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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The 9/11 Pyramid Mega-Ritual (Video)

Here is my first attempt at putting my ideas on video. It's 10 min. long, exploring my theory that 9/11 was an occult ritual invoking the Pyramids of Giza and the opening of a stargate.

The video is basically a slide presentation with some video footage.

Now you can get your friends who don't like to read up to speed on "The Pyramid Mega-Ritual of 9/11". Yeah, good luck with that...

I will be making more.


Kentroversy said...

Greetings, Jake:

This was a wonderful video, which for some of the ideas you present, are better to see, than to read about.

Keep up the great work, as you are definitely on to something.

(perhaps coincidentially)?

Warmest Regards,

Buffalo, NY USA

Jake Kotze said...

Thank you very much.

Glad you liked it.

BTB said...

Great work... but strangely incomplete without the burst of hip-hop at the beginning.

Just what tune is that anyway? 'Don Killuminati'?

Jake Kotze said...

The tune from video 2 was the song "Nowhere to Hide" from excellent now defunct and underrated hip hop unit Foreign Legion.

Thanks for watching and the feedback.

mrfairsquare said...

A very interesting video. I love videos like yours. I also think it's a more effective method of communication and quicker as opposed to reading lengthy articles. a bit of video and photos to back up what you are saying just makes understanding quicker a whole lot easier. This is something i will consider using the next time i publish an article on my blog. I had much critique for my last video "Sex Subliminals from National Geographic" which does dampen things a bit. Anyway, great video and interesting content. I went ahead and gave it 5 stars on utube aswell.

mrfairsquare said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BTB said...

What is the song used in the London Eye video, please?

Jake Kotze said...

The song is "Nowhere to Hide" by "Foreign Legion". The particular rapper in that part is Prozack Turner. Foreign Legion doesn't exist anymore. The band members like Prozack do ther own thing now.

martin said...

Excellent. Thank you for making this.

Edward Alexander said...

Great video. I can't wait to see more of your work, keep it up!

101 said...

Nice work my friend, it's time people realized that everything has connection, the word coincidence is a denial of this connection.
Keep up the great work.
Best Regards


ericswan said...

Yes to style and content. Could you elaborate a bit on how to get a vid on blogger? What format did you use or software?

The difference in size of the pyramids and towers was interesting and new. The checkerboard in the tracing table has something to do with gaming theor which has many new insights for you. Lots to think about and yes all the stars in the heaven to bootes.

Prizm Light said...

I've enjoyed reading your journals. Putting your views in to video is a great idea well done, I will look forward to future issues.
Keep up the great work.

Lois said...

I found you through Goro. Love your aricles. Where the videoes are suppossed to be is just a black square, also the 3rd,4th and 6th graphics in the new Mary article are blank. Is this my computer's problem or a server problem?
Also, the Kabba cube is represented in the tracing board as the finished and unfinished cubes. A cube is also present in the chaos island picture. Thanks

Rodrigo said...

well, i do not beleive in coincidences... wonderful video , there is a massive evidence showing a real connection between the sacred geometry and 9/11 and it's ritualistic side as the video shows ...I would like to ask you what the four pillars means ?

cheers, Rodrigo
oxford uk

imawake said...

Jake, this video points out some amazing connections. I would have never thought they would be putting this stuff out there. Did they think no one would see the connections - or did they just not care because it was part of their ritual. Any way, very good. Glad you and others can read what is happening and share your knowledge.
Thanks ~

Dorothy said...

Esoteric knowledge and symbolism aside, there were no planes entering the WTC Towers on 911. Perhaps all the related films produced before and since were made to condition the public into acceptance of the official "planes" fantasy. If one seeks only that evidence which fits the official explanation, then that is what you will find. That's not science, it's not objective thinking, it's not even good common sense. There is overwhelming evidence that the planes were the result of SFX TV fakery.

Believing the government's fairytale of planes colliding with the Towers is the main problem w/ fully understanding 911. The media was broadcasting fake, manipulated images of planes. Superimposing a plane on 911 was done w/ Wescam technology; it provided a single "live" feed from which all the TV networks broadcast. Other videos & images started to appear in the days, weeks & months following 911. All of them have anomalies & impossibilities which can only be explained by excluding planes.

Real planes would have been a potential liability for the perps on 911. It was easier to control the outcome of the event with much less risk by using the media to broadcast fake imagery. Real jets might miss their targets, get shot down, suffer pilot or computer errors, destroy or prematurely detonate any explosives, passengers could have overtaken the hijackers, and/or the plane might not inflict enough perceived damage to make a collapse believable.

A single fact which cannot be refuted is that a hollow aluminum plane (especially fragile wings) cannot slice through steel beams and concrete without any damage to the plane. News footage showing an airliner gliding into a Tower without any resistance is a cartoon. Aluminum planes are not built for impact and crumple immediately upon contact with solid objects; even a small bird can rip through a jet's wing.

Furthermore, a large speeding jet's vortex trails behind it creating a highly active atmosphere which follows in its path. Had a real plane impacted a WTC Tower, real film footage would have recorded the airliner's vortex interacting with and violently dissipating the smoke from the alleged crash and the adjacent North Tower. No vortex literally means no planes on 911 (TV fakery).

During the South Tower "impact", fake TV footage shows a WTC Tower sealing itself around the plane during the alleged penetration. Still another too incredible to believe annomoly is the width of the plane's puported gash didn't match the width of a Boeing 757's wing span. Another widely publicized video shot by Scott Myers shows the forward fuselage of the "jet" exiting the South Tower, though other shots later reveal no exit hole.

To consider the media footage showing a plane slicing thru steel and concrete as reality is ludicrous. There were no planes; only spoofed images, manipulated witnesses and falsified evidence. America please wake up; the media was a complicit partner that was in on the crime from the beginning. In fact, the TV psyop 911 couldn't have been pulled off without the mass media's assistance.

# # #