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Saturday, May 05, 2007

The 911 Stargate

My new video about the 911 stargate theory. Included are some synchromystic connections to The Wizard of Oz, George W. Bush and Aleister Crowley.

Enjoy and Namaste!

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This piece was influenced heavily by the following folks and their fine works:


The Wizard Of Aiwaz (OZ/Aowvis) Part I

Wizard of Aiwass/Aiwaz/Oz Part II

Occult Of Personality

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John Valentini

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hoi polloi said...

In keeping with 9/11 being an Isis unveiling, and the Simpson's sync where Lisa holds up the magazine- I've read that the '$' symbol actually means Isis. Its also symbolizes the caduceus. It was mentioned in Ellis C. Taylor's book.

XSFEAR said...

Amazing work ! The syncs keep coming. It's funny I was going to mention something about the wizard of oz and it's connections. Keep up the good work my friend. Here is a very interesting link you should check out on the Wizard of Oz and the Illuminati.
Also don't forget about the amazing sync between The Dark Side of the Moon and The Wizard of Oz.

Sinkronos23 said...

Btw, that was posted at 1223.

While watching your video it was brought to my attention that by the people walking around the pyramid they are raising energy or a cone of power. Just like years ago when the pagans were dancing around a bon fire and that was considered evil because people were emulating the gods/government. They create a rift or vortex or whole in the universe, a portal or gateway. Then you look at the reference between the Great Pyramid at Giza and its direct line-up with Sirius. When you now look at where the twin towers stand, there is a beacon of light. The same one that they are trying to raise or open with the Capping of the pyramid rituals. So this pyramid at Giza is a dial hand of a watch, we are all horologers, worshiping the sun or dancing around the fire. We are slaves to the cycle of time...we revolve around the sun and invoke magick with our day to day life and thoughts. We are demi-gods and magick incarnate. As above, so below. The Solomon's seal or Solomon's ritual.Our money system is based off of these icons, which are many sigils and you can see the ritual of 911 on the back of American Currency by simply folding it. America's currency is that of a New World Order. The pentagon and the trade center, the pentagram or eastern star (sirius/mankind) and the two towers or twin pillars of Solomon are symbols of this effigy or model magick theory. They have been creating dolls to symbolize ideas for as there has been a tribal medicine man/woman (voodoo dolls, poppets, chess pieces) The sphere looks like a roulette or astrology wheel or if you ever map out the world in latitude and longitude, it reminds me of their grid lines and if you think about that their are 12 naturally formed pyramids along the Earth's surface making a vortex where electromagnetic grids interconnect. Then you have the connection with Earth as Malkuth and the Kingdom, which has its Saturnalian ties.Which also connects with the black box of Meeca or the Ka Ba.
The Oz symbol or golden sphere in your video reminds me of the symbol of Capricorn which is the sign of the planet Saturn or the Sea Goat....Baphomet or Pan. I could go on for hours just about this piece. Great Work! 418!

Kentroversy said...

Greetings, Jake:

I have two questions concerning your latest video here, which is excellent, by the way.

First, about your theory regarding the first degree tracing board vis-a-vis WTC # 7. Why, in your eyes, does WTC # 7 represent the smallest pyramid, and NOT the cuboid stone, as it looks much closer to be?

In your own videos, WTC # 7 looks much closer like a cuboid stone, than it does look like a pyramid.

The second question I have is related to Bush Jr. reading MY PET GOAT as part of the 9/11 Mega-Ritual. I always thought that MY PET GOAT was related to BAPHOMET, and NOT Pan.

How or why did you select PAN instead of BAPHOMET?

Am I off-base on this?

Or, could we BOTH be correct?!

Any comments, Jake, are greatly appreciated.

Warmest Regards,

Buffalo, NY USA

Jake Kotze said...

Thanks Folks.

Yes Polloi, I have heard Michael Tsarion point out the Isis/$ symbolism and have written about it in connection to the WTC somewhere…
Ah yes, found it

Great info Synkronos23, thanks again.

Kent, we are both right….


FilmNoir23 said...

Jake, you are blowin' my mind. Great work to everyone involved.

The $ from "The Simpsons" leapt out at me as Isis as well...I figured that issue would get added quickly.

I would agree that Pan/Baphomet could be interchanged here.

"The Wiz" inclusion was brilliant, I was wondering when it might be brought into the discussion. Little did I know just how amazing that scene about Twin Towers and the Stargate. Are you kidding me?

Sinkronos23 said...

Yes You guys are both right on the Pan/Baphomet thing except that Baphomet is rendered after a goat or capricorn and pan but Baphomet is male and female energies combined. A boogey man version of the hermaphrodite. A feminine/masculine Lucifer or god of light (aurora or sapiente). When Levi drew up the idea of Baphomet it was based on the idea of the devil or lucifer being a beast with horns or like a satyr with breasts. He drew the moon and sun to symbolize the polarities or ying/yang or male and feminine energies combined into one. Think about the term PAN-Sexual or PAN-drogeny. If you think about it in hermetic terms you have the two triangles, solomons seal, the star of david, the microcosm and the macrocosm blending. We have to be open-eyed about these things. We can't just throw it all in different boxes. Things are a combination or blending of ideas. Then again, this is just my perception of this at this time.

Flemming said...

Love this stuff, i'm sort of leaching info off you guys, but hey, we can't all be magicians.

Waiting for 'The Fountain' to be Syncronised =)

Sinkronos23 said...

Actually Fleming,
We are all magicians. Every time you have a thought or feel something or create something you are practicing magick. Magick is about Mind over matter. It is about energy. About will and active thought.

Wiindigoo said...

Hile, Jake,
More Stephen King Dark Tower synchs: In DT VI, Song of Susannah (2005), two of the characters (one named Jake, of course) store "Black 13," in a storage locker underneath the WTC towers (in 1999). It is not specified which tower, so presumably, this occurs underneath the central plaza. Black 13 is described as a black glass ball, the most powerful of the thirteen "bends o' the bow," the "Wizard's Rainbow" (linked literally to the Wizard of Oz in DT IV). The other twelve bends represent the twelve terminus points of the six beams in DT cosmology, while the thirteenth represents the dark tower itself. Furthermore, Black 13 has the ability to transport characters between realities in space and time (it is a portable stargate). As the two characters store this portable stargate beneath the WTC towers in pages 333-338 (Stephen King writes in the notes of the book: "to the best of my knowledge, there were never coin-op storage lockers in the World Trade Center.") Callahan says to Jake, who is wondering if the dangerous ball will be safe there,
"one glass ball under a hundred and ten stories of concrete and steel? Even a glass ball filled with deep magic? That'd be one way to take care of the nasty thing, I guess."

abass said...

but u cant be far from right. there are powerful benovalent magi who are using ancient aegptus rituals to usher in a new millenium. i think i know who designed the cabalistic insedius attacks, the jesuit. but please please can you post videos every day, i love your program. by the way i know your theories are true because, i am my self i am an original egyptian faraoye( pharaoh)/masserian and a true canaanite( from the zedeq bloodline prince of salem) plus the direct descendant of nimurudu/nimrod. if u want to learn more about the origin of true masserians or aeyptians then my email is

Not a Blogger said...

A quote from:

They talk about Cardiatis, while 'the sphere' is called Gro├če Kugel-karyatide (kugel meaning 'bullet' or 'shot', or generally a big steel ball is associated) karyatide must be the same as thing:

The Pythagorean name was cardiatis
or cardialts, as the heart of things manifest, change of quality, the fire which "changes all things triply extended or which have length, breadth and depth into the sameness of a sphere and producing light." It is eminently a "circular number" and spherical, restoring itself in every multiplication. Note here the F.C's steps. By 5 arranging matter ready for use, three fundamental qualities are produced in the prepared matter and the three aspects of Diety find reflection in them, Will or Strength to Create, Love or Wisdom to Preserve, and activity or Beauty to Transmute or to send forth Creation, producing 6, representing that period in the creative process in which Triple spirit enters into Matter, already prepared as a triplicity to receive it. The double triangle is its symbol. Allendy defines it as a static correspondence between two analagous terms and not a ransitory action or passage from one state to another. It is the instrument of progression but not the progression itself."

Not a Blogger said...

I get only five(interesting) results when i search google on:
spherical cardiatis

abass said...

man pythagoras stole his concepts and ideas from the ifa priests of egypt. the pythagoras theorem involving triangles was the formula for building the pi-ra-mid. which u know pi and ofcourse u know the god ra. in egypt we have something called the ori, which is consciousness but the romans call theirs domas or dome

SandeshM said...

this was very enlightening, how long did it take you to put together?

Jake Kotze said...

Its actually Spherical Caryatid, try that... (not a blogger)

Def have 2 read The Dark Tower soon, it keeps coming up (thanks wiindigo)

Thanks allot! (Abass)

Getting the info.. it never starts or stops I am always looking, once I have enough to make a narrative though the videos maybe take about a week to produce (sandeshm)

Thanks for all the comments, I'm working on new material as always...
Lots of ducks, maybe a few penguins...

Jam said...

This is awesome stuff. I'm resonating so strongly atm with your work!

A.V. Michaels said...

Great stuff here, enjoying your posts and your videos. Appreciate all the work and time you put into this research.

DAN.T said...

Nice man...

Really enjoying your -(conversations)- so far!!

Frank Albo who recently has been speaking about the manitoba legislative building seems very interesting to me..

He is doing what many people could and should have done - in doing one really in-depth study into the symbolism of ONE building.

The relevence of this is to get all the stubborn people who rely on lots and lots of backed up info - to see the use of archetypal gods/spirits in the overall geometria of western architecture..

I wonder if he is another Dan Brown character -( FRONT MAN )- partly because he references him so much... However Maybe Brown just has what he wants? fame/fortune

Anyway check his lectures out on you tube.

LAteR JaKe


aferrismoon said...

After watching the wonderful productions I felt compelled to add a little SinkRowMasterSchism from Joyce's Finnegans Wake.
Page 4:
' Phall if you but will, rise you must'

'& during might odd years this man of hod, cement edifices in Toper;s Thorp piled buildung supra buildung pon the banks...'

Hod = 8th Sephira
Buildung makes me think of Bilderburgs

'oftwhile balbulous, mithre ahead, with goodly travel in group.... to rise in undress maisonry upstanded'

Pages 4-5

' a waalworth of a skyerscrape of most eyeful hoyth entowerly...with a burning bush atop off its baubletop'

I think the Woolworth tower maybe the tallest building in the area round the crashsite, though I haven't checked.
Bush is there alongside burning and the Moses bush prior to a 'NWO' being created by those escaping the Egyptian WO

'What then agentlike brought about that tragoady thundersday this municipal sin business. Our cubehouse still rocks as earwitness to the thunder of his arafatas...unkalified muzzlenimussilehims that would blackguardise the whitestone ever hurtleturtled out of heaven'

Tragoady = tragos - a goatsong
Municipal sin business speaks for itself
Cubehouse - both 8 house and a corrupted Kaaba
Arafat - a name connected with those taking a stance against perceived US Foreign policy
Missile muslims
The whitestone - Kaaba and Whitehouse
Hurtling out of heaven

'Then we'll know if the feast is a flyday'

Within Qabala the letters = numbers .
OZ - the he-goat = 77 as does MGDL - towers/citadels
United 93 - Thelema, Agape
9 - IX & 11 - XI IXXI
9+11 = 20 - XX - see the towers disappear leaving just the Cubehouse
911 - RAShYTh - beginning - 1st word of Torah without initial B which = 2

Thankyou again for your in4mative self


aferrismoon said...

In Hebrew the words translated Darkness , Light, Day, Night transliterated = 328, 207, 56, 75 which in turn = 666. These 4 'words' can be found in the first 4 [or5] verses of the book we call Genesis[ter]

aferrismoon said...

Stargate = *G8 , he * - a shift in the 8

Shayne said...

nice work kid. very familiar with the 'peg.

just to further explicate aferris moon's mention of it for those who are not so aware of the significance:

United at last.

On a tangent, what's with those stories of people using their cell phoned on that flight and then United announcing 2 yrs later it would install wireless capabilities on their planes so passengers could use their wireless devices...insinuating that they could not have done so "as advertised"? Anyone able to corroborate either? I can dig up the press release if I look but it seems to have dried up on the web.

And A.'merican A.'irlines? These guys are hilarious!