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Thursday, August 24, 2006

America's next/pop president!

Will Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton be showing of in the 2008 presidential election? Some seem to think so, hell here's a book that has recently been written about the subject.

We can even see the groundwork being laid for this scenario in the current mainstream media. This groundwork, true to the continuing trend of rampant materialism and celebrity worship, is taking form in the pages of the fashion world.
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The September 2006 Canadian Marie Claire brings us a frightening (but telling) article about politics and fashion. "RED HOT & BLUE" is the title and it starts thus "A Brand new season and a brand new reason to salute American style".

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Further on we find our "Commander in Chic" Hillary Clinton "Doing for the pantsuit what Jackie did for the pillbox". I had to take a moment there to laugh while retyping that...

Then synchromysticly (actually this is probably well orchestrated when we stop and think) in the Canadian September Vanity Fair we find Condoleezza Rice in an article titled "2006 Best Dressed Women".

Here is another scary pic from the Marie Claire article.

Thanks to Piepan my friend for pointing out this wonderful information, check out her great drawings like this one at

In this context we should also remember the earlier warnings about governor Schwarzenegger's possible presidential aspirations.

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Anonymous said...

lady in white fur
reminds me of presidential model in "trance formation of america".
quite interesting habits those fuckers have.
i do not think they are even human.