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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The New World Trade Order

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Being of sound character and having a practical solution orientated temperament (as frequent readers of this blog would no doubt confirm) I propose a final solution to the 9/11 conspiracy debate.

We all chip in and rebuild the World Trade Centre somewhere in the desert. Then we fly two remote controlled Boeing 767's into the buildings. With live television crews covering the experiment we wait and see if the buildings collapse or not. Finally empirically settling any debate about whether planes alone could bring down these structures or not.

I reckon that the experiment would cost about 9 Billion dollars after working out inflation of original World Trade Centre at 1.5 billion from 1966 to the present and adding two 767's, give or take a billion.

With about 6.5 billion people on the planet it seems everyone of us can spare at least a $1.40 to realize this project, cheap for a little peace of mind, don't you think? I realize for some people in poor countries a $1.40 is a years salary, maybe some of us can give double?

Obviously I know nothing about organizing such a large project and would be happy to hear any suggestions on this subject. Please email me at



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