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Monday, October 22, 2007

Al Noah and the Committee of 9/11 Moon Men

In this video we encounter a few of the colourful characters connected to the 'Committee of 9' and how they interact with the themes often explored in synchromysticism. Al Gore is believed to be the modern day Noah and The King helps uncover the secrets of the moon.

Enjoy and good luck...

Thanks to Synchromystic Librarian for the Aztec Sun Stone octagon lead.

Thanks also to John for emailing me the K2/Paramount resemblance photos.

Here is the complete recent interview with The Kentroversy Papers

Part 1

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Part 2

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Thanks again Kent and to everybody taking the time to have a listen.


Atlantean Times said...

Holy Dr OctoGOD.

This is probably your best video yet. It's stunning in it's simplicity & complexity all at once.

Me thinks it's time for a feature length episope before hollywood gets there first.

Regards gav.

Jake Kotze said...

I don't know, I really liked 'Contact! Check?' part 3... That Jodi Foster spiral truck thing really gets me. This one did make me laugh allot, well most of them make me laugh...
Really glad you liked it, this one and Mario (Cuboid Stargate) felt very similar to make. I kept feeling quite silly about them (I nearly stopped making Mario), but I'm glad they exist. I probably unconsciously wish the work would get taken seriously but realize with every 'Itsy Bitsy Illuminati' and '9/11 Moon Men' I move further into the lunatic fringe. That's just fine I guess. I don't need to identify with anything...

Word to your mother!

soundlessdawn said...

What sup Cuboid Ben Ben! This was great.. Seems like there have been a lot of Noah references lately.. If you go even deeper into insane (sane) conspiracy.. you'll hear even more stories of an Arc-like structure already built for the power elite on the Moon! I wouldn't doubt it at this point.. and be proud of the Mario vid! Look where Mario Galaxy is taking us! We should make the entire congress trip on psychedelic mushrooms and play Mario galaxy for 12 straight hours.. then we'll see who the crazy ones are. My favorite find in this vid was the Inconvenient truth poster resembling the three Masonic pillars. Editing is getting more slick too. Love ya bro!

kean said...

excellent ending

Michael said...

Andy Kaufman proves the moon landing was a hoax - you're killing me! Wonderful job.

Regards, Michael

Jake Kotze said...

Thanks Steve

Yes the Mario Bee thing is mind blowing, I will play the game and see if we can catch the bugger warping into a Saturn Hexagon in a helicopter on his way to Sirius as a bee... I wouldnt be suprised (a lie)

Hi Michael
Yes, it is almost poetic, but darn silly, the way it should bee. Hang on for the Toni Clifton Muppet/Wrestling sync I see in the future. I'm very siriuos!

Thanks for the kind response folks.

FilmNoir23 said...

Jake, Jake, just continue to amaze. This one is a REAL hum-dinger.

We may be fringe but you should be PROUD as Steve says...why would you desire to be anything else?

Mind-blowing Al Gore and Andy Kaufman...with a hint of bee. This one resonates big with me due to the R.E.M. synch, Toni Clifton showed up here in Athens (even though Andy was dead) around the time the movie was released. It was uncanny, whoever it was...he walked around downtown with some hot chick for several days doing his act.


Adam Star said...

Profound. However one looks at it, the embedding of esoteric symbols in popular culture items like video games, cartoons, sit-coms, pop songs, etc., is a most effective means of keeping the information away from mass-consumption. Your material is the offspring of rationality and imagination, tools meant to be used in tandem.

Just thinking about Michael Stipe's habit of performing live with a broad blue band of make-up across his eyes.

"Fall On Me" is one of many R.E.M. songs with interesting content, the lyrics describe 9/11:

"Theres a problem, feathers iron
Bargain buildings, weights and pullies
Feathers hit the ground before the weight can leave the air
Buy the sky and sell the sky and tell the sky and tell the sky

Dont fall on me (what is it up in the air for) (its gonna fall)
Fall on me (if its there for long) (its gonna fall)
Fall on me (its over its over me) (its gonna fall)

Theres the progress we have found (when the rain)
A way to talk around the problem (when the children reign)
Building towered foresight (keep your conscience in the dark)
Isnt anything at all (the statues in the park)
Buy the sky and sell the sky and bleed the sky and tell the sky"

Vapo said...

Another great effort Jake..Excellent! The correlation between Helicopters and Bees never ceases to amaze me...well so I think.

Bee Well and have a Great day!


Michael said...

I just remembered, in Capricorn One, the black helicopters were played by Hughes corp black egg shaped vehicles - probably a few good Howard Hughes pings in there somewhere.

JB said...

Jake, I think you might find the latest articles on my blog to bee quite inspiring. Blue-skinned aliens from Venus bringing the bees to Earth millions of years ago and so forth (seriously).

Synchromystic Librarian said...

Cool Excellence!!

reminds me I have been meaning to ask, any idea what he word is before Masters on the truck opening Jodie's stargate? (Masters is enough in itself though:-)

those pesky octagons are everywhere, read that Native American viewed the octagon as a symbol for the moon

Jake Kotze said...

Cake Master, I will put up a nice screen shot soon. Cake! Ha Ha...

aferrismoon said...

Al's cartoon rays hitting the Earth are reminiscent of some reliefs of the Sun shining on Akhenaton.
Certainly a lot of depth inthis one, things open out into chasms of whirling shazam
This quote from the; Medium is the Massag' by McLuhan came to mind-
" I must have been delirious, for I even sought amusement in speculating the relative velocities of their several descents toward the foam below"
'In his amusement born of rational detachment of his own situation, Poe's mariner in " The descent into the Maelstrom" staved off disaster by understanding the action of the whirlpool. His insight offers a possible stratagem for understanding our predicament, our electrically-configured whirl'
Beyond Luna-tic now it's Stella-tic

Wiindigoo said...

Add me to fans of your Mario/Moon Men videos. Lots of powerful stuff there in the funny weirdness.
More weirdness:
1) Jim Carey / John Kerry
2) Al Gore / Andy Geoffrey Kaufman (son of Stanley K.(aufman)
3) Al Noah's middle name is Arnold.
4) The Man on the Moon poster you show with J.C. ascending the ladder to the moon is reminiscent of the mason's tracing board.

In the Futurama episode you show:
The Galapagos Islands that the robots are taken to for extermination is associated with evolution through Darwin's voyages. The last scene where Bender saves the planet (since its TV, he uses a rocket fart to do this) from global warming by taking an evolutionary step (rolling over) taught to him by his turtle friend. When the turtle turns over, a single hexagon from the pattern of his shell is highly visible as well as the pronounced "base" ring around his shell. The image looks like ringed Saturn seen from its north pole and hyperdimensional hexagon. So with shades of the 2001/2010 monolith hyper-dimensional geometry, the turtle/saturn teaches the robot to make an evolutionary leap of planetary proportions.
Also, another robot is seen wearing a fez...
Keep up the good moon men work!

JB said...

Jake (and everyone else), I'd like you to check out my latest article over at the Meta-Logic Café (, its entitled "The Time Loop Theory", and I think it explains the very origins of the synchro-mystic phenomenon. Tell me what you think.

ViølatoR said...

Hey Jake, I just love all the videos. I've recently made a post about Thoth and the octogon: where I mention how Thoth was associated with the number 8. And that 8 is a symbol of creation to the Egyptians. At Hermopolis, Thoth was known as the Master of the City of Eight. And Thoth was sometimes depicted in the act of uniting the two lands of Egypt with Horus. The two lands are the 2 earth realms, and we are on realm number 8. I think it all fits quite nicely with the constant appearance of Thoth in synchromystic events.

I didn't have time to go into it on my blog, but I think that Thoth is synonymous with Metatron. And Metatron's cube encodes the 3D platonic solids along with the 4D tesseract; which is a 8-cell cube, or octohedron. There's some more wierdness about the tesseract as it can be projected into 3D space as a cube, double cube, and a hexagonal prism. (

Anyways, keep it up please. I've got my synchro glasses on and can't get enough of it!

Just Me said...

If you haven't checked it out yet, go see the Bee Movie official home page:

Be sure to look at the gallery, where several screen shots are interesting, including one showing the bees flying along amongst kites in the shape of cubes and the 6-pointed star, one showing the bees inside some round vehicle looking out the back through a circle (portal?) at a taxi, a bee sitting on the scales of Lady Justice, and a bee imitating the Statue of Liberty. Lots of fun stuff there.

soundlessdawn said...

Jake Kotze has the sexiest brain on Earth! (Throws panties on the stage)


God Bee Good Honey Last shot in the clip.... I get it the Hive Mind is alive and well.. God is the honey. I will have the B Hive Bank of America pics up on my Blog shortly. And by the way I was serious about thinking that I met you in Baltimore or at least someone who is very much in the know. Check out my real life sync story.

zonicview said...

Al Gore also looks very similar to Pacal Votan