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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Thoth-Duck and the Pillarmid Gate (Comic Book Cycle Part 2)

A continuation of the investigation of the footprint left by higher intelligence embedded in the synchromystic interconnectedness of space/time. Polyhedrons and pop-culture are used as resonators to decode the meta-narrative of the unfolding realization of God-consciousness in humanity. The Saturn hexagon and 911 mega-ritual receive particular focus…

Hope you enjoy it.


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Check out the interesting parallels between Steve Willner's new video.

He fascinatingly picked up on the Death Star (Sphere) and Harrison Ford as well.. Notice also how Micheal Jackson is also connected in mine as the Scarecrow in "The Wiz".

Thanks to these folks for some particular inspiration connected to this new video.

Goro Adachi : Octagons

Greg: Chicken Little and more…

Synkronos23 : Oz and Cornucopia

Todd Campbell: Bees

Ben Fairhall: Massive Support

Piepan: Ryan Adams/Elton John/200

Check out her art...

The : Iapetus/Hoagland/Hexagon
The Unknown blog commentator..

Octagon Maat: Giza Octagon

Henrik and Fredrik Palmgren: Oz/77/Pan

Tripp: Translation of Disney Finnish comics
His MySpace

"200" by Vincent Collins


Not a Blogger said...

Just want to tell you this:

FilmNoir23 said...

Jake you continue to amaze me. I nearly fell out of my chair during the Joan Cuzak synch with freakin' "Chicken Little" that came out of nowhere. I know you had mentioned "Working Girl" to me before. I'm entranced, what can I say. Work that magick man.

Jam said...

This is incredible. Awesome work.

Joshua said...

You are a wizard/mage/sage. These videos could really help to turn the tide, and wake more and more up. With this quickening of time we are all experiencing, your efforts to visualize the pressing matters and connections could prove key in the awakening that needs be;for we know most do not read any longer.

Jake Kotze said...

Yes indeed Todd, the best syncs are the ones where I am about 99% sure they were unintentional. Stuff by Grant Morrison and even Kubrick is less amazing (Think Ben Fairhall remarked on this too) as they were/are conscious wizards… not that I wont look there either, they may still not have been conscious of everything they were picking up.

Thanks Jam, glad you dig..

Joshua, the videos work well and the response is great. I can understand why folks would rather watch than read, in this day and age. I hope folks don’t think I am not toying with the idea of writing a thing or two again. As for time quickening, fasten your seatbelt folks I doubt it will be stopping any time soon... whoooo!

Synchromystic Librarian said...

Hexagram Invoking Saturn

Jake Kotze said...

Fascinating Synchromystic Librarian

If you remember the Starymid (two 5 sided interlocked pyramids) shape from the Octagon/Freedom Tower video... The Starymid (from which one can derive the hexagram and octagon) also resembles the Unicersal Hexagram very closely when plotted in 2 dimensions. I have wandered if Crowley was hip to this and whether the true hidden shape behind the David Star and Unicersal Hexagram was the Starymid shape... A three dimensional object much different from the Merkaba...

Anyway cool lead...


BTB said...

More amazing stuff. Particularly like the final Donald/Pan/cornucopia synch; and, of course, the Ryan Adams 9/11 material.

Thought for you: Somebody really needs to collate as many or ALL of the 9/11 'prophecies' that we have discovered across different media and produce a video on the subject. You know the kind of thing we've looked at: Hellraiser III, the Simpsons, the Adams vid, Fight Club, Artificial Intelligence, etc.

My Spidey-sense tells me there would be a LOT of interest in such a work. Something which would translate beyond the blogosphere, even...

As and when the mighty comic book cycle draws to a close, perhaps a project you might consider?

I'm glad I could be of support to you, Jake. Your words, films and energies are truly appreciated...


P.S Psychonaut Steve Hilner is also doing some great work at the moment. Thanks for alerting me to his stuff.

aferrismoon said...

September 11. The 7th month, in one's face as it were. July , You-Lie, the other 7th month.
911 or 711 [9x11=99,7x11=77] Is 9 a red herring. Is 7 a blue Marlin. Maybe I'm fishing, but what might we witness on Sept 7 this year while we watch the July- U lie- festivities
G8 - Check Sarkozy on YouTube, drunk as a lord after visiting Vlado Putin.
Have you noticed that GB -Great Britain and Northern Ireland have Gordon Brown as PM, and Gyorgy Busch as grand ally. Microsoft have Gates,Bill who I believe to be the computer literate reincarnation of WilliamBYeats [ Gates - Yates or Yeats] Wasn't the Moonchild a Gate. Yeats was a member of the Golden Born [sorry Dawn].
I have 14 GB free
Numerically : G=3,B=2 [using Hebroo alephbeyt]
With Alphabet its 7 & 2
Have yet to see the newv ideos.
Is Chicken Little like Chicken Licken who believed the moon was in the puddle. Well. i'm sure all will reveal itself

aferrismoon said...

As I look to the left of the left pillar on some MasoNyc symbells there is a level which looks remarkably like a space-shuttle on the launchpad.
Any Comments?

Waesar said...

i always thought the facade of the WTC was rather interesting and a i've been lead to believe that it does represent grains (corn in my opinion). perhaps you may see lily. either way it's meaning-full.

i thought i was stretching it until i saw that the washington mutual logo resonates the same motif.

yesterday my girlfriend found a cheap copy of 'the cosmic serpent' for herself and not looking at it in years i flipped it open and the first page i saw was 64. the illustration in particular. d'oh! on this page narby directly links serpents with quartz crystal. for those not aware, quartz is basically THE hexagon. he explains the multicultural beliefs directly linking quartz and serpent. check it out! other pages/ illustrations of interest are 57 & 58. these include hexagons but focus more on the hemispheres of the brain (two pillars...) being seperated by a serpent being lead by the divine crystal, and the other the hemispheres of the brain seperated by two undulating serpents.

since discovering your youtube video and in turn your blog and then all these other great synchromystics i think i'm going to have to start back up with my own research. i study the same synchronistic way only i always called it 'chasing the dragon'. i'm stoked to see others with the same shamanic type illogic soft focus! time to get everything out of storage and stop being a hermit? you all re-inspired me!

more food for thought: keeping in mind ropes/cables being serpent sybolism and narby talking about the "sky-rope" or vine connecting earth and sky (two pillars, brain hemispheres) i recall a guy tight-rope walking between the two towers a long time ago. the ritual (un- or intentional besides) is thick with meaning.

my own line of thought/ research kept stargates in mind but was more interested in DNA activation or deactivation ritual (WTC in particular). i'm figuring out that both are maybe synonymous. can't play with stargates unless you are 'activated'. your research is blowing my mind!

there needs to be more references to TMNT. they're DEEP in the stargate symbolism. synchromystic field day! 'reptilian' wary types have fun...

mad props to william henry.

OH! to bring more saturn resonance with time narby (for whatever reason) in an example describing how much DNA we have coiled in us says it's long enough for 70 round trips between the sun and saturn! there's some more seven's for T.T.L. Glass!

i posted a number of comments on Tricky Times as well but i'd like you and readers to look at the one under Spirals and Coils. also a comment on through the looking glass' 'dawn in the seventh house' post. thanks.

looking forward to part III !

aferrismoon said...

Scrooge McDuck , name inspired by Charles Dickens' Ebenezer Scrooge. Dickens nicknamed himself ' Boz' , with a long 'o'. Perhaps it invoked Boaz
I gleaned this from McLuhan's 'The Medium is the Massage'
" The teach-in represents a creative effort switching the educational process from package to discovery"
" Myth is the mode of a simultaneous awareness of a complex group of causes and effects"
Even Kubrick , did u say Q-brick or Cuberic or QBrik
Q-brick = the monolith. you know , like when Stanley says ' Doctor. Living Stone I presume'

Jake Kotze said...

Hey Aferrismoon.

Todd Campbell said the same thing about the shuttle and the "plumb rule"(?) in an email.
Bill Murray rides the Isis/Liberty in Ghostbusters 2 and plays Scrooge in Scrooged, interesting.

Ben, on collecting 911 syncs together and making something, indeed it might come to pass... But for now it would spoil the fun of putting them all into context little by little. Not too long from now that might be an option.

aferrismoon said...

Re: Collecting 911s
I quite like the way that JKs vidz repeat things again and again but spliced with new and different subjects, like this evolution of DD. personal patterns emerge. Nevertheless not against a collection, I would visit it.
Some of the info seems doesn't quite link in at times which stops me from lapping it up too unquestioningly.
These blanks allow my mind to move more in-spirallingly as I haven't had all the work done for me. Its why I included the McLuhan quotes. School was boring when I had only to memorize facts dealt out linearly.
Patterns emerge with repetition - Bill Murray in Groundhog Day [ Ground 0 day?].
Plumbum = Lead = Saturn
I'm Saturn my Ass this Saturday

In L.E.Duck - the caption with Donald on the capstone says..... I'm bushed' ; forgotten the 1st bit. as well as the Bricks.
In the Noah-type film I see Morgan Freeman in it; Captain Morgan , erstwhile pirate becomes a Freeman when the British give him governorship of Jamaica
I ahve written something on my blog about Samson and Delilah, a few numbers naturally but he he did stand between 2 pillars, Herculaean , and brought the House down
All the breast - as the goddess says

Anonymous said...

Dear Jake,

Totally kick ass.

Check out the following...

a) Goat/Bush.

As Bush delivers his 'Mission Accomplished' speech, a dyslexic '77' can be see to screen left of his head.

b) Freedom Tower as Isis

In the opening act of 'Harold and Kumar go to White Castle', Harold gazes into a mirror past his own reflection at his hearts desire, the girl down the hall, who wears a rose colored blouse. The mirror is etched with with the outline of The Freedom Tower.

Maat said...

Jake, did you catch the otherworldly performer called Thoth on america's got talent in July. Check him out on the Youtube link:-

I came upon his video clip after checking out your Thothduck vids. Very synchronistic. This guy dresses like an ancient egyptian, dances, sings in operatic falsetto in an invented language about a lost mystical land called 'Festad'...any connection with Atlantis, I wonder?
He calls his performances prayformances and believes that he is here to heal the world.
I'd love to hear what you make of this.