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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Fraternal symbols on Time covers 8: The Owl

Time Magazine June 23 1967

Here for your enjoyment I bring you Alex Jones' favorite giant stone owl. Molech, Bohemian Grove bird of doom on the cover of Time Magazine!

But seriously, the owl is, according to Jordan Maxwell, a symbol of secret societies because of it's connection to wisdom. It also sees in the dark, where as we (the trembling masses) are blind, and all that elitist jazz.
I even managed to find a copy of this particular Time yesterday at a second hand store and can confirm that the referring to fraternal doings isn't limited to the cover of Time but, in this case at least, extends to the interior pages. The cover article is about Kingman Brewster Jr. who was the President of Yale at the time of publication. In the article we read "Among the things that Brewster found absurd were Yale's secret societies and fraternities. Rebelliously anti-Establishment, he turned down a tap from Skull and Bones, declined the presidency of Zeta Psi fraternity and attacked those institutions of privilege in Daily News editorials. He also wrote that... girls should not wear slacks: "The woman of Wellesley, Smith and Vassar must be deprived of their pants"

Other than the giant owl of Bohemia many believe that the owl is also hidden on the Dollar bill and in the street plan of Washington DC. To decide for yourself check out the argument at Alex Jones Prison Planet. Link below

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