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Friday, July 28, 2006

Fraternal symbols on Time covers 10: Egyptian Obelisk

March 14 1949

Oct 13 1952

May 1 1939 (May Day! Happy 163 Birthday Illuminati!)

Sep 22 1952

The phallic Egyptian Obelisk is believed by many to be an adopted symbol of Freemasonry. This seems hardly a stretch when considering many masons trace their fraternity's origins to ancient Egypt. The obelisk I believe analogous to the pillar and in the bottom two images one can also see the globe, another Masonic symbol. In the top image we have burning candles, again Masonic and in the second a bird with outstretched wings probably derived from the Assyrian/Egyptian winged solar disc.

The winged orb inspiring many fraternal symbols, most famously in the zeitgeist at this moment the American Bald Eagle (debatable, Manly P. Hall suggests its a phoenix) on the front of the Great Seal which is seen on the back of the dollar bill.
To read more on Masonic pillars, spheres and candlesticks follow this link
This of course raises interesting questions about the real meaning of the giant 555 ft obelisk in the capital of the USA, the Washington Monument...
In my mind it lends allot of weight to the idea that America is seen by the elite in the mystery schools (remembering that many top government rich white dudes are members of these) as Francis Bacons' "New Atlantis". You can watch a rather good conspiracy documentary on this subject on Google Video "Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings".

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