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Sunday, August 13, 2006

United 93 and occult symbols

After yesterdays post about the "Snakes on a Plane" and "World Trade Centre" film posters I thought I should have a look at United 93's as well and this is what I found.

The Masonic Goddess "Statue of Liberty" (Isis, Juno etc) is our first clue that this yet again a fraternal symbolically rich poster. Then we have the emphasis on three which is repeated three times overtly in the image, once in the tagline and a second time visually with the three spikes of the solar crown (halo or even crown chakra?) and a third in the number 3 of the title United 93. The importance of three in fraternities and Freemasonry in particular can not be over stated.
The sun with its three major daily cycles 1 sunrise 2 noon when its at the top of the sky at its brightest and hottest and 3 sunset. This cycle (as pointed out by Jordan Maxwell, Manly P. Hall and others) could very well be one of the most important reasons for the fascination with three. It is certainly not the only reason but seems appropriate here considering the solar crown of Lady Liberty.
The three spikes could also be seen as related to the three pillars of Masonry found in many of there symbol systems like the Tracing board.

Other possibilities include the three pillars of the tree of life in Kabbalah.

Here we can see a hidden triangle in the image. Note how the tip of the wing of the plane and the top of the nr 3 end right on the edge of the triangle.

Inside the triangle we can see the light of the sun/sky coming through from behind the middle pillar.

I could also, with caution, point out that the idea of a third world war would make allot of sense in the three obsessed secret society world view...
I don't want to ad to much negativity to an already pear shaped situation.

Some other spikes used in fraternal contexts on previous posts and new ones I found on Esquire.

If you like this please have a look at previous posts on movie coincidences etc. including this one about the poster of E.T which I was delighted to see used on Michael Tsarion's newest lecture which you can see on Google Video.

Here is the URL for Michael's great new lecture

The E.T. post was about the similarities between the images of the hands on the poster and that of Michelangelo's "Creation of Adam". Included was some speculation about DNA manipulation by aliens. I would like to ad to that this wonderful image I found on the net with E.T the alien holding the entire earth in its grip on a U.N. stamp collection cover!


Terry Melanson said...

Thanks, I'm going to watch the Tsarion video right now. I saw his earlier ones on subversive images.

You might be interested in this article at my site:

Fiction as a Precursor to Fact: Sci-fi "Predictive Programming" and the Emergent World Religion

Quote: Paradoxically, this occult concept of self-deification asserts that humanity's internal deity requires an external facilitator to achieve full manifestation. Again, science fiction has played an integral role in preparing the masses for such an eventuality. One of the most significant pieces of messianic sci-fi predictive programming is Steven Spielberg's E.T. The central theme of the film E.T. is most succinctly encapsulated in the familiar shot that also adorned many of the movie's publicity posters. Of course, this is the shot of the outstretched hand of the movie's human protagonist touching the glowing fingertip of an alien hand reaching downward.

The symbolic meaning embedded within this image becomes evident when compared with Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel painting. Like the thematically axial shot in E.T., Michelangelo's portrait presents Adam "with a raised arm and in fingertip union with God" (377). The semiotic synchronicity between these two pictures is clearly religious. Spielberg's pivotal shot in E.T. is an intertextual reference to Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel painting.

Accompanying photo: Semiotic Synchronicity.

I've also been looking over your Time cover series. One of the most prominent artist who made some of your cited images is Boris Artzybasheff. Here's a full list of his time covers. He also did the illustrations for the popular occult book, Orpheus: Myths of the World.

Anonymous said...

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