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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Moses, 9/11 and Magic Mushroom (Atlantis & The Magic Mushroom: Part 2)

Further synchromystic investigation into the theory that magic mushrooms play a central role in the stories of Atlantis, Exodus and Genesis. The thread is followed up to the 9/11 mega-ritual and the symbolism of the event is shown to contain mushroom references.

T-Shirts and synchromystics sketches.


hoi polloi said...

Thank you for the excellent research!

Carl J Feldhaus III said...

Oh my goodness. Amazing. Simply Amazing. I'm curious if the mushroom is simply meant to be a tool for the activation of the stargate. Maybe given this time in history/mayan prophecies, this process of cosmic illumination will occur naturally for those who are ready and will not need to be mushroom driven. The Elite are afraid of this process in that it levels the playing field so to speak. Additionally, I'm curious if the "death cult" religion that Moses may have brought back from his experience is a reflection of the internal energies within. That is to say, maybe cosmic illumination or Christ consciousness serves as a reflection based upon where the individual's energy is at. By activating the stargate, Moses was enabled to create his own reality...a.k.a. that which we experience today through religion and oppression. Cosmic consciousness could actually be like the mythical figure of Pan, appearing/manifesting differently to different people. My only remaining questions are what purpose does cosmic consciousness serve and what is the tie in with u.f.o. anomalies? If nature serves as a guide, there may be a cosmic balance in the works.

D said...

1. stop giggling like an annoying stoned imbicile during interviews.

2. stop eating magic mushrooms and smoking weed and thinking you're really wise. you're not, you're just a cliched hippy who thinks it's an amazing revelation to say "all is one"

3. stop being really naively enthusiastic about technology. it always has been and always will be used to dehumanize and enslave mankind. you might delight at the idea of having a brain chip implant and becoming part of the hive mind, but most intelligent people appreciate their autonomy and individuality.

hoi polloi said...

Why does this bother you so much d? Tell us how you really feel, lol

FrancescoPolia said...

Congratulations, mr.Kotze, great blog!

Sorry if my english is so poor; i´m a spanish "fan" of your work; i believe --as humble as i can-- that i can indicate you some good hints for improve your particular "quest" in stargates and mushrooms:

For some interesting stuff on mushrooms and spirituality, maybe you try this:

There are others stunning images of Adam and Eve and the tree of life as mushroom (Amanita Muscaria)

Do your homework, if you like of course, on these concepts related to the ritual ingestion of mush based mixtures of inmortality and vision:
KYKEON, in Eleusis cult (L.S.D. linked) a counterpart of the HIDROMIEL, SOMA, HAOMA, and NECTAR of antiquity.

Additionally, many amazing "syncros" in the horrible movie "Tenacious D Jimmy" (a must see) :

Stargate references in the "Guitarway to Heaven" scene. Put your atention in the OCTAGON in the floor in front of the stairs.

A gigantic mushroom (Amanita) and a shamanic type experience with Sascuatch-(Pan figure).

The symbolism of the Quest of the holy grail (and the related tarot line in all the movie)

The initials "J.B." of the firts actor-personna, related to the JAKIN - BOAZ masonic columns, and the ALL-SEEYNG EYE in the head of the second actor.

The symbols in the guitar "stick", as the grades of initiation, and at the very top the bafomet-type figure.

Others possible clues: The Forgeron (Tubal-cain) and the Wizard story, the Museum of History of Rock as the Grail Castle, and (perhaps) Tim Robbins as Fisherman King.

Here are some of the "signs" in this movie for your consideration. Bon apetit.

Not a Blogger said...

I was wondering if you can connect the red white black, with the colors of the flags of iraq, syria and egypt.
And then Sudan, with the green triangle.

101 said...

Nice Jake, have you read any Daniel Pinchbeck books? He likes a mushroom or two. He believes and I tend to agree with him that mushrooms are actually alien life forms and ingesting them releases their essence into you in order to access other dimensions or realities.

Techsture said...

Jake check out this picture of the Space shuttle Atlantis's new fuel tank being loaded onto a barge. If thats not a subliminal stargate image i dont know what is.


Techsture said...

Jake check out this picture of the Space shuttle Atlantis's new fuel tank being loaded onto a barge. If thats not a subliminal stargate image i dont know what is.


Anonymous said...

So what happens when you have no mushrooms with which to activate the Stargate? How are you supposed to do it?

My own (limited) experience with mushrooms has been such that all concepts are rendered null and void. Language becomes irrelevant and overwhelming and excrutiating love is the only reality.

But you can't have a religion based on substances and expect to be able to carry that over into regular life and share it with everyone whose lives intersects with yours - which seems to be the charge God places upon anyone whose life he touches.

How then are we to do it? What role do these symbols play?

RC said...

i must say....that's a pretty cool image.

aferrismoon said...

I think at present that most of the early characters in the old testament did not exist in human form but equal archetypal fomulae that humans may inward digest.
I see the continuing mis-take of Adam and Eve around the tree with serpent when this did not happen. Eve does not appear in the story until after this event . ChVH Eve is not a wife she is a mother which is how she can create Qaheen [Cain] after YHVH impregnates her, a story repeated with Mary.
Numerically ADM = 45 , ChVH = 19 and YHVH = 26
26 + 19 without a rib of a doubt = 45 which indicates a dual current, of non-linear cre8ings

MShH = 345

For those who like 9s - ANKY - Anouki = 81
PhilipKDick wrote about the Anouki mushroom apparently growing in the Holy Land. It led perhaps to the death of Bishop Pike whom Dick knew. He characterized Pike as Timothy Archer in his book ' The Transmigration of Timothy Archer'

Synchgrow y'all l8r

aferrismoon said...

Aha I sea it now
MOSHErum, wow, keep your Aaron

aferrismoon said...

When PAN is enumerated it = 131 [ though I realise PAN is Greek and my enumeration goes through Hebrew] as is SMAL [ samual ] and strangest of all AL OL { ElAl - the airline].
131 - The 2 pillars are the 1s. With their destruction their NRG is added to the middle filler making 3.

aferrismoon said...

Exodus 24,9 in the KingJamesBible = Ex.24,10 in the Torah.
Carlo Suares inteprets this 'sapphire' as a or the book which is SPhR. In a dictionary the word in the text = both and other things like 'countable'. He claims this is when the MShH has the Qabalah revealed.
I decided to enumerate all the words and add them together. The total came to 3913 which = 43 x 81 or 43 x 3 to 4th power. 81 = ANKY which translates as 'I' and is a number that corresponds to the Moon due to its 9x9 status
Also in my KJB is a margin note [ the ninth] after 666 which says 'some ancient authorities read 616'
Lastly enumerating the Hebrew letters D O G [3,4,70] we have 77. DG = a fish.