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Saturday, August 12, 2006

The New Atlantis, Snakes on a Plane and the World Trade Centre

Today when I saw a “Snakes on a Plane” poster something inside my head went “click”. The coiled serpents around the plane and the wings form a perfect caduceus.

The caduceus which is famously used as the symbol of medicine and can be traced back as the staff of Hermes seems strangely out of place on the poster of a Hollywood action film. This is not without precedent as we have seen these images before on the cover of many Time Magazines as pointed out by people like Michael Tsarion.

These articles usually deal with genetic engineering and medicine which makes sense but it becomes more intriguing when we see many that also include the world tree or the famous tree of knowledge in the Garden of Eden. How is the caduceus, DNA, snakes and trees all connected? If you are familiar with the certain versions of the Atlantis story a tantalizing possibility and answer arises.

In these versions of the Atlantis story (H.P. Blavatsky, Manly P. Hall in the old, Zecharia Sithcin, Michael Tsarion in the new etc) the Garden of Eden myth becomes a coded reference of alien genetic manipulation of the original humans into what we are today. The tree and serpent become synonymous with DNA. The double helix is the coiled snakes. Tsarion believes the serpent is also the Lamurians trying to help the humans escape enslavement by the Atlantian aliens architects twisted to a negative end in our freemasonic bible.

The Serpent could also be a reference to the aliens themselves as the possible Serpent Cult (Set?) from the star systems of Draco (Dragon) or Sirius (think David Icke). References to amphibian, reptile or fish images of the Nephilim/Anunnaki or even Lovecraftian Gods could go on and on, but if you have read this far I think you’re the kind of person who gets the idea…

There is an alternate symbolic system, which doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive, which can also be used to explain the tree, DNA and serpent images which involves magic mushrooms and astrotheology (Jordan Maxwell, Jan Irvin and Andy Rutajit). The details of how Atlantis and the magic mushroom interact will be developed further in the future but for now its enough that we know the serpents can also be seen as analogous to the kundalini energy generated at the base of the spine by Shamans and Yogis that goes up through the spinal column and chakras and activates the third eye or pineal gland sometimes in conjuction with entheogenic plants. In this symbol system the rod of the caduceus is the spine, the coiled serpents represent the energy moving through the chakras, the disc is the pineal gland and the wings are the brain. Here we see the genesis of the caduceus becoming our modern symbol for drugs. The 33rd part (by Rusicrution reckoning at least) of the spinal colomn is the Atlas. The name Atlantis seems derived from Atlas and we will run into the Atlantian pillars (colomn) again in this piece. A previous blog entry on the caduceus and Time magazine can be found here.

In this symbolic system through astrotheolgy we also need to know that Jesus becomes synonymous with sun and light while he is also the mushroom (which is in its turn drugs and the caduceus) itself. I’ll get back to that in a minute though when looking at the new WTC movie poster. For more on astrotheology and Shamanism read this blog entry.

Many have pointed out the symbolic and ritualistic aspects of the 9/11 WTC attack. The two towers are Jachin and Boaz of Solomon’s temple and represented in the Tarot as “The Tower” card (Major Arcana nr 15) and “The High Priestess” (Major Arcana nr 2). Some have also pointed out the dollar bill as occult talisman that helped set in motion the disaster through the magickal use of the Pyramid and spread winged phoenix or eagle (winged solar disc).
Another good page with 9/11 symbolic research.

I would like to ad to this the concept that the dollar symbol ($ being Pillars and a Snake) is symbolic of the Twin Towers in iconic similarity and in practice as it was one of the central financial institutions of the world. Also the dollar symbol ($) could be ISIS compressed into a single glyph or sigil.
Silver was connected with the moon and therefore with the Goddesses of the moon, the most famous of which was and is ISIS. So her name became the symbol of money. We find this today in the cleverly camouflaged motif - $- which is nothing more than the sigil for the name of I-S-I-S, but fused together in an ingenious manner. Michael Tsarion
The dollar symbol could also be a disguised caduceus.

H.P. Blavatsky wrote the book “Isis Unveiled” in reference to the act of uncovering the truth and overcoming ignorance. In Manly P. Hall’s “The Secret Teachings of All Ages” we see a color plate of “The Saitic Isis” with Isis covered by the veil between two pillars underneath the winged solar disc.

Could the WTC disaster have been the symbolic dropping of the veil of ignorance through the destruction of the twin pillars holding up the veil? The same veil perhaps, which covered the holiest of holies, in Solomon’s temple?

Another interesting element I could mention here is the timing of the recent foiled so called "terrorist attack" of the planned destruction of planes headed from London to the USA coinciding to within hours after of the release of Oliver Stones new WTC movie. Goro Adachi has already mentioned this on his web sight at Etemenanki and pointed out the connection of the Twin Towers to the Pillar(s) of Atlantis.
For more on pillar(s) of Atlantis, Hercules and Atlas see here

A quick scan of the WTC movie poster with my third eye revealed a slightly veiled reference to Leonardo da Vinci’s "The Last Supper" and the holiest of holies. See how the silhouette of the Twin Towers makes three windows through which the light of the sky shines in between two police officers? The Holy light of the holiest of holies? Are the two figures representative of the two angels guarding the arc?

Now look at the image of "The Last Supper" and we see the same image of three windows letting through the sky and Jesus (the Sun and the Light remember?) sitting smack in the middle where the light in the WTC poster would be.

Keep in mind to that Jesus "the Light" is, as well as the magic mushroom, the popular version of the Sun which is also the god glorified by Freemasons in their astrology guide book the bible. Jesus and Lucifer Morning Star (Venus and the rising sun) become interchangeable.
Another sun worship symbol was recently discussed here “The London Eye” or eye of Akhenaten.

How now do we bring all this back to the “Snakes on a Plane” poster? Well, we have seen how the Twin Towers are connected to Atlantis through the symbolic destruction of the two pillars venerated in modern times by higher ups in the Freemasons, Rusicrutions, O.T.O etc and originally by Pharaoh Akhenaton and the Cult of Aten in ancient Egypt. The serpents relate to the cult of Aten, DNA etc. Francis Bacon wrote the book “The New Atlantis” (not to mention quite probably the King James version of the Bible and the Shakespeare books) which has influenced these groups to bring about the creation of the New World Order to establish the new Atlantian empire. for more on Atlantian/Egyption symbols.
To see a great documentary about America's occult history and Francis Bacon.

We have to learn to look past the obvious cover up of 9/11 and at the bigger picture of the symbolic "unveiling of ignorence" or at least the unveiling that the fraternities are alluding too. It seems quite obvious to me that the current realization of the mainstream media and acceptance in the consensus trance of American complicity in 9/11 could very well be playing into their hands by facilitating the planned destruction of America and the escalation of chaos ushering the acceptance of the New World Order or the completion of the building of the New Atlantis. We have to learn to read the messages right out in the open and look past the vilification of the American government.

For more Time Magazine cover symbolism visit my new blog

The plane (symbolic of the caduceus, winged solar disc and eagle) is the tool that helped usher in this phase of their plans and the snakes are their calling card. This is a pivotal time period in which their capstone could be placed on the pyramid and the New Atlantis achieved, unless we wake up to the bigger picture!

The soon to be launced (Aug 27-28) NASA Atlantis STS-115 Mission patch altered to show how the triangular part of the shuttle itself forms the perfect Capstone of the hidden pyramid.

For more on the NASA Atlantis STS-115 mission patch capstone enigma see this blog entry.
The similarity between the dollar bill pyramid and the Atlantis STS-115 mission patch was also addresed on Goro Adachi's STRUG page. I am not a member of STRUG and havent seen the page but I believe he was first to point it out.

A quick appeal to folks to remember that this battle, in the end, isn’t a battle between “us” and “them” It is in fact a personal struggle of the nature of consciousness represented in the “real world”. The Illuminati nemesis is a metaphysical and psycho spiritual symbol of our realization and acceptance of cosmic consciousness. We simply have to realize the falsity of our destructive rationalist/materialist world view or perish. We have to also learn that the eye on the top of the pyramid is our own or the Illuminati will take that position from us. Your "I" not some crazy "eye" of an ancient solar phallic death cult!

Peace and Namaste my friends..


Bluerose said...

The caduceus is an ancient symbol, and that's a fact.

You mention that the double helix as a "coded reference of alien genetic manipulation of the original humans into what we are today", and possibly to the aliens themselves. What then of the UFO connection, and possibly a connection between extraterrestrials and the Illuminati, which, according to the ending of the blog, does not seem to see them as The Enemy (as so many seem to).

Does not all this lead to the possibility of extraterrestrials and UFOs as real?

Anonymous said...

The New World Order does exactly what it says on the tin, It's bringing order to an increasingly chaotic world, order out of chaos.

This is necessary for the advancement of the species, it can't and won't be stopped because we have been in control since the dawn of time. Our world is expanding whilst your cocoon is shrinking!

Those who choose to deny the changes will fall into the great pit and will perish, cold and hungered. They will be mocked and spat on, their torment will be a source of entertainment to us.

Therefore, it is important to contribute to the great work. Observe the rituals of the quarter and cross quarter festivals, embrace the forces that are controlling you, work with "them" resistance can only be described as extreme folley.

The Wizard deligts at helping the strong, the weak are not worthy of our support.

Anonymous said...
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Jack Wednesday said...

The Shuttle insignia clearly relates to the black oblisk from 2001 - a space odyssey. Look at the position of the Sun, or Horus riding on the boat of Isis. Theres a scene from the film that matches it precisely.

Abram730 said...

The animals reference the organisms that created them!!!!

These organisms form global minds.

Toxoplasma Gondii is the lion.

The lion is waking and the weather shows it. Bush doesn't listen. How much did it take to get him to embrace the new strategy in Iraq?

Interested in the phase "a new way forward"?

The message sent just before katreena hit, missed much meaning. What is his name?
I asked for the message 2 days after and you saw the results of that. Something good began. A new way forward. I was chosen and trained by "them". A they as our mind is a they. I'm often asked to choose what will M.I.H.O.P. or just happen vs. just possession. You felt the anger when you were poking around...Who got the head ache?

The Benoit thing didn't scare me and no I don't use steroids. In a symbiotic relationship they can do that naturally.

Are bushes supporters the reptiles or people without an angel?

It's not weather satellites.
I remember when I was in preschool in 1981 I was at the zoo and kids were laughing at a lion in a cage and I became angry. It was suggested to me if I made the wind blow they would ask the lion to pee in the wind. I raised my hand(not giving the mental instructions) and the wind blew and the lion peed in the wind. I laughed for days.

So in 1981 the government had satellites following me umm no.

That would be something stronger then a global mind. A great power.

How many others are there?

Anonymous said...

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