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Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Pentagon "Attack" and Other Isis (Sirius) Rituals

We are always focusing on the WTC disaster probably because its demise was so very dramatic, but let’s have a look at the synchromystic themes swirling around the Pentagon.
One of the most dramatic and obvious things we can start with is the bizarre timing of the ritual on 9/11 coinciding with the actual physical groundbreaking (11 Sep 1941) in the construction of the Pentagon. That’s correct--the Pentagon was started and hit on the same day of the year, Sept 11, exactly 60 years apart.
I would like to mention one other historical 9/11 which might apply. The USA-backed overthrow or coup of Chile in 1973 spearheaded by Kissinger and Nixon was also on Sept 11. The event started with a bang as rebels bombed the Palacio de La Moneda, the presedential palace, with British-made jets. So we have USA-backed bombings of a important government building in Chile by jet planes (or symbolic doves, as we shall see) on another Sept 11!
The next step is the recognition of the occult five-sided shape and implied pentagram the geometry of a pentagon mandates. The pentagram is one of the most widely used occult symbols and is found in Freemasonic lodges as the Blazing Star and also as the symbol of the female wing, the Order of the Eastern Star.

Order of the Eastern Star symbol

Albert Pike, once Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite, makes no bones about the meaning of this star.
The Ancient Astronomers saw all the great Symbols of Masonry in the Stars. Sirius glitters in our lodges as the Blazing Star. - Albert Pike 33° (Morals and Dogma, page 486)
The pentagram in the fraternal context we are discussing here is the star of the constellation of Canis Major, Sirius the Dog Star.
In a Freeman Perspective episode about Columbia we learn that Columbia is the goddess venerated by the big secret societies (usually I think of the big 3 as O.T.O, Freemasons and Rosicrucians), interchangeable with Isis whose symbol and star is Sirius.
Columbia is also the dove (columba, latin for dove) and the person who is popularly believed to have found America (Columbus) just like Noah’s dove that found land in the famous Bible story.
Suggesting quite probably that Christopher Columbus’ name was attributed to him for symbolic reasons and wasn’t his real name. America’s heart is the District of Colombia and the name Colombia was interchangeable for America.
The Columbine flower-type is a five-petaled variety as is also the Blazing Star flower (pictured below), their points forming a pentagram and thus an implied pentagon.

Another way of connecting the pentagram and pentagon with the dove is by the close proximity of the star signs for the Columba (the Dove) and Canis Major (Sirius) constellations in the heavens.
Indeed further investigation reveals the stars of Columba were once one with Canis Major.
Columba first appeared in 1679, invented by the French astronomer Augustin Royer. Before then, its stars belonged to Canis Major (According to this sight listed below).
Hence the constellation including the Blazing Star or pentagram/Sirius of Canis Major, is well connected with dove or Columba. We might go as far as saying their symbols are interchangeable. Thus the Pentagon building, in my mind at least (like the similarly shaped Blazing Star flower), is also the Dove and the pentagram and Sirius.
Now when we look at the Pentagon ritual of 9/11 we know that it was a symbolic affair somehow involving the star Sirius, which also means it involves Isis, because remember we also know that her symbol and star is Sirius, right? Let’s double check that with a quick Google search shall we… Ah, there we go good old Wikipedia!

The star Spica (sometimes called Lute Bearer), and the constellation which roughly corresponded to the modern Virgo, appeared at a time of year associated with the harvest of wheat and grain, and thus with fertility gods and goddesses. Consequently they were associated with Hathor, and hence with Isis through her later conflation with Hathor. Isis also assimilated Sopdet, the personification of Sirius, since Sopdet, rising just before the flooding of the Nile, was seen as a bringer of fertility, and so had been identified with Hathor. Sopdet still retained an element of distinct identity, however, as Sirius was quite visibly a star and not living in the underworld (Isis being the wife of Osiris, king of the underworld).

So wikipedia confirms that Isis is the personifiaction of Sirius. Now we can connect the Pentagon event with the World Trade Center ritual through Isis. I have speculated in earlier blog posts that the WTC event was the symbolic dropping of the veil (interestingly veil is an anagram for evil) between the two pillars revealing the light or truth of Isis (Sirius).

Note also the winged disc above Isis; we shall see it again. This pic is a modified "Saitic Isis" fom Manly P. Halls' "Secret Teachings."

Here is a quick quote and the URL if you're interested in reading more.
Could the WTC disaster have been the symbolic dropping of the veil of ignorance through the destruction of the twin pillars holding up the veil? The same veil perhaps, which covered the holiest of holies, in Solomon’s temple?

The Pentagon symbol is the creepy corporate sigil of Pentagon Chrysler (more geometric car symbols to follow shortly).

I would like to point out a few related car themed concepts. The new tricky Sept 11th Time Magazine cover has a giant modified Chrysler hood ornament of an eagle head staring ominously at the WTC from its vantage point on the Chrysler building.

Further, the tagline at the bottom reads, "The Conspiracy Myths of 9/11," just so we can avoid wondering whether Time will look at the subject with an open-minded aproach, saving us the ‘time’ of reading such garbage. Actually I did and it sucked...

Photo from I also saw this great article at this blog about the evolution of the Starbucks Siren logo

Pictured above is another Chrysler building ornament, the winged hubcap or egyption winged solar orb (we shall meet this symbol once more before this post ends...).

Car movies and themes have been big this year as gas prices have climbed to record highs. I count four major motion pictures with cars or car themes.

Do you think this is unconnected? I have also noticed while doing research for my Time Magazine blog that the idea of oil being connected to holy light and gold, exemplified by the phrase “Black Gold,” is quite possibly connected to its importance as fuel for our society.

The golden promethean flame, achieved out of a black substance, seems almost alchemical in nature.

An oil pipeline forming the solar disc and tail of this egyption symbol. The solar disc or "holy light" formed by an oil pipeline. Surely this is a sign of derangement!

This too can be connected to another important aspect of the New World Order conspiracy, the “Dark side of the Sun,” a feature of Atenism and also represented on Time magazine covers. For a blog post related to this subject of destructive light see

For more on this specific time cover see my other blog here

Is the ritualistic use of Columbia (Isis or Sirius) involving human sacrifice limited to the WTC and Pentagon rituals?

Apparently not; some have speculated that the Columbia shuttle disaster and even more controversally, the Colombine school shootings, were part of ritualistic symbolic human sacrifice. We can probably place princess Diana's (as a goddess figure herself) death in league with these. I want to however concentrate on the NASA Columbia shuttle disaster of 2003 and its mission patch.

Again we see here the Blazing Star of Sirius underneath a three-pronged pillar-shaped tail coming through a circle with the middle pillar eminating from the letters mg. My intuition about mg is that it stands for Mother Goddess, as this is the star of Isis, officially though it is considered to be microgravity. The patch also has the Columba 7 star constellation, the same number of people who died during the shuttle's disintegration.

See the blue masonic compass?

Another MG of note is the car company MG whose logo are the letters MG inside an octogan, interestingly the same shape of the NASA STS-121 mission patch.

Goro Adachis’ newest article at Etemenanki recognizes this patch as similarly shaped to a stop sign.
The article also fascinatingly compares the WTC ritual to this season's wonderful ‘explosion’ or perhaps ‘implosion’ formation. I say Implosion because I believe it can also be seen as the collapse of the three buildings on Sept 11-that of WTC 1,2 and 7. Also again the three pillars.

The circle through which the three-pronged pillar shape protrudes (in the Columbia mission patch) pointing towards Sirius, is quite possibly a Stargate. The Stargate is another facet of the possible motivation for these sacrificial rituals of the WTC, Pentagon and Columbia disasters. People like Michael Tsarion speculate that the Nephilim (possible aliens from Sirius intimately connected to the big secret societies) is attempting to open a Stargate to Sirius or Draco to escape the Earth. I am personally still trying to figure out a comfortable theory for the Stargate idea but can add that the London Eye which stands opposite the Ministry of Defense (which echoes the Pentagon itself) also seems to have the idea of a Stargate built into its design.

My mind has been filled lately by the three pillars of Masonry and the three pillars of the Kabbalistic tree of life. Specificly I have found the middle pillar referenced syncromysticly in the posters of the new WTC and United 93 movies, which led to the discovery of the holy inner light Jesus pyramid and middle pillar also presented in da Vinci’s, “The Last Supper.”

Following this “holy inner light of the middle pillar theme,” it is interesting to note the three pillars again showing up in the Columbia and STS-121 mission patch. Highlighted is the middle pillar with the star of Isis or Sirius.

We can also see the “Explosion" or rather "Implosion” crop circle as the three pillars with again a star. In fact, with a little mental gymnastics we can see this as a star generated by the injection of energy from the collapsing three pillars (like the 3 WTC buildings), possibly symbolizing the opening of a Stargate formed by this ritual?

Click on image to enlarge

Earlier this season we saw another 3D crop circle which some attributed to Wormhole-like symbols (I really like these). Could Wormholes and Stargates be the same thing? Interestingly, Goro calls this period involving the Atlantis STS-115 shuttle launch the "Atlantean Gate" period.

Don't forget that Atlantis STS-115 lifted off today, two days shy of the 5-year Sept 11th anniversary, which I was speculating over the last few days would be surprising us by being left for 9/11 itself. I was wrong. We will have to wait to see if any significant events will be marked by this shuttle mission as implied by its pyramid with missing capstone design. One historical event that I have always felt must be somehow connected to the WTC disaster is the assassination of Ahmed Shah Massoud a leading mujahideen and Defence Minister of Afghanistan who was killed on this day in 2001. I wrote a blog post about this which you can find here

A friend told me today that she thought the pyramid-shaped part of this mission patch image looks like the two WTC buildings in linear perspective, as if one is looking up at two tall structures. With the launch being so close to the 5-year anniversary this comment gave me pause.

I would speculate at this juncture, with this convulated intricate mish-mash of ideas that seem to fit into a bizarre picture of synchromysticism, the following tentative hypothesis: maybe the Illuminati's higher ups or wizards and the enlightened shamanistic amongst the public are involved in an intricate game concerning the yet to be determined new rules to govern consensus reality as we awaken into higher cosmic consciousness. We are vying for the soon-to-be-assigned roles that the individual will play in the higher evolutionary state that technology and magick are opening to us as we head for 2012.

Some folks in the fraternities seem to want to be our masters after this transition, others probably want to help us. There could be an alien intelligence issue at play here as well. More as things progress. Conduit CLOSING (BELL SOUND).

PS I just noticed another Wormhole or Stargate circle at the bottom of the STS-115 mission patch. Indeed the three energy swishes (similar to the 3 pillars on the other two patches) are going through the gate or hole as the shuttle heads upwards to become the capstone of the pyramid as pictured in the three STS-115 mission patches shown earlier in this post. Nice.


Ben said...

Hi Jake. I visited both the Wayland's Smithy crop circle (in Oxfordshire) and the 'Wormhole' formation (near Avebury, Wiltshire.) Unfortunately, the farmer destroyed the 'Wormholes' within forty eight hours of the formation appearing; so all I got to see was a large empty space. There was still a lingering energy in the field, however. I have a photo of the glyph taken before its destruction on my wall, which I am looking at as I write this comment.

widowson13 said...

Thanks for another great post!

I'd also like to echo your thoughts on the historical nature of 9/11 by mentioning the British Mandate of Palestine that began on that day in 1922. Also, on a more personal note, Peter Tosh, one of my favorite musicians was brutally murdered on 9/11/87. The Red Sox won the 1918 World Series on 9/11 and wouldn't again until 2004.

A very interesting date indeed.


Pedro Santos said...

Also, STS-121 mission patch IS IDENTICAL to a Stargate from MGM's sci-fi series (even the ramp thing is the same).

Take a look here:


MGM - There you have it, "Mother Goddess Mother" again.

Also, numerologicaly: M=13, G=7 (G, the freemasons letter)

13+7+13=33, the freemasonry “top-cat” number.

PS: Dude, your site is amazing! Keep it up!

TheRedWizard said...

You should be grateful that you are governed by the bloodline, they will move the chosen nations forward together into the higher echelons of conciousness or what Churchill called "The broad and sun-lit uplands"

Those that are not worthy will be left behind and will perish like the un-feeling dogs that they are, we will give them no quarter.

So, learn well people, read the signs and see the images take the knowledge from this site it will serve you well.

There is no threat from knowledge only from ingorance and non-compliance.

The Wizard is here to help the healthy enquiring mind, the rest be dammed.

nails said...

You rock sir, keep up the good work....assume you know of the detail behind the leo wanta story?

Interlocutor28 said...

Interested in the symbolism of the London Eye. I saw the designers interviewed on UK TV show Richard and Judy. They have designed another building which is being erected in Brighton, UK. It is a tall tower with a "doughnut" like observation ring surrounding it. This raises and lowers around the central tower. I think this might correspond to the stargate symbolism of the circle around the the three towers as displayed on the STS mission patches. (Not to mention the obvious phallic/fertility symbolism). Also, perhaps this tower in Brighton will be the third of three including Eiffel Tower and Blackpool Tower. This is a bit more idle speculation I know! What do you think?
P.S. I just thought - the annual Blackpool "Illuminations" might have some symbolism going on as well.

ericswan said...

Red Wizard..had you posted a blog, you would have a bit of credibility. As it stands, you do not.

southernstyle2415 said...

Just wondering if anyone's read the Koran Chapter 9 Verse 11 (9/11) Pretty cool. Check it out!!!

vysioner said...

Hello again Jake!

Great work.

Two points; first is there a pattern behind these new bldgs going up round the globe?
Some precise alignments?
Maybe a series of towers that will collectively send the necessary blast to those who wait.?
And this game of "our bldg will be TALLER than yours." why?

And another bit with possible interest. The lovely painting of the Goddess icon on top of Columbia Pictures logo was posed by Susan Hayward who had a "special" career as in Glenn Fords "special" career.
Much whisper about both of these having some hidden connections
and being somehow "special" people. There was some talk also of Douglas Fairbanks as being one too.
This was common gossip many years ago. Wonder which studio Susan Hayworth worked for when she got the PLUMB job of posing for the painting? And who owned that studio? And how was a model CHOSEN?
and where is that painting NOW?

Just more speculations.

I go to your blogs for relaxation.
Thanks !


IsisFan said...

You could read anything into anything. It reminds me of when I read the Holy Blood and the Holy Grail, and that was inaccurate also. Only women know.....

Black Rabbit said...

Have you visited these sites - they can probably help you with the DNA/timetravel angle (written by ex-British intelligence operatives)and also Royal Arch Freemasonry and what the 33rd degree actually constitutes:

In addition, if you are interested in Alice in Wonderland 'mind control' programming - these sites will give you an understanding of how it has affected UK intelligence services:

SIMUNYE said...

Interesting page...
Lots of 'truth', but just as many speculations...
I will put it to my favorites...
Wait till the REAL ISIS wakes up from her 'spiritual amnesia' and finds out how much bull-s... has been told about her and how much has be done 'in her name'!
Then SHE (56)and JESUS/archangel Michael (her now 4 year old grandson) will sort the mess out together that has been made 'IN THEIR NAME' by people who did not have their permission to do or say so...
But first OSIRIS/archangel Raphael (58)who was also the prophet ELIJAH, John the baptist, Santa Claus ect...and Moses/archangel Gabriel (54) have to be saved from self-distruction and Elijah/Osiris has to pave the way for one of his twinbrothers Michael/Jesus's return...
Elijaha nd Moses are the 2 wittnesses for the endtimes...
I hope I see that day, because I dream it is not far off...
My dreams have the habbit of coming true...
Believe it or not...

Anonymous said...

Third Cornerstone Laying in The Temple.


This working is to lay the third cornerstone of the base of the left hand side of the pyramid and establish a connextion, through Sirius ‘B’- (Black Sirius) to Ptah, the Great Architect. This is an inner (space) working, and requires us to have an undestanding of the inverted universe by visualising the stars in reverse colours, ie. the sky is white and the stars are black.


High Altar to be set up in the West, seal to be located in the West at approx 4 feet above the ground, Pyramid candles at each side on the back, Gold altar cloth and Apis effigy to be central on the altar (covered by the clear Pyramid) no other items are needed on the High Altar, personal offerings to be placed below.

Temple Positions West
High Altar
^ ^
Celebrant Protector

< Scryer < Keeper Recorder >

(note the direction arrows that indicate our starting and finishing positions)

Protector, to perform The Ritual of the Rose Cross to cleanse and protect the Temple and prepare the way for the Celebrant.

Celebrant, will conduct the Inner (space) working in the Order of Sirius ‘B’-

(Celebrant holds Sceptre at his heart chakra facing North West, at a 60 degree elevation)

Celebrant Says

I call upon the Ancient Cosmic Dark forces of Sirius ‘B’ negative, although this star is growing dark it will shine as brightly for us tonight as it ever has. I ask that this Light be used as a direct connection to Ptah the Great Divine Architect.

I receive the Cosmic Light of Sirius ‘B’ negative and brighten it with the colours of my inner being and the colours of Great ISIS.

(Celebrant points Sceptre at Protector’s heart chakra whilst still holding staff at his own heart chakra)

Protector Says

I receive the Cosmic Light of Sirius ‘B’ negative and brighten it with the colours of my inner being and the colours of Great HORUS.

(Celebrant turns to point Sceptre at Scryer’s heart chakra)

Scryer Says

I receive the Cosmic Light of Sirius ‘B’ negative and brighten it with the colours of my inner being and the colours of Great NEPHTYS.

(Celebrant turns to point Sceptre at Keeper’s heart chakra)

Keeper Says

I receive the Cosmic Light of Sirius ‘B’ negative and brighten it with the colours of my inner being and the colours of Great ANUBIS.

(Celebrant turns to point Sceptre at Recorder’s heart chakra)

Recorder Says

I receive the Cosmic Light of Sirius ‘B’ negative and brighten it with the colours of my inner being and the colours of Great THOTH.

All Say

We have allowed ouselves to become receiptors for the Light, we will use the knowledge that we gain from this work to establish Order out of Chaos.

(Celebrant and Protector both hold Sceptre facing West)

Celebrant and Protector both say

We let the accumulated Light pass through this Temple to the West, to follow the reverse path of Ra, we have established the third cornerstone of the base of the Pyramid.

(Light passes through Sceptre and departs the Temple through the Lodge Seal)

Protector, closes the Temple

A Figure Eight said...


Just found your blog...synchromystically as it were.

Amazing amazing blog! I like the way your mind works, and you suggest many ties to 'separate' concepts. Anyone familiar with the synchronistic universe knows that it takes exploration, creativity, and open minded interpretation to put the pieces together.

I would suggest one thing that I have come across in my research. Its that there are other ways to look at events besides good and evil. In some ways, participants in events can be seen as serving a purpose, as you point out with the revelatory possibility of 9/11. (As someone sacredly connected to all of this, I can tell you it WAS 9/11 that opened me up to so much more.)

So, what I want to underscore here is that people can through expression in perhaps a non-premeditated way. Meaning, it comes out of their higher selves, because of the Great Shift we are undergoing. I think those who are asleep and not fully yet awake can still play their roles, enacting events or creating them, but perhaps in more than simply a malicious way.

I'm trying to say that (as you know) everything is symbolic, and this symbolism correlates the distant past (whether Atlantis or Egypt) to the present not merely through a great secret society, but because it is in the air, it is rising in our consciousnesses, it is coming up through our cells and our blood. The triggers are being set off, and you are seeing the signs.

Power exists, and its doorways are the same, regardless of how it is used. The pentagram is not an "evil" symbol. Geometry can be sacred. It is the building blocks of the holographic universe. Sirius and the cults of Egypt are not merely malicious either. Those were techniques for understanding the doors to Power. The doors are not good or evil, but the way Power is used can be I guess one of those. But even good and evil serve their purposes.

The purpose being...evolution. : )

Keep up the great work!!!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...