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Friday, November 02, 2007

My New Blog

Just a bunch of stuff to be posted when I can find the time at my new blog for random thoughts, screenshots and panels from the videos etc at The Blob


Seth said...

hi jake...
trying hard to find an email to get ahold of you....your email link in your profile sends me to outlook on my computer, which i cannot configure to use for some there any other way i can get ahold of you?
i would very much like to ask you some questions!
thank you!

Jake Kotze said...

My adress is

If you still have problems just let me know and we will make a plan.

dr.alistair said...

interesting work.

my belief is that synchronicity is the signal to the consciousness that you are waking up.

there are those who have gone before us that have left clues to those who are waking up so that they can follow...

we have been here before.

there are those of us who aren`t content with discussing what the shapes of the shadows mean. we are more interested in where the light is coming from and who created it.

Not a Blogger said...

Just wanted to bring your attention to a upcoming movie "Slipstream", a film by and with "Sir Anthony Hopkins"
I'm curious what you think, although it is not out yet, the trailer shows some interesting stuff.

GR8 said...

DO you have a myspace account? I post your vids in bulletins. I'm always checking back for a new one!!
add me if you get/or have a myspace account.


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