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Thursday, December 20, 2007

New Red Ice Creations Interview

Ben Fairhall and I join Henrik Palmgren from Red Ice Creations for a fascinating conversation. It was fun, challenging, but also very stimulating.

Thanks a Brazilian guys!

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soundlessdawn said...

Wonderful my friend - my favorite thing you said was that people will not allow these atrocities to occur around the world because the internet will make it seem as if we are hurting ourselves - that as this collective consciousness grows through the internet - people will develop compassion because the bubble they live in will eventually encompass the entire world. That's where we're heading for sure. Peace and Love.

soundlessdawn said...

Stop spreading the truth behind 9/11~! You Pyramid Mega Ritual Motha Fucker! - heheheh

Occult Mosaic said...
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FilmNoir23 said...

Wonderful interview! Thanks so much...

One question: What if "they" decided to unplug the internet and cut the whole thing off? Remember, they giveth and taketh away just as easily...

aferrismoon said...

If the medium= the message, then the internet tells us that we have telepathy. Turn it off , see what happens.
A tad simplistic I agree, but technology = the extensions of Man

Z said...

great talk. very philosophical. You guys really hit on the fundamental problem of identity that I continue to grapple with. We are indeed addicted to thought and material objects and often confuse them with who we are. When you said this is what the birth of consciousness looks like I gasped. I'm just not quite ready to accept it as beautiful, but it is possible.

aferrismoon said...

The interview put to the fore the difficulty of semantics. Hive mind seems to set off emotional responses in some and not others - thus the word[ dear old god] unifies and divides.
With the Architecture and the Hive mind, kind of local and general human structures, I invoke Bucky. A Geodesic Mind, nodal event-points linked by MORE THAN 1 SOURCE, convergent-divergent, trajectories of relevance to a greater or lesser degree.
This moves away from The Blob type globalism and allows an integrally structured world-arounding, mental and physical.
At present I tend towards the general synchromysticism because investigating the localised pain scenarios on a daily basis, with the blood, and the dried bones, and crying, screaming lonely humans, hating for lack of a better way to love, tends to find me wanting some form of revenge, or be accepting when a 'bad group' gets it. ha!ha!.
McLuhan in his Medium is the Massage writes in '67 that people will tend to empathize more with the 'bad people' wondering how someone like them could have reached a stage called ' deny another's will via laws and/or fast moving metal objects, or death-rays from HAARP [ did u see the Harp in Tinman]
A manifestation of Globalistaion appears to be Nationalism or cultural-heritage saving. I sometimes feel that 'they' are making globalisation look so awful to get us all into Nationalism and ultimately Smashnialism. I imagine that Globalistaion will set free the individual from petty national-racial-clan religionism, which are not and never have been 'choices', and are at present being 'set-up' [ via Football shirts etc] as your true right - aaaaah!!
Despite possible sappiness I find that these blogs define the nearest I can come to a 'national and a global' identity, and it flows, and I'm not the same today as I was yesterday, and sometimes I'm popular and other times I'm ignored, and sometimes I popularize and at times I ignore , but i remain creative and whole, yet never isolated or impervious.
Ship Ahoj!

aferrismoon said...

Optimism + Pessimism = Synchromism
Secret Societies = the Secret parts of ourselves

S. Nino said...

Mr. Kotze,
Doubtfull that you will post this comment, seeing as how it is negative and you appear to be ultra positive. The interview on Red Ice with Mr. Fairhall and yourself was truly insightfull in regards to your "belief system". Your "work" says nothing, just shows (for those without the eyes to see) the workings of the folks many term "They", again and again over and over... look a checkerboard... look a octagon...look a hexagon... the ben-ben,stargates etc,etc.
Maybe you are one of "Them" as Mr.Fairhall noted during the interview. You are young and naive with much to learn about yourself, and the world in which you inhabit.
"WE" are not "ONE" as you continue to regurgitate the New World Order speel and "belief system" time and time again. There are bad people consorting with one another day after day to bring about a chipped society, I suspect you will indeed be chipped, you sounded as if it is some big joke. It is not a joke young one. Maybe I'm wrong about you, but my instincts have served me well for these 40 plus years and there is something not quite right about your "work" and "belief system". The fortunate part is that you have time left to make some changes I suggest getting out of your bubble and talking to regular folks daily and becoming part of a solution and not one who stands back as a spectator.

soundlessdawn said...

Yeah - you really are an asshole man. I mean who do you think you are making non-linear thinking a beautiful art form that inspires thousands of people? I thought creativity was pretty tapped out by now? - Conspiracy theories are for the Bonerless bottom dwellers who don't get much sunshine. I like my facts spoon fed, and science is always a safer bet than intuition and listening to your inner spirit.. if such a ridiculous thing even exits. I'm much happier in my orderly den of isolation - I don't want to think there is anything unique or wondrous binding all of the conscious beings in the universe together - What is this Candyland? You should be more violent towards the billionaire tyrants who run the planet - what is making your silly little video's and uniting intelligent creative minds all over the world ever going to accomplish? - Schmuck.

kevin lewis said...

man, if i don't see jake and now, mr. willner, out there, both guns blazin enacting some serious justice and violence on these baddies i'll kno that they are in fact... THEM.

Z said...

Are we individuals? In which case the hive mind is repulsive. Or are we one aspect of a cosmic consciousness? There is, of course, a third way in which this very dichotomy is an error and both are paradoxically true. I forgot who said it but if it's a paradox it's generally true. I do remember that Emerson said that a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.

aferrismoon said...

In the UK -Chips = sliced potatoes which are then fried
In America , chips = even thinner slices which are fried even deeper
but in the UK
they call them ......... crisps!
Americans changed UK chips to French Fries and then to Freedom Fries
If we do get chipped think of all the wonderful things u can do to make them give off wierd signals that tells them that I live in the Arctic and Africa at the same time, and my names a constant fluctuating anagram of 168 phonemes.
I have no doubt countless Secret societies want to tie up the world and make it ordered according to some vague linear unified theory , but Universe tends to want to question itself . Once we stop questioning the Voldans of Merkator are given automatic control of all humanity , secret societies , govts. etc.
We all = waves of energy intersecting integrally, change the frequency, thats what TV teaches, Channel 0
Nevertheless does any1 have any DNA I could use, I'm gonna have to start collecting a few idents

Greg Tramel said...


i think the last 2 paragraphs of this post "explains" it all

Crafty Mom said...

i agree with henrik...the best redice interview yet. vibing on the subtle polarity. impossible to pronounce, but that heading in the same direction, with similar work, and very different perspectives on what's taking place. and...both being able to still relate. not getting tripped up with it being 'personal'. i love that. could have listened for many more hours just on the dynamics alone!

i've added links to the interview at several discussion boards/forums, bcuz i'm so tired of "the pit" mentality, where exploration comes to a grinding halt, with power-plays and everyone digging their heels in on one idea (their own)...and no growth. i feel that was the biggest impact of the show...the two of you dancing around all the obstacles, that could have been a problem, and weren't.

it was funny, ben would say something, and i'd think "yeah", and then you'd say something, and i'd think "yeah"...and it just kept going along like that. so f--king refreshing. unlike the old "good cop/bad cop" programming.


synchrobrarian said...

let the chips fall as they may

Newspaceman said...

Hiya Jake,

Have to agree with s nino. You are treading a dangerous path with your romantic illusions of a collective eye being a good thing for humanity.

Soundless Dawn, you should be ashamed of your response to an individual who is expressing his opinion and, to be frank, telling the truth.

Do you genuinely believe that because you think on a "non-linear" basis that that means everything will just turn out okay. That seems a rather egotistical and selfish attitude.

You are both falling into a trap - or perhaps setting one.

I can see as many symbols of pyramids, a forked tongue serpent, a globe, a golden arch etc etc, from where I sit just now - simply be looking at my infant child's Disney sponsored play station.

"Conspiracy theories are for the Bonerless bottom dwellers who don't get much sunshine."

Funny, your idol Crowley was in fact a naturalist, a scientist and a piss taker.

Sold many videos ?

waken up.


Newspaceman said...

ps, how exactly is it "fun, challenging and stimulating" to spout a whack of marxist new world order propaganda - unless you are part of it.

double tipple

ps I am writing a pamphlet on all of this, available now, at only £18 per issue.


Prizm Light said...

I really enjoyed listening to the interview! I've been catching up with your interviews there the last few days and really enjoyed the debate between you two. I liked being able to hear two different views on things, it was weird, sometimes I feel positive and sometimes I don't, it was like listening to an internal battle.
Great stuff, keep it up!

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