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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Fraternal symbols on Time covers 13: Third Eye & Caduceus

I really like this one. An innocent image of a happy grain silo? More like an encrypted reference to divine illumination!
The ladder extends from the base right up to the window, Asjna chakra (third eye) which leads the being to experience bliss. The anthropomorphized silo is even floating through the heavens. Pretty clever.
This is no more than a well disguised caduceus.

The serpent energy is generated at the base of the spine and sent up through the body, spine (the ladder) and lower chakras up to the brain and specifically the pineal gland (third eye/window). Represented in the caduceus by the disc at the top of the staff. The wings represent the brain which now lit up with prana (orgone, or what ever) is flying in Gods domain (through the heavens like the image above). The caduceus is a theme strongly represented in Time Magazine covers and will be highlighted on this blog soon. We will see how this connects with DNA, genetic engineering and the garden of Eden/Atlantis story. Themes which are all well represented on Time covers!

Journey Of The Wounded Healer - Painting by Alex Grey

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