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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The 911 Pentagon Ritual and the NASA Stargate (Video)

This, my third video, explores the Pentagon's symbolic role in the 9/11 mega-ritual. NASA's occult stargate themes as connected to 911 are also highlighted, with some related speculation about Crowley and George W. Bush as blood relatives.



Lori said...

repeat after me:
jy es 'n bietjie freakie
jy es 'n bietjie freakie
jy es 'n bietjie freak--
maar ek soos dit.

Jake Kotze said...

Net n bietjie?

Ek hoop ek is meer as net n bietjie 'freakie'...

Jy is ook freakie


Synchromystic Librarian said...

do a google image search for 9 and this is what you get on the 1st page of results:

Pedro said...

You find their methods and motives questionable? You do realize they are in contact with the divine. You do realize that they 'make rituals' to 'initiate' others on all of this. How can you find them questionable? They have initiated you. It was because of them that you can now gradually perceive the divine more and more on your life. So you see, its not that simple...