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Monday, October 15, 2007

New Interview With Kentroversy

First part of a 2 hour interview at The Kentroversy Tapes.

Thank you very much Kent for asking me on the show!


Kentroversy said...

Greetings, Jake:

Thank you once again for the kindness of your time, by graciously granting me two hours by which to conduct the interview. Your concept of SYNCHROMYSTICISM is rather complex, and a single hour would never have done it justice.

Thank YOU for doing my show -- and the D/L's have broken a record for the most D/L's in the shortest time.

Also, thank you for placing the notice on your website ... :)

Intellectually, I greatly enjoyed talking with you about your theory -- which is rather well-developed and -- I THINK YOU ARE ONTO SOMETHING IMPORTANT HERE!

Warmest Regards,

Buffalo, NY USA

Jake Kotze said...

Appreciate the kind words Kent.

Any time you want to do it again, let me know. Next time i'll try and engage you more in some dialogue.

Thanks to everybody taking the time to listen.

Have a great day.

FilmNoir23 said...

Jake, you continue to amaze me...

I love listening to your words, thoughts, and connections.

Sing on Muse!

soundlessdawn said...

Keep it up Bro.. We gotta get you a megaphone..

Jake Kotze said...

Thanks guys, very kind.

kundabuffa said...

Lovely interview, both gentlemen seem to be quite charming. Great to hear Robert Anton Wilson's name mentioned and love the no bogeyman, no fear perspective. BTW don't forget that love is not isolated and every part of a polarity as a whole is a trinity in itself.

Well sorry for going on. Thank you for the great videos and radio!

Brace for more synchronicities & collective leaks, too hard to ignore, bound to occur always. May the Heptaparaparshinokh v3.6 and other pleasantly uncanny tools be with you.

aferrismoon said...

Listened to the 1st hour
Of course u say what you will, but I felt somewhat relaxed by your lack of culting, and allowing this synchronicity beesknees to find and make its own path.
Allowing the various groups , Masons, Christo-Moslem-Jehudis, Presidents, Dictators, abductors, popstars etc to live without demonising them.
Yes they=us=they and we're all others.
In many ways Synchromysticism lacks complexity , unless of course we devils get into the details.
I feel at present a wave, that contains flavours , elements, which we taste and react to, but not to the point that we stop surfing, sailing, moving.
What I take to heart = the openness , no blame, the living fun.
I've just heard the words' Christina Aguillera, the new fragrance' ; I remain still and smile
Humans =92=Universe. The 1st and last l=characters of Genesis 1,i are B and Tz which together make the word BTz - translated as DUST. Numerically it makes 92.
May new equipment find you

Jake Kotze said...

Thanks Mr Moon

The new video, out (probably) 2 morrow is much ado about your namesake Luna...


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