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Friday, September 28, 2007

Contact? Check! - C - Duped by the Stargate Conspiracy

The third and final part of the synchromystic trilogy: "Contact? Check!". This installment focuses on the Checker cab as it relates to contact. The Christ/stargate resonant taxi, checkerboard and Schwarzenegger are followed through film to reveal the footprint of higher intelligence embedded in the fabric of NOW (space/time).

Thanks for much help and support to Todd Campbell from Through the Looking Glass.
His Atlantis/Crop Circle post: The Doors of PERCEPTION

The collected trilogy: "Contact? Check!"

I highly recommend this new genius Mark Pesce lecture about technology as it relates to natural selection and sharing.

Here is the link to his blog page regarding the lecture with all the collected youtube clips; the player won't embed properly right now...

Steve Willner and Todd Cambell's Bee video:
Galactic Alignment, Floyd, and The Hyperdimensional Bees


FilmNoir23 said...

Glad you were finally able to work in the Atlantis checkerboard!

And, are you freakin' kidding me? PILLARTAINAMID? Dude, you are straight up bustin'

Finding that spiral in Taxi Driver is no less than brilliant my friend. A+
It's all starting to come together isn't it?

Thanks for posting Steve & I's vid too, that was very cool of you!

hoi polloi said...

Excellent work Jake! That one was really a mind bender :)

soundlessdawn said...

I got one:


Best one in the series Jake.
Arnold is starting to give me nightmares. I bet he's wearing octagon underwear right now.


Michael said...

As a youngster, I skied down mountains wearing Solomon bindings on K2 skis... a soul enraptured with the joy of muscle, bone and spirit within gravity.

A remarkable post/video. Thanks.

Jake Kotze said...

Thanks for all the kind words guys and gal.

Wiindigoo said...

Head-altering stuff, man - you are truly surfing the novelty wave...
I'm sure it wasn't lost on you that Homer as Solomon is cutting a *pie* (pi) in half before his judgment of Checkerboard/Jesus.
One of my most memorable dreams began in a space station orbiting earth. I climbed into a "space taxi" that was essentially the "Johnny Cab" from Total Recall. The robot driver asks, "Where to?"
I say, "Uhh...Angkor Wat?"
Johnny the robot cab driver smiles and says, "Good choice..."
We then freefall drop from orbit (a ripoff "scene" from Aliens, of course) and arrive at the Angkor Wat temple complex in under ten seconds of dreamtime.
So your ideas are even synchro-meshing with my friggin' dreams from years ago! Meanwhile, most "blogs" are content to eagerly anticipate various pop cultural detritus or to use narrow belief systems to mock other narrow belief systems. You are, thankfully, keeping the channels wide open.

AWG said...

Another brilliant series of videos.

The reason I got up so late on the morning of 9/11/01 was because I was listening to "Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell." Subject that night? The Chilbolton crop circle. It was fascinating. Earlier that night of 9/10/01 I was in a small town in Louisiana covering a contentious town hall meeting. The American flag in front of the town hall had come loose and was flying upside down. I remember taking a mental note of that.

As always, look forward to future synchromystic dispatches.

aferrismoon said...

In Taxi Driver was too Cybill Shephard , a Sybil and a Prophet. She also acted with Brew Swillis in Moonlighting. What else do Sybils do when their not reading the entrails
If one looks in Mr Willners extraordinarily fine word there is AINA - a 3rd eye
Watched the vids, once, have to run them through again . Sublime

Anonymous said...

You are building a mystery Jake - no doubt about it - wonderful.

Love it, love it.

From the 'What If' consortium...

Using the Aricebo message and seemingly subsequent crop formation as a pinpoint example: could it be that the design of the original Aricebo message is actually a PRE-monition of a prank played by humans upon themselves?

Surely, if we managed a mass quantum leap using the 9/11 Ritual, we can infer the use of psi-tech, in the future, by OURSELVES,(Orson Elves?)keeping human eyes and thoughts on Tomorrow.

I call this effect the 'Mayan Whoopie Cushion'. Reality, in the main, is actually a practical joke. The tension of the joke is upheld by the hyper-textual analysis of history, with a special emphasis on the hopeless course of Human Suffering.

CONTACT supports a variety of appealing metaphors but originates, through the medium of ART, from one source. Us. It is always Us. 2012 is the moment we achieve simultaneous immortality and the fulfillment of uniqueness. At last, we will share a long deserved laugh.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jake,

From Crowley: Osiris is a Black God.

Your playful proto-manteau 'Christ-negger' scores a double bull. 'Christ' covers the original 'Schwarz', which is German for 'Black'. -negger itself intones the Latin 'Negro' (and subsequent degenerations).

To top this you have conflated de Niro (the Black) with Christ-negger. Wow.

Anonymous said...

have you seen this series:

should we backpack or join the under-ground?

Anonymous said...

As usual I'm speechless Jake - the neurons are firing in a whole different way when I watch your videos. :)

Not sure if anyone else has mentioned this, but in Rush Hour 3 there are one or two octagonal/hexagonal appearances - the most notable being in the scenes shot underneath the eiffel tower. Of course, I have no idea what it means...

PSO said...

Hi Jake, I love watching/reading your 'stuff'. Did you realize yet that Contact Check episode C/3 is listed as no longer available?
Please try and get your videos online again or contact me and I will host them free for you at my other site (not the blogspot one)

Thanks again for your insights.
Keep up the eye opening work of yours/ours