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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Nosis Interview Clip


I was interviewed recently for a future documentary called "Nosis - A Cinematic Vision Quest". Above is a sample of the results.

Nosis Website
NosisTV Youtube Page

I think they have done a great job of representing what I was talking about.

A first for me, all very exciting.

Thank you Andre and Jim.


More on how these events interact, creating feedback with my personal Stargate and home base Winnipeg, in the future. Flux willing.

I'm still making text posts at "The Blob" for folks who want to follow along.


Christopher Darren Horn said...

Very nice Mr. Kotze. I really liked you in this interview. This video, to me, would seem to be really good for introducing people to this concept of synchromysticism that you have come up with. Very cool. Gonna post this video on my blog with links to your blogs and Nosis TV as well. All very cool and really interesting.

Marc said...

Jake, you look a lot like Roger Federer the world rank No. 1 professional tennis player.

By the way i sent you an e-mail about the movie bruce almighty and how at the very end when morgan freeman claps his hands the name of the pizza restaurant in the background changes from Frankie's to NKinkie's ... y2k Resonnator?

Anonymous said...

Good one, Mr Kotze.


Atareye said...

In frame when your talking theres a MM in the background. This video ties it all together and boils its all down.

Finally video is becoming something useful.

Well played JK

Unknown said...

I checked out some of the other Nosis vids on youtube...I'm not saying that that the others are bad, but I liked your segment the best. Then again I may be a little biased. LOL!

The blob is cool, but I like your vids better.... hope ya churn some out soon.

keep up the good work!

Marc V. said...

Great work on connecting the dots Jake, I built up on your work. You asked how did they (movie script writers, or directors) know? But I believe you are blindsided by your new-age philosophy. It is not an impersonal unconscious force that directs resonance or synchronicity. It is sort of - the insiders adepts or gang flashing their signs for the big event. Inspiration would come from the ether, (extra-dimensional plane). Holy writ calls Satan the Prince and Power of the Air, so he does have a sphere of inspiration and influence for those who are open to him through the myriad of mystery schools and secret societies. In their mind set, this 9/11 event is like a grand inaugural for New World Order, as you interpreted ' a new plane of conscience.- new-agers would say,'quantum leap of the evolutionary processes or new evolutionary cycle. Adepts of esoteric knowledge can resonate a perverted inversion of major Biblical events of history: The giving of the "Law" on Mt. Sinai to a Hebrew nation, 'three thousand people died' as they worshiped their golden calf; after the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, Peter preached the first sermon, Three thousand people converted to Christ, in a new historical dispensation of God's grace, here's the inversion of 9/11, the approximate number who died on that fateful day was about three thousand on the grand inaugural of the age of Aquarius (New World Order, rule of the Anti-Christ) You can also clearly see - the dark hand behind 9/11 in the movie "Jacobs Ladder", 9/11 resonance is in many scenes of this movie. Also the 'Illuminati Card Game' by Steve Jacksons Games (1995) depicting the entire 9/11 scenario as it developed on that day including the anthrax scare. Steve was even sued by U.S. secret service for trying to sabotage the 911 emergency dialing phone system really it was - code for 9/11.

vinay said...

neo's passport from the first matrix movie, nice date in there

Unknown said...

Anonymous said...

You mention the monolith from 2000 S.O. when you get a chance check out the Temple of Set website...very interesting stuff on their opening page.

freesoulsinger said...

Right on Kotze!
check out the words and music i put together after putting up with 8 years of bush cheney and the sleepwalkers around me