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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Fraternal symbols on Time magazine covers 12: Holy Grail

March 6 1950

One hand holds the cross the other reverently offers the holy chalice...

July 11 1955

Thinly veiled fertility reference. The sun beaming down, the birds (using the actual dove would probably have been to overt) drinking from the cup.

See how the sun in the second Time image is the eye of Aten and the bird (Robin? No, actually they are Cardinals I am told) is the dove above the grail? Get the picture my friends? A perfectly clever representation of the O.T.O lamen pictured above. Wow! We could probably go even further and say that the baseball bat and ball is the male member while the cup is the female.

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The Sultan said...

Hi Jake,

Thanks to Dino I have been following your Blog for the past two or so weeks. Its awesome. I have already checked out a couple of your recommended links and I am currently watching 'The secrect mysteries of America's Beginnings'.

Thanks for opening the eyes of the world.

TheRedWizard said...

You should be grateful that you are governed by the bloodline, they will move the chosen nations forward together into the higher echelons of conciousness or what Churchill called "The broad and sun-lit uplands"

Those that are not worthy will be left behind and will perish like the un-feeling dogs that they are, we will give them no quarter.

So, learn well people, read the signs and see the images take the knowledge from this site it will serve you well.

There is no threat from knowledge only from ingorance and non-compliance.

The Wizard is here to help the healthy enquiring mind, the rest be dammed.