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Monday, September 24, 2007

Contact? Check! - A - At the Pyramounts of Madness

The first part of the Synchromystic trilogy: "Contact? Check!". Part A investigates the idea posited in Ralph Ellis', "K2: Quest of the Gods," that the Great Pyramid and K2 have a unique affinity. We also stop to view Arnold Schwarzenegger's synchromystic connections to future solar Kingship and Mars. This is just the tip of the pyramount my friends, check out Part B, soon!

Much related info and thanks:
Etemenanki: Stargate Cipher 2012
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Suggested reading:
Ralph Ellis
Thoth: Architect of the Universe
K2: Quest of the Gods

Some excellent fiction works that have influenced my mind on this subject:
Iain M. Banks
Excession (Contact with Higher Intelligence)
The Algebraist (Stargates and A.I.)


FilmNoir23 said...

Arnold has been pushing to be able to run for Prez. for a while now...

Something tells me it would require some event to open the doors for him...although I guess when we merge with Canada & Mexico...all bets are off and he could likely become President.

Jake Kotze said...

I know nothing about politics, I would like to keep it that way. The syncs however are alarmingly strong with Arnold... 2012 Sun King? Personally I think we all become our own Kings and Queens at that point. Who knows how this weird universe will play its cards, it's so much fun to participate! It will be surprising, that much I am confident about.

soundlessdawn said...

Ahh the Amero. They may as well put Arnold's face on it. Total Recall has always resonated strongly with me as the terraforming of Mars as well as a past civilization once occupying the planet are indeed strong possibilities, the latter perhaps finally solving the mysteries of the pyramids as Hoagland's research would suggest.

On a longer timescale, and with the technology of the near future (in perhaps 250-500 years), an artificial magnetosphere seems possible.. and we most likely already have human bases on Mars.. with the amount of unaccounted for (trillions of dollars) in the black NASA budget, that go conveniently missing every year.. and the findings of men like Gary McKinnon.. who uncovered documents referring to 'off world' officers.

And although we tend to focus our attention to the 'face' on Mars.. I think we should really delve furthur into research concerning the 'ass' on Mercury.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jake,

Wicked - as usual.

Whistling to your K2 theme I note the following...K = 11. 11 x 2 = 22. Also, by typical reduction...1 + 1 = 2. So 'K2' and therefore 'Paramount' = 22

There are 22 stars in the Paramount Studio Logo!

Also, to my ear, 22 is 'ZZ', which is the Noise (NOIZ) of Zion: namely, an electrical hum, or the humming of Beez.

In harmony with Steve Wilner...See Steves comment on F23's Through The Looking Glass: 'Starman, Part III' (posted Sep. 24), where he pairs the pyra-mid with the notion of a world power grid.

Peace Owt.

Da WWWiz

Jake Kotze said...

Thanks Wwwiz. Paramount indeed is mentioned in part 2, or is it 3? I forget.

Yo Soundless, hope your feeling better good sir, thanks for commenting folks.

hoi polloi said...

Jake, Orion apears quite a bit in the Aronofsky film The Fountain. I believe it was a representation of the underworld to ancient Egyptians and seems to have something to do with life after death...possibly reincarnation? Could this be the purpose of the pyramids?

Jake Kotze said...

Possibly the purpose of the pyramids in the Pharaoh and priestly class belief systems, yes indeed. Continued today by Freemasons and the like. I don't think however that these groups have the vaguest idea where they come from or what they are intended for. This is poker and I am calling there bluff. The Noah ark, 2001 monolith, Vault of Enoch and Atlantis (Pillars are pyramids!) mythos are the best fragments extent of an explanation for their existence. If you blend all those stories together while thinking of Giza (under a full moon on acid, maybe..) you'll get close, or get where I am going...
Either way the Pyramid explanation ends up disappearing into the quantum foam state or some sci:fi scenario, there is just no reasonable explanation. They are Schrodingers' cat! (see cover of RAW book for more details, note the checkerboard and Jupiter). Until we learn to open the box....

aferrismoon said...

would that bee Pan Door A's box?