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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Checker Chariots of the Gods

The 2007 '3D Checkerboard Hallway' (West Kennet Long Barrow) crop circle is investigated synchromysticly. We find hints of the divine working through the design, whether it be man-made or otherwise. The Pillarmid mega-ritual of 911 is connected to the crop mysteries and pop culture is trolled for supporting resonance.

West Kennett Long Barrow, nr Avebury, Wiltshire. Reported 28th June.

New Red Ice Creations Interview

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Conspiracy of Science - Earth is in fact growing (below)

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Moon Song - Pool of the Blackstar (below)

'On the night of August 17th, 2007, a meeting of freemasons and elders met at the Manitoba Legislature for a ceremony of peace on the night of the Venus inferior conjunction of the sun. Lyna Hart, a Cree elder sang the Moon Song to honour the return of the sacred feminine in all of our lives.'
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Dada World Data Home Page

Some photos taken on my trip to research crop circles. All shots are taken near the West Kennet Long Barrow and it's immediate surroundings.

View on 2 August 2007 from the West Kennet Long Barrow looking over the harvested '3D Checkerboard Hallway' crop circle. The farmers in the area remove the circles from their field to discourage visitors. (above)

A bundle of magick left inside the 'Checkerboard' hole by local pagans, I imagine. (above)

Druids being filmed by the BBC right at the foot of Silbury Hill. (above)

Another 'Sigil' type (image below) circle very near the 'Checkerboard' with Silbury Hill in background (above). Ralph Ellis connects this 'Pyramid' to the mysteries of the Great Pyramid and more in, "Thoth: Architect of the Universe."


kean matthams said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jake Kotze said...

Thanks, glad you liked it.

Crypticonception said...

Please have a look at a map of Canberra (Australia) with Google Earth. In particular, the houses of parliament that look across the lake to the war memorial.

hoi polloi said...

See, that is something I would never have noticed before. The connection to the Da Vinci painting. I really wonder who makes these... Thank you for posting the Moon song, it was so beautiful.

Did you actually stand in that crop circle?

Jake Kotze said...

I posted some photos that will help answer that question Hoi Polloi. Later

FilmNoir23 said...

Thanks for posting some of your pictures from the trip!

AWG said...

C: Been checking Google Earth and Canberra's parliament and war memorial and Lake Burley Griffin. Can you give us more of a hint at what you're getting at?

aferrismoon said...

I know it's a tad a-corny but the word Druid comes from the Welsh/ Cymraig word DERWYDD [ DE-roo-ith] which means OAK-DERW and SEER- WYDD.
So quite a good synchro emerging from Chitlin Lickle
From The Redice interview I {think I} remeber a ref. to SON of SAM
From it we get SAMSON [ no probs there, 'cept for 911 Commission who doubtless would ignore this evidence as outright conspiracy ]
but also
MASSON [ the Nazi Freemasons]

eugene said...

Very cool piece. Glad you made it home safely.

Son of Sam reference in interview reminded me of James Shelby Downard's work -

Also the crop cirlce Hexagram with 18 boxes around it reminded me of the most interesting number 147852...leaving out 369, which would entoto make 9 neters. 147 258 and 369 can be arranged to form 18 arrangements which have very intersting clues...

SunKing said...

Way back when, I had worked with Goro on an article featuring an analysis of that one crop circle, but I had not put together that observation you had about it being buildings 1, 2 AND 7.

Makes ya go "hmmmmmmmmmmmm...".

Enjoyed Checker Chariots!


Rob Wick said...

had a nice one there of the Parlament complex in Australia.
It is amazing how many Free masonic symbols are built into it. It leads you to think that it is completely ritualistic in design. Much more so that DC.

Tim Sandgren said...

Very nice! (I found this through red ice.)

It seems someone is really trying to make us understand something... My take on it is that it is consciously/intentionally done on the highest level where divinity and humanity is united. There is even a Platonion concept for this: "The Great Work".

And your work is certainly GREAT as well in my opinion!

PWVB said...

Crop circles are terrestrial -- though orbital platforms play a role. The Freemason Illuminists who control Star Wars weapons (built by the lost Pentagon trillions declared publicly on Sept. 10, 2001) are using gamma rays, which leave exactly the same physical traces.

That's why some people see balls of light (plasma) near the circles and why choppers show up, for visual check. It's a weapons test. Interferometric devices intersect to create plasma balls to draw patterns. It's also typical Freemasonry, putting symbols in your face to plant their flag. Basically they're laughing their heads off at the "profane" trying to understand crop circle messages. The real message is, "we own you."

Clerks at N.R.O. sketch Freemason and "alien" designs on a PC, which are uploaded to orbit. Special mirrors steer the beams to earth.

It's the psyop of Werner von Braun's warning - they want us to "believe" all these mysterious "alien" happenings, so when the "aliens" come, we "unite" under the Illuminists and surrender freedoms so they "protect" us in a world slave society.

About Plato - see David Livingstone, p. 20,
'Throughout the centuries, occultists have regarded Plato as the great founder of their agenda, and even Jewish Kabbalists regarded him as an exponent of their ideas. Essentially, while the Kabbalah was incepted in Babylon, it was Plato who first elaborated upon the Zionist principle of world domination, by formulating its vision for a totalitarian state, to be governed by the "Chosen People", in this case, Kabbalists.'

Jake Kotze said...

Your view is interesting, but if feels far to 'sure of itself' (dogma). It also sounds like you have an 'anti attitude'. Rather then being 'against' Freemasonry, why can't we be 'for' the things that we dont like about Freemasonry. I dont like secrecy and heirarchy, but I am not against Freemasonry. Opposing something creates negetive energy and it's 2007 folks! 2012 is like half a decade away. Let's evolve and drop the atagonism!
Pardon my for being blunt PWVB but we give far to much credit to Freemasonry and the materialist Illuminati. I dont think they are nearly smart enough to make many of those circles or the pyramids for that matter. Sure maybe Thoth type forces work through some of these blokes, but Thoth type forces are happy to work through any of us!

Not a Blogger said...

I decided Jake's views and other's should be wiki'ed and made this:

Maybe you could make a new article about it, or not... :)

Crypticonception said...

Rob Wick and Awg,

There is definitely a Masonic connection to Canberra. One of our Prime Ministers (Robert Menzies) was supposedly a Mason and possibly many more.

The original Parliament house is down the hill towards the lake (between the hill and the lake) and was constructed in the 80's or 90's during the reign of Hawke or Keating. But I don't know when it was designed.

Canberra has a style that remined me a lot of Nazi Germany or especially communist Russia (I guess because many buildings were built in the 30's and 40's).

The war memorial is creepy and you can clearly see the Masonic compass - and the building is a giant cross. (It really is an amazing view looking up the hill towards parliament house over the lake - about 5km).

The Main parliament building looks just like that crop circle (checker chariots of the gods).

Oh, and there is a "Hexagon" to the north of the parliament in the CBD.

Canberra is a bugger of a place to drive around and find a park though.