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Saturday, October 07, 2006

10=X=Ten=Aten=9/11=7/7=Stargate=Cosmic Consciousness

"Ten are the numbers of the ineffable Sephiroth, ten not nine, ten not eleven. Learn this wisdom and be wise in the understanding of it; investigate these numbers and draw knowledge from them; fix the design in its purity, and pass from it to its creator seated on his throne..."
From Chapter 1 of the Sepher Yetzirah

The Statue of Liberty is a goddess statue donated by French Freemasons invoking the Colossus of Rhodes. The statue is meant to be roughly the same size as its predecessor, which was built in honour of Helios the sun god, and echoes it's progenitor's sun theme with its giant spiked halo or radiating crown chakra. This Isis statue stands on a 11-pointed star base pedestal. The statue is seen in many movies and is often destroyed, partly covered or sunk.

"Liberty" in Roland Emmerich's weather disaster flick of 2004.

It was recently featured in the season 2 premier of "Doctor Who".

The C symbol in the same episode. The C or crescent is a wormhole symbol.

The Tardis in the vortex or wormhole.

This is significant to me because the season 1 premier contained another giant structure, the "London Eye", that formed part of my argument of a fraternal symbol or synchromystic stargate.

This season 1 premier also had a fascinating shot that looked very similar to the famous exploded bus on a london street from the 7/7 ritual.

A disaster scene from "Dr Who".

Real disaster scene from 7/7.

The episode "Rose" aired on 26 March 2005, months before the London ritual. We could connect "Rose" to the Rosicrucian symbolism encoded in the London eye. I call it a ritual because it is my strong belief that these "terrorist attacks" (like 9/11) are actually fraternal or secret society occult rituals performed in the theatre of the "real world". They can also be interpreted as messages to sensitive individuals or initiates in the mystery schools. It is possible that these events have strong synchronistic resonance for other reasons less deliberate than ritual. Their significance lies also in the attention and will that we direct towards them with our interest, magickly charging the events with multi-leveled archetypical relevance. Whether a big culture changing event has a conspiratorial element or not, it will bear the hallmark of our own psyche. In fact, our psyche, will and the actions of the so-called Illuminati are very closely linked. The sensitive will find a valuable key in the previous sentence.
A friend of mine who was asked on 7/7 if they had heard about London replied, "The 2012 Olympic bid victory?". To which, of course, was recounted the more recent development of the bombings. The 7/7 bombings happened the very day after London had become the first city to host the Olympics for the 3rd time. The Games of the XXX Olympiad will see the torch in the heart of the Commonwealth, ready for the important 2012 date. The 7/7 bombings in this context seem to be announcing the Olympic victory with a bang. The bus in the famous image above was the no. 30 bus. The same no. of the XXX or 30th Olympics of 2012.
"The 2012 Summer Olympics, officially known as the Games of the XXX Olympiad, will be held in London, United Kingdom from 26 July to 12 August 2012."

A movie was released on 29 April 2005 with the Olympic 2012 Roman numeral XXX. "XXX: State of the Union" is a sequel to the Vin Diesel 2002 movie directed by Rob Cohen, who also brought us the Skull and Bones movie, "The Skulls".

Note: I hope nobody out there will believe I am endorsing these movies. To tell the truth, the majority of the movies connected to this post suck. "Daredevil" is the only film in recent history that was so bad I walked out of it after paying... That said, let's continue.

The bull's eye, another stargate symbol. Note the light behind the middle X.

An earlier post explaining the Alantean bull's eye and C or crescent-shape, interchangeable with the stargate.

Colin Farrell as Bullseye in 2003's "Daredevil", with the wormhole symbol over his third eye. The bull's eye is a 2-D representation of a 3-D phenomena (check out William Henry's great work for more on this subject).

Colin Farrell plays a sun king and Pharaoh of Egypt. Alexander was declared the "son of Amun" by Egyptian priests.

Notice the target or bull's eye over the map of the USA on Alex Jones' new DVD cover.

Now see the same image portrayed in words on a CNN web banner also used in there televised fear campaigns.

See this Daily Show clip to see the Target:USA campaign in action

What does it mean when Alex Jones and CNN start looking the same? Meditate on it friends..

Stalin with his third eye stargate web or net.

The Spider-man stargate web or net. The net will be focused on a little later.

The 1994 Spider's web crop circle.

"XXX: State of the Union", has the Egyptian obelisk (Washington Monument) on its poster next to the capital building with its giant dome (pictured above).

A dome surmounted by another Isis statue "The Statue of Freedom".

Lets look at the bigger "Liberty", Isis. In the Simpson episode, "The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson", Bart's shouts out of the crown of "Liberty" at arriving immigrants to go back home.

This is an episode that was removed from syndication in many U.S. states because of references to the World Trade Centre and Pentagon post 9/11.
The voice actor for Bart is Nancy Cartwright, who plays a small role in the 1998 Roland Emmerich, "Godzilla". "Godzilla" sees the famous monster destroying parts of New York.

Here we see Godzilla on the WTC in a different film. The helicopter theme is present, as in the "Spider-man" teaser, we see it caught in the web or net. The helicopter is also shown being eaten by 'Zilla' in the 1998 Hollywood version.

Emmerich is the same director of the alien invasion film, "ID4", and the pivotal, strange attractor, "Stargate" (Also "The Day After Tomorrow" with frozen Isis pictured above). IMDB shows one of his upcoming features, "King Tut", the possible historical material progenitor of the biblical Jesus. "Stargate" sees Kurt Russell traveling through the stargate. Kurt Russell also plays Snake Plissken, who lands his glider on the top of the WTC in "Escape from New York". The poster for this film sees the stargate traveller Russell carrying the American President through the streets of N.Y. with the decapitated "Liberty" head in the background. Thus, in this film, we can see Snake on a Plane heading for the World Trade Centre.

Snakes on a Plane from a 1981 movie!

The sacred caduceus of Thoth Hermes is a symbol of cosmic consciousness. Samuel L. Jackson, the star of the film, is also seen in both XXX movies. Russell fights terrorist plane highjackers in the film, "Executive Decision".

The "Saitic Isis" from Manly P. Halls' (33 degree Freemason) "Secret Teachings". I changed the pillars to make the point clear. The winged solar disc can be seen as the planes. In the negative space between them stands Isis, the holiest of holies, with the illuminating light of cosmic consciousness, covered by the veil held up by the pillars (the negative space forming the third pillar). The destruction of the pillars lets the veil drop, opening the stargate. There are snakes at her feet representing the divine knowledge of the kundalini and DNA spiraling forces. The snakes are also the symbol of the wormhole. A snake oroborus forms the sun halo around her head with her pineal gland or ajna at its centre. This is the same coded story told by the scene from "Escape from New York" and "Snakes on a Plane" poster above. This goddess is the New York "Liberty".

Another John Carpenter movie, "Ghosts of Mars", has Ice Cube, the star of "XXX: State of the Union" and the giant snake movie, "Anaconda", fighting supernatural forces on the red planet. XXX2's villain is played by Willem Dafoe, the Green Goblin from "Spider-man" and Jesus in "The Last Temptation of Christ". The Spider-man stargate connection was explored in the previous post.

The X bull's eye with the World Trade Centre inside the gate. The buildings are illuminated with light.

The slightly opened door or gate with the illuminating light of cosmic consciousness.

The even more opened gate. Compare to the bull's eye "XXX: State of the Union" poster with the light from behind the middle X. Remember that the X-Men are mutants and these films focus on the double helix (DNA) image.

The XXX or 30th Olympics 2012 theme is highlighted again this year by the latest X-men film also called "X3".

The three pillars over the bulls eye or stargate X. This could also be seen as a veiled representation of the Cabalistic Tree of Life. The three pillars and the 10 (X) Sephiroth.

A 1997 Tree of Life crop glyph.

The first "X-men" film has Wolverine played by Hugh Jackman, fighting Magneto on the head of "Liberty".

Hugh Jackman will be seen soon in the new Darren Aronofsky film, "The Fountain".

A Jesus water-walker type heading for the Tree of Life?
Compare these three images: "The Fountains" homepage, the stargate and the NASA STS-115.

The new "Spider-man 3" poster with the three over the third eye or ajna chakra. For more on Spider-man and stargates see my previous post. The three prongs were also compared to the three pillars of the Tree of Life and the three felled pillars of 9/11.

Compare the tilted Spider-man logo with its three light rays and the similar light rays of the NASA Atlantis STS-115 Logo.

Click on image to enlarge. After many days of trouble it seemed as if Atlantis STS-115 might be severely delayed, but it managed to fly and synchromysticly (maybe intentionally) dock with the ISS (ISIS) space station on the pivotal stargate date, 9/11. (ISS/ISIS connection learned from

NASA will come up again before we are done. I think it is no trivial coincidence that H. W. Bush said the words, "New World Order", on Sept 11 1990 for the first time.
Youtube clip of the George H. W. Bush 1990 Sept 11 New World Order speech.

Hugh Jackman travels through a stargate or "fissure in the fabric of time", from late 19th century New York to modern day. This gate is located on the side of the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Brooklyn Bridge in Kate and Leopold where Wolverine travels through the New York Stargate.

Brooklyn Bridge destruction by Emmerich's Godzilla.

Magneto is Ian Mckellen, Phrygian Cap-sporting wizard, Gandalf, from "Lord of the Rings". "Lord of the Rings" boasts one of the most frequently re-appearing movie titles in the ongoing synchromystic investigation on this blog. The pivotal points raised thus far about this movie are the presence of John Rhys-Davies, Ian Holm and Sauron's Eye. Davies is a vortex traveller in "Sliders", the Spider-man villain Kingpin and, of course, a ring protector. I would like to add to these previous observations about Davies that he is a helper of Indiana Jones in the finding of the holy ark in "Raiders of the Lost Ark" (IMDB says he is rumoured to reprise his role in "Indy 4"). William Henry sees the ark as part of the ancient Egyptian technology which can open a wormhole or stargate. Ian Holm is the Freemason, ("From Hell") ring ("Lord of the Rings") and alien ("Alien", "Fifth Element") protector. Sauron's giant eye is the opened vortex on the top of the tower as seen in Crowley's Tower card of his Thoth tarot.

"Babel", a new movie with Brad Pitt, again echoes the tower theme so ever present since the destruction of the WTC. Tom Horn has speculated that the Tower of Babel might have been the scene of a stargate opening, the doorway to the heavens or cosmic consciousness. For more on Brad Pitt as he relates to stargates try:
The main highlights: we see Brad fighting Eris in "Sinbad" and again in the Trojan war in "Troy" (which was started by Eris).

In 2005, the 7/7 XXX Olympic event year, the XXX theme was again echoed by a game called "X3". This game is an outerspace battle involving aliens and wonderfully, stargates! In this game they are called jumpgates.

A "X3: Reunion" jumpgate.

BMW has a SUV model called the X3.

The BMW X3 with Liberty/Isis in advertisement.

A 2006 X crop circle that I have also compared to the NATO (ATON) symbol. With the ten/net theme in mind, it is interesting to look at the X/cross shaped circle as a big net or web. A X-net?


The NATO crop circle has similar elements to the new "X-box 360" logo.

Ten Backwards is Net. We could say the internet is interchangeable with web. Rememeber the Spider-Man and Stalin web or net?

Another microsoft X connection. Net=Ten=X.

Charleton Heston can be seen in the original "Planet of the Apes, kneeling in front of the Isis statue.
Then we see him again as Pharaoh Akhenaton (Moses) in the "The Ten Commandments".

Could the Ten commandments be related to the cult of Aten (A(ten)) and the X-gate or stargate? Amazing to think that if we choose we can see the time travelling (time travel is another stargate function) astronaut and secret society venerated Akhenaton, worshiping the giant New York city Isis in famous movies. That is, if we choose to look at everything as synchromysticly connected.

The red "Ghostbusters 2" circular, possible gate logo.

The New York Isis statue can be seen brought to life and animated in the film, "Ghostbusters 2". She swims to New York, walks through the city streets and helps the Ghostbusters to break through a ghost shield to save Sigourney Weaver. Meanwhile, the citizens of New York cheer. It's a pretty amazing scene with much symbolism to discuss but my PC is in the 'shop' and my screenshots are unavailable save these three I found on the net. So maybe more later.

The ghost antagonist Vigo enters our world through a painting that hides a vortex or door. In front of the painting we see an 8-pointed star. The 8-pointed star veils an octagon.

The missing images show Isis breaking through the ghost shield with her torch. The torch smashes right through a window that looks remarkably like a stargate.

Notice the Sun inside the two pillars.

In "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade", we see Indy finding a vital clue under a giant X in the search for the holy grail. The X also marks the location of a crusader knight's tomb. "The mythos of the Knights Templar as keepers and defenders of the Holy Grail is also a central plot point in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade."

I just realized that I am writing this on Oct Friday the 13th. Templar day!

Again the secret answer lies behind the X.

The Canyon of the Crescent Moon in the same film. The C-shaped wormhole symbol, remember the "Dr. Who" crescent?

The "X-Files" spinoff, the "Lone Gunmen's" pilot episode of March 2001, had one of the most amazing syncs ever. Government agent provocateurs hijack a plane and attempt to crash it into the WTC to justify a terror campaign.

Look at the symbols present in the sigil 9/11. What is the implied meaning if you take all that has been discussud here into consideration? 10! Ten is the missing number in the 9/11 mantra. Now lets look at the opening quote of this post again:

"Ten are the numbers of the ineffable Sephiroth, ten not nine, ten not eleven."

In 2005, the year the London bombings occurred, preceded directly by the XXX Olympic bid announcement, we saw this crop circle.

This is the Kings Worthy "X" glyph of 20 June 2005. Compare to X-Box logo.

Another X in a Crop Circle appeared that year.
The Maltese cross of the templars provides another octagon connection. When we connect the sides of the cross we get an octagon, forming the Dome of the Rock floor plan, the original progenitor of the templar cross. Possibly, at the same time, the original Rose Cross symbol.

The floor plan of the Dome of the Rock.

Here we see another 2005 Circle with an implied octagon.

We can now speculate that the octagon is showing up again in the design of the new 1776-foot tall Freedom tower being built at ground zero. It's construction design highlights 9/11 because of its connection to the maltese cross, which is also the X or 10 (Aten=X=Stargate). This torch-like building to be completed in 2012, the Olympic year, has an octagon at its centre. Indeed, New York was a contender of the Olympic bid.
For more on octagons and 8 as conected to Spider-man:

N.Y. Isis Olympic logo.

Here is the London Olympic logo.

The coiling band or tape with the 5 Olympic colors penetrates the two O's of London. They are cut into C-shapes.

Here is the same thing on some previously discussed NASA patches.
Click on image to see it much larger. Notice the white C-shape at the base of the STS-115 Atlantis patch and the yellow C-shape at the top of the Columbia patch. Both C-shapes are penetrated by energy bands like the ribbon or tape penetrating the C's of the London 2012 logo. See the octagon of the STS-121? (octagon/STS-121/Dome of the Rock connection discovered at Goro Adachi's

Two astronauts opening a stargate? This mission was launched on Sept 9 1994, placing the event inside the 9/11 window.

The entire patch looks like a swirling vortex or stargate (69, a stylized cancer symbol). Again, this mission was launched on Sept 7 1995, which means they were up there, possibly doing some stargate related matter.

Rememeber how they "appeared" to be delayed time after time with the latest 9/11 launch of Atlantis STS-115? Then after docking on 9/11 it was admittedly surrounded by UFO's? Amazing...

Here is the whole story again in pictures. Todd emailed me the following interesting info about this patch:

"on the SST patch I see six bright starts, six beams of light from the sun, and a giant six in the ocean under the shuttle image...... it's all over the occult-driven space program..." Todd

Bizarely, I discovered the other 9/11 stargate NASA patches of STS 64 and 69 by looking at the London 2012 logo. The second 2 in the image is covered by the band or tape, highlighting the number 201. This is much the same way Rion was found in the Orion moon mission patch.

The Olympic torch passing over the Rion bridge on its way to the Athens 2004 Olympics.

After entering 201 into google images (something I often use to discover meaningful coincidences), this image popped up:

"SPARTAN is a free-flying retrievable platform with two telescopes to study the solar wind."

Both the 94 and 95 STS missions (in orbit on 9/11!) mentioned above used this weird cube, Spartan 201.

Here we see the masonic cubic stone or lapis on the cover of Time.

Val Kilmer is seen in the film, "Spartan", as a Special Forces agent who trains Secret Service hopefuls. Just like Heston, Val Kilmer has been an astronaut trying to bring life to Mars on "Red Planet" and Akhenaton (Moses) in "Prince of Egypt".

In the previous post I promised to show how Puff Daddy, the Loch Ness monster and Lady Liberty are connected. Well, Puff Daddy is in a music video with Jimmy Page right? This video is for the already much discussed Hollywood "Godzilla" movie.
"Come With Me - Puff Dady" link below.
Jimmy Page once bought and lived in Aleister Crowley's infamous Loch Ness house.
"Aleister Crowley: The Other Loch Ness Monster" BBC documentary link below.
Godzilla in the 1998 Hollywood movie, stomps through the city in New York, destroying buildings and cars etc. In the "Ghostbusters 2" sequence I mentioned earlier, Isis, "Liberty", can be seen walking around much like the giant lizard and even crushing a car. Screenshot pending, as I explained... A Simpsons "Liberty" and "Godzilla" connection was also raised earlier. Remember?

Using an NES Advantage, they direct the statue to walk to the museum, accidentally crushing a police car underfoot en route and, with the help of the good feelings from the positively-inspired crowd surrounding the building, use it to smash through the slime shell and let them into the museum to confront Vigo.

Will be back with more. Shortly...

Peace and Namaste


muzuzuzus said...

HI...first comment up to now. I have been following you with interest since also noticing your 'mushroom and atlantis' .. really interesting. now i got a google account i will also comment there

with this , i am very interested myself the occultic background to 9/11 7/7 etc, and your pointing out number 30 bus being connected with XXX 2012 Olymbpics is really noteworthy. also checkout Matthew Delooz's The Heat is Rising for more occultic correspondences, and Leistar Crowley of course. their guru 777....!

i am though not too happy your suggestion about Alex Jones somehow being related to their shit, He is amazing what he does, his energy and passion exposing their masty shiit, he shouldn't be targeted. thats what they want. us fighting each other. accusing each other. its called divide and rule. is one of the worst for slaggin off Jones and seemingly everyone else who aint as 'pure' and 'independent' as they think themselves. i recently listened to a radio show they did, and they were calling nearly all the other alternative people 'psychos'...charmin. so, yeah. I am very much defending Alex Jones' character i'll read rest of what you got

Black Rabbit said...

Have you visited these sites - they can probably help you with the DNA/timetravel angle (written by ex-British intelligence operatives)and also Royal Arch Freemasonry and what the 33rd degree actually constitutes:

In addition, if you are interested in Alice in Wonderland 'mind control' programming - these sites will give you an understanding of how it has affected UK intelligence services:

Blue Velvet said...

Another crescent/C shape/wormhole/stargate would be in the National Memorial to Flight 93. The winning design is called the "Crescent of Embrace", and comes complete with a "Tower of Voices" made of 40 wind chimes (one for each passenger and crew member). But after pressure they decided to change the crescent to a broken circle. The whole things pretty strangely worded, with it's "Sacred Ground" and it's "Entry Portal". There's more but you'll have to look for yourself.

Jake Kotze said...

The united 93 crescent was indeed discussed a few posts before this one.

It is a very important c shaped stargate sync and one I am still pondering and will probably be writing more about soon.

Well spotted, flight 93’s occult significance is always overlooked…

Here is the link
The united 93 crescent was indeed discussed a few posts before this one.

It is a very important c shaped stargate sync and one I am still pondering and will probably be writing more about soon.

Well spotted, flight 93’s occult significance is always overlooked…

Here is the link

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QuantumLeap said...

It looks like we have another Isis/Statue of Liberty decapitation in the new "Cloverfield" movie as shown in previews.

Michael Skaggs said...

Jake, again, great article man! What amazing work, hey and I love the sketches you do too! Nice touch!
After seeing Ghostbusters in here, I am surprised you did not mention how Bill Murry is another checkered cab time-traveller in NYC in "Scrooged", going back into his past. Speaking of Bill Murry, his movie "Groundhog Day", seems like it's based on "spiritual ascension", meaning he was trapped in a revolving loop on the lower plane/dimension until he "grew" spiritually, thus breaking the repeating loop. Might be a stretch, especially since its a comedy! Peace bro!

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Synching is interesting. It is of some value to understand Satan's devices.
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16And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
17And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
18Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

The Heavenly Father have mercy on the souls on this blog in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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