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Friday, December 07, 2007

Why 2K?

Why 2K? - Part1 - Strange Things Are Afoot At The Circle-K

The K2 'pyramount' idea floated by Ralph Ellis in "K2 Quest of the Gods" again comes under synchromystic scrutiny. We follow the historical personalities the Mongolian Khans and actors Keanu Reeves, Orson Welles and Alec Baldwin for sync winks. The 911 mega-rituals millennial syncnificance is further developed as we follow the Stargate up the Holy Mountain.

Why 2K? - Part2 - K For Khan


Michael said...

A Most Excellent new logo.

Special K, and Kahn, the nemesis of Captain Kirk.

Michael said...

Oh yea, and you are WAY to young to have Olivia Newton John songs in your video.

Jake Kotze said...

I doubt Khan Noonien Singh (Ricardo Montalban) will stay out of this affair for long. He makes Manchurian Candidates to kill the Queen in "Naked Gun". Hell, you are lucky I spared folks from clips of the film "Xanadu". Looks like some stuff in there might even be worth going deeper into.


Biological_Unit said...

You've never actually made a useful prediction, so what is the point of Synch'ing things up ?

I think you enjoy large doses of mind-altering drugs, and then imagine that important events are happening.

But they aren't.

No information was transmitted, no learning occurred, no predictions were made.

aferrismoon said...

Hi. Like the snow swirling atop a mountain the vidz continue to leave me wondering which way to go.
1. The Champions - JM notes this at AdamStar's comments - a great TV series from the 60's , 3 Tibetanly doctored plane crash victims fight for justice back intheir own world. Great music and a must when I was a smaller, less developed child. its a worthy synch.
Xanadu bu Olivia NJ - her fatjer was an Australian member of the Bletchley Park wartime codebreakers, I'm not sure , but he may have been an acquaintance or colleague of Ian Fleming, probably knew Turing
Al.Bal[dwin] - The Barclays Hotel. In the vid u note the resting place of the Ark, where it finally lay.
BARQUE - LAY - Barques or Barks [ Trees and Dogs] = smaller Arks, often used by the Pharoahs and other Kingly types.
A treasurehouse of images , or thanx for the memories

Jake Kotze said...

Hi Biological Unit
The point is to "point a finger at the moon".
A am in no way shape or form trying to predict the future, I am trying to make vivid the 'now'.
I use mind altering drugs on extremely rare but holy occasions. I haven't had a psychedelic in 2 years, thus for the entire Brave New World Order run thus far.
I don't expect everyone to resonate with the work.
I make it because it feels right at the point, like dancing or singing. No one song or dance is universally liked by all and that is exactly how it should be.

Well, I eat much sugar and coffee which sre mind altering, like all else.

Mr Moon
Your comments are often very heartfelt.

Atlantean Times said...

hey there ..great post again...

i see we were f for faking at the same there jake...I was going to post that exact opening seqience for citizen kane but decided to do F for fake first....

You mentioned hotel barkley what about Lt barkley in startrek...he undergoes a mind transformation that propels him forward evolution wise at an exponential rate and also sends the enterprise on a hyperspace trip to the otherside of the universe. his brain is altered in order that he may transport the enterprise to a remote part of the universe so that they can gather information about us...It's a real rapture moment...

JB said...

Very good. Both a bit short, though. Is there a Part III in the works?

AstroSphinx said...

Ah, I am so happy to have come across these 9-11 2K tagged things.. but the syncronicty for me was that I mentioned the two in my very first video which wasn't very good at all.. as just a part of the non-syncro surface conspiricy..but the relationship is there completely..

and as for Kubla Kahn and Xanidu.. I'm caught thinking "Derk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency" by Douglas Adams (known better for the Hitch Hikers Guide series and as a script editor for Dr. Who.. who had the occasion to write a script or two as well)... these all fall into place with all that has been touched upon here!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Let's not forget that K is the 11th letter of the alphabet. K K = 11 11 11:11 (AM or PM? GMT or EST? Does anyone know?) is supposedly the exact time that the "big (ascention) event" is going to occur on December 21, 2012. Also, I was really hoping for some Xanadu clips! KooKy...

ViølatoR said...

I'm listening to the Occult of Personality podcast with you in it, "Podcast 18 - The Return of the Synchromystic Magician" from June, and you guys briefly mention Rosslyn Chapel and you say something like "if theres and octogon there I would like to know." Well there is one on Willaim Saint Clair/Sinclair's tomb. It's an eight-spoked wheel which is said to represent the holy grail.

Here's a picture
It's the bottom image, the other two are a Mayan glyph and a buddhist 8-spoked wheel.

Biological_Unit said...

I don't expect everyone to resonate with the work

I'm upset that you won't fix with me.

That was unfortunate.

FilmNoir23 said...

I think you are to the HEART of it now Jake my boy.

As for predictions, I am glad you aren't making any. Making sense of what is going on around us in the here and now is far more interesting.

the new logo looks good...perhaps a little small and dark however.

I too was hoping for Xanadu...I have no doubt it will come. The Orson Welles stuff is dead on...I had a nice brush with him a few months back myself.

More soon! LOVE YOU

Jake Kotze said...

Love you 2..

kevin lewis said...

beautiful work as always jake.

and i have something to add which opens quite a few windows... keanu reeve's now defunct band name? dogstar. born out of a "chance encounter" even!

tom said...


Thank you for very interesting material. You seem to mention the Helicopter here quite often and as it happens I recently read a short book by the inventor of the helicopter, Arthur Middleton Young. Isn't it interesting that, as Wikipedia has it, "In August of 1946 Young recorded in his notes the idea of the psychopter— the helicopter as the 'winged self', a metaphor for the human spirit.


soundlessdawn said...

Website is finally up my good friend.
I thoroughly enjoyed your latest opus - and really dig the new logo! Up, up, and away...

Al said...

OMG check out the checker chariot of the gods: the 2-K Cab found in San Diego!

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