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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Movie Synchronicity 7: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Illuminatus?

Click to enlarge and see James Earl Jones as scary Anunnaki lizard-man!

I hope people reading this will understand it somewhat in the spirit that it's intended. I find coincidence and conspiracy to be a personal form of Yoga that often leads me to a deeper understanding of myself in relation to my environment. Basically, meditating on these matters sometimes leads me to Illumination or dissolves my ego construct and reminds me that I and my environment are one. As Alan Watts would say, you are not a "skin encaspsulated ego". You are rather an "organism environment field".
I am not a fearful conspiracy theorist who thinks the Illuminati is out to get us, well not today. It's my personal Yoga, as effective a tool for enlightenment as asanas for some and gardening for others. I think your own personal tool for Illumination depends on imprint vulnerability and elements present at the activation of your higher circuits. Thus, for some it would be sex and others religion or magick. For me, like many, it was a head full of acid and conspiracy theories.
I find these matters fun and exhilarating, not scary and serious. If some of what I just said resonates with you, then you are closer to understanding what I am trying to say with these thoughts on movie synchronicties.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a strange propensity for starring in movies that have the distinct aroma of Illuminati conspiracy theory elements.
In "Total Recall," based on a Philip K. Dick novel, he is seen going to Mars, with an alien-built pyramid on it. In the scene where he enters the offices of "Recall" we see a photo of the pyramid on Mars with a missing capstone. We see this later in the film when the alien machinery is turned on, blowing the top of the pyramid, releasing oxygen into the Martian atmosphere. The missing top of the pyramid is obviously reminiscent of the obverse of the Great Seal of the United States. In another scene Arnold is having his mind read by a mutant and is told to open his mind as the camera zooms in on his forehead, or perhaps third eye.

If you are familiar with David Icke's idea that the Illuminati bloodlines are in reality shape-shifting reptilians from Sirius, the following might amuse you.

In "Conan the Barbarian," Conan battles the shape-shifting Set worshipping James Earl Jones as Thulsa Doom who can change into a reptilian.
In "Predator" Arnold again battles a large reptilian, this time from another planet.

If you connect the above with the idea of Arnold Schwarzenegger as being groomed for politics by the New World Order and even possibly the presidency, a rather alarming scenario presents itself. Think of Arnold as the metal skeleton from "The Terminator" grinning as it accepts the presidency that has been held by at least two members of Skull and Bones. (A laughable display of nepotism as the two dynastic President Bushes' have shown us how it's done).

In an earlier post "Movie Synchronicity 4: Schwarzenegger and Reagan" I highlighted how Ronald Reagan and Arnold were both actors turned politicians, both governors of California and also that their names are anagrams. In the futuristic movie, "Demolition Man," it is mentioned that Schwarzenegger was President of the USA.

In the end of "Conan The Barbarian" we see Arnold sitting on a throne as he now has become king. (Remember him crucified on the tree in that movie?! Oh, Lordy...)

Originally inspired by information from the Etemenanki websight at

Also in the movie Twins, Arnold is a genetickly engineered superman!


Elisha Grey said...

King by his own hand...

Jake Kotze said...

Arnold is a genetickly engineered Superman in "Twins"..

more on this here

Anonymous said...
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MWolfe said...

Oh my god man! I remember seeing Demolition Man and thinking how odd it was that Arnold was president in that movie. I thought I was the only one to notice.

You certainly have an incredible awareness of what is going on in this world. Keep up the good work.

m path said...

it's funny that you mention this stuff. I have had a weird notion run through my head a few times about Ahnold. based on the Terminator movies most specifically, but related to the numerous sci-fi themed films he's done and the fact that he's now in politics I've had this bad nightmare notion that there a self-fulfilling prophecy that could come to pass. what if, as our culture grows more technologically advanced, we combine cloning and bio-tech and eventually Arnold (or any politician or celebrity) gets created as a cyborg, like in the Terminator? what if the movies actually prefigure what could actually happen with the same man as the model for the future Terminators? also, relatedly, Philip K. Dick has a book called The Simulacra where in the future the president is really just a cyborg or robot that merely acts as a figurehead. seems somewhat related to some of your notions. also, I just found your blog today through Red-Ice and have been reading your shit while at work for half the day. great stuff man! a lot of what you're talking about and where you're coming from is very similar to my own thinking on these matters. great to find this kind of stuff out there! keep it up!

radio free srini said...

I've got a pet crazy theory, so here goes:

- Arnold Schwarzeneggar starred in Total Recall.
- That movie is based on a book by PKD.
- It almost didn't get made; from what I understand, Schwarzeneggar fished it out of the trash as all of the Hollywood studios had passed it up.
- It follows that Arnold may have read some PKD himself.
- Radio Free Albemuth centers around the governor of California - Ferris Fremont.
- Arnold may therefore have read Radio Free Albemuth.
- Like Fremont, he is initially elected on a wave of blackmail, mudslinging, and mysterious events (the Enron-engineered rolling blackouts: this after secret meetings with Enron executives and Dick Cheney, anointing him future Fuhrer).
- Therefore, he may be modelling his own career on Fremont's.
- Yikes.

Another interesting Arnold fact: during his campaign, he repeatedly mentioned that he was so proud of America by saying this: "it's a country where a simple farm boy from Austria can run for office."

Hitler said exactly the same thing.

Finally, as is common knowledge, Arnold's father was a member of the SS in Austria - the country indeed where Hitler was born and raised.

You've brought up the Skull and Bones link, but I'll make it explicit - Skull and Bones and the Nazi cult have equivalent roots: the Bavarian Illuminati (Bavaria, as in Germany).

All of the above gives me the screaming heebie-jeebies!!! :P Happily, Dick's novel - a WARNING, not a prophecy - holds the solution: a massive memetic movement that counteracts blind obeisance to conspiracy forces.

hence my website:



radio free srini said...

so the Dead Kennedys once saw fit to skewer a governor of California in song in their song "california ueber alles". in a fit of home recording enthusiasm, i adapted the lyrics to the current governor. i post this wincingly; boy, we were just recording whatever came to mind back in 2004, and not very well. but rather than letting the meme slumber indefinitely (like the codices at Nag Hammadi) i guess this is as valid a place to rock out as any: