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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Movie Synchronicity 9: London Eye, giant Stargate?

While working my day job (the one that fills my belly, not my soul) I was reflecting on fraternal symbols embedded in city streets (Washington DC, Paris) and occult symbolic architecture when my mind turned to the London Eye. Suddenly it seemed weird that it was called the "Eye", not halo, wheel or Frisbee, but "The Eye". I've been in London and seen this monstrous thing. It's one of the most noticeable features of the skyline over there. So I took a closer look with my third eye and the net and found the following.
In the modern pilot episode of Doctor Who the London Eye plays a pivotal role. It is a giant alien transmitter helping to take over the world no less! Here are some screenshots

On further reflection I remembered the symbols of the Rosicrutian A.M.O.R.C (Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis) as I have been reading their official manual. Inside on page 49 we see symbols very similar in design to the London Eye.

Nr 4 the one with the Egyptian hieroglyphic containing the magic circle (sun disc) and the scarab is from the reign of Akhenaten as shown in the image below.

It seems very interesting to note the new years eve celebration (winter solstice and return of the sun to the northern warmer part of the sky) in London sees The Eye particularly venerated with spectacular fireworks making it look like the stargate in many film and TV shows! Is there more to these displays then we are told? Is this some kind of eleborate fraternal sun worship done in the open?

Another interesting almost prophetic scene can be seen in the same Doctor Who episode which aired on March 26 2005 reflecting the famous image of the 7/7 bomb blast in London.

The "London Eye" sits in front of the Ministry of Defense. Make of this what your specific individual belief system will allow...


Mojo said...

Nice research. Haven't really thought of London Eye in this fashion; as a masonic symbol. I think you are right!

Herman said...

If you are right this would mean those in the halls of power (Bush's inauguration, British military / covert ops, the 911 terrorists, the olympics, etc.) are Atlanteans. They represent the power of the C.


austinologist said...

Hey man, really love your work and dedication but do you think you could back up from the microphone like a foot when you do your videos? The mic popping is driving all of us nuts.