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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Atlantis and the Magic Mushroom: Part 1 (Video)

This video explores the theory that Atlantis is our collective memory of the lost partnership between man and mushroom.

Many pages of additional info available at my other blog "The Magic Mushroom Atlantis".

This old line of thought is being brought back up with new insights and will be integrated into the 9/11 mega-ritual in this next phase of my work.

If you're interested, please check out my synchromystic mushroom art (available to buy on T-Shirts) and my newest interview with Henrik from Red Ice.



Chris said...

Hi jake,nice stuff.
Here is a great picture of an octagon in front and dead centre of the twin towers.

Cameron said...

Jake, you're insane dude!!!
Thanks for sharing your insight.
You definitely have tapped into a bigger piece of this puzzle we call reality. I'm gonna buy a T-Shirt or two for support.

Just tell me the name of that hip hop group playing on your videos!

Jake Kotze said...

Hi Cameron

Thanks for the kind words and support. Hope you have seen part 2...

The band is "Foreign Legion"


Anonymous said...

Haha. Well I had some extremely interesting experiences on mushrooms a few nights ago. It's part of what lead me to all the green man stag king robin hood stuff I posted the other day. At a certain point it does seem easier just to talk about all this with pictures...

Oh, also you might get a kick out of the book "Body of Myth" which I think takes a semi-related and extremely brilliant look at some of the same ground you are covering here.

Anonymous said...

So wait, didn't in this video you say something about knowing the proper procedure while you're on mushrooms you can activate the Star-Gate? Is that what you meant, that it was an actual verifiable technique only wrapped in synchro-mystical reference points because there's no words to talk about it in our limited linguistic prison consciousness? Um, is that what you're saying?

Cause if it is, can you just convey the correct code image sequence of the technique or is that what you're doing with your WHOLE site?

Juanita said...

I want a t-shirt
How much?
Juanita said...

Here is a lil pic 4 u...
Could you upload the mushroom pic to
I would very much appreciate any artwork that you upload to it!
peace n blessins.