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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Contact? Check! - B - Patterns In Big Apple Pi Gate

The second part of the synchromystic trilogy: "Contact? Check!". In this installment we continue looking into the WTC and Giza connection using Arnold Schwarzenegger and the West Kennet Checkerboard ("Pyramid Stargate") crop circle as synchromystic grid map.
The motivation: to establish that higher consciousness is in fact in contact with us right NOW (indeed, how could it be otherwise?). This can be interpreted as coded messages left by vastly intelligent non time or space bound interstellar entities (sometimes this is a helpful belief system) but more simply and elegantly, in my mind, just the awakening of the self into cosmic consciousness. The small mind waking into Buddha mind. The lifting of the veil of Maya (2012 resonance). And the end of the Kali Yuga...or some such pseudo spiritual rambling, you know the type.

Part 3, soon...

Thanks to Craig for emailing me about the WTC Poster Pi symbol!

Who is the Master who makes the grass green? - Zen Koan

A few words on synchromystic theory: When I look into a subject in pop culture, take pyramids for instance, patterns start to appear. The helicopter and the taxi are good examples. When you look long enough a kind of meta-narrative starts to unfold, told non-locally through connections to the central theme, in this instance the pyramid. Obviously, part of the story is in one's own mind and belief system. This is no reason for dismissing the result, but important for the viewer to bear in mind (the viewer is encouraged to draw his/her own conclusions on sync points). You can branch off and start looking at the taxi or helicopter itself, which adds more contextual patterning. 'Corn' is another example of a subject that keeps popping up when looking into this sync web. I have not yet tried to put it (corn) into context, but I have many ideas about how it fits. Actors, set design and words, literally anything, are deconstructed for connections and synchronicities. It is as if you are starting to look at the neural pathways of God or Brahman. Made visible by the Internet and the impending eschaton perhaps? Nexus points or nodes (like pyramid or helicopter) where ideas come together start sticking out of the seemingly chaotic noise of concepts and data points. 'Checkerboard design' or 'helicopter' become nexus points in the hive mind, which no matter where or how it is represented, becomes relevant. Even more so if seen in the presence of other important information bits (example Arnold/Taxi/Helicopter/Reptilian Alien, etc, all in "Predator"). This is either a small taste of the emerging new consciousness ranted upon at length by the ever blossoming spiritually open-minded or, to the sceptical, evidence of a new breed of techno-neurosis. Either way it helps me feel connected to a seamless pattern of such awe-inspiring beauty and elegance that I am humbled into a state of divine awareness of the immediate moment and its unlimited potential (sometimes...I still have bad days). That in itself is reward enough for me. The '2012' and 'Illuminati' themes are 'exterior' level games; 'internally' all is already bliss, union and perfect balance. Yet I am very happy 'externally' to be part of the game and welcome the perceived challenges ahead.

Oh yes, this was supposed to be about synchromystic theory, hmmm...just look at the videos and keep asking yourself, "Who is the Master that makes the synchromystic magick, really?"


soundlessdawn said...

Scary article on Arnold.

He has been seen at Bohemian Grove giving young boys nipple torture in front of the 20 foot stone owl.

But in all seriousness.. he is a rather mysterious figure.

Also, I highly recommend his retarded Japanese energy drink commercials.

BTB said...

Welcome back Jake!

I have been trying to get in contact with you for a while to no avail. Suspected e-mail malfunction/s. Will try again shortly.

Congratulations on your latest videos...

All the best

Jake Kotze said...

Thanks for the tips Steve.
Good bee video by the way.

Hi Ben, great to hear from you!

Thanks for the comments folks, I think part 3 is the real kicker to this lot. Hope you pop back in to see how it all comes together.

FilmNoir23 said...

Are you kidding Jake? We are all waiting for it with drool and sharp fangs my friend! These are great so far.

Vapo said...

Great work Jake as always! I look forward to Part 3.

For fun here is a Rap on Pi:


aferrismoon said...

Who is the master who makes the Grass green - is it Allen Greenspan?
Joking aside: great syncho-psycho-neural-babular words introducing Checkerboard B
Bohemia , with Prague its capital, crops up occassionally with these masonically minded Orders of secret somethingism
When I saw Demolition Man , at the time, the Arnold quip did not seem out of place then. Also the movie tough-man war twixt Arnie and Sly took a tongue-in-cheek form. I believe Snipes, Wesley took part in the film, i think.
Demolition Man resonates with the Twin Tower and Building7 demolition type naturally occurring event. DEMO - LITHOS - demon-stone , demon-strata

101 said...

Whoever views the synchromystic magick is the Master of it.