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Friday, October 20, 2006

Akhenaton the Ancient Astronaut and the 9/11 Stargate

"The border between the Real and the Unreal is not fixed, but just marks the last place where rival gangs of shamans fought each other to a standstill."
-Robert Anton Wilson-

A little picture I call "Space Masons". Pharoah Akhenaton, the Master-Mason, climbs the ramp and the 9/11 Stargate opens while his Atonist cult cheer him on... (Remember to click on images to enlarge them).

I have a collection of links and another image incorporating the major points explored thus far in this continuing investigation at the bottom of this post. Scroll down and familiarize yourself if you'd like to know more before we begin.

Charlie Sheen is one of the highest profile 9/11 government cover-up theory proponents. The recent South Park 9/11 conspiracy dis episode made fun of this fact. After the Alex Jones radio interview with Sheen and the attention this received in the mainstream media, the floodgates on 9/11 were seemingly opened wider. Alex Jones' documentary, "TerrorStorm", recently made the Google Top 100 after much suspicion that Google was fixing its video counter numbers. Poor show, if so...

Notice the target over the map of the USA on Alex Jones' new DVD cover. The target or bull's eye is the two dimensional representation of the three dimensional stargate (cosmic consciousness) phenomena. Alex Jones' movie is becoming largely associated in the consensus with 9/11.

I've been keeping Sheen in mind because of his strong connection to 9/11 and was surprised to see his name pop up while doing pop culture research on crop circles for the blog. Let's dive right in, shall we...?

The 3rd installment of the "Scary Movie" franchise featured Charlie Sheen lampooning Mel Gibson's character from the crop circle movie, "Signs". The "Signs" movie is the biggest (and one of the only) Hollywood movies to touch on the subject of crop glyphs. Unfortunately, the movie does little to reveal any educated information about the subject or dispell any of the misunderstandings the consensus reality tunnel suffers in regards to this subject. Many respected scientist square/straight types take them very seriously, as do mystics and occultists. I think they're great regardless of "who" is making them. As time progresses and I think more about crop circles I have to admit that they grow increasingly mysterious. One of my goals is to integrate them into my pop culture "9/11 as Stargate event" theory and flush out a comfortable fit for the glyph phenomena in my personal belief system. My blog posts are inspired partly to help me develop my own understanding of the world and to share this process with interested parties. My belief system is ever growing and adapting to new ideas and events and I don't believe this process should ever stop.
"Signs" might not be an enlightening source of crop circle info but it's relevance to coincidence research could be valuable. Mel Gibson makes a few waves in the synchromesh because of his connection to Jesus (The Passion) and his Maya/Pyramid/2012 flavored "Apocalypto"...

Charlie Sheen (9/11 and crop circle connected, dig?) deals with contact, conspiracy and invasion in the 1996, "The Arrival".

This image sees Charlie's face fading seamlessly into that of an alien creature. Their faces combine to form a third eye in the middle of the poster. A lens flare or solar ring can be seen coming from behind Sheen. The circular design is reminiscent of stargates and crop circles.

The idea of man and alien combining is central to the DNA tampering Nephilim/Anunnaki theory of ancient history. We see this theme again on the E.T. poster.

Notice the solar bull's eye or stargate symbol between the two fingers.

The Alien and the human hand in the same position as "The Creation of Adam" by Michelangelo on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

For more about E.T. on an earlier post:

Michael Tsarion's lecture featuring the E.T. image:

The 1985 "Cocoon" poster has a giant circular stargate motif, here wonderfully associated with water (stargates can be called waterdoors, like the Stargate: Atlantis jumpgate). The C-shaped wormhole symbol of the crescent moon is present. Two of the O's form the Vesica Piscis, another stargate symbol. This film is about aliens who came to earth and founded Atlantis and are trying to return home. I find it mind-blowing how the stargate theme keeps cropping up if you simply follow certain themes in pop culture and are looking for the connected symbols. It is your job to decide whether I find them because I am looking for them, while discarding everything not relevant to the stargate concept, or whether there is something more interesting happening here. Perhaps you may arrive at the realization that if you look for connections in an omni-interconnected universe hard enough anywhere, you will find them... Perhaps that is a great revelation in itself?

Steve Gutenberg is one of Cocoon's stars.

The Stonecutter's lodge in the Simpsons. Obvious Freemason rip. Of course, Patrick Stewart, who plays the voice of No. 1 (the leader of the Stonecutters) in this episode and Captain Pickard in "Star Trek: The Next Generation", has been through every kind of gate, hole and vortex you could imagine. Wow, come to think of it he is the leader of the X-men (a strange attractor movie series in this research) and the ever increasingly relevant vortex jumping of Hugh Jackman. To be explored in a moment...

Steve Gutenberg lampooned in this 1995 episode.

Some selected lyrics from the wonderful Stonecutter song:
"Who keeps Atlantis off the maps?"
"Who makes Steve Gutenberg a star?"
"We do, we do!"

Atlantis, like the C-shape and bull's eye, is another element that magically appears when I am looking into the stargate phenomena, sycnromysticly. I believe Atlantis to be code for "bringing Heaven on Earth", my current belief about the goal of the secret societies at work in this time period. Atlantis was the idyllic balanced state we existed in before humankind's descent into the nightmare of materialistic/rationalistic history. It is also the goal of the current influence matrix of the big fraternities that is creating the "New Atlantis". That sounds positive, but we have to ask ourselves if their "New World Order" will be a healthy thing for us. There is much to make me think otherwise.
Reality doesn't appear to be made up of entirely "good" or "bad" things. These are false dichotomies imposed by our minds. Remember what Alan Watts used to say: "The meal is not the menu". Meaning: your thoughts and semantic symbols about the world are not the world itself. My point being it shouldn't be about whether the fraternities or secret societies are "good" or "bad". There are undoubtedly arguments for both and my personal take sways like a pendulum. Regardless of how you feel about these entities, it may be detrimental to give so much energy to these forces by believing in their power. I always recommend that you place yourself at the top of the power pyramid in your belief system, not the bottom! The trick is to keep the ego in check when you have done this. Or perhaps the answer lies in realizing the pyramid is a sham as the ego doesn't even exist (again, as Alan Watts would have said).

Atlantis could also be seen as the time when the knowledge of cosmic consciousness was in humankind's hands. In other words, we were part of a galactic mind; we had the secret of the stargate. That secret, which is quite possibly connected to the magic mushroom and other entheogenics, that is now lost and/or suppressed by the squares. So let's get it back!

Amazing how vivid this Atlantis stargate connection has become in recent times.

The "Stargate: Atlantis" waterdoor. It is as if our art and entertainment are beginning to hemorrhage the secret information hidden from us. It is however, still veiled in slight code and sold as a material gnosis when a little intuition and thought will tell you true revelation will be of a spiritual nature. That said, everything that exists in space/time is spirit or energy and not material or rational. Thus your car or tv is truly a part of ultimate reality even if you think of it as a mostly material possession. What I am trying to get at is that an actual stargate like the "Stargate: Atlantis" waterdoor that transports your body to another planet is almost the same as a fully activated chakra pillar that allows the shaman a kind of astral travel. In fact, the physical door or wormhole might just be our westernized way of allowing us the same technology the ancients and some secret society types might already have.

An individual with a healthy dose of entheogens and a focused mind can easily contact Sirius, the Pleiades or even Elvis if he so chooses in the privacy of his own bedroom. A stable material gate that you could walk through casually wouldn't suck either.

"The Prestige" spoiler alert in next paragraph:

Hugh Jackman, the 'funny DNA' X-man, Wolverine and time vortex slider from "Kate and Leopold", again makes a noise on my wormhole radar after viewing his newest film, "The Prestige".

The excellent "The Prestige" sees Jackman, a stage magician, teleported by a machine built by Nikola Tesla played by David Bowie. Bowie is assisted by none other than a ring (gate) lord Gollum (Andy Serkis from "The Lord Of the Rings") . This setup has many levels of decryption we may dismantle. Humans such as Michael Tsarion and Tom Horn speak about our secret society chums needing to fiddle with their or our DNA in order to get the Stargate tech to work. My take on the importance of DNA in the stargate theme is that the fully activated chakra pillar interacts with the DNA to open the waterdoor. The twin serpent-like double helix is a omni-present synchromystic theme in this area of research. Cool then, how Hugh Jackman as an X-man mutant fighting ring protectors on the top of Isis in N.Y. (Magneto, Ian McKellen, on the Statue of Liberty in the 1st X-Men movie, dig?) is transported by technology made by Tesla. We have to consider that Tesla was a wizard who admittedly received communication from E.T.'s with his machines in "real life", right? Reflect on the fact that David Bowie has famously played aliens as Ziggy Stardust and "The Man Who Fell to Earth".

The Pyramid with missing capstone box design of Tesla's teleportation (stargate) machine.

The large box containing the teleportation (or wormhole/gate) machine is cleverly shaped like a pyramid with missing capstone . The film suggests that all magic is make-believe, except for the pyramid with the missing capstone. Or at least that's my interpretation. So we now have this scenario: The Alien-manufactured pyramid technology (Tesla/Bowie) transports the genetically modified superman (Wolverine, Leopold/Jackman). Hugh Jackman falls into a water tank after every transportation. This again highlights how water is often connected to the stargate. In "Signs" the aliens' only weakness is water and in the real crop circle phenomena the spiral patterns that make the design flow like water.

Better keep an eye on Hugh's new film, "The Fountain", already its imagery suggests it will be rich in synchs. Compare these images and try this link below for more on the subject:

The concept that aliens might be in cahoots with the high ups in the secret societies is a fascinating and tantalizing possibility. Recently, the idea arises that the highest levels might be E.T's themselves or in contact with these forces. I can think of many reasons to see this as symbol or metaphor for many metaphysical or occult principles, but then again..

Wall carving depicting Akhenaton and family with elongated craniums and limbs.

Akhenaton and his family are sometimes accused of being genetically different or perhaps alien themselves. Less creative but perhaps more sober views, like that proposed by Ralph Ellis in his notable "Jesus: Last of the Pharaohs", explain Akhenaton as amalgamating his appearance with that of the alien "grey" types according to Pharoahnic traditions about the appearance of the "gods". Note the similiar concepts in the "E.T" and "The Arrival" posters shown earlier. I don't think the idea that Egyptian Pharaohs were modeling themselves after aliens that now appear ubiquitous in pop-culture is any less interesting than Akhenaton as a space man himself.

My intuition tells a story of Akhenaton using entheogenics to open stargates with his third eye as shown by the ajna chakra snake on his forehead in some of his sculptures, seeing and communicating with these entities through a wormhole, maybe even traveling to these otherworldly places. This opinion seems to be represented in the "synch echoes" encoded in the pop culture references involving Akhenaton as I will explain shortly.
Article for the alien idea linking to "Stargate", the movie.
Articles favoring artistic interpretation and head binding, etc.

True or no the concept seems to be encoded synchromysticly in many films. My idea about the significance of meaningful coincidences in movies with mystical connotation is not that it points towards real truths, but that they point towards possible realities that might emerge from the collective psyche into consensus reality. We vie and jostle for acceptable limits of consensus reality through our art and philosophy. Our ideas and concepts about reality are the very fabric of reality itself. We try to sell each other beliefs in a creative effort to allow new "things" to emerge into the accepted matrix of the now. I don't fundamentally fret about what "is" real; I care about checking the zeitgeists' temperature in order to project future possibilities of acceptable norms and find hidden pockets of knowlegde embedded in the pattern of 'aum'.

"The border between the Real and the Unreal is not fixed, but just marks the last place where rival gangs of shamans fought each other to a standstill." -Robert Anton Wilson-

Anyway, enough with my personal opinion (B.S. or belief systems). On with the show...

Aliens as humanoids with elongated and distorted craniums are traditional sci-fi fare.

H.R. Giger's alien from Ridley Scott's "Alien" has a particularly elongated head.

Dan Aykroyd's "Coneheads" is another example similar to the ancient truncated skulls found around the world. Aykroyd is seen riding inside the animated "Statue of Liberty" or Isis in "Ghostbusters 2" (see X/10.. post link below).

E.T. is another example to be likened to Akhenaton in some wall carvings, with his long head, naked pot belly, elongated limbs and dwarfish stature.

Ben Kingsley plays Moses (Akhenaton) in a 1996 made for T.V. movie. Kingsley (of "Ghandhi" fame) and Dan Aykroyd (a "Conehead" alien who is part of an invasion plan) are seen together in 1992's, "Sneakers".

Here are some of the key synchs that point towards Akhenaten as an ancient astronaut that we have already covered in previous posts:

Val Kilmer plays both Moses (Akhenaton) in the "Prince of Egypt" (voice actor for Moses) and an astronaut on Mars in the "Red Planet".

Discussed in this post:

Charlton Heston plays both Moses (Akhenaton) in "The Ten Commandments" and an astronaut who kneels before the Isis (Statue of Liberty) statue in "Planet of the Apes". Isis, of course, is one of the most venerated Egyptian Goddesses even today.

Discussed in this post:

Now some new ones that just blew my mind and baked my noodle when it came through me.

The late Phil Hartman did the voice for many "Simpsons" characters. Hartman lends his voice to Troy McClure, a hack actor who plays Heston's "Planet of the Apes" character, and Moses during his run in the show.

Phil Hartman also acts in the "Coneheads" movie; he plays a character called Marlax. I can't find out on the net whether this means he actually was a Conehead alien or not (dear lord, will I rent this dodgy film?). Drop me an email if you remember and save me the trauma; if you don't I will have to rent... I like how the fireworks in the image above create a circular stargate-like design (nudge-nudge, wink-wink).

Mel Brooks plays Akhenaton in "History of the World: Part 1", lampooning the biblical event with 15 commandments. He then proceeds to break the 3rd tablet and without skipping a beat declares god's commandments to number 10. Classic...

Small note here on Akhenaton as Moses. I've been reading Ralph Ellis and he seems to feel that Akhenaton was mostly Aaron, not Moses. Ahmed Osman and Michael Tsarion seem to prefer the Moses idea. Either way, the biblical account totally muddles the historical Hyksos Aaron and Moses' (Akhenaton and Tuthmoses) activities together, making them interchangeble for my purposes.

Mel Brooks crash lands, falling from space on the "Planet of the Apes", in the head of Isis in "Spaceballs"!

I already mentioned that Ben Kingsley plays Moses. We can see him flying in spaceships in "Thunderbirds".

Mark Wahlberg echoes this Akhenaton as astronaut connection in the following fascinating and bizarre manner. He reprises Heston's role in the 2001 Tim Burton "Planet of the Apes" film, flying through a vortex (stargate) into the future. Instead of the Statue of Liberty, he encounters the Lincoln Memorial modified to be dedicated to the ape General Thade.

Ape Lincoln.

I speculated in an earlier post that King Kong climbing the tower might be Toth/Hermes:

On page 296 of Graham Hancock and Robert Bauvals', "Talisman," we learn this amazing fact...Nimrod built the Tower of Bable, right? Talisman says that the Old Charges of Masonry say Nimrod is Hermes, right? Then Hermes could be seen as the builder of the tower. Who has a baboon in the Crowley Thoth Tarot deck? Thoth himself, on the Magus card, has a babboon counterpart. Indeed Thoth, thus Hermes, are connected in Egyption mythology to baboons.
"Thoth Kong". Could the Ape Lincoln be tied to Thoth/Hermes?

Another weird "Simpsons" synch to add relevence to the Abraham Lincoln Memorial. We see Milhouse playing both Lincoln and Moses. Michael Tsarion has mentioned in one of his lectures how the Lincoln Memorial is modelled after the Emperor Tarot card, which is covered in allusions to Aries. This would make it very fitting as a link to Hyksos Pharoah Akhenaton.

In the movie "Rock Star", Wahlberg plays a fanatical cover band singer who becomes the lead singer of the same band he has devoted his life to. One scene sees a character wearing a T-Shirt with George Washington as a Mason on the back and the Illuminati dollar bill pyramid design on the front. In the scene he confronts Mark Wahlberg, who is trying to inject his own creativity into the band. The notable T-shirt character explains to Mark that he and another band member, A.C. (Anti Christ, Aleister Crowley?) write the songs for the "sheep", not the hired help. It is telling watching a guy wearing an Illuminati T-Shirt directing another guy to stay in line. Is this where Mark Wahlberg sees the enlarged talisman that influences him to become connected to Akhenaton and a stargate traveler in future film roles?

Comapare Ape General Thale with his helmet and the Coneheads.

Heston plays a secret agent, Arnold Schwarzenegger's boss, in "True Lies". Notice how the lights in the background give Heston a set of horns?

Michelangelo's "Moses" has his age of Aries horns, just like Heston (Heston plays Moses in "The Ten Comandments", remember?).

To learn about Akhenaton as Moses and how this relates to Aries and more, try Michael Tsarion's Astro-Theology pages:
and Jan Irvin and Andrew Rutajit's book (Astrotheology & Shamanism) or video lecture (Pharmacratic Inquisition) at:
Ralph Ellis' work is also great.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's movie career is so filled with symbolism related to the occult that I plan to do a new piece entirely devoted to him. Here is the url for an old one and some new ideas related to stargates:

In "Terminator 2", Arnold and the T-1000 arrive in our time through spherical stargate technology. In another scene, the mercurial T-1000 rises out of a checkerboard (a Freemasonic floor design) like a human figure coming through a waterdoor or stargate.

The De Lorean time machine passing through a circular time vortex composed in this image of a circular clock design. Pretty cool.

Micheal J. Fox is interesting in our quest for the stargate for many reasons. He travels through a time vortex in "Back to the Future" and plays the lead voice actor in the animated "Atlantis: The Lost Empire".

Atlantis poster with circular light lens flare type stargate and interesting triangular light ray motif. The light also forms the stylized A of the film.

I have been noticing these modified A's in the titles of some movies and shows.

I equated the A's in this 1979 Time Magazine cover with Aton. Michael Tsarion pointed out how the dollar bill pyramid could be seen as representing the A of Aton. Perhaps the accentuated A's in these film and show logos also suggest Aton.

Micheal J. Fox passed the torch to Charlie Sheen, who revived his career with Fox's, in the New York, "Spin City".

This poster of "Hot Shots" seems, at first glance, pretty benign until you start analysing it deeper. The O of the word Hot contains the five pointed star of Sirius and also forms the disc of the Egyptian winged solar orb inside a red triangle. There are two planes, one passing through Charlie Sheen's head. Are these Egyptian motifs and planes surrounding the 9/11 truth or some kind of retroactive echo of the WTC stargate event travelling back in time and manifesting on this poster? Cary Elwes, on the far right, plays Val Kilmer's Top Gun role in this spoof movie. Val Kilmer we already connected to Akhenaton and space earlier in this post. Val Kilmer will be seen soon in Tony Scott's new time travel movie, "Deja Vu". Time travel yet again, is a stargate function.

I connect Akhenaton to 9/11 because I believe the "attack" was, on one level, a ritual orchestrated by the Atonist cult still operational in the secret society network. The ritual being a symbolic unveiling of holy light and the ushering in of the new Aeon.

Here is one more episode of "Simpsons" that keeps coming up. I first found it while looking at King Kong/Hermes/Nimrod in pop culture. Homer plays the giant ape in this Halloween (Tree House of Horror 3) episode. Bart is seen dressed as Alex from "A Clockwork Orange" and Lisa as Isis/Liberty.

For more on Isis/Liberty, try this previous post including one of my favourite synchs about Snake Plissken and the 9/11 stargate.

Notice the similarity between the decapitated Isis on the "Escape from New York" poster and the "Spaceballs" Mel Brooks synch.

The "A Clockwork Orange" poster confronts us again with the modified A of (perhaps) Aton. The triangle and eye symbols are obviously present.

O.K. One more pic from "Tree House of Horror 3" (check it out on youtube if the copyright police haven't removed it yet).

Bart's "Book of Magick". Who else spells magic with a "k"? Aleister Crowley, the Beast 666.

Another quick look and a new insight into the 2012 Olympic logo.
Notice how the 3 letters that the tape or 5-color ribbon penetrate through are ODO. What is ODO? How about Odo from "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine"? Why in the world would that be relevant? Well Odo is a shapeshifter whose 'kind' live on the other side of a wormhole in this T.V. show.

Odo from the wormhole show "Star Trek: DS9".

The 2012 stargate theme is touched upon in this post:

Found this image in a recent "Fantastic Four" comic at my local gas station (Ultimate Fantastic Four # 17). A NASA type shuttle actually flying through a wormhole!

The C-shaped wormhole on the NASA logo.

So what is my point? I believe that everything is connected and that if we take any given system of information and look hard enough patterns will appear. This is how I am trying to use pop culture and movies especially. Like a mystic would interpret your natal chart, tarot spread or dreams, I am trying to take current affairs and multi media and use it as a crystal ball to find relevant patterns that point a finger at possible truths or realities that could emerge into the consensus trance. Artists project society's wants and desires into their work (like film and books) and we decide on the validity of their ideas with the force of our collective beliefs, which translate into what we like to think of as concrete reality. I believe we can read the creative 'script' and maybe glean the upcoming possibilties that might result out of the push and pull of the collective unconscious will. Another possiblity is that we can discover hidden truths that have been suppressed and find expression in the interconnected creative ocean unlocked ever more everyday by the technologies like the internet. Most of my work has only been possible in the last few months as the internet increasingly connects everything to everything else (Youtube, Wikipedia, Blogging, Imdb, Google, etc. being my newly discovered magick tools for finding connections) with increasing speed as we head for 2012.

Here is one more movie image to consider that will probably come up again in the future.

The new Mel Gibson film looks like it may open a whole can of worms. We have a Mayan pyramid with a highlighted C in the title, hinting very much to heavy 2012 syncromysticism. We need to remember that Mel brought us the "Passion of the Christ". Jesus, like Moses, was quite possibly an Egyptian Pharoah and Master Mason and this all becomes very relevant. For more on the subject of the historical Jesus as mystery school initiate at Heliopolis, try Ralph Ellis' "Jesus: Last of the Pharoas".

As a friend of mine likes to say:
"Stay dangerous!"

I have tried to combine most of the elements connected to the continuing investigation of 9/11 as a stargate or cosmic consciousness event in this image. We see the NASA Atlantis shuttle that docked on 9/11 this year with the occult pyramid design found in the STS-115 mission patch. Underneath it the C-shaped wormhole symbol is visible as well as the three energy swishes much discussed in previous posts as allusions to 9/11 and crop circles. The crop circle theme is expresed in the swirling vortex of the turbulence of the "Stargate" Movie type circular gate. A big swastika (a sun symbol) surrounds the thousand-petaled crown chakra design of the spiritual version of the gate. The stargate is surrounded by spider webs, adding the Spider-man and Jahbulon theme also connected to the great Stalin Time Magazine cover explored in previous posts. An oroborus serpent harks back to the "Snakes on a Plain" caduceus and the Saitic Isis of the 9/11 twin pillars as Solomon's temple theme.

What was that "Snakes on Stargate" whatsa? For background info if you're new to this stuff, try these previous posts:
In which Aton and light is mulled over.
The Pentagon attack as ritual and crop circles as stargates.
Stargate symbols and magic mushrooms.
My first blog where I started using movies to research stargates and 9/11.
Stargates, Spider-Man and towers in general in film.
7/7 as ritual and 2012 stargates and movies.

Also check out my recent radio interview with Red Ice Radio if you want to hear more.

Peace and Namaste


Greg Tramel said...

so maybe Vs are actually upsidedown As

Vs have it

what about the A inside the stargate in the Hot Shots poster?

coneheads=A shaped heads?

freemason compass=A?

Vs around STARGATE ATLVNTIS poster=As

looking foward to your Vrnold post, you must do a Kubrick 1 also

Anonymous said...

Anyone interested in the themes of 911, light and "star gates" needs to check out Its about 911 and beam weapons. After all, a kid frying ants with a magnifying glass could be thought of as using a beam weapon/stargate on the ants.

Black Rabbit said...

Have you visited these sites - they can probably help you with the DNA/timetravel angle (written by ex-British intelligence operatives)and also Royal Arch Freemasonry and what the 33rd degree actually constitutes:

In addition, if you are interested in Alice in Wonderland 'mind control' programming - these sites will give you an understanding of how it has affected UK intelligence services:

mythstified said...

Your research is fascinating!! I stumbled on your YouTube video by typing 9/11 and wow, that's something new!! I was blown away with the irony that some Muslims terrorists, angry that the States are in their holy land (site of the Grand Mosque) were attacked exactly where a symbol of the same Mosque sat. Coincidence? I'm not so sure.

I've always been interested in Atlantis. I've read philosophers and scientists scoff at Plato explaining how it lies beyond the Pillars of Hercules -- how could that possibly be a real place? I never considered your outlook on it though, maybe Plato was quite right, and it's reflected by the 911 event... where now a torch will be lit beyond where the pillars stood... amazing! I must google this immediately..

pay2cem said...

If your going to do Arnold I suggest you check out the scene in end of days early in the movie preparing breakfast in the kitchen the towers and just the towers can be seen in the window and are then gone. The poster for total recall with pyramid circled by stars or planets seemed different then anything I remember in the movie too. Mel Gibson’s comments in the beginning of the patriot about 9lbs and 11 ounces seem strange. Also I just watched shooter and found the layout of the building of Philadelphia strangely representative the Egyptian pyramids and maybe worth a look. I find your blog pretty interesting and see a lot of the symbolism out there in the world but don’t fear Masons come from generations of Masons some very high up and hope to one day do as much for others as they have. I’m still suspicious of ALL groups, religions and organizations though. Please keep on posting always curious and eager for more.

gingerene said...

Hello to all,

I have been working with karma for a number of years, clearing karmic contracts and releasing them from the karmic blueprint for myself and my clients. In February this year I was called (channelled the request) to go to Ireland, visit the sacred sites and “bring in the information that was yet to come through.” I procrastinated and did not go. It was made easy for me to go to the sacred sites as requested at the summer solstice on June 20th, 2008. In all karma clearing sessions I did after the 24th of June I was guided to do a 3 dimensional decoding and deprogramming of the entire karmic blueprint. “Normally” I would deal with specific contracts and issues of the soul and or the contract of “highest priority”. Needless to say, I was surprised to be able release all karma, but did as I was requested. (Total releasement is done in 3 sessions, one for each dimensional level ). After about 6 or 7 of these decoding sessions in a row, I asked on July 2nd, 2008, while in session with a regular client, what this meant. This is the information I received.

I was shown on the right hand side of my screen of vision, several people in white muslin, cotton robes with their backs to me looking up at what I recognized as what I call the dimensional tower. A place where you may move through 12 or more dimensional levels. It appears in my vision almost parfait like in the layers of light that make up this access area. Much like an elevator, you may rise up and move through the dimensional levels. The words “These people are ready for ascension” were suddenly spoken to me as I observed the group standing, facing the tower. I realized one of them was me and then I saw some of my clients there. My first thought was “death?” I was then told, “No, you may be on the Earth, but not of the Earth, ascending while in the flesh”. Then the words “We call these people the faithful” were spoken. I was told “They remained faithful in their hearts, in the face of all the pain and suffering in this world, they still had faith in love and light, in the God/Goddess Creator source of all that is. (The Islamic version of the faithful, is described as having even “just one atom of faith in their hearts”) That is all it took. I then asked, “How does this relate to clearing karma, decoding, etc.?” They asked me if I remembered the weighing of the hearts in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. I said yes, the deceased went before 42 judges in the afterlife and their hearts were weighed against the feather of the Goddess Maat. On the sarcophagus of the Egyptians was sometimes printed:

“Oh, my heart, which I had from my Mother, please do not stand up as a witness against me.” The mother, of course, a metaphoric symbol of nuturing and caring, of divine love, the “weighing” and building of character.

I was then told between June 21st and June 24th the hearts of all of us were weighed and evaluated for “Goodness and faith”. They said it only took one earnest prayer of faith to be in the group of the faithful. (See:

Suddenly, dramatically, a large earthquake type crack appeared down the center of my vision and a large chasm formed and to my right were still the people, the faithful. On the left hand side of my vision I saw those standing on that (left) side of the chasm and I heard the words “The chasm, the abyss, the bottomless pit, the black hole”. Those on the left were darker and angry as they fell down lower in the hole, turning on each other. There in the hole, I saw the Lords of Karma standing around the perimeter of their space. I said “Oh, my, those people have fallen down in the hole, how can we help them?” I was told, “Do not concern yourself with them.” I said “But they need help”… I was told, “Then pray for them”. They said to me, “These people, (in the hole) especially the ones who had all the advantages, money, education and could have risen to the highest form of a human being, instead they lied, stole, maimed and even killed, especially them, as the ropes of karma that bound them was tightened. I said again “How does this affect karma”? I was told the people on the right, the faithful, by virtue of free will had been released from the “program of karma”. Then I saw the cords between the faithful, binding them to each other through karma, good or bad, fell to the ground and whipped across the chasm and slapped on the people in the hole. I was then told “Those in the hole would suffer their karma as it was increased and multiplied for them now”. Tenfold? Evidently karma, a program, as I was told later, is a way of “handling things”. I was also informed later, (about those in the hole), “Nothing real is ever threatened (A Course in Miracles), this is their choice for themselves". "As they become denser, like a black hole, (as above, so below) they will implode and become denser, still". I was ordered then, “Bring in the Archangels”. So I asked Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and could not think of Raphael, a mental block, and could only say Sandalphon. Then I was told, “Now bring in Raphael”. Raphael went into the center of the other four Archangels to anchor the space for healing. Later I learned Sandalphon is the prophet Elijah, who became an Archangel. So of all the hundreds of angels, it made sense the Earth (former human) Archangel Sandalphon would want to be present for the sessions releasing the karmic blueprint. Next I witnessed a woman, Mother Earth, as she walked out into the vision crying for all the injustices of earth. This wailing woman came out, crying for all the pain and suffering of the innocents, of wars, starving, no compassion, killing of each other, defacing the Earth and so forth.

Scenes of starving children, those that wished to be born and were not able to come in and those that came in , suffering in their lives here. I saw mistreated animals, elementals and pictures of nature and the Spirit of Earth’s great pain and suffering. I saw people with incredible wealth saying “Let those black people die, they are useless to us”. I saw Native American Indians praying to a small plant for the fruit it gave, and then the Indians were slaughtered, throats cut. I saw to large groups in an ancient war, running toward each other with hatred in their eyes, to kill each other. I heard the words “Holy war”. As the woman cried for all the injustices of Earth, I also cried and then started the karmic blueprint decoding and removal for my client, as requested.

Below is the information I gathered about the Archangels and their parts in this.

Michael: holds the space of divine grace for the essence of human spirit.

Deliverer of the faithful, angel of righteousness, mercy, and repentance.

Member of the order of virtues such as, love, truth, purity, charity and so forth.

Gabriel: Prince of justice, angel of mercy, death, revelation, and vengeance.

Gabriel anchored the divine presence of Universal Goodness, God/Goddess on this planet. Also the karmic enforcer, rendering atonement for past injustices, especially when visited upon spiritual innocents, whether they are human, animal, nature spirits, or elementals.

Uriel: Prince of light, angel of salvation, alchemy, transmutation, dna etc.

Raphael: Angel of light, love and joy. Angel of healing, knowledge and science.

Sandalphon: Angel of Security, glory, prayer, embryos and tears. Sandalphon is the “human” angel, he is Elijah, the one the Jewish wait for at Passover. The other human turned angel is Enoch, he became Metatron. (Makes sense Sandalphon preceded the wailing woman as angel of tears and embryos).

On September 29th, 2008 I was again summoned to assist in the ascension and releasement of those waiting in the place, called by some, Purgatory.

I asked, how could this be and almost none of us be aware of it? They answered, “I come as a thief in the night, you will know not the hour, nor the day.” Also, I asked, how many are in the group of the faithful, ready to ascend? The answer was 31.8% of the population of Earth.

I asked when the next big, obvious to everyone, event would take place and was told 2 ½ to 3 ½ years.

Thank you for all the information you all have shared with me in the past. I hope this will add some insight into the shifting in our existence here on Earth.

Ginger Willingham