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Monday, February 25, 2008


My editing software is on the blink. I have decided to put my efforts into writing for the time being to develop that aspect until I get a new setup. The videos are very likely to return in some form or another. If you want to follow along, check out my other blog "The Blob" with new articles like "Opening the Stargate Via Adam Sandler".


soundlessdawn said...
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NotABlogger said...

whats up with this thingy
right in the vatican, and it looks like the mecca-sphere at the wtc

Leon1234 said...

Hey,c an you add me to your blogroll?

vinay said...

jason have you seen the movie southland tales? its by the same guy who did donnie darko, time travel, conspiracy, huge hollywood cast

here is the trailer


aferrismoon said...

Just watched SOUTHLAND TALES, wonderful. Will post something with it in next couple of days.

Anonymous said...

Check out this image guys

vinay said...

Wrong Is Right (1982) - starring sean connery, featuring suitcase nukes at the wtc

Justin marchi said...

Are you familiar with the Mighty Max cartoon that aired in the early 90's? If you go to

you can watch an episode of it. Also check out what Wikipedia has to say about it.

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