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Thursday, November 16, 2006

WTC Pyramid: Part 2

(Click on image to enlarge). The World Trade Centre complex and its layout as compared with the Masonic first degree tracing board and the pyramids of Giza.

The three felled buildings of 9/11 are imposed over the three pillars of Masonry and the pyramids of Giza, reflecting a new discovery about the subtle encoding of symbols invoked by the 9/11 mega-ritual.

Tired of reading, hearing and watching stuff about the World Trade Centre disaster? I know I am. I want to exorcise the event from my mind so that I can just let go and get on with a life more centered on the present. Yet I am drawn again and again into the debate because I feel we as a whole are nowhere near understanding what the hell happened that day. My primary concern with 9/11 is the occult and mystic symbols employed and encoded in its execution and how they relate to the possibility of a ritualistic aspect at play. From a synchronistic standpoint I want to see how portrayals and references to the incident in pop-culture interact with metaphysical interpretations of 9/11's meaning. Secondary is the question which seems to fascinate most, "Who did it?" My interest in this area of investigation goes as far as trying to determine how much occult and mystical intent can be assigned to the perpetrators and what measure may be put down to the amazing interconnectedness of all things. The debate about government involvement in the tragedy raged inside me, like many others, for about 3 hours and then that internal dialogue ended when common sense took over. Of course there was government complicity! If you are continuing this strange debate with yourself still, I can recommend only sitting quietly and taking up a pen and pad. Look around suspiciously (making sure you have turned off your telescreen!) and write franticly over and over: "Down with Big Brother! Down with Big Brother!" Thusly, you will hopefully have regained your fu*%ing senses and we may continue some serious (but fun!) inquiry into the matter...

A few weeks ago, on a hunch, I was trying to find a snug fit for the WTC1, 2 and 7 complexes layout and that of the 3 major stars of Orion (Orion’s belt). Orion’s belt has a distinctive arrangement of three stars in alignment the third smaller one, slightly out of sync with the brighter two. This alignment has been connected to the pyramids by Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock. I noticed that the layout for the three buildings looked very similar to Orion with the two bigger buildings mimicking the two brightest stars at Giza but the smaller 3rd star (WTC 7) being out of sync to the wrong side. A match if you consider them mirror images, but alas, not such a tantalizing connection as I had originally hoped, so I dropped it. Imagine my delight while reading "Eden in Egypt," by Ralph Ellis, to find that he connects the three pillars on the first degree Masonic tracing board with the three largest pyramids at Giza. He goes further, claiming that the images and symbols on the tracing board are actual representations of the original layout of Giza. The Temple of Solomon is speculated to be originally modeled after the pyramids as well. This revelation flows out of the equally fascinating chapter, The Tower of Babel, dedicated to dealing with the un-masking of the tower as originally none other than the pyramids of Giza themselves. To reiterate, Solomon’s Temple could be modeled after the tower of Babel, which in turn was originally the pyramid complex at Giza. Hence, Solomon’s Temple is a representation of the Giza monuments, dig?

I have connected the WTC ritual in the past to the three pillars of masonry (and the Cabalistic tree on another level), the Temple of Solomon (specifically WTC1 & 2 as the two pillars Jachin and Boaz, and their destruction in the unveiling of the holiest of holies or Isis) and the Tower of Babel. Now I would like to connect the three buildings destroyed on 9/11 to the pyramids of Giza, which is only a logical progression, having learned the tower of Babel and the Temple of Solomon were originally modeled after and remain veiled references to the pyramids themselves! My original idea of connecting the WTC to Orion's belt seemed slightly fanciful (pending further investigation) but the connection between the three felled buildings of WTC1, 2 and 7 and the pyramids of Giza looks promising indeed.

When we look at a first degree tracing board we see that the three pillars, just like the three towers and three major pyramids at Giza, are of differing sizes, two larger and nearly but not exactly equal and one much smaller.

For instance, this is why the tracing board portrays the three pillars as all being of different heights, with two larger pillars in the foreground and a much smaller one behind. This is not simply a matter of perspective, as the two foreground pillars are placed at exactly the same depth within the picture, but are given slightly different heights; while a much smaller pillar lies behind. Yet this depiction exactly reflects the reality at Giza, where two major pyramids are nearly but not quite of the same height, while the third is much smaller."

"Eden in Egypt," p. 165, by Ralph Ellis

Viewed from the top the connection is not apparent. In profile, disco! Let’s compare this observation about the relative sizes of the pillars of the Masonic tracing board with the three buildings destroyed on 9/11, using Wikipedia as reference guide.

The Twin Towers

Each of the WTC towers had 110 stories. 1 WTC (the North Tower, which featured a massive 360 foot high TV antenna added in 1978) stood 1,368 feet (417 m) high [6], and 2 WTC (the South Tower, which contained the observation deck) was 1,362 feet (415 m) high [6]. The length and breadth of the towers were 208 feet (63.4 m) x 208 feet (63.4 m). Although only Tower 1 featured an antenna, the structure of each building was designed to carry a broadcast mast.

When completed in 1972, 1 WTC became the tallest building on Earth, unseating the Empire State Building after a 40 year reign. 2 WTC became the second tallest building in the world when completed in 1973. The difference in height between the two towers was because of a Port Authority request to have two floors, the 43rd and the 67th, in 1 WTC raised, the lower of the taller floors being a cafeteria for PANY workers. 2 WTC did not need these facilities, so it remained 1,362 feet.

We can see clearly that WTC 1 was the taller of the two buildings, even more so if we include the antenna and that the buildings were nearly but not quite the same height.

Lets compare WTC 7:
"The original structure had 47 floors[2] was 570 feet (174 m) [2] in height."

The similarities to the Masonic first degree tracing board, its three pillars and the destroyed World Trade Centre buildings is uncanny. If we consider this to be a valid comparison and Ralph Ellis to be correct about the first degree tracing board as a graphic representation of Giza, then a connection between the pyramids and the WTC is justly mandated.

For more info on Jesus as a veiled pyramid see "WTC Pyramid: Part1" or try:

With this amazing possibility in mind, the veiled Jesus pyramid in "The Last Supper" painting by Leonardo da Vinci and its discovery through contemplation of the "WTC" movie poster becomes all the more tantalizing. Added to this, we witness a firefighter experiencing a vision of Jesus in the same film. If Jesus was a pharaoh descended from Akhenaton he would obviously be connected to the most sacred sight in Egypt, Giza and its Pyramids.

Through realization that the World Trade Centre ritual directly invokes the Giza plateau, the constant synchronistic appearance of Akhenaton (and Egypt in general) and the stargate in this area of research begins to slip into focus. The pyramids of Giza are arguably the most mysterious and sacred structures on our planet and their import in the mystical and occult traditions cannot be over stressed. It seems intuitively fitting that the most pivotal human cultural event in recent memory, the 9/11 event, would invoke these ancient and as yet not fully understood monuments.

Let’s have a look at the WTC and pyramids synchromysticly and see if there are any synch-echoes in the synchro-web that confirm the connection between the two subjects.

Here we have Millhouse as Moses (Akhenaton) with the pyramid capstone on his head from the wonderfully synch riddled "Bible Stories" "Simpsons" episode. The levitated capstone invokes the 'Illuminati' dollar bill pyramid symbol in our minds. We should note also that the biblical Mount Sinai is believed by researchers like Ralph Ellis to be yet again one of the major pyramids at Giza, meaning that Moses (Akhenaton) would have communicated and received the law from god on the top of a Giza pyramid. Does this biblical narrative veil a contact or stargate (cosmic consciousness) ritual? The same nature of ritual I have been following on this blog as connected to the World Trade Center (Pyramid) and Pentagon (Sirius) ritual...? The mind boggles.

We see Bart standing at a Giza pyramid.

Later in the same episode we see Bart as King David climbing the Tower of Babel (pyramid) and slaying the giant Goliath who falls from the structure, much like King Kong. King Kong is a character I have connected to Thoth/Hermes through the Egyptian Baboon (as seen on Aleister Crowley's Magus Tarot card) and the alleged Tower builder Nimrod (who resonates with Hermes).

Thoth can be seen in the lower right hand corner.

Now things get weird. In the image above we see Homer as Solomon (another alleged Hyksos descended Pharaoh) presiding over a case involving Jesus and a Checker Taxi (famous yellow American cab) driver. As if the image of Jesus inside Solomon’s temple, which we have learnt is modeled after Giza, isn't crazy enough, the universe decides to throw a curve ball by introducing this fantastic synch...

A yellow cab drives up to one of the Towers with Snake running up to meet it, past the flaming wreckage of a plane. Hold on for a second, what was that! Yes indeed friends, you heard right. Let's take a closer look because what's encoded here in "Escape from New York" could bake your noodle.

The President's jet (above) flies toward the N.Y. skyline. Soon we will see it crash into a high rise building. In this frame it is aiming straight for the Twin Towers.

Later in the film Snake Plissken flies a second plane towards the Towers. Sound familiar? The plane lands on the roof of the tower and is eventually pushed over, causing the wreckage we saw Snake running through, towards the Yellow cab. Remember that we saw the Yellow cab driver being sued by Jesus ("Simpsons") in Solomon's Temple then again outside the World Trade Centre. Continue to bear in mind that the Temple of Solomon and the WTC buildings destroyed in the 9/11 rituals invoke the pyramids of Giza.

The voice over that accompanies this shot from "Escape from N.Y." goes: "He's approaching the World Trade Centre," in reference to Snake (Kurt Russel). Notice please, that this tracking device has the WTC in the middle of a bull's eye. As mentioned in this blog in the past and by researcher William Henry, the bull's eye is the two dimensional representation of the three dimensional stargate phenomena.

To read more about the stargate phenomena and its symbolism try:

The bull's eye can be seen in the middle of the WTC plaza! This bull's eye had a fountain (remember that stargates and H2O go well together and can also be called water-doors) and a sculpture nicknamed "The Sphere" at its centre.

It was meant to symbolize world peace through world trade, and was placed at the center of a ring of fountains and other decorative touches designed by trade center architect Minosoru Yamasaki to mimic the Grand Mosque of Mecca, in which The Sphere stood at the place of the Kaaba. It was set to rotate once every 24 hours, and its base became a popular lunch spot for workers in the trade center on days with good weather.

"The Sphere" is a sculpture by Fritz Koenig originally titled "Great Spherical Caryatid."

A caryatid (also spelt Karyatid), is a sculpted female figure serving as an architectural support taking the place of a column or a pillar supporting an entablature on her head.

The male counterpart of a caryatid is referred to as a
telemon (plural telemones) or Atlas (plural, atlantes) – the name refers to the legend of Atlas, who bore the sphere of the heavens on his shoulders. Such figures were used on a monumental scale, notably in the Temple of Olympian Zeus in Agrigentoa>, Sicily.

Given the artist's original name referred to the sculpture as a Caryatid and the spherical design it seems obvious that the intention of the sculptor was to portray a stylized version of Atlas carrying the world on his shoulders. Atlas was also the name of the son of Poseidon and King of Atlantis, according to Plato, the source of the name Atlantis.

Rockefeller Centre in New York also sports a giant Atlas sculpture.

The WTC plaza sculpture invoking Atlas helps solidify the claims of the Twin Towers as symbolic mythical pillars. Atlas himself is both pillars according to legend. Purseus turned Atlas into a mountain with the head of Medusa. Then Hercules split the mountain in half, forming the Twin Pillars or Straight of Gibraltar. In other stories the pillars are from Atlantis (named after Atlas) inscribed by Thoth with great knowledge. The possibility that these legends point towards the Twin Peaks of Giza seams more and more likely everyday.

More info on the Pillars of Hercules:

This Wikipedia entry also states that the pillars are considered gates or portals, adding weight to the claim of 9/11 as a stargate event.
"The pillars are also mentioned at some places as portals, or gates to different locations on Earth."

The Wikipedia article about "The Sphere" states plainly that, "The Sphere stood at the place of the Kaaba". The Kaaba contains the holy relic, the Black Stone. It is said to have been placed there by Abraham, who I suspect to have been an Egyptian Pharaoh. Ralph Ellis writes in "Jesus: Last of the Pharaohs" that the sacred stone of Mecca might be the original Benben of Egypt. (Jesus: Last of the Pharaohs pgs. 287-288)

Other Muslims are more willing to believe that the Stone itself has some supernatural powers. They believe that it fell from the sky during the time of Adam and Eve.

In the previous post, "WTC Pyramid: Part1," I researched the possibility of Adam and Eve finding their origins in ancient Egyptian sources, Adam being Akhenaton himself. With this in mind, the Black Stone of the Kaaba or Benben and its secrets could easily be connected to Hyksos Pharaoh's Abraham, passed down to future generations like Akhenaton and Jesus.

If this were the case the secrets and legends surrounding the Benben stone - the Ka'ba - would have been known by the ruling elite of the Hyksos. They would be know by Abraham, Joseph, Akhenaton and Moses, and finally by Jesus himself, and so the secret of the sacred stone would have been clearly understood by the ancient Judiac priesthood in Jerusalem. In this case is it any coincidence that the mystical sect of Judaism is know as the Kabbalah, a word which combines Ka'ba and Allah, meaning 'cube' and 'god'. Ralph Ellis, "Jesus Last of the Pharaohs," p. 187

What is the Benben stone? Wikipedia gives us this answer.

Benben, in Egyptian mythology, or more specifically, in the Ogdoad, is the mound that arose from the primordial waters, Nu, that had upon it Atum, sitting. It was said to have turned into a small pyramid, located in Annu, which was the place Atum was said to dwell within.
The Benben stone, named after this, was a sacred stone in the solar temple of Heliopolis. It is thought to have been the prototype for later obelisks, and the capstones of the great pyramids were based on its design.

Concerning the shape of the Black Stone contained at the Kaaba, Manly P. Hall writes on p. 623 of "The Secret Teachings of All Ages," "This black stone, oval in shape and about seven inches in diameter was broken in the seventh century and is now held together by a silver mounting."

We now know that in the middle of the World Trade Centre plaza stood a spherical sculpture in the bull's eye of concentric circles within a fountain (the mound that arose from the primordial waters, Nu, that had upon it Atum, sitting) as viewed from the air. This sculpture was intended to invoke the Kaaba at Mecca and was modeled after Atlas. Considering the ellipsoid shape of the sacred Black Stone at Mecca and the spherical sculpture itself the distinct possibility arises that the piece also was intended to or in a synchronistic manner reflects, the Sacred Black stone inside the Kaaba. I doubt this is a connection that would have gone unnoticed by the architects if they had, as is claimed, built the plaza as a reflection of Mecca and placed the sculpture in the exulted position which would be held by the Kaaba itself. This stone might be the original Benben from Heliopolis. Thus the following mind bending statement can be put forward, "At the centre of the buildings that were to collapsed on 9/11 stood a monument to the Benben stone!"

The Benben stone is considered a possible precursor of the obelisk and the pyramid. Under this assumption, the connection between the WTC complex and the Giza plateau is confirmed. I would go so far as to speculate the layout of the plaza, as a mirror of the Kaaba at Mecca, indicates that the intent of the fountain and "The Sphere" sculpture was for religious and ritualistic reasons rather then artistic or aesthetic considerations.

The reason for these pyramids being physically visible during the first exodus is given in the book Tempest, where it was explained that some of this exodus story, especially the wanderings in the wilderness, represented rituals at Giza. The 'wanderings' were actually the origins of the processional rituals that are still performed at Mecca during the Hajj. "Eden in Egypt," Ralph Ellis, p. 166

Ralph Ellis confirms, in the piece quoted above, a connection between the rituals of Mecca and the pyramids of Giza. "The Sphere" sculpture stands in for the Kaaba and the pyramids at the World Trade Centre complex.

Did this setup interact with the 9/11 disaster in a ritualistic manner connected, as a have already proposed, to the opening of a stargate?

Ben Fairhall's great Blog and Rosslyn post has much relevent info like Mecca-related movie syncs (and more worth investigating):

Let’s shift gears from left brain rational investigation to the right brain metaphysical research of synchro-mysticism. Kurt Russell is the first human to enter the stargate in the film by the same name. This stargate was found right at the foot of the pyramids at Giza and opens into the belly of another pyramid on a distant alien planet in another galaxy.

Can we deny that it's not bizarre that we see him again as Snake Plissken in "Escape from N.Y." flying towards the WTC on a plane and later in the same film heading towards the towers located at the center of a bull's eye? "Snakes on a Plane," a strangely titled Samuel L. Jackson film with a thinly veiled caduceus on its poster and an event from "Escape from N.Y." are both connected to the WTC. This seems far beyond the realm of mundane happenstance.

For more Kurt Russell synchs, including the "Snakes on a Plane"/"Escape from N.Y." one try:

"World Trade Center" star Nicholas Cage can be easily tied to pyramids by simply looking at the cover poster of his Freemason themed "National Treasure". Not just any pyramid mind you, the 'super sigil' one dollar bill "Illuminati" pyramid.

Some interesting claims have been leveled at this image of the world’s most recognizable currency notes. Though few are as bold and daring and therefore as wonderful as the claims made by the dudes related to these sights:

These fine folks call the dollar bill no less than a talisman designed by Aleister Crowley-influenced forces to facilitate and bring about the new aeon. The bill itself, in this view, has been designed for consciousness change on a societal level and is being charged by our use of it everyday! If we fold the note we find all kinds of wonderful syncs that will stretch our credibility and credulity. Great then. I think you should try to find something to challenge your comfort zone and belief system daily to avoid becoming static or rutted. Hopefully my little blog can help in this kind of activity.

In that vane, let’s think for a second again about that weird rotating giant bronze sculpture at ground zero, "The Sphere". Have we ever seen such a thing in the movies, my favorite place to look for validation for novel ideas?

That's the same name of a horrible movie with "Snakes on a Plane's" Samuel L. Jackson. In the film, the sphere in question is a giant bronze alien artifact from space.

Considering some of the claims leveled at the Black Stone of Mecca and the Benben, this synchronicity seems pretty close to what is believed about the actual oval stone that I believe "The Sphere" sculpture is invoking. (Could the Oval office be related to the shape of this holy stone? Just a thought.)

Secular historians point to the history of meteorite worship, in pre-Islamic Arabia, and say it is likely that the Stone is a meteorite or possibly impact glass, from the meteorite impact crater at Wabar, about 1100 km from Mecca.[5]. There is no way to test this hypothesis without removing and examining the Stone, which would not be permitted by its guardians.

The Wikipedia article above tells us that one theory about the Black Stone describes it as a space rock and Manly P. Hall explains ("Secret Teachings," p. 627) that it might have been given to Abraham by an angel. Could an alien (angels and aliens interchange in my world view) have given Pharaoh Abraham this rock that sits in a giant cube where millions gather every year to circle it in some giant ritual. No doubt some believe this kind of thing.

One more claim could be made synchro-mysticly about "The Sphere". That’s the alien rock-inspired sculpture, not the alien artifact-inspired movie of the same name, dig? After the 9/11 ritual invoking the pyramids of Giza, Solomon’s Temple and the Babel tower and their flaming demise, "The Sphere" was resurrected like a phoenix egg from the ashes. Just like the Black Rock inside the Kaaba, the sculpture, which symbolizes the Mecca stone (Benben?) has been destroyed and reassembled.

If the Tower of Babel is a veiled reference to pyramids this new Brad Pitt movie title might as well read "Pyramid" instead of "Babel". Can we connect Brad Pitt to pyramids in a way that doesn't seem like I am trying too hard to make things fit? How about his present partner running up a giant pyramid complete with Illuminati-style levitating missing capstone? No joke, in "Tomb Raider" we see just that.

Miss Jolie opening a time vortex.

Brad Pitt's partner running up the side of an Illuminati pyramid.

"The Passion of the Christ" was the previous aberration Mel Gibson threatened us with. We will have to wait and see if this new piece "Apacalypto" treats the Mayan culture with less innuendo and self-interest. The trailers look cool, mind you. "WTC Pyramid: Part 1" showed how Jesus in the "Last Supper" becomes a pyramid that connects to the 9/11 tragedy. Interesting then, if we reflect on how Mel's most recent films have Jesus and the pyramids as central themes.

Many "Simpson’s" syncs were discussed in "Part: 1" connecting Adam and Eve to Egypt. We saw earlier in this post how "Simpson’s" continue to resonate the Bible-as-veiled-Egyptian-history theme, specifically highlighting Jesus as connected to the WTC and the Tower of Babel as the pyramids. With this in mind and including Mel Gibson's "Apocalypto" in the mix we could add another "Simpson’s" episode relevant to the investigation.

Homer talking to a Coyote, voiced by Johnny Cash, on top of a South American-type pyramid.

Homer with arms outstretched on the apex of a pyramid after taking psychedelic hot peppers in "The Mysterious Voyage of Our Homer." Johnny Cash was played by Joaquin Phoenix in "Walk the Line". Phoenix has been involved with contact and crop circles right alongside Mel Gibson in "Signs."

More "Signs" syncs:

To conclude:
We have included the pyramids, the Pillars of Hercules and the Benben stone as symbols involved in the 9/11 ritual. I have tried to use the rather unconventional technique of using pop-culture synchronicities (which I sometimes call synchro-mysticism) to help justify my claims, a method that I am sure helps alienate and delight in equal measures. Hopefully, the results this investigative tool yield will outweigh the natural skepticism (to validity of the application of such a non-rational way of research) some will undoubtedly harbor towards it.

Does this meticulous choice of symbolism and archetypes look like the work of fanatical ultra lucky terrorists? The only explanation that could even half consolidate the extremely subtle freemasonic and ritualistic aspects of 9/11 with the terrorist scenario was put forward by Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval in "Talisman". At the end of the book they take note of the symbolic nature of 9/11 and unfortunately interpret (with all respect, they are master scholars) this as the Muslim extremist trying to send an anti-Masonic message to America. I for one believe the message to be far more subtle and way beyond anything possibly masterminded by fanatics and extremists. I do believe the 9/11 ritual has done amazing things for consciousness and woken up millions to more subtle levels of reality. Yet I cannot, as a person who tries to follow the ideals of pacifism, love and humility, in any way condone such a mega-ritual involving the murder of thousands. If these are the tactics the enlightened and supposedly Illuminated in the secret societies are following to bring about planetary consciousness change, we should all take issue. Perhaps that is the point...

Some much needed and overdue Thanks.

Ben Fairhall's newest post, "Series of Dreams" is a lovely piece which includes insights into synchro-mysticisms mechanics and makes light of the theory in just the right way. Please check it out.
Thanks Ben!

Greg from "Occult of Personality" did a piece on my work and I never thanked him on the blog. A little late, but here's the link if you're interested.
Thanks Greg!


vince said...

Hey in your talk of sphere sculptures it made me think of the sphere sculpture in the vatican When I was there this summer I thought it was an odd fit for the vatican then again the vatican museum had just as many egyption artifacts as anything else. Oh and the Nicolas Cage link...I thought the same thing...Raising Arizona (the Phoenix)...Adaptation (Etheogens)...National Treasure...Lord of War. Anyway keep it up I enjoy reading your blog. The world is just one big Karmic dance and seeing the sychronicities allows us to glimpse the interconnectedness of it all. Peace!

Greg Tramel said...
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Greg Tramel said...

Atlas Shrugged Movie:
Variety reports yet another attempt to film Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. Variety tags Angelina Jolie as a potential Dagney Taggart.

Greg Tramel said...
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Jan said...

I just got directed to your blog by a friend (fellow Gorofan) to your blog last friday.
I only had the time yet to read your last 2 entries..but may take me some time to digest it all.
But I just wanted to let you know of a very strange interview with the director of "The Fountain" two days later.
Since I'm just starting to digest your stuff I'll quote 2 of the most relevant quotes of that (very long) interview.

"There was so much work done on the film by me, Mattie and James and Clint, just sitting around and talking about how different things connect. It’s hard to find the sources of everything, but I can track some of them.

One thing is there’s this whole geometrical thing going through the film. There’s that triangle that you see in space that we keep going back to, with the star in the middle, and that’s actually the Orion Nebula, which is what the Mayans actually thought was their underworld. That was what they pointed at. And, most people see the Orion Belt, the three stars they know, but then surrounding the Orion Nebula is this triangle. So, then we started saying, Well, you know, the Mayans, they had these triangular pyramids, and in Spain, they had these triangular towers. It makes sense to use the triangle for the 16th century.

And then, you come to the 21st century, and you’re, like, well, what’s our world? You realize our world is computer screens and doors and windows. It’s all squares, you know, the shape’s evolving.

Okay, so then we’re in space. What’s the next shape? Well, it’s very obvious--the planets, circle. So, maybe the spaceship, instead of going and doing the same old thing of putting trucks in space--which is what people have done since the shaping of these old…Every rocket ship is just a really souped up, pimped up car in space. You know, hey, let’s get a spherical ship. Why not?

They all led to different things, and suddenly, a visual language starts to grow. But, it’s not really one source. It’s just being part of the world, and taking things from wherever you can."

"And, I think there is a lot of stuff in THE FOUNTAIN that is concrete that I think people will see the more they watch it. There are definitely more answers in THE FOUNTAIN than there are in “Lost.”

The whole interview is at
Funny thing is that I came across your page at the very start of the 5th day of the Mayan Calendar.

Thanks a lot for validating a lot of crazy and intensifying patterns I've been noticing for a few years already. Jan

Greg Tramel said...

A - the 23rd chapter of Aleister Crowley's Book of Lies is called "Skidoo"
A - Simpson's Mr. Burns often uses the phrase "23 Skidoo"


Greg Tramel said...


SpaceMonk said...

Nice article.
I was interested by your comparison of the WTC layout to the Giza layout, but obviously it didn't work out to be so,

Check out where the new tower is due to be built (in comparison to the 'fountain' footprints of the old towers) :

Gordon Cole said...

Ditto Jan's comments. "The Fountain" has a LOT going on. I hope you'll be able to see it and comment on it. It's now one of my favorite movies.

Eugene said...

Loved the articles! Would like to share ideas. Have with others tracked many of the same paths...

Since you know of Etem/Goro..we may already "know" eachother.

Black Rabbit said...

Have you visited these sites - they can probably help you with the DNA/timetravel angle (written by ex-British intelligence operatives)and also Royal Arch Freemasonry and what the 33rd degree actually constitutes:

In addition, if you are interested in Alice in Wonderland 'mind control' programming - these sites will give you an understanding of how it has affected UK intelligence services:

Unknown said...

All monuments on Earth are aligned to the mathematical center of landmass .... according to both Sons of Abraham (Judaeo-Christian and Muslim) there is only prescribed center of the world.

Another factor you may want to consider : howcome the place name York appears at the same distance from Jerusalem ? York Factory, MB (Hudson's Bay) as well as modern day Toronto grew up around Fort York (Lake Ontario) and, of course, the re-naming of New York City in 1666.

Size matters, but sometime position matters more. Don't get too obsessed with the street level interpetation or support cults. It's not about conscious intention ... it's about unthinking convention among Christian kingdoms. The Great Work.

Misfit Shaman said...


your blog is compelling and shows symbolic literacy...

don't know if you tied this in elsewhere (cuz i just started reading the blog) but the stargates, spheres, psychedelics, symbolism, mysticism, ritual, etc., that you have been connecting, are also connected in the movie Contact (based on Sagan's book)

Peace and Best Wishes

Trutherdare said...

Continue to bear in mind that the Temple of Solomon and the WTC buildings destroyed in the 9/11 rituals invoke the pyramids of Giza.

I'm surprised no one has made this connection yet:

WTC 7 was better known as the Solomon Brothers Building.

Trutherdare said...

Continue to bear in mind that the Temple of Solomon and the WTC buildings destroyed in the 9/11 rituals invoke the pyramids of Giza.

I'm surprised no one has noted yet that WTC 7 was actually better known as the Solomon Brothers Building!

This is a really compelling series. My head is spinning!

NP said...

Nice blog, I'll keep an eye on it.
Yeah, I made that connection too.
After the "Treasury Bond Scandal" (National Treasure?), Salomon Inc. was acquired by Travelers Group (now Citigroup, an Illuminati corporation) in the late 1990s.
Also see this play card from the "Illuminati: New World Order" game (1995)
At the Salomon Brothers building, you see the pyramid with the pentagram depicted on it?
When Reuters (a Rothschild company) sent out the press release of the (not yet..) collapsed WTC7, they called the building Salomon Brothers, instead of just WTC7.
The construction of the red (mars, devil) building started in the Orwellian year (Satanist Bush president) 1984.

Michael Skaggs said...

Jake man, love how you synch up the Simpsons in your research! After reading some of your posts, my third eye came up with a few things that may help connect Homer and Michelle Ffifer, In the episode Last Temptation of Homer, Michelle Ffifer does the voice of Mindy, Homer's temptress, and Homer has a vision of her as "Venus". Here is a link to a jpeg I made.

I had no idea how much symbolism The Simpsons had in it! I've been watching them since they debuted in 1987 on the Tracy Ulman show! Peace bro, keep up the great work!

Unknown said...

Hi there. I've been enjoying the synchro-mystic concept and definitely think the handwriting has been on the wall, so to speak. Check out the 1981 film 'Liquid Sky' intro sequence. a UFO appears between WTC 1&2, and 7 (profile). then the bunch of wierds symbols and an explosion in infrared. weird. resonates with this post though....

Anonymous said...

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