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Sunday, June 18, 2006

A good Tool fan music video?

This video, I am of the belief, marks an historic occasion. The first fan film that actually has one doubting if it isn’t really a sneaky legit one (helped along in some measure by the fact that Tool are famously prone too pranks), it dam nearly fooled me. This kind of thing goes with the theme of ever increasing empowerment of the individual through technology into something else (transhuman perhaps?). Reflect for a second on other recent technological historical moments such as the bittorrent availability of the new series of Battlestar Galactica before its release in the USA, the exponential growth of Wikipedia and the current self empowering online broadcasting capability taken out of the hands of the major news networks and given to the individual through sites like Youtube. At the very least this helps prove the point made by Mark Pesce that each of us isn’t merely learning how to be famous or become stars, we are becoming our own television networks!
If this kinda thing resinates with you I would highly reccomend checking out the Mark Pesce lectures available online at google video.
Piracy is good?

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