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Sunday, February 25, 2007

9/11's Pentagon Pyramid and the Martian Stargate (Part 3 of 3)

In Part 1 we learned about and investigated synchromysticly the claim that George W. Bush is Aleister Crowley's grand-son. The few of you who bravely weathered that speculation were challenged yet again in Part 2 where connections between dynastic secret society family Bush, Pyramids/The Sphinx/Horus and 9/11 were suggested. Now that I have shaken off those with rigid belief systems or 'squares', the handful of us left can 'go the whole hog' and head for space. There is a disturbing trend on the net of making fun of those who would dare connect 9/11 to aliens. Would-be hecklers get ready, this one's for you...

Please check out my new podcast with Greg from "Occult of Personality"

German director Wolfgang Peterson's films were used as synchro-mystic crystal ball in Part 1 while investigating the validity of the claim that George W. Bush is a blood relative of Aleister Crowley. Specifically, the film "The Never Ending Story" was shown to contain Sphinxes (resonating Horus) and a reference to the "Moonchild". We looked at another Peterson film, "Air Force One" with Harrison Ford, as it concerns the President of the U.S.A. and a terrorist airplane hijacking, in resonance with 9/11. Included in this "Air Force One" American President and 9/11 resonance was the concept of the Holy Grail, the Grail having been the prize Harrison Ford (as Indiana Jones) searched for in the heavily Templar-themed "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade". This post will continue using a few Peterson films syncromysticly. That is, I will look for meaningful coincidences involving these films, that resonate with occult and mystical significance and much more...

Peterson's Brad Pitt-starring "Troy" has been mentioned in these pages before as has the concept that many historical and biblical references believed to be "Israelite" are in fact real Egyptian Hyksos Pharaoh incidents that have been altered over time to suit the currently reigning ideological agenda.

Another posts dealing with Egyptian Hyksos Israelite syncs:
Akhenaton the Ancient Astronaut and the 9/11 Stargate

Ralph Ellis posits that the Trojan war was another such obfuscated historical incident. The reality of the Trojan war (as portrayed in Homer's "Iliad") being rather an invasion by Hyksos-Israelite forces into Egypt than as generally believed "Greek" forces trying to recapture stolen Helen.

"As I have speculated previously, one possible explanation for all of this is that the Sea People confederation was organized and lead by elements of the exiled Hyksos-Israelite nation... lead by the descendants of Pharaoh Dannus [Pharaoh Ay]" p.199, "Eden in Egypt"

Can any esoteric Egyptian resonance be found in or surrounding "Troy" and other pop-culture Trojan war references that might help support this claim?

Brad Pitt's presence in "Troy" alone already helps support this Hyksos-Trojan connection as his girlfriend Angelina Jolie has battled the Illuminati in "Tomb Raider". She is seen, in the Indiana Jones inspired film, jumping into a stargate (time vortex) and running up a giant pyramid after an artifact that resembles a free-floating triangular capstone or Benben. Pretty cool for our speculation; still a very poor film.

Another way of confirming the specific occult pyramid resonance of Brad Pitt is by sighting his leading role in last year's simply and relevantly titled, "Babel". Babel, the famous biblical tower that aspired to reach the heavens, is another intentionally veiled reference to the Great Pyramid of Giza, according to Ralph Ellis.

I have repeatedly pointed out over the last few posts how the Twin Towers and building seven intentionally invoked the three Great Pyramids at Giza during their ritualistic destruction. Interesting then, to see how the Tower of Babel and the Twin Towers can all esoterically be viewed as veiled pyramids.

A quick rundown of the most compelling evidence that the Twin Towers and building 7 were intended to symbolize and invoke the three great Pyramids of Giza:

*The floor plan of the WTC plaza seen from above reveals the Twin Towers symmetry to the two great Pyramids at Giza.

Overhead plan of the WTC complex compared to the layout of the three Great Pyramids of Giza. The double squares of the Twin Towers are a very good match for the Great Pyramids. Contemplation of the Orion/Pyramid connection observation made by Robert Bauval lead to this WTC/Pyramid clue.

*A profile view reveals the similar relative sizes of the ancient Pyramids and their modern counterparts, the Twin Towers and building seven.

Two almost equally sized buildings, WTC 1 and 2, and one much smaller WTC 7.

Compare the three Great Pyramids of Giza, two larger, one much smaller.

*The first degree Masonic tracing board's three pillars makes this comparison far more compelling realizing that the three pillars have the same relative sizes as the three towers destroyed on 9/11 and that the pillars themselves are modeled, originally, after the three Great Pyramids of Giza and Solomon's Temple (itself based on the layout and design of Giza).

"For instance, this is why the tracing board portrays the three pillars as all being of different heights, with two larger pillars in the foreground and a much smaller one behind. This is not simply a matter of perspective, as the two foreground pillars are placed at exactly the same depth within the picture, but are given slightly different heights; while a much smaller pillar lies behind. Yet this depiction exactly reflects the reality at Giza, where two major pyramids are nearly but not quite of the same height, while the third is much smaller."
"Eden in Egypt," p. 165, by Ralph Ellis

*"The Sphere" sculpture which stood right in the centre of the WTC plaza was deliberately intended to represent the Kaaba at Mecca, a holy Muslim sight of pilgrimage believed by the faithful to contain a black stone which fell from heaven or was given to Abraham (a Hyksos Pharaoh). The black stone could be a meteorite or representation of the Benben (heavily pyramid resonating) or provocatively, both!

* The destroyed buildings in N.Y. were situated on an island (Manhattan) just like representations of the primordial mound rising from the watery chaos in ancient Egyptian creation myths and seen portrayed in Masonic imagery.

The Island of Manhattan, with its three pillars: WTC 1, 2 and 7.
The primordial mound of Atum (island) rising out of the chaotic waters of the void. The mound/island sports the three candles representing the three pillars of the first degree tracing board, themselves, as we have learned thanks to Ellis, representations of the Great Pyramids of Giza. This image was scanned from a third degree certificate I bought at a flea market.

For more details on this subject try:
Contacting God our Alien Creator: The Occult Motivation for the 9/11 Mega-Ritual

Having shown convincingly (I believe) how the Twin Towers and building seven are intended to invoke the Pyramids of Giza in a decidedly Freemasonic symbol system and having learned the true identity of the Tower of Babel as pyramid itself, we can now see how towers have in many instances been used as veiled pyramids and how Brad Pitt's "Babel" (nominated for best picture and director Oscar this year) synchromysticly invokes the Pyramids of Giza.

Getting back to the Trojan war we have a classic bit of Monty Python comedy to ponder. In "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" we see a 'Trojan Rabbit' spoofing the famous giant horse the Greeks used in the "Iliad" to fool their way into Troy. A very overt sync between the Holy Grail and the Trojan horse can now be put forward for our consideration and illumination. The Grail is esoterically believed to be the Royal Bloodlines of Jesus Christ, still existing in certain monarchy of Europe through Mary the wife and sister of Jesus. It is also a simple task of connecting the Grail and the Trojan story line through proximity to King Arthur (a Grail legend) in the classic Python film. Aliens are included as the Pythons have featured E.T.'s numerous times in their routines and films. One such relevant connection is seen in "Life of Brian," where the messianic Brian is abducted by aliens, later to be crucified by the Romans as heretic. The Royal Bloodlines (Grail Kings) are, of course, believed to be descended from the Hyksos Egyptian Pharaohs (see researchers Michael Tsarion, Ralph Ellis, etc.) and aliens from Sirius or some such other worldly location (David Icke, Michael Tsarion, etc). Pharaohs like Akhenaton are shown in wall carvings as having grey alien features. Akhenaton was probably either expressing his own blood connection (DNA passed down from Atlantis/Mu?) or secret knowledge of the image of the gods. Connecting the Trojan (Hyksos Pharaoh) story to aliens as well as Egypt is another ulterior motive of the author as we head later to 9/11 (the modern pyramids of N.Y.), the stars and planet Mars.

I did a piece connecting the Grail to Mary and aliens here:
Pharaoh Jesus and the 9/11 Stargate. (WTC Pyramid: Part 1)

The idea of aliens involvement in humankind's early history and Royal Bloodlines carrying more original alien DNA in their bodies seems to divide many occult researchers and polarize readers. Some delight at the intrigue while others find it just too outlandish and unsubstantiated. Either way the syncronicities involved in 9/11 and Egypt point that way and my attention follows. As is my habit, I suggest accepting UFOs, aliens, stargates, etc. as metaphors for higher cosmic consciousness, illumination, etc. Therefore, in my view, the Royal Bloodlines could also be the 'Illuminati wizards' who understand magick and shamanic ecstasy as opposed to folks who have alien links. You may choose whichever fits your belief system more snugly, Illumination or real aliens who have interacted with mankind in the past, present or future... Really 'hip cats', in my opinion, would be able to see both possibilities at once.

Two Simpsons episodes deal with the Troy story. "Lemon of Troy" (above) shows Homer and company exiting a motor home used as Trojan horse ruse and "Tales from the Public Domain" (below) with Homer as Odysseus.

Connecting Homer Simpson (our Greek/Hyksos adventurer) to the esoteric grail tradition and occult view of Egypt is a simple task, much of which was already done in the previous post (Part 2 of this 3 Part series).

Homer as a Pharaoh, King Solomon presiding over a dispute involving Jesus (Grail King), being initiated into the Freemason inspired Stonecutters and fighting with George H.W. Bush.

Homer is seen in the episode "Two Bad Neighbours" (below) trying to fool George H.W. Bush with two cardboard cut-outs of his sons George W. and Jeb.

Within the mechanics of synchromysticism we can now speculate that George W. Bush is a puppet controlled by secret society forces involving the Egyptian Hyksos Pharaohs (as Homer invokes all of these). We can throw in the god Horus, aliens and Aleister Crowley as influences through the presence of Bart in this cardboard cut-out incident, just for good measure. See Part 2 for Bart/Sphinx/Horus 'sync-nificance'.

One more Simpsons sync that helps this esoteric view of the Trojan incident and we can move on to space/Mars. Above we see into an imagined future world of Bart from the "Lemon of Troy" episode. A close look will reveal a pyramid and even a Grey type alien in the crowd of onlookers. The crowd declares Bart, a synchromystic composite Hyksos Pharaoh and Aleister Crowley resonator, their new god!

Peterson's 1985 film, "Enemy Mine," leads us into space and reptilian alien themes as Wikipedia informs us: During the 21st century interstellar war between humans and Dracs (reptilian-like aliens) (presumably 'Drac' is the human name for the species rather than their own, as it implies the Latin word for 'dragon').

We have thus far, in these three posts, connected Peterson films "Air Force One" (President of the U.S.A, Terrorism, The Holy Grail), "The Never Ending Story" (Sphinx, Aleister Crowley), "Troy" (Pyramids, Occult Hyksos Egyptian History) and now "Enemy Mine" (reptilian aliens named after dragons, no less). Synchromysticly we can now consider all the attributed occult resonance of these films intimately connected to the concepts specified in brackets.

A short whimsical narrative about the attributes connected to these films would follow: The dynastic president of the United States "Moonchild" Bush, a secret society initiate and/or puppet connected to the Royal Bloodline of Jesus and one who is involved in the 9/11 mega-ritual. Through the fraternal occult networks connected to the wizards/magickians of ancient Egypt and possibly Atlantis, the human race is being prepared for the New World Order by the opening of stargates, involving aliens (cosmic illumination).

The poster of "Enemy Mine" sees a comet between the human and reptilian alien echoing (or giving me an excuse to mention) the recent arrival of Comet McNaught which made a dramatic entrance into human consciousness in the southern hemisphere of our planet. The fact that it was visible in the area of Venus in the night sky will become very relevant when we discuss Mars and theories by Immanuel Velikovsky.

It was visible in the northern hemisphere near Venus...

Part 1 of this series dealt with Orson Welles.

Orson Welles' last job before his death was voice acting as the planet destroying Unicron in the animated 1986 "Transformers" movie. Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg will be subjecting us to a revamped and updated 'slicker than snot' live action version this year. The wisdom of this move remains to be seen. As well as the Orson Welles connection, which causes "Transformers" to resonate with Crowley and Bush (see Part 1), this film brings Mars back into the occult synchro-web. Well, Mars is already invoked by the mention of Orson Welles given his "War of the Worlds" radio drama involvement but becomes doubly confirmed with Spielberg now in the mix, having remade the Martian invasion flick "War of the Worlds" in 2005, based on the same source. O.K, in fact Mars' relevance is completely overwhelming when we view the teaser trailer which sees Mars itself as part of the plot of the trailer, involved in a NASA conspiracy (just to make things perfect for my investigation).

The "The Mars Mystery" by Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval and John Grigsby posits that NASA has possibly covered up many facts about the Martian planetoid, including knowledge about non-natural objects on Mars, the Cydonia region specifically. Could NASA know more about Cydonia than it has admitted? Could it have discovered something there which it has decided to withhold from the Public? (p. 139)

Our own impression is that NASA has attempted to manipulate public perceptions concerning the issue of artificial origins at Cydonia and that it does seem to be covering something up. (p. 147)

It is even mentioned that NASA's true intentions behind certain missions to Mars might be more occult motivated than scientific. On Independence Day, 4 July 1997, NASA's lander Pathfinder touched down...Richard Hoagland was the first to point out that Pathfinder has a pronouncedly tetrahedral design with distinctive solar panels in the form of equilateral triangles. Moreover its landing site in Ares Vallis is located at 19.5 degrees north latitude (p. 136) More significance will be attached to this excerpt shortly.

For more controversial info online about space anomalies and NASA cover-ups try:
Researcher Richard Hoagland, a popularizer of the Face on Mars hypothesis and a veteran of the field at his websight:
Goro Adachi, a major personal influence of mine and master 'sync searcher' also has much to say about Mars and NASA:
Some interesting and relevant Mars related links from Etemenanki:

A very rough synopsis of the occult relevance of Mars hinted at by these and other sources, necessary for the full understanding of the amazing relevance of the Orson Welles "Transformers" (original animated and new live action film) sync would go tentatively given my developing understanding of the topic, as such:
The make-up of the solar system was vastly different at a far more recent point in Earth's history than currently maintained by orthodox astronomy. The planetary line-up, their geology and the solar systems constitutional parts were altered by large catastrophy(ies). Mars was inhabited by 'higher (humanoid?) life' or at the very least had an atmosphere and running water suitable for microbes or 'lower-life' forms. Following this(these) catastrophy(ies) intimately linked to Earth's own destructive past (ice age, deluge, Atlantis, etc.), the vibrant living Mars was rendered desolate. The inhabitants of Mars came to Earth, either mixing (DNA tampering?) with the extent population or being the original 'seed' that formed the Earth's population themselves. In less extravagant versions with a much older time line the 'seed' could be primitive life that sparked Earth's eco development. Models for the nature of the catastrophy(ies) are many but 2 important ones in my humble experience would be:
*Tom Van Flandern's Exploded Planet Hypothesis (EPH) in which Mars was a moon of a larger planet, remnants of which form the asteroid belt.
*Immanuel Velikovsky's theory that Mars was involved with numerous colisions with Venus, which was itself originally a comet! For more on this wonderful theory, read the hypnoticly vivid "Worlds in Collision" by Immanuel Velikovsky.

Remember that Comet McNaught was visible near Venus? I think it can be justified to get the feeling that Comet McNaught was highlighting Venus. This becomes very interesting considering Velikovsky's speculation of Venus as a comet and disruptive force in Mars' history. As if to solidify this line of reasoning, the cosmic giggle gave us another Venus highlight in the form of a film overtly called, "Venus." It's release coincided very closely with and theatrical run co-existed right alongside McNaught's flight through our planet's sky...

Peter O'Toole played Priam, King of Troy, in Wolfgang Peterson's "Troy," giving us a nice little sync-echo that harks back to this post's earlier emphasis on the suspected Hyksos-Trojan connection. Is the esoteric Comet Venus connected to the occult history of the Hyksos-Israelite-Sheppard-Pharaohs? Readers of Velikovsky's "Worlds in Collision" might know already, but more speculation in that direction will have to wait for future posts.

Ben Fairhall touches upon planetary intrigue in a new post over at his blog, "Battling the Behemoth". He has also mentioned the "Venus" film in an esoteric light there.

Researchers who adopt this line observe that the commonly accepted interpretations of ancient symbols and texts assume a consonance with present reality, whereas an entirely different astronomical order pertained a mere six thousand years ago. Could the symbols and poetry of the ancient world point to a far more distant epoch, when the skies contained things entirely unfamilar to us moderns?

If we now, armed with this knowledge about 'Mars and Comet Venus" and Flandern's EPH, look back at Orson Welles' (narrator of the historical Martian invasion radio drama incident) planet-destroying character, Unicron from "Transfomers," our ears should be opened to the cosmic giggle laughing at us very loudly indeed.

The above screenshots from "Transformers" shows Unicron, a giant alien robot voiced by Orson Welles, destroying a populated planet. Let's take a tally of the context and see if we can make anything of this complex sync. Welles is connected to Charleton Heston (Moses/Akhenaton) through "Touch of Evil" (see Part 2) and Aleister Crowley through the character Le Chiffre in "Casino Royal" (1967 version), thus George W. Bush "The Great Beast 666's" suspected grandson. "Casino Royal" also saw a cameo by Peter O'Toole from "Troy" and "Venus." Welles is also intimately connected to Mars through the "War of the Worlds" radio play which caused real life panic about alien attack, an event believed by some to be a reason for government apprehension to admit and cover-up knowledge of 'vistors'. The Crowley resonance of Welles makes it important to highlight the fact that Crowley meditated in the King's Chamber of the Pyramid before 'receiving' "The Book of the Law" through Aiwass (angel/alien), messenger of Horus (see Part 2). Remember that Mars itself invokes the Great Sphinx according to "The Mars Mystery" (relevant passage quoted in Part 1 and 2) and Goro Adachi.
Goro on Mars-Sphinx, WTC and Iraq:

Within the mechanics of syncromysticism I would say that the above sync, Unicron/Welles (resonating Mars, Crowley) destroying a populated planet, gives us good clear confirmation about Mars' suspected status as ancient inhabited world devastated by another planetoid in some manner, knowledge of which is known and suppressed by the higher levels of the secret society networks. Syncromystic proof; for empirical data I fear we must wait patiently in hope that the shadowy NASA isn't actively suppressing such knowledge. Until then, here's some more crazy cool "Transformer" action...

Another shot from a different teaser trailer for "Transformers" shows the alien robots arriving like a comet, again echoing Comet McNaught and the Venus Comet concept.

Remember "Tranformers" resonates Mars (through Welles and the NASA conspiracy teaser trailer), which makes its release date amazing for the following reason. In Velikovsky's "Worlds in Collision" we read in the Part 2, Mars, under the subject title "The Year -747".
"If this conclusion is correct the upheaval took place in the year -747". (p. 217) The upheaval referred to here is the Martian planet having an encounter with the Venus Comet, the resulting destabilization of Mars, Venus and Earth, affecting the earth profoundly and disastrously. This is a simply amazing sync and I for one would not begrudge a person, taking into account the "Transformers" Mars NASA conspiracy trailer, for thinking some kind of occult intention was at play in the minds of the film makers. But the universe's amazing interconnected underbelly, when exposed, tends to make things look like a controlled and directed conspiracy perpetrated by human agencies and one cannot rule out the "cosmic giggle" factor in these matters. Usually I opt for a bit of both, depending on the particulars of the sync.

The Pentagon, in the new Mars resonating "Transformers" film.

The release date of 7.4.7 (4 July 2007) seen dissolving into a shot of the Pentagon in the teaser brings up a pair of interesting 'coincidences' to mull over, considering esoteric interpretations of the true meaning of America's Independence Day. Graham Hancock and Robert Buaval's epic book "Talisman" elucidates:

It is the date of the Templar's massive defeat by Muslim armies in the Holy Land at the Horns of Hattin on 4 July AD 1187, which was followed by the loss of Jerusalem to Christendom. There could therefore hardly be a more evocative 'Templar' or 'Solomonic' date than 4 July - evocative, that is, of the aspiration to build Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem. The reader will also be aware, of course, that 4 July is Independence Day in the US, commemorating the signature of the Declaration of Independence and converting the date forever into a powerful talisman that spells out 'Independence' and 'Freedom" for the New World and, now by and large, for a new world order. (p. 470)

The attentive reader (I'm never one when writers say that...) will remember having seen the, as we now know occult date of 4 July, once before in another quote by the same authors in this very post. I will repeat it here for hopeful maximum dramatic effect:

On Independence Day, 4 July 1997, NASA's lander Pathfinder touched down...Richard Hoagland was the first to point out that Pathfinder has a pronouncedly tetrahedral design with distinctive solar panels in the form of equilateral triangles. Moreover its landing site in Ares Vallis is located at 19.5 degrees north latitude. (p. 136 "The Mars Mystery")

Let’s get this all straight, as we have much to chew on. The amazingly overt Mars-resonating (even in a deliberate NASA Mars conspiracy context), alien-themed "Transformers" film highlights the Pentagon and the 'Templar' date of July 4. The Pentagon, obviously in my work, will be sited as a 9/11 reminder. We can thus in one image (the Pentagon/July 4 shot above) see almost the whole syncromystic narrative I am trying to put forward. The key elements are 9/11(represented by the Pentagon), secret society conspiracy (represented by the 4 July 'Templar' date and the implied pentagram of the Pentagon) and 'Mars/aliens' (represented by the fact that this is an image from "Transformers"). Adding to this, we have the speculation of NASA using tetrahedral-wrapped robots to explore and perhaps communicate occult messages to non-terrestrial intelligences through ritualized magickal invocation, using symbolically significant talisman on occult dates and meaningful co-ordinates.

Pathfinder is also the name of a film to be released on 27 April 2007 including pre-Columbus contact between the Vikings and Native Americans. The idea of contact between Europe and America before Columbus is an esoteric standard often connected to the Knights Templar. Reflect for a second, with the above context and taking into account what we have discussed thus far, on this little fact.

Landing on Mars was planned for July 4, 1976, the United States Bicentennial, but imaging of the primary landing site showed it was too rough for a safe landing.

This was the very mission (Viking 1) that captured the first photos sparking the Artificiality of Cydonia theory, again connected to 'Templar' date July 4.

The face on Mars has been connected to the Sphinx in works like "The Mars Mystery" because it seems to have a Pharaohnic Nemes as is seen on the Sphinx. In more recent times, newer photos have convinced researchers like Hoagland, Adachi and David Flynn that the face is half human and half lion. If true, this would fit like a glove with the attributes already connected to the Pyramids' giant sentinel, the Sphinx. Part 2: "The Sphinx/Horus and the 9/11 Stargate" explored the connections between Pyramids of Giza's giant stone sentinel, the Sphinx and Horus. Speculation was aired about the significance of Aleister Crowley's communication with Aiwass, a messenger of Horus, after meditating in the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid. Added to this was the possibility that George W. Bush is Crowley's grand-son. It was suggested that if the blood relation is true, the fact that George W. was presiding as President of the U.S.A. over the 'Pyramid mega-stargate-rituals of 9/11' (as I believe) during September 11, 2001, surely a significance must exist between the fact that his grand-father, Aleister Crowley, received 'alien' communication, ushering in the new Aeon (of secret societies like the O.T.O.) in the Great Pyramid through "The Book of the Law"! Then if Horus was the 'alien' (angel, cosmic intelligence, Great White Brotherhood or whatever) who communicated through Aiwass to Crowley and the Sphinx is a representation of Horus and Mars, couldn't a distinct and tantalizing connection exist between Crowley, Bush, and 9/11?!

Can we connect the possible dynastic secret society lineage of Bush/Crowley to 9/11 and aliens? Aliens are relevant as my current belief system sees the purpose of the 'Pyramid mega-stargate-ritual of 9/11' as involving fraternal secret society higher ups (Illuminati, if you will) trying to send occult messages to their alien creator god (perhaps our creator?). This message operates, in a similar fashion, as the Mars Pathfinder tetrahedron. The timing and symbolism at play in 9/11 may be a kind of 3-D space/time communication to be picked up by non-local cosmic intelligences receptive to such techniques. A variety of metaphors could be suggested for the above statements that might help one swallow this bitter pill if it is not to your particular liking or engenders fear. Fear being the last thing I hope my work might stimulate. High level mystery school initiates using our very cities and bodies to stage and power their magickal emails to aliens could certainly be construed as alarming, I concede. Another slightly less sensationalistic way of explaining this is that a bunch of over-developed third eye occultists, attempting transcendental illumination through elaborately staged rituals, are causing trouble on our planet. We have to open our hearts (chakras) to these people and reclaim our own ecstatic connection to divinity.

The above scene from "Scary Movie 4" amazingly connects 9/11 to aliens and the President. Leslie Nielson is seen enacting a parody of the famous video, taped the first moment George W. Bush supposedly heard about the terrorist attacks, while reading along with elementary school children from "The Pet Goat".

In "Scary Movie 4" however, terrorist attack is replaced with aliens that are destroying the earth, as Nielson is being informed in this scene.
(Please see Part 1 for more George W. Bush syncs).

If we are looking at Aleister Crowley's grand-son in the image above reading "The Pet Goat," another part of the 9/11 mega-ritual might be revealed.

Jack Parsons, one of the founders of NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratories (JPL) and Crowley's hand-picked leader of the Ordo Templi Orientis, would invoke Pan (A Greek Goat God) with 'The Great Beast 666's' very own poem, "Hymn to Pan".

He is less well known than Wernher von Braun or Theodore von Kármán in the rocket program and the origins of JPL. Nonetheless, von Braun remarked that Parsons, and not he, should be regarded as the father of the American space program.

Before each test launch, he was in the habit of invoking Aleister Crowley's Hymn to Pan, the wild horned god of fertility.

Reflecting on this masterpiece, "Pan's Labyrinth" created a causal chain that uncovered the Bush/Pan invocation.

Is 'Moonchild' Bush sending a coded message to the upper echelons of the occult fraternities with his veiled invocation of Pan, or is the universe's uncanny synchronicity and entrainment exposing itself to our eyes? Is it the embedded seamless interconnectedness of all things merely playing with itself through coincidence and conspiracy? Could George W. Bush be unaware of how his possible dynastic roots are pulling him into the strange attractor of destiny? Is it just a coincidence that the "Skull and Bones" member is reading about a goat as the world is ushered into a new Aeon?

I can’t find confirmation of this fact online but Michael Tsarion claims in his lecture, "The Subversive Use of Sacred Symbols in the Media," that John a.k.a. Jack Parsons helped design the Pentagon.

How does the Pentagon fit into the 9/11 ritual? I have pointed out in earlier posts that the Pentagon implies obviously, a pentagram and that this connects it easily to Freemasonry through their five-pointed "Blazing Star". The identity of the particular heavenly body this pentagram represents varies from researcher to researcher but whether it be Venus, Sirius or the Sun itself makes little difference to its undeniable esoteric allusion. All three speculated identities would yield interesting results. Be it Venus, it could remind us of Mars' violent past encounters with Comet Venus, perhaps memorialized by the design of the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense. Indeed, Velikovsky says Venus became a planet after emerging from it's comet tail cloud and could be the original new "Blazing Star" in our skies, later deified by ancient cultures. Sirius would connect the structure to Isis and remind us of her child Horus (also well-connected to Mars) and of course point towards the most often sighted local of our possible alien creators and/or genetic manipulators. Be it rather closer to home and merely the Sun (the real Eastern star?), it would still pass as the primary symbol of Akhenaton’s Aton and central to the Egyptian roots of America's hidden masters. Further, we can connect the sun and all three possible five-pointed star candidates to Horus thusly:

The religion of the ancient Egyptians metaphorically linked any source of light with spiritual enlightenment. They also linked by association the eye as a collector of light to the sources of light. The Sun and Moon were thus often described as "eyes". The Egyptians also tended to merge their gods as if they were a continuum. The creator god Atum and the Sun god Ra/Re became Atum-Ra/Re. Similarly, through the association of sunrise with resurrection the god Horus became the patron of the rising Sun.

Therefore, whatever the 'real' intended heavenly body (if not indeed any light source in the heavens is applicable), the very idea of a "Blazing Star" connects the Pentagon through the pentagram to Horus and through Horus to Mars.

A companion of the controversial 'face' in Cydonia is a speculated five-sided pyramid, the D&M pyramid. In all honesty, I have never been too warm on the photographic evidence of Cydonia but there are many facets of this site that warrant closer attention and where the syncs lead I follow...

As the above image and the earlier Cydonia complex overhead shot indicate, the D&M pyramid and other features and mathematical relationships between them have the 19.5 number encoded in their geometry. Remember that 19.5 is the latitude where Pathfinder, the speculated occult NASA message, landed on Mars. Many crop circles, such as the famous Barbury Castle, have the tetrahedral resonating 19.5 number embedded in their make-up. Again we ask ourselves, is it intentional human-type agencies who interact through conspiracy in these matters or are we seeing the notes that make up the universe's beautiful symphony. In my opinion, it’s a bit of both mixed together in different amounts depending on the individual case. In fact, the conspirators and the researcher might be involved in the beautiful symphony itself, the universal game of chasing your own tail, AUM!

So let's see... There is a five-sided, extremely likely "Blazing Star" representation, giant Pentagon in America as an important government building, construction of which started on 11 September, 1941. This building was part of what I have already called the "Pyramid-mega-ritual of 9/11". We have connected it's "Blazing Star" design to Horus and Mars. Now we also have a giant speculated five-sided pyramid on Mars. I would surely be negligent not to make a few observations.

The partially collapsed 'D&M Pyramid', on the other hand, is pentagonal -- echoed by the U.S. Pentagon partially destroyed in the 9/11 attacks.

Goro Adachi already made a connection between 9/11 and Cydonia back in 2002; it simply amazes me that I have not run across mention of this fact til starting to write this article. The man toils in relative obscurity while the rest of us are years in his wake.

As he says, the partially collapsed 'D&M Pyramid' echoes eerily the similar collapse on 9/11 of one of the sides of the Pentagon (Blazing Star) during the ritual. Could this sync be an intentional message sent by our secret society networks to our alien forefathers? Is it rather, the collective unconscious of mankind picking up the symbolic language on Mars and mimicking or sending messages to non-local intelligences in a strange unconscious fashion? Are these events so hypnotizing to some of us, leading us to view them from so many angles til they fit our unconscious desire to believe in the most ridiculous scenarios that can’t really be proved or disproved? I can entertain many viewpoints but must admit my bias at this moment leads me to be suspicious of our hierarchical governments and their probable 'wizard chiefs' connections to cosmic intelligences.

As well as being partially collapsed, "The Mars Mystery" also points out that the D&M pyramid has a tunnel-like hole or entrance into the pyramid's side. Was part of the ritualistic connection on 9/11 between the Washington Pentagon and the D&M pyramid made to highlight this 'tunnel/hole'? Whatever hit the Pentagon left a tunnel in it's side; was this intentionally done to mimic the D&M pyramid?

We now have the possibility of including the Pentagon itself as a pyramid-referencing talisman in the 9/11 mega-ritual. Thus the major players of 9/11 WTC 1, 2 and 7 (referencing the Giza monuments of Earth) and the Pentagon (referencing Cydonia of Mars) are all likely veiled pyramids!

Online photos of the D&M pyramid and the tunnel/hole:

Ideas concerning the Pentagon involvement in strange alien activities is firmly embedded in the pop-culture sync-web.

An alien fetus being filed inside the government's giant magickal talisman in the "X-Files" season 1 ending.

Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea's cult classic conspiracy novel, "The Illuminatus! Trilogy" (circa 1970), has a prophetic moment involving the Pentagon and alien themes. The Pentagon in this novel is a five-sided temple that magickly imprisons the Yog Sothoth, an H.P. Lovecraft Cthulhu Mythos, Outer God. The former residence of this creature in the novel was a giant five-sided pyramid in Atlantis.
In any case, at 5:55 P.M., Washington time, a series of explosions destroyed one-third of the river side of the Pentagon, ripping through all four rings from the innermost courtyard to the outermost wall. (p. 361)
This sync helps lend weight to the idea of the Pentagon as magickal talisman and connects the structure again to aliens and pyramids (five-sided Atlantian ones, no less!).

The recent, uncomfortably humorous terror scare in Boston, involving an LED ad campaign also lends synchromystic alien undertones to American "terror" attacks. The character (Mooninite) the campaign was using in its promotion was an alien from the show, "Aqua Teen Hunger Force".

Goro Adachi has a particular interest in octagons. A primary reason to be concerned with this shape lies in the octagonal floor plan of the Dome of the Rock. The Dome of the Rock is the supposed location of the Temples of Solomon and a residence of the Knights Templar. Goro has pointed out many fascinating syncs involving octagons, most recently the "DHARMA Initiative" logo and doorway shapes in the show "Lost". The Dome of the Rock and Solomon’s Temple seem, like Egypt’s Great Pyramids and the WTC, likely candidates for locations where Pharaohnic Hyksos (or related 'Illuminati' wizards) mystery school initiates have opened stargates to heaven (contacted aliens). The faithful believe the rock to be the location where 'Pharaoh' Abraham ascended to heaven and communed with Moses (Akhenaton or his chief priest) and where 'Pharaoh' Jacob saw a stairway to heaven. Both these events sound like obvious ritualistic stargate (cosmic illumination) events to my mind.

Another occult "Lost" moment happens inside the mysterious hatch in season 2 (I forget the specific episode) when Lock is seen filling in a crossword puzzle.

42. Question: "Enkidu's Friend". Answer: "Gilgamesh".

Folks familiar with Zecharia Sitchin and William Henry will recognize these ancient Sumerian God names as suspect ancient astronauts (our alien creator gods).

The octagonal structure above is the Millennium Gate from "Star Trek Voyager" episode "11:59". It's name and shape express the gate and octagonal stargate themes explored herein. Included in this sync is the esoteric theme of building important structures on significant dates. As if there is not enough relevance, the cosmic giggle decides to throw us a bone. When we watch this episode (a pretty boring affair, mind), we learn that the Millennium Gate was 'the world's first self-sustaining civic environment' and--wait for it--'the model for the first habitat on Mars'.

Were I one given to rash sensation-seeking comments I might draw the following conclusion. Considering the stargate-themed sync echoes connected to the WTC, Pyramids of Giza and Dome of The Rock and the mysterious syncromystic links to Mars and Cydonia, is it possible that Mars is the location of a former or present (heaven forbid future) stargate? Syncromysticly, I would be inclined to say: Yes.

Beyond debate, synchromysticly or even empirically, secret societies use public structures as talisman. Read Hancock and Buaval's "Talisman" should you have some internal conflict with this concept. Given all the mysterious allegations put forward in these whimsical pages of "Illuminati wizards" and their extra planetary tomfoolery, reflect again on one more blatant occult structure...

The Freedom Tower--which I submit as the most erroneously titled structure in history--to be built on ground zero at the sight of the "Pyramid-mega-stargate-ritual of 9/11". The laughably overt occult symbolism at play here astounds one as to the gall of our Apiarists. The building is 1776 feet tall (Illuminati founding date) and will be finished on 2012. Here's the 'kicker'--at it's centre, the "Freedom Tower" is a giant octagon! An octagon (Templar stargate symbol of the Dome of the Rock) built right over the grounds of the 9/11 sacrificial ritual space an their symbolic Giza plateau and primordial mound island. Are we seeing more of the bizarre ongoing occult practices of the fraternal organizations utilizing our public space without our consent to further their questionable divine aspirations?

Of note is the interesting similarities between the Millennium Gate from Voyager (the model for the first habitat on Mars) and the Freedom Tower, both stargate-themed towers with octagons incorporated into their architecture.

"At its middle, the tower forms a perfect octagon."
Freedom Tower -Wikipedia

It is possible that the octagon shape of the Dome of the Rock hails from the double square floor plan of the King's Chamber in the Great Pyramid. Remember that Crowley meditated in this same space before receiving the book of the law from an angel and that a small yet tantalizing possibility has been put forward that George W. Bush is Crowley’s grand-son. The interlocked double square forms the eight-pointed star. By joining the points of the star we get the octagon, which the Templars used as inspiration for their famous red cross. If correct, we again see how the Pyramids of Giza are being invoked in the architecture at the WTC in N.Y. Whatever else we learn from this speculation, one thing the octagon at ground zero reveals is the simple fact that the ritual is not over...

Cosmic intelligences (angels, aliens and archetypes) with active interest in consciousness development on Earth use sensitive mystics and occultists like Crowley to aid evolution towards the stars (cosmic illumination) through carefully directed yet subtle interaction of mutli-levelled forces such as coincidence and conspiracy. Some ancient Egyptian priests and Royalty had contact with these intelligences through stargates, opened with technology such as ritual, drugs and talisman (Pyramids). Akhenaton/Moses opened the stargate (his third eye) and learned many powerful secrets, passed down through the higher levels of the secret societies or in some special cases, intuited by private un-affiliated shamans and mystics (psychedelic rebels like Robert Anton Wilson, Timothy Leary, Terrence McKenna, etc). These 'secrets' include the traditional new-age 'usual suspects':

Humankind is much older than generally believed, many ancient civilizations are now forgotten, our heritage is from the stars, aliens exist, and the really scary 'big secret'...

...we can all live together in unity and love...

Here is my first attempt at putting my ideas on video. It's 10 min. long, exploring my theory that 9/11 was an occult ritual invoking the Pyramids of Giza and the opening of a stargate.

The video is basically a slide presentation with some video footage.

Now you can get your friends who don't like to read up to speed on "The Pyramid Mega-Ritual of 9/11". Yeah, good luck with that...

I will be making more.


Peter G. Hutchins said...

I believe

Peter G. Hutchins said...

I believe

Adolph said...
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Adolph said...

Cool post! I noticed you missed one possible purpose of the 9/11 megaritual, that is, to contact/awaken/direct the human collective unconscious itself. Much closer to home than 'creator gods', at least.

Jake Kotze said...

Hi Adolph

The idea that 9/11 is connected to the unconscious I believe was noted a few times in that post. In fact I dont think you can seperate the idea of alien creator gods or the stargate (cosmic illumination) from the collective unconscious. It's a personal metaphor and belief system issue to decide which terms you want to use.
Thanks for the possitive feedback!


Synchromystic Librarian said...


Babalon said...

If all of us had heliocopters and airplanes so we could see the world from above. I am sure we would see alot of symbols laid out across the land. This is very interesting. I have a fascination with shapes or sacred geometry. Thanks for putting this out there. I hadn't seen this one with the Malta Cross.

Jake Kotze said...

Thanks Babalon.

I enjoy doing it!

apollo said...

So, dividing the kings chamber in half and combining the two cubes perpendicularly you get the octogon , and dividing the freedom tower in half you also get the octogon . 1776 divided in half is 888. Supposedly 888 is the numerical equivalent in Hebrew AND Greek for Jesus( Look into that though ).I'm Looking forward to going to Mars to meet Jesus, and I'm bringing my surfboard .
I have been checking your site for a while and find I can relate to it, very interesting.

apollo said...


clockworkeyes said...

We are all one consciousness (as you have said) and as individuals we are expressions of the very essence of life/love/energy that pervades all. Thus, everything consists of energy in varying forms, and our perception of the physical is merely subjectively experienced through our minds (consciousness). Therefore time and space are also experienced in this way, making your theories of synchronicity even more simple to understand and follow.
Everything is an experience of the infinite expression we know as "life" and this "matrix" we have created has many trapped within, believing it to be the only reality. It is clear that as a whole we are beginning to wake up, because so many are questioning that perception of reality, and the evolution of the spirit is close (i.e. Stargates, Illumination, Awakening, etc) as it once was to the races of beings before the pre-history of mankind (leading to the gods/aliens and civilizations of early history). This is a perpetual cycle of life - de-evolution into the physical/material reality and evolution towards the spiritual essence of life. We are here to BE; to experience life, so let's enjoy the ride. Keep up the fantastic research and "I'll meet you in the next world, so don't be late!!"

Synchromystic Librarian said...

"MUFON State Director Tom Sheets reports that an unusual craft was observed hovering over Fort Mountain at about 9:30 PM, on Tuesday, September 28.1999. The craft was glowing a bright white, and was octagon shaped, with more octagon like shapes within it's diameter, giving the appearance of a honeycomb."

Synchromystic Librarian said...

more octagon images at

cjdalton said...

Great stuff going on jake. Regarding the Templar,9/11 angle -
They were formed in the year 1111 and officially formed in 1118. 11+18=29;2+9=11. 1+1+1+8=11. They had 9 original members and did not recruit until 9 years later. The transformer film comes out on 7.4.7. 7+4+7=18;1+8=9. the original 9. you can tie in crowley,self styled great beast 666. 6+6+6=18. 1+8=9.
in context though 9/11 becomes 11. 9+1+1=11.hence twin towers 3D image as no.11. New York has 11 letters as does george w bush and 'the pentagon'. flight 11 had 92 passengers-9+2=11. Flight 77 had 65-6+5=11. Total number of victims on planes was254. 2+5+4=11.
9/11 was day254 of the year.

austinologist said...

your insight on the new transformers movie and the connections to the fourth of july made me think about the movie Independance Day which was released on that holiday. Featuring resource-stealing aliens that could speak through humans.

Also another thing about the transformers trailer is that the date's been abbreviated for the year. You know, instead of '07 it's just 7. But it's saying 747... as in the airplane. Then it fades out to a picture of the pentagon... perhaps only implicitly reinforcing the lies perpetrated on the eleventh. But still... images are powerful and most of their import lies in their inherent unconscious effect.

Hope this helps. You have a very, very interesting point of view.

Anonymous said...

Okay I'm just gonna drop this code sequence on you in as pure of a form as I can here because I think you'll get what I'm saying. I don't know the proper linear arrangement but you can slot these in as needed. Not all of these may be aimed at you but some definitely are:

- The lyrics to the song "Neverending story"
- The lyrics to the song "Silent Lucidity" by Queensryche (especially the spoken interlude)
- For better effect, play the audio from this

And turn the sound off this video and start it when the music starts on the other video

Watch especially for the part where the pig starts talking

What else... oh the Sphinxes in the Neverending story. I "saw" them last night. When I saw them they looked like two red winged lions and each had one paw towards the other and their wings arced up and touched and the negative space formed a heart. Inside of the heart was a giant gold coin which rotated around a vertical axis.

This may also take the shape of winged unicorns with their feet on a globe, or two lions on either side of a shield, etc. In the case of the unicorn globe, underneath the globe is a clock. As the coin spins, time is created or something.

This device is also used in Dark City by those nasty dudes.

Well that's probably enough for now. Oh wait, one more

That relates to not only the Neverending Story lyrics but it is also the mechanism (flux capacitor) through which you can achieve "dream control" a la Queensryche...

I also know what entity they are trying to fuel with the Iraq war but I don't know what it's name is. I'm going to draw it. It's nasty

Sinkronos23 said...

I am a member of Occult of Personality (Greg's) Vox and I was reviewing your pictures. He has quite a few posted to go along with the interview that you did. You have a gift of describing all that I have been studying for years. I would love to talk with you at length being a fellow researcher. Please email me back @ or
I would love to comment the photos and see if I am in Synch with you.

Synchromysticism Rules.

I was also turned on to your blog by my friend Hypgnosis.

In Fraternal LVX,

Sinkronos23 said...

Ps.....I am also Babalon

Sinkronos23 said...

This message is for Apollo:

I thought that 888 would be a triplicity of HOD. A station of mercury and I dont see Jesus as a messenger. I see him more in the realm of the hanged man. The Sacrifice. The same spot with Woden/oden and Osirus. On the path of 23. 12th card of the Tarot (12th house)Plus astrologically Pisces is the sign of the fish. (Two Crescent moons).Jesus was the fisherman. The constellation of pisces is also the symbol of christianity the fish symbol. The age of pisces has ended. The age of Aquarius has been in effect for 100 years or the Aeon of HORUS. I would see 888 more as a Thoth or Hermes trimegisus path. Sirian or Nephilim/watchers type messengers. Now I can see the point of view if you look at it in its path on the tree from Hod to Geburah. Geburah is Mars and HOD is Mercury. I can see the connection with the life on mars thing. This is just my point of view.

Provident 360 said...

In my opinion, UFOs in the Bible are angles and are referred to as a cloud, fire, star, etc.

hoi polloi said...


I just wanted to mention the stargate imagery in the new Pathfinder movie poster as well as Pan's labryinth movie poster

lane said...

When you talked about John Parsons and his connection to L. Ron Hubbard, you mentioned the, "OTO",(Operating Thetans Organization). L.Ron Hubbard, philosopher and founder of Scientology, has written many books about the study of the human mind and thetan,(spirit). He has conclusions from which we originate but this will cost the average Joe thousands to find out about. He has many theroies about implant stations that lead us back millions of years on Mars and other dead planets. Aside from that maybe the illuminaties or higherups are signaling the creators to build a new earth for our lifeforms to exist on because we are killing this one. The Earth's plates are seizing up because we are sucking up it's natural lubricant,(OIL). Mars might have been Earth 2 and this is Earth 3. If people just open their minds to what we feel and think, then talking or writing about these ideas, invites us to explore just how big our universe really is! I know that is hard for most humans to comprehend that such ideas exist and actually turns into reality but because the illumanties of this world wants our attention diverted on being a slave to jobs and constant procreation and other distractions, that we tend to ignore our real surroundings and our real origins! We as a human race are way more advanced then we ever thought as possible. When we fly and drive we are actually traveling through time. When we communicate to someone via telephone/cellphone we are talking to them from the present to the past, present to future, future to the present and so on. We can communicate with our minds. Just really start to think about the impossible and the possible will form. We watch so many movies that are created from humans that think this is a very real reality and sometimes the only way to get a serious message across is by creating scenerios in films with hidden subliminal meanings to get the bigger picture. We all seem to revert back to a movie to go, oh yeah I understand that now and go on with our lives putting all these great realizations aside because we're scared to communicate that with others so that way no one can put a label on you and say, you must be part of that type of group or some cult when actually your mind activated a trigger inside yourself, making you a much more technilogical advanced species. I have been contacted with a date message on my cellphone. This was not a text message but the everyday date that appears on all cellphones. I have been recieving this date since 2004 and it's now, Oct.2007. The date shows,"February 11 2116". I've done research on this date and have discovered some nucluer experations on 125 year contracts that end during this year and plans for feminists rights to cease. I'm sure there is more to this date than meets the eye. Personally, I think it's when the earth will die due to our everyday disrespectful nature that,"WE", continue to carry out and if, "WE" continue to make babies at the astounding rate that we do,(70,000,000 per year), they will be the ones to suffer. This is an infinite cycle, the #8 turned sideways, so hopefully we can fix this planet first and stop the bad cycle and turn it into a peaceful one. Thank you for this wonderful site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sheepfordinner said...

my profile is at comment upon the Government's collusion with the film industry (although not with any of the breadth displayed on your website). Clicking "my favourite articles" on the above pahe (to the right of the profile) offers additional explanatory details. I believe that some of you will find the materiel interesting. At least, I know it to be true, if not necessarily appealing.

Newberg Lodge Webmaster said...


Great post! I wanted to add one thing about the 7-4-7 date imagery fading over the pentagon. Along with all of what you had to say, it is like a sick joke the Illuminati like to play... remember a 747 is what they say hit the pentagon on 911. These people are masters of tying all this together in the Biggest Secret mega-ritual on Earth!


Newberg Lodge Webmaster said...


Well done blog indeed. In regards to the 7-4-7 date fading over the pentagon in the trailer for Transformers, let's not forget how the Illuminati, masters of the 911 mega-ritual, love to remind us of how in control they like to think they are. Wasn't it a 747 they said hot the Pentagon on 911? This is just the kind of imagery they are so famous for!

Keep up the great work!!!

Pupule Kahuna
The Crazy Wizard

Viper said...

in the movie Transformers on the side of the police vehicle the words reads as follow "to punish and enslave" what does mean?

Anonymous said...

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