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Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Freedom Tower and the Octagonal Stargate (Video)

This video speculates as to the mystical and architectural importance of the octagon in the ancient and present world. The Freedom Tower is shown to be a representation of the Great Pyramid of Giza and connected to the Stargate. Synchromystic connections are made between the octagon, stargates and pop-culture.

Can you dig it?



alex aeQea ariumn said...

I would like to invite you to the MEDIA2017 network. Please send me over an email.

BlueVelvet said...

Well done. I have to say you have the most interesting blog in the world. And then to work Dr. Octagon into the mix is that much better. Above all regardless of the "meaning" of the connections that you point out I think you do a fine job of illuminating connections for everyone which otherwise would not be seen. It will be nice to see once you start to grow into video production (though your writing is very captivating as well).

Anyway thanks for keeping life interesting.

Synchromystic Librarian said...

another ILLUMINATING video

I got a new arial view of baghdad

look at the man figure and the illuminated stargate near the bottom left corner

Synchromystic Librarian said...

have you seen the ads for the new movie mimzy yet? stargate!


SunKing said...

Nicely Done.

I follow Goro Adachi's work closely and he has focused on the occurrences of Octogons for some time now.

hoi polloi said...

Jake, I wanted to email you, but don't see a link. Anyway, I just realized yesterday that Strawberry Shortcacke [the cartoon character and doll] is an amanita muscaria!

Can you believe it! Its all right in front of us. No wonder I liked her so much :D

Not a Blogger said...

I noticed in one of your vids, where the photo of the 11 G8 members, there are two circles in each corner, the one a little higher than the other, and the third pillar is probably the queen in the middle.
Keep on doing this work, this is a nice fresh breeze over the perperual 'why' of 911 and it's starting to make more sense.

Not a Blogger said...

I forgot to mention, that the two things might be white pillars, but that its not visible on the utube quality, at least for me.

Synchromystic Librarian said...

=Mayan Calendar=OctogonDharma Chakra

Kentroversy said...

Greetings, Jake:

Excellent work!

Warmest Regards,

Buffalo, New York USA

BabyBreeze said...

In consideration of the "Freedom Tower" (certainly a laughable, if not disgusting name) as a torch, is it true that occult groups like to place torches over the victims of their ritual killings? I read something to that effect recently but haven't seen it corroborated elsewhere.

Native said...

Hi Jake,

Take a look at the film Blueberry directed by Jan Kounen.

Anyone interested in the Magic Mushroom/Ayahuasca consciousness and shamanic First Americans should watch this film. Beautiful cinematography, soundtrack, and acting as well.


Vapo said...

Jake ~ VERY insightfull work and truly enjoy what your doing..please do keep at it!

p.s You have probably seen this but if not it is kind of fun:

Another one on a different note:

One last note as to symbolism..on MSN Countdown 4/6/07 Keith had Madeleine Albright(CFR member)on his show..and guess what she was wearing for a pendant..a sword with a Snake..and on C-Span a few days earlier Dianne Feinstein wore a pendant of the Nazi Star..I am sure it means nothing ;)

Peace ~

Vapo said...

Hello Jake ~ VERY NICE work your doing and hope you continue to do so!

You probably have seen these and thought if not you might enjoy them:

One slightly on a slightly different note:

One last note as to symbolism.. on MSN'S Countdown April 6th 07, Keith had Madeleine Albright(CFR member)on his show..she was wearing a large gold pendant, which was a sword with a Snake wrapped around it..and 1 week previous to that Dianne Feinstein on C-Span was wearing a large gold Nazi Star pendant..I am sure it means nothing ;)

Maybe this is more in line with Freeman''s work but thought you might find it interesting.. I could go on and fact I just received a advertisement card from a bank today that has 3 Pyramids and a Stargate image.

Take care and have a Great day!
Peace ~ Zapo

aferrismoon said...

Madeleine Albright [ Albrecht ]considered running for President of Czech Republic in 2003 as she's originally Czech
Dr.Octagon makes Octdragon while
DoctorOctagon = Octooctdragon.

beyond the veil of maya said...

GREAT video. i've talked about the freedom tower on my italian blog too a month ago here in italy people is very ignorant about nwo-. this obelisk also represents the union of light and darkness, sun and saturn, and other occult stuff, if you haven't done yet do a deep search about saturn, you will be surprised..

i will link the video on my site. keep up with the good work!

beyond the veil of maya said...

GREAT video, i've talked in my italian blog about the freedom tower 1 month ago (italians are a bunch of sleeping assholes, they really need a big wake up). i will add this video in my blog, also notice that this construction symbolize the merging of obscurity and light, saturn/sun.. if you haven't done yet do a deep search on saturn, you will be amazed