used as Jewish surnames.

"Milk", "Sugar", "German" are all Jewish surnames.

I don't know any Islamist blogs that seem to scream out "Fun with Diving Jetliners". That is NOT fun, cool and trippy.
People actually died EN MASSE (and ARE DYING) because of those fun, cool things.

Jake Kotze said...

I dont see why investigating anything shouldn't be 'fun, cool and trippy.' Yea people died on 9/11, everybody will die soon enough. Believe me, without being diserespectful to life (all forms are sacred in my eyes) I can blog about anything in a 'fun, cool and trippy' way. Thats how I see the eternal now as a 'fun, cool and trippy' thing.
I know we are of different minds biological_unit, isn't that just as it should be? You have your way, I have mine?

Biological_Unit said...

all forms are sacred in my eyes

Oh come on!!

Holy Cows are Veal

Steven said...

Who's to say he doesn't think Veal is sacred Biological Idiot. And Jake hates Jews, he hunts them for sport.

Just stirring the pot.


Biological_Unit said...

Who's to say he doesn't think Veal is sacred Biological Idiot

The Brown stuff, after ingestion, resulting later, is at least somewhat profane!

I'm sick of this "everything is Holy" nonsense! You guys enjoy being beaten up? Or the idea of being beaten up?

If you've never been Shit-kicked, I want nothing to do with you Fairies!

Jake Kotze said...

Then why Mr Unit are you even reading this response?

Jake Kotze said...

Oh and I have had the living shit kicked out of me. A very educational event.

aferrismoon said...

Certainly ups the comment totals. I happen not to think that JK [ what,who, or whenever that might be] is laughing at the dead .
A paucity of info surrounds most of the pre-meditated deaths on this planet. We want more answers, more intelligently, we don't get them, we attempt to investigate with what we have at our disposal.
What sets these vids apart is that JK , knowingly or otherwise, introduces us the the mythological investigation, as humans inform themselves through mythology [ General systems Information Apprehension]. We cannot hope to glean , sort and connect each piece of info, so we create a general picture[ a form of mythos].
JK also investigates the trans-time phenomena, as the universe , timeless, knew of the 911 thing before it happened in time, and thus exposes it through fucking Donald Duck. This allows us to imagine that despite the clever brutality of the slaughterers, coverer-uppers , truth will out.
Some of these ideas he has called' Synchromysticism' , a word that would probably annoy my dad, and possibly Old My K too.
Youth wants to live in the Universe NOW, not have to wait , in line, for the information. JKs form of investigation provides vacancies, a non-rigid structure , through and with which we may make attempt at personal apprehension of LOVE
For a look at how some Jews view themselves and us porky-goyims try Rabbi Rabbit.

Biological_Unit said...

A paucity of info surrounds most of the pre-meditated deaths on this planet.

Well obviously.

How dare you comment on Mysticism!
The Baby Boomers went through that phase, and now have turned into selfish pricks. You might produce a small Movement, but the demographics are against you.

Biological_Unit said...

JK also investigates the trans-time phenomena,

Wooo Wooo alert

Load up the Bowl with the Durban Poison, or BC Skunk.

esponjadelik said...

one of the keys is music or frequency
and i will explain it later but keep this in mind.....
till then, Mimzy is the word! ;)