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Thursday, August 23, 2007

New Red Ice Creations Interview

The Swedish brothers two at Red Ice Creations let me speak my mind one more time, good idea? You decide...

Link to interview page.

Thanks a million guys!

Sugar Hill, Hexagram Cuboid Stargate Glyph (above and below)

Massive shout out to Ben Fairhall for inviting me over, showing me around and sharing the experience.


Floyd Anderson said...

I looked around at images of crop circles after hearing that interview. Yeah, they are really intriguing.

btw, lately I've been coming across more and more mentions of underground bases and cities, and beings living inside the Earth. Sheesh this is getting interesting..............

also, have you ever noticed that the Chase Bank logo is an octagon that has an implied swastika inside it? I don't know what that means, but hey.....onward

FilmNoir23 said...

I just had a feeling the second I saw that circle that it was there just for you...

Not a Blogger said...

Just want your opinion on this:

It's pretty recent and the guy gives very detailed comment on his expierience, I urge you to read the documentation on the right too (first).

It confirmed my every suspicion about the antigravity subject. But the holographic spatial stuff and the "compilerless" code stirred my imagination BIG time.

FilmNoir23 said...

The interview was delightful (as usual)...You are NOT a raving loon BTW.

Really can't wait for your new crop circle videos! Exciting stuff.

I would like to second some of floyd anderson's observations...I have been getting similar insights...even Chase bank came up for me the past couple of days.

Jake Kotze said...

Good logo nod, Floyd, will keep in mind. Subterranean worlds of mystery, another fine area worth exploring.

I had the same feeling Filmoir23. But at the same time I felt ashamed that I was letting my ego run the show. Maybe 50 other folks had the same feeling? Maybe not.. Maybe reality is flexible enough to accommodate 50 personal messages to 50 individuals with 1 crop circle!

Oh dear, Not a Blogger... Yes THOSE things, what to make of them. I keep waiting for someone with some credibility to mention it to give us something to work with. As yet it's very 50/50 in mind whether they are real or not. Either way wouldn't surprise or disappoint my mind mechanics. I love pranks and 'government alien tech drones' equally. In the same way I love 2012 whether nothing happens or whether time travelers start popping into existence over all the pyramids of the planet, both sound pretty funny..

hoi polloi said...

Can't wait to hear the interview Jake. Thanks for the great pictures! And not a blogger, thank you for linking to that picture. I saw it a while back and wondered why no one was talking about it. It looks very real to me.

aferrismoon said...

listened to REDICE interview last night, followed by Crop Circles : Quest for Truth [ worth a watch].
A quiet interview, unobtrusive, I think it shows that there's no fanaticism or Truth movement going on at BNOW. Living research.
Makes me think of these vids[ as well as SWs] as Crop circles . No one has the answer to them but many are 'joyfully' drawn to these productions.
The REDICErs are from Sweden, JKs from Canada, travels to UK, stays with Ben: certainly news , kicks away impending doomology and welcomes a globalism of informed and open individuals.
I wonder about all the MOD land in this area and whether, perhaps, just perhaps they're moving out of killingry and into livingry and making crop circles with some ex-death machine that someone's coopted into a flying paintshop.
On the CC film one guy says that the last things aliens would do would be to introduce themselves at 10 Downing St. in a new UFO 8 Series but might [ should they exist] attempt to communicate at a deeper level below the human 'worry' threshold of dealing with other beings in their bodies. They seem to understand the human response to visual stimuli.
To my ears JK did not seem to want to own his productions and didn't explain them in an overly-detailed way. This leaves me with the ability to still find my own stories, mythologies, connexions and synchromixes.
Also the releasing of the COmmercial . material world from disdain at its superficiality by finding the sacred within , thus giving us unwitting actor/teachers who let thier ego go, and act in the most awful, but highly synchronous productions
This also allows things like JKs stuff to become highly commercialised without 'selling out' , instead the sacred 'buys in ' and gains purchase.
My blog/name was mentioned. This gave me a good feeling, open mouth and eyes wide, and I felt communicated to at a deepish level. My ego responds to attention/recognition + I felt a well of Energy akin to getting a letter from someone . or a present when a child. Wow.
The checkerboard subject has inspired a bit of Torah stuff that I will put on in a just a wee while.
Sunchromysticism[MultiContextualism - so no set in stone terminlogy, thus no crazy university departments set up for all time teaching the Truth of either one or the other - again the shifting status of information and those who comment on it
Bees - BeeNOW = BNWO=B1
For me Beelzebub - Lord of flies [ though they buzz ] and flies get caught in Spider's webs
This text = the ripple effect from the varoius trajectories spun out omniweb style , merging with my outwardly rippling thought frequencies.
On Monday it'll be 27/8/2007 , but look, the 8 on its side = two zeros.
666 - number of the BeeSt.
Hive fun

Steven said...

Hey aferrismoon.. soundless here. I'm interested on your connections between the checkerboard "Doors of Perception" and the Torah.. as my next video will deal with Sigil crafting and the tertiary orientation of Hebrew and Arabic letters. Basically if you take every third letter in the Torah and wrap them within themselves, not only do patterns arise but sacred geometry corresponding with the meaning of the passage begins to appear.. or at least seemingly. The scientific method was thoroughly applied to garner these results, so it's far from pseudo-science at this point.

jack said...

wtc plane fotage is pc graphics WTF?

aferrismoon said...

STEVE- have put up a binary torah pattern at my blog. Will check every 3rd letter-number - cheers
perhaps u have a text on the the processes,concepts that you're using.
I only know to contact u through the soundless comment page at present.
Check the Bored 'coz this serf's up

Steven said...

The Meru Foundation.

What's your opinion on the whole alien language, kabbalah, bible code stuff Jake?

Jake Kotze said...

You flatter me Miss Polloi, sincerely hope the interview was worth your time. Does look real, yes. Whooosh!

Thank you Mr Moon, you have a fine day Sir.

Jack "wtc plane footage is pc graphics WTF?"Jake: Yes, almost without a doubt.

The Kabbalah is a system of magick as effective as who uses it. I see no more relevance in Kabbalah then in the art of Tarot, Synchromysticism or Coffee (yum!) making. All things are sacred all emenate from the devine but few resonate with me as strongly as coffee, synchromysticism is also O.K, Kabbalah makes me feel foolish I dont dig numbers.
Another tool (Kabbalah), no more, no less. Best left to folks like Mr Moon.

The Torah seems to be a hodge podge of Egyptian (some maybe older, Noah perhaps?) stuff. Very doubtful God (aliens) gave it to Akhenaton (Moses, Aaron) verbatim. The Bible code seems to be a kind of magick again much like Coffee making, only Coffee tastes better to me personally. Evaluate the magick by the result I believe, the Bible Code's result seem slightly too ambiguous to be of much help, like Nostradamus. But hey, 2 each his own.

Steven said...

Coffee on the brain then.. I like Rockstar beverages.. they've got the Taurine and the B vitamins. But nothing beats grinding your own fresh roast and snorting a line off a strippers ass.

aferrismoon said...

When i read through Torah, in the stilted way i do, I have to agree that its full of all sorts of stuff. Definite dynamic with the Egyptian thing, but was it written then, or by our friend from Frolix 8, or in the last 20 years.
The book is in Hebrew and translates into a language or numbers and thus precludes most of the planet from any form of learning. It can also be geared to mean whatever suits. I enjoy it as the numbers are fun, they can be translated into suggestive images, and coloured. Perhaps the Torah's just a colouring book , which has 87.000 different illustrtions
I have checked the MERU foundation before, but time and energy have halted any study. I read one bit about the Dervishes hand movements, but haven't got any more into it.
The Torah I guess is like the pixellated or not plane footage, how can u tell if you don't do Comp.Graphics. I believe it on September Clues, yet another prog is arguing about why Norad didn't go up, and the planes are on the radar.
All helps keep mind open
It does though have a proponderence of Prime Numbers.
Also the Torah i bought was printed in Germany in 1934, which is a mad time to print Torah

84735 said...

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