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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Divine Governmental Pop

As the material world gets increasingly weird under the pressure of the impending eschaton things start looking more bizarre by the day in the consensus trance. What do I mean by that?
The ever increasing global awareness of the interconnectedness of all things is showing the rationalist world view for what it is, a sham. A case in point is how the authoritarian structures are having to merge to accommodate the speed with which society is changing to maintain their hold on us. This is due in large part to rapidly evolving technology, but there is of course an over arching metaphysical reason for this as well.
Media, government, corporations and religious bodies are blending into one seemingly uniform structure in front of our eyes more rapidly every day. Who is clearly a religious, spiritual, political leader and who is an entertainer? A few examples to help illustrate the point.

Do yourself a favor and read this insanity about Oprah, its beautiful in its awe inspiring deviousness!
"She's really a hip materialistic Mother Teresa" an actual quote from the article, wow!

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