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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Mary and the 9/11 Ritual

“ The power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one's mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them. ... To tell deliberate lies while genuinely believing in them, to forget any fact that has become inconvenient, and then, when it becomes necessary again, to draw it back from oblivion for just so long as it is needed, to deny the existence of objective reality and all the while to take account of the reality which one denies—all this is indispensably necessary. Even in using the word doublethink it is necessary to exercise doublethink. For by using the word one admits that one is tampering with reality; by a fresh act of doublethink one erases this knowledge; and so on indefinitely, with the lie always one leap ahead of the truth..." Orwell on doublethink from "1984."

I have had my beady little eye on 2007 for about 2 years now. I wouldn’t say I have been obsessively waiting for it to swing around but definitely my curiosity about this year had been tweaked. The reason for this eyeballing of 2007 is Terrence McKenna’s 'Timewave Zero' predicting the highest spike of habit, in recent years, on this date. 2007, according to the theory, will see the most unrest (habit) before the wave heads down towards its final novelty zero point and the eschaton on 21 December 2012.

Certainly a morbid activity, this trying to determine if a theory you attach some credibility to is valid by sitting around and waiting to see if something the likes of World War 3 breaks out. One cannot be disappointed if such a thing doesn’t happen, yet it would go a little way to augmenting my beliefs about 2012, the Timewave and the end of history, should 2007 pass with no major upheaval. Morbid indeed...

"James Cameron finds the grave of Jesus" is a headline I didn't ever expect to read. When a news event like this happens you have to stand back and applaud the universe for its cunning and originality whether it be true or no. I find the idea of riling up and challenging the dogma pushers in the scientific and religious fraternities a momentous and joyful thing. I probably had a particularly traumatic toilet training phase in my childhood and have a distinct dislike for the patristic authority structure and love to see it fuming. James Cameron, Jesus and Mary tied together firmly in the zeitgeist: a synchromystic goldmine that surely makes my job easy, it almost writes itself... No--looks like I will have to write it after all...

But let’s jump to another fascinating story that is unfolding, the recently surfaced footage of WTC 7 being referred to as already collapsed by the CNN and BBC reporters while they are still clearly standing in the live footage. As yet, the big networks have not picked up on the story which is not surprising as it involves them in possibly the most obviously Orwellian doublethink scenario since Fox's hilarious rebuttal of the Pentagon conspiracy theory that a jet plane didn't hit the giant New World Order talisman at all.

The banner (video above) honestly reads "DOJ Releases 9/11 Tape of Plane Hitting Pentagon." Perhaps we have finally reached or surpassed Orwell's dystopia. At no point in this 'proof' do we ever see a plane, yet the banner plainly reads "Tape of Plane Hitting Pentagon." Amazing!

Anyway, I don’t really want to get involved in the more forensic evidence for a 9/11 conspiracy; this is a subject that was settled internally through intuition years ago. Here we look at things symbolically and metaphysically; this research is for the right brain. So let’s get cracking.

It's interesting that Tower Seven should come up again so heavily at this point as I had just recently discovered more clues as to the symbolic significance of Building Seven in the 9/11 stargate event. Readers of recent posts will be aware that I share a steadily growing group of people’s opinion that the Twin Towers have a connection between the Masonic Jachin and Boaz pillars. These are the pillars that are believed to have fronted King Solomon’s Temple. The third pillar is often seen as the negative space between the two and represents the inner holy light of the holiest of holies in the temple (physical and spiritual) and illumination. It can also be represented as a smaller third pillar as seen in the First Degree tracing board.

Notice the radiating eye above the middle pillar and the ladder ascending towards the stargate.

Ralph Ellis has pointed out the amazing and, I believe (current B.S. or belief system dogma), correct originally intended symbolic reference system this design portrayed was not only Solomon’s Temple but the three Pyramids of Giza. This is what the Hyksos Shepard “Isrealite” Kings had in mind when designing the first temple. I have put forward many reasons to believe the pyramids were heavily referenced in the 9/11 event, most likely knowingly, by the secret society elite who influenced it's creation. I recount the major points in the video below.

A 10 min. video with the major points concerning 911 as a Pyramid ritual.

"As an Egyptian Prince, King Solomon is sure to have been educated at the royal college of Heliopolis, and to have been instructed in all the arcane knowledge of this ancient, pyramid-building empire - and this can be seen to be so from a quick comparison with the New Testament accounts. Solomon was not only the son of King David [Psusennes 2], he was also reputed to have been a direct ancestor of the New Testament Jesus. I have already shown that Jesus' titles and actions demonstrated that he was not a simple carpenter, but instead a prince of Egypt and a theological Mason. Like the pharaoh Akhenaton, who reigned long before him, the Biblical Jesus was apparently educated at Heliopolis, and both of these princes became architects. It is known that Akhenaton held the title of 'Chief Architect', and the title held by Jesus, which demonstrates that he held the same symbolic position, is tekton.., from whence the word 'architect' was derived." Ralph Ellis, "Solomon Falcon of Sheba," p. 169.

Previous posts and my new video (above) have dealt with the WTC/Pyramid concept connected to Jesus and Mary. Jesus is shown as a triangle/pyramid in the veiled middle pillar in da Vinci's "The Last Supper."

Jesus being a descendent of Solomon (both Masons like Akhenaton) and the last of the Hyksos Pharaohs, things get rather interesting when we take stock of the matter. Jesus (a chief Mason educated at the royal college of Heliopolis!) is intimately connected to Masonry (even carpenter would seem to be code for such) and hence the pyramids of Giza and portrayed as one by master architect da Vinci in "The Last Supper" right inside the smaller middle pillar of higher consciousness or cosmic illumination. On Jesus' left hand side is a figure believed to be Mary, his sister/wife (common Pharaonic practice) in the esoteric tradition I follow presently.

On the image with Jesus as the Middle Pillar by da Vinci, it is also curious to note that the right side pillar shows a male pointing and on the left pillar it is the rather feminine figure of John that people think is really Mary...and that is kabbalistically correct. The right pillar is of "Mercy" (Male) and the left "Severity" is feminine.
Michael Tsarion made this observation to me in an email about the da Vinci "The Last Supper" pillars concept.

Now hang on to your hats; things get weird...

More important, however, is the fact that Mary Magdalene can be seen as being associated with both a tower and the number seven. The name Magdalene can be literally translated from the Greek as meaning 'tower' and, as we have seen , this association between the terms 'tower' and 'seven' is present in the famous Biblical quotation:
Behold, therefore I am against thee, and against thy rivers, and will make the land of Egypt utterly waste and desolate, from the Tower of Seven even unto the border of Ethiopia.
So, Ezekiel's 'Tower of Seven' is none other than the Egyptian 'Magdal of Sefekh,' the same title that is now being associated with Mary Magdalene. The Tower of Sefekh was historically seen to be a prime symbol of Egypt and because of his notoriety it has already been identified as with the Great Pyramid (The Great Tower) of Egypt.
Ralph Ellis, p. 126-127, "Solomon Falcon of Sheba"

Again Ellis elucidates the occult symbolism hidden in the 9/11 stargate ritual through his alternative history and biblical re-interpretive research. Mary Magdalene (Tower Seven) is named after the Great Pyramid, fitting considering she is married to Hyksos Pharaoh Jesus. Thus we can now state Building/Tower 7 reflects even in it's name the Great Pyramid of Giza and Mary Magdalene. The Salomon - notice the Solomon resonance- Brothers Building (alternate name for WTC 7) is, just like the left female pillar in da Vinci's "The Last Supper," connected to Mary, wife of Pharaoh and Chief Mason Jesus.

A rather interesting addition was made to the new World Trade Centre 7's decorative touches: a giant red balloon flower (aptly called "Balloon Flower (Red)") in side a circular fountain by artist Jeff Koons. It should be noted that stargates are circular in nature and are also sometimes referred to as water-doors. The inclusion of a red flower in the centre immediately brings the esoteric red rose, famously used by the Rosicrucians to mind. But let’s put my personal bias to see stargates everywhere aside and reflect on the idea of the sculpture “Balloon Flower (Red)” as the occult red rose symbol.

A giant red flower right in front of Tower 7 goes someway to verifying the validity of Mary as connected to this structure. A best guess would be that this symbolism is intentional but, in order for it to be synchromysticly valid, no direct intention is needed; purely the fact that a connection can be made mandates it's relevance in my system of work. Intent, synchromysticly, is far less important than outcome.

Dream and Larissa, in SANDMAN #65: "The Kindly Ones: 9" by Neil Gaiman.

Ben Fairhall relayed this piece of insight to me in an email about the Mary/Rose subject: "Other than that, there is a long and well-attested symbolic resonance between Mary (either the Virgin or the Magdalene, esoterically they are one and the same) and the rose; which is a latter-day rendition of Isis and the lotus."

Ben also highlights that the scarlet thread, Royal Bloodlines of Jesus Christ (The Grail families) etc. are also called the Rose Line.

Thus having a symbol intimately connectable and resonant of Mary (Magdalene/Virgin/Isis… whatever) outside of a building named after this goddess figure and the Great Pyramid itself makes perfect sense. Sense that is, if you’re power-mad and obsessed with ancient bloodlines and ritualized sacrificial occult activities like our current ruling elite.

With all this information I can claim with a degree of confidence that another pivotal ritualistic element of the 9/11 mega-ritual has been uncovered.

A small inventory of the talisman employed in the pyramid stargate ritual of 9/11:

*The Twin Towers (WTC 1 and 2): These represent the two pillars of Solomon's temple and the two greater pyramids of Giza. (Relevent Posts
1, 2, 3 )
*The Pentagon: It represents the Blazing Star (Venus, Sirius, The Sun) and possibly the five-sided D&M pyramid of Cydonia on Mars. (Pentagon Symbolism Video) (Pentagon Post)
*Tower 7: The third pillar, the smaller middle pillar of the Cabalistic Tree of Life and the First Degree tracing board of freemasonry. Now, also Mary the lover, wife and possible sister of Jesus because of the equation: WTC 7/Tower Seven/'Magdal of Sefekh'/Mary Magdalene. This is all connected to the Rose Line giving us a probable clue as to the perpetrators behind this ritual.
*Flight 93: Unknown... There is the issue of the intended red C crescent memorial built on the crash sight which was orientated towards Mecca, hence the Kaaba and the possible Benben (Sphere Sculpture inspiration). An area wide open for investigation (nudge-nudge, wink-wink). (
More on Flight 93 Symbolism).

Let's just have a quick recap of two other occult creepy corporate sculptures found at the WTC complex.

It was meant to symbolize world peace through world trade, and was placed at the center of a ring of fountains and other decorative touches designed by trade center architect Minosoru Yamasaki to mimic the Grand Mosque of Mecca, in which The Sphere stood at the place of the Kaaba. It was set to rotate once every 24 hours, and its base became a popular lunch spot for workers in the trade center on days with good weather.
The Sphere - Wikipedia

The reason for these pyramids being physically visible during the first exodus is given in the book Tempest, where it was explained that some of this exodus story, especially the wanderings in the wilderness, represented rituals at Giza. The 'wanderings' were actually the origins of the processional rituals that are still performed at Mecca during the Hajj. "Eden in Egypt," Ralph Ellis, p. 166.

Thus the Sphere sculpture is intimately connected to the pyramids of Giza and we could further speculate that the rotation of the sphere sculpture every 24 hours is related to the processional rituals performed at the Pyramids and Mecca.

One more item, for your consideration, about the Sphere.

"Upon recovery from the rubble pile, where an airliner seat, a Bible and papers from the various offices in the World Trade Center were discovered within," (again Wikipedia)

I made this drawing for my post "Contacting God Our Alien Creator: The Occult Motivation for the 9/11 mega-Ritual." It was inspired by the image below, which is featured and explained in the "9/11 Pyramid Mega-Ritual" video and the aforementioned post.

The pedestal with the Bible and the candles was replaced with the WTC and the Sphere. Bizarrely, I included the Bible in my drawing and Wikipedia relates that one was found inside the sculpture. Was the Bible discovered in the partly damaged Sphere in the 9/11 aftermath really one that had somehow ended up there during the collapse, or was it placed inside beforehand?

This is a mysterious piece called "Cloud Fortress" by artist Masayuki Nagare. It echoes the three pillar tracing board and Tree of Life theme: two big pyramid/pillars on either side with a third smaller one in the middle. It yet again echoes the WTC as pyramids theme as we see the Twin Towers behind the three pyramid shapes that define the sculpture.

(Photo Robert Segal)

We see in the image above just how large this piece was and that it survived the destruction of the ritual. It however, was bulldozed during the cleanup and recovery and no part of it has yet been found.

I don’t care if you’re related, descended, inspired, authorized (or think you are) by Akhenaton, Solomon, Jesus, Mary, the elder gods of Atlantis or whatever. Using our bodies in order to charge talisman to open stargates certainly constitute violation of fair play. Thus you have forfeited your right to play. You must sit out until the next round.

Peace and Namaste

James Cameron, Horus, Britney Spears, William Shatner all this and more coming up next, soon…

Here is my newest video

This video speculates as to the mystical and architectural importance of the octagon in the ancient and present world. The Freedom Tower is shown to be a representation of the Great Pyramid of Giza and connected to the Stargate. Synchromystic connections are made between the octagon, stargates and pop-culture.

Can you dig it?


(All my video can be seen here)


Wiindigoo said...

Hi Jake,
I like the new profile photo, by the way! It’s interesting to note that Stephen King’s juggernaut Dark Tower series contains a major plot element (indeed the *central* plot element) that a single red rose in an abandoned Manhattan city lot contains the entire universe. The characters eventually protect the rose (which *is* the dark tower), using time travel gates to initiate the construction of a massive NYC skyscraper. The sixth book, in particular contains a telling illustration:
The cover art on the last book (book number Seven…) shows the gunslinger Roland (an anagram for Ronald and Arnold) at the dark tower surrounded by a field of roses The book VII paperback contains the tower/rose imagery as well:

Incidentally, is there any turtle symbolism involved in your WTC findings? Particularly in reference to The Sphere sculpture (see, for example, the cover of the DT book VI: If so, it wouldn’t be the first time that the series imitates life (or life imitates the series) in reality-bending ways. When a globally-popular storyteller with a sprawling imagination creates his magnum opus over a period of three decades, it comes as no surprise that “reality” is altered by the process. I like the series and the author too much to think that this is an example of Project Monarch style mind control, although that belief system is possible (there are numerous scenes of multiple personality, hypnosis, sexual degradation, and even the popular monarch meme of the Wizard of Oz is involved).

Speaking of possible Project Monarch offshoots in popular culture, the masonic (funny how MS word always wants to capitalize masonic for me, and I doggedly change it back to lowercase every time…) image you use of the island and the bible with the three candles resonates strongly with the Ultima computer game series. Ultima IV concludes with the characters raising the “Isle of the Avatar” from the Stygian Abyss along with the “Codex of Ultimate Wisdom”
which is both a mystical symbol (related to the Buddhist eight-fold path, the Star of David, the musical octave, the color spectrum, and masonic triangles) as well as a *book.* In Ultima V and the majority of the rest of the series, the Codex (book) is protected on the Isle of the Avatar by two giant winged statues and is housed in a temple It’s difficult to illustrate, but the masonic image that you show with the island, the book, and the candles resonates clearly (and a bit disturbingly) with for anyone who has played the Ultima series. Similar symbolic resonance is evident in the Guided by Voices song “The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory”: he’s talking about the codex, man!...
I love what you are doing here, Jake. It’s a rare bright spot of creativity in an ocean of apocalyptic ravings (the creators of which never seem to understand that if we invest our *belief* and imagination in the darkest of futures, that’s exactly what will come to pass). You are a unique surfer of symbols that recognizes that the dark illuminati abyss is an aspect of our psyche that *we* create, and can be used as a springboard into the (non-luciferian) light.
See you further on the path…

Juanita said...

I Was here!

Jake Kotze said...

Hello Juanita!

Facinating stuff wiindigoo..

A friend has always tried to get me to read the Dark Tower series. I have never bitten, but looks like I will be off to the library soon...


Synchromystic Librarian said...

wow!! interesting Cloud Fortress sculpture, a ritual destruction of the Fortress and Sphere/Kaaba to pierce the Cloud(s) and open a stargate

do you happen to know if the "Balloon Flower" is still around?

reminds me that Ewige Blumenkraft (Eternal Flower Power) is a secret password in Freemasonry

Anadi said...

Hi Jake,
I listened to your latest red ice conversation. It was balm to my soul! I appreciate your work very much. I am a big fan of T. McKenna, and you brought back many good thoughts...

I am so grateful that you express that the percieved controllers have no real control. Its really true. Its hopeful!

Wow! I like the way your mind works - keep it up!!

Anadi said...

PS. Jake, do you know of Dan Winter's work? I think you'll mesh well with his work. (sacred geometry, biology, conciousness). I've seen his videos and have been completely blown away. How conciousness - thru geometry goes about the universe.

Jake Kotze said...

Thanks anadi!

Will check out Dan Winters...

Pleasent Vibes

Anonymous said...

Hey Jake,

First, sorry for calling you 'Jason' in an earlier comment. did you find my brand new blog 'The Wrong Way Wizard' so fast?

I set up the blog to address the my responses to your work, along with others I found by following BNWO links. Otherwise, I would inevitably clutter your own blog with lengthy comments.

A recent post includes some observations about the Mary/Seven connection.

Now, I must get back to my studies...I've got a lot of catching up to do.

Mark LeClair

Anonymous said...

The "rose" indicates nothing more than the Immaculate Heart of Mary or the Sacred Heart of Jesus or the Holy Grail of the Temple out of which Jesus casts the Money Changers (see also moral compass + compass rose, etc).

The "Rose Line" is probably sushumna:

The "Descendents of Christ" is the descent of the Holy Spirit Plasmate through the crown chakra (and its subsequent descent and dimensional modulation of the body's energy centers) at the Baptism of Jesus by the voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the LORD, make straight in the desert a highway for our God.

aferrismoon said...

The Rose
In FEYates book -The Rosicrucian Enlightenment - she puts forward the possibility that Rosa = Dew in Czech and that it refers to this Dew and not a Rose, though the Rose may be used by the uninitiated.
Dew in Old English = Dag which sounds like Hebrew DG [ 7] = afish , a word that evolves into DGDGL - clitoris.
Rosemary, the herb , is typical of the corruption of words in English.
The Czechs call it Rosmarin which means Sea-Dew.
The Anglo- Saxon for Aquarius = Water-gyt

Chus said...

Amidst the subtle cerebral circumvention of the gullible populace, through a multitude of manipulated mediums, lies one of the most diabolical atrocities perpetrated upon a segment of the human race; a form of systematic mind control which has permeated every aspect of society for almost fifty years.To objectively ascertain the following, one may need to re-examine preconceived ideologies relating to the dualistic nature of mankind.

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