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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Pharaoh Jesus and the 9/11 Stargate. (WTC Pyramid: Part 1)

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This image sees the silhouette of the World Trade Center forming themselves out of two trees and the crucified Pharaoh Jesus, “The Light,” suspended between them. Superimposed over this image we see the ten Sephiroth of the Cabalistic Tree of Life, Jesus, and the Twin Pillars of the WTC becoming the three pillars of the Tree, also invoking the Garden of Eden (Aten).

I've been looking into how Moses is represented in pop culture in my recent posts. My reason for doing this is because the biblical narrative of my current belief system understands the Bible as a book of pharaohs. To justify this remark I direct you to the fantastic work of Michael Tsarion:
Or try Ralph Ellis' very enlightening book, "Jesus: Last of the Pharaohs."

If the Moses Exodus event can be seen as related to the Egyptian Hyksos Dynasty, culminating in Akhenaton's infamous and controversial reign, how about other biblical characters? If we can find other biblical figures like Moses, (Akhenaton and Thutmoses) who are actually historical Egyptian figures and have modern veiled counterparts, then perhaps we can take these modern versions as they are represented in our culture, look at how they are inter-connected in the synchromystical universe and compare our findings with what occultists and mystics have been hinting towards about reality for... well, nearly forever!

Please read my previous post if you need to familiarise yourself with this material. It contained an overview to the subjects explored here and a lot of links to previous relevant posts.

Finding esoteric knowledge with pop culture synchronicities is what I have been trying to do with the "Moses as Akhenaton" synchronicities over the last few posts, in which much reason to suspect ancient Egyptian alien contact or other stargate related phenomena was found. I also found many echoes and ripples in the interconnected synchro-web, leading to personal confirmation about the survival of Akhenaton's legacy in the "Atonist cult" extent in the secret society networks of today, given visible expression in the 9/11 mega-ritual.

The most obvious Pharaoh I have not yet researched with my new found pop culture synchromystic filtering mindset is the one and only, ever controversial, Jesus. So let's take a little look at Jesus and see what light we can glean from such an activity...

Willem Dafoe plays Jesus in Martin Scorsese's, "The Last Temptation of Christ". Dafoe has been mentioned in these pages recently as the Green Goblin in "Spider-Man" and another villain in the 2005 "XXX" film.
For "Spider-Man" syncs:
For "XXX" syncs:

Madonna has been featured here before and I would like to make a connection with interesting similarity to what is speculated in some circles about the Holy Grail.
For more Madonna syncs:
The "Da Vinci Code" book/film has made the idea of Mary Magdalene as Jesus' wife and the Holy Grail herself (and her royal bloodline) very popular.
Madonna is the Roman Catholic name for Mary, mother of Jesus.

Ralph Ellis points out how other sneaky art dudes 'in the know' like Michelangelo have hidden information about the 'royal secret' right in the open, even inside the Vatican City's St. Peter's Basilica. We have to wonder if artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo were able to fool the top religious authorities into allowing heretical monuments inside their most holy of spaces, or whether the higher initiates of the church were hip to this fact and welcomed these veiled artifacts. I bet you can guess what I believe...

The sculpture in question depicted is the "Pieta," a statue of Jesus and his mother Mary.

The issue Ellis takes with this piece is the extremely young-looking representation of the Madonna. Jesus is shown recently deceased yet the foxy young Mary looks much more like his Momma than his Mommy, dig? I think this interpretation of the piece is quite sound as Michelangelo shows little regard for hiding his secret knowledge very well as we have recently seen in my previous post highlighting his Moses statue, complete with Hyksos Pharaoh Aries' rams horns!

In this instance, the Madonna is interchangeable with Mary Magdalene, the wife and lover of Jesus. Could we say Madonna the singer is a reflection of Mary Magdalene?
Crazy cool then, if we remember, if we can bear to, how Madonna and Willem Dafoe have sex in the film, "Body Of Evidence".

Madonna and Jesus (Dafoe in "Last Temptation of Christ") having sex, brought to visual reality for all to see in this 1993 film. Thanks Hollywood!

The grail is a central element of the "Da Vinci Code" film by Ron Howard. A few things could be said about the career of Ron Howard, relevant to this investigation. He made the Atlantis and alien-themed film, "Cocoon," mentioned in the previous post, and was a child star in the show, "Happy Days". In one episode, Robin Williams, as Mork the alien, tries to abduct Richie Cunningham (Ron Howard) and take him to his home planet.

Some suspect an alien DNA connection with the Grail bloodlines (children of Jesus and Mary). For a fantastic article containing sober (to my mind) Merovingian commentary, try Ben Fairhall's, "Rosslyn: Bewteen Two Worlds" article:

My take on the alien theme at the moment goes like this: The Grail Bloodlines originated out of the initiated Pharaoh and priestly class of Ancient Egypt, who had secret and sacred knowledge. This 'secret' information, probably relating to the activation of the chakra pillar, DNA feedback, Kundalini serpent energy, etc, could lead to contact or stargate scenarios (Cosmic Consciousness), giving rise to talk of aliens, genetic tampering, gods, etc. Not that all of that would be very far off the mark mind you...

I don't like to give scenarios that disempower the individual or society at large much credit. Ideas like a group or family having "special" DNA or godlike heritage seem like control memes, perhaps even premeditatedly so. I prefer to think the ability to contact the 'gods' (or the the god inside) or become like gods are the provenance of every one who should happen to choose such a role.

In my interconnected synchro-mystic world view, if we can find more pop culture "sync echoes" connecting the Grail and Jesus to aliens, that might go some way to laying groundwork for a 'Royal Secret' involving contact or stargates (cosmic consciousness). We have already connectedRon Howard to Atlantis and alien abduction, let's see if we can find more.

Robin William, (the alien from "Happy Days" and later, "Mork and Mindy") is seen looking for the Grail in Terry Gilliam's, "The Fisher King". The film co-stars Jeff Bridges, who was an alien himself in John Carpenter's, "Starman". "The Fisher King," (another name for Jesus of Nazareth) shows us then, two aliens questing for the Holy Grail, from a particular perspective, that is.

"Da Vinci Code" sees Tom Hanks and Ian McKellen also hunting for the Grail.

Ian Mckellan inside a vortex on top of the Liberty (Isis) statue in New York (X-Men).

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, about to jump into the vortex, on top of the Isis Statue in New York, as the mutant (DNA altered) Wolverine.

Ian Mckellan seems to be strange attractor as he is featured often on this blog, fighting Hugh Jackman on top of Isis/Liberty in "X-Men" and protecting the ring in "The Lord of the Rings". Tom Hanks could be significant because of his alien spaceman friend, Buzz Lightyear, in the "Toy Story" films and his mermaid girlfriend in again, Ron Howard's "Splash".

Simply amazing. Above we see the "Splash" movie posters depicting the Twin Towers (Jachin and Boaz) and the mermaid wearing a Liberty/Isis T-shirt. In the film, the mermaid makes her first public appearance at the foot of the same Isis statue.

Mermaids and fish folk connect to the Nephilim/Anunnaki and even Merovingian themes.

The reptilians, at any rate, do merit a brief mention by Brian Allan, in connection with the legendary line of Frankish kings known as the Merovingians. It will be recalled that the mother of their founder Merovee (or Meroveus) was believed to have been raped by the Quinotaur: a mythical sea-bull. Readers of my article, The Horsham Key will know that a similar creature can be found on Horsham's Old Town Hall; though, in that instance, in a double-tailed form which recalls the melusine. To Melusine, in her non-fictional incarnation as Melisande, the mother of Fulk V, Count of Anjou and daughter of Baldwin II, is attributed uniting the Merovingian house with the line of Anjou; and thus to the Plantagenets who would produce several English monarchs. Both stories share an identical theme: of legendary sea-creatures giving rise to powerful bloodlines.

Quoted from Ben Fairhall's way cool blog and the previously mentioned Rosslyn post:

I would feel negligent in my duties if I didn't include the following images for you to draw your own conclusions:

To see a good article about the Starbucks logo evolution click here:

In the above image we see Thor, Poseidon and Isis in the 2002 game "Age of Mythology". Note Poseidons mer-folk like tail and keep in mind that Plato said that Poseidon's son, Atlas, was the original origin of the name Atlantis.

Above is a still from "The Simpsons" episode "Homer, bad man". Here we see Homer doing a bit from Disney's "Little Mermaid" lampooniong Ariel (a mermaid), King Triton's (Poseidon) daughter who lives in an Atlantean underwater city. Poseidon is also a character from Homer's "The Illiad" and is represented in "O Brother, Where Art Thou?". This will become more relevant in a moment.

Kenneth Colley plays Jesus in "Life of Brian," a Monty Python (Terry Gilliam again) movie that is itself a spoof of the biblical Jesus story. The movie has Brian, (a character based on Jesus) taken aboard a spaceship, lending us another Jesus alien connection.

Kenneth Colley is most famous for playing Admiral Piett (an alien, as every character in "Star Wars" is, if you stop and think about it) in "Star Wars" 2 and 3. In "Jedi" we see his Super Star Destroyer spaceship take a nosedive into the second Death Star.

Jupiter's (this is back in real life mind) moons Mimas and Iapetus both have been accused of looking very similar to George Lucas' Death Star. As these films were made before the photos of these moons were ever seen, this becomes a most interesting sync that has been used in speculation of ancient alien artifacts existing in our solar system.

Freeman Perspective speculates on Death Star.

Jay Weidner Radio Orbit interview with Death Star speculation.

Can we say then...Jesus (Colley, in Life of Brian) the alien (Colley, in Star Wars) crashes his spaceship into the alien artifact moon? Is this the universe's way of highlighting the Grail (Pharaohnic Bloodline) connection to space and/or alien artifacts? I would say yes, but I write this zany blog. What do you think?

Monty Python animator and generally spectacular film director, Terry Gilliam, is proving to be a Holy Grail strange attractor when we consider the following. He directed "The Fisher King," was much involved in "Life of Brian," and even co-directed "Monty Python and the Holy Grail!" Not surprising then, when we dig a little, we find his other passion includes making movies about time travel. Time travel is another possible function of a fully working stargate technology. Gilliam's films, "Time Bandits," and, "12 Monkeys," contain the time travel/gate/vortex theme as central plot point.

With this in mind, it is interesting to note within the "NASA occult stargate speculation perspective" I have been following, how Bruce Willis (the "12 Monkey's" star) could be shown to fit in this intricate sync-web.

For more occult NASA Stargate syncs:

In his career, Willis has flown in NASA space shuttles (Armageddon) and tried his hand at alchemy (using da Vinci's crystal machine that turns lead into gold in "Hudson Hawk"). Here then is a man who we may describe as "the occult stargate alchemist who flies space shuttles in his spare time". Let's make this clear, in case you're confused (don't worry if so, I certainly am). This is achieved by combining the significant occult and mystic elements present in "Hudson Hawk", "Armageddon" and "Twelve Monkeys" into one narrative. Am I taking too much creative liberty in this process for it to contain any significant relevance? I imagine you would have to answer that one internally in relation to your own belief system. I'm having fun here, I hope you are too..
Please note how well "Hudson Hawk" fits in here considering our earlier Grail bloodline "Da Vinci Code" syncs.

It would be very helpful to this speculation about Jesus as a Hyksos descended Pharaoh if we could connect him back to Moses or Akhenaton in some way. Then, as if hearing my prayers, when we watch the 1959 "Ben-Hur," which tag line reads, "A tale of Christ," we see this interaction.

Heston, who has played both an astronaut ("Planet of the Apes") and Moses/Akhenaton, ("The Ten Commandments", see previous post for details) receives water from Jesus and witnesses his crucifixion. "The time traveling astronaut Akhenaton witnesses his family descendant and heir to the throne of the Hyksos nation Jesus Christ being crucified."

In the book, "Eden in Egypt," by Ralph Ellis, he speculates that Adam and Eve are originally based on Akhenaton and Nefertiti and that the garden of Eden was located in Egypt (if not Egypt itself!) . This revelation doesn't seem like much of a stretch to me when considering that we have already learned, I believe pretty conclusively, that the Exodus narrative was a dynastic Pharaoh drama. Then why not its predecessor, Genesis? Jordan Maxwell has already pointed out the fact that the word Genesis is related to Isis (Gen(Isis).

Can we find pop culture references, like we have with Jesus and Moses, with interesting synchro-mystic relevance involving Adam and Eve that would be relevant to this investigation? Well...

In "The Simpson's" episode, "Bible Stories," (above) Homer and Marge spoof the classic Eden (Egypt) yarn as Adam and Eve. The weirdly reoccurring (a strange attractor of mystic relevance) "Tree House of Horror 3," sees Marge dressed up as an Egyptian queen and Lisa as Liberty/Isis.

See previous posts for more "Simpsons" syncs:

This amazingly significant episode has Homer as King Kong, whom I have connected to Hermes/Nimrod and Bart's (dressed as Alex from "A Clockwork Orange") book of Magick.
Bart wears the album Thriller on his head like a hat, which is inspired by a photo of Aleister Crowley wearing a funny hat.

Wikipedia says Bart’s Michael Jackson hat in this episode is modeled after Aleister Crowley's funny hat. Admittedly I don’t see the resemblance, but there you go...

Homer has lampooned Charlton Heston in the episode, "Deep Space Homer," and "Tree House of Horror 8," in the "Homega Man" segment ("Omega Man" spoof). He eats "Soylent Green" in a futuristick episode.

Homer is no stranger to stargates.

In "Tree house of Horror 4" (goes to hell through vortex), "5" (time travel), "6" (through a gateway and becomes 3-D) and "13," (again time travel) etc.

So we have Marge (Eve) connected to Egypt and Homer (Adam) connected to Pyramids, (see next post shortly) stargates and Charlton Heston (Akhenaton).
The Pyramids will be the central focus of investigation in my next post arriving in a day or two... Please stay tuned, I am very excited about the new information I will get into and the new revelations and connections concerning pyramids and 9/11. This post is laying some much needed groundwork for the next.

In previous posts I have shown how the new Oliver Stone, "World Trade Centre," movie poster has the three pillars of the Cabalistic tree of life encoded in the Twin Tower image.

This poster lead to the discovery of the same three pillars in the windows behind Jesus in, "The Last Supper" painting by da Vinci. In both images the middle pillar is highlighted by light. In the WTC poster actual bright light and in "The Last Supper," Jesus, a.k.a. the light, was shown to be a veiled pyramid with his head and ajna chakra forming the apex of the pyramid. Crazy cool then when we watch the film and see Jesus (the last Pharaoh of Egypt) in one of the trapped firefighter's vision underneath the wreckage of the buildings.

Homer, the Greek poet, has been making many blips on my synchromystic radar. He shares his name with the already mentioned father of the Simpson family and the events of the Trojan War keep drawing attention on this blog. To strengthen the connection between the poet and "The Simpsons" we should note that many episodes of the show make reference to the Homeric legends. One episode features Homer as Odysseus (The hero of Homer's epic poem, "The Odyssey") in the segment "D'oh, Brother Where Art Thou?" (This title becomes more relevant in a second.) Another is called "Lemon of Troy," and an earlier episode from season 1 is called "Homer's Odyssey". "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" is a Cohen brothers movie that is loosely based on "The Odyssey."

Jesus from "The Big Lebowski."

John Turturro can be viewed in another Cohen movie, "The Big Lebowski," as Jesus the bowler. This movie stars the Starman and Grail seeker, Jeff Bridges. Remember him from "The Fisher King" discussed earlier? One more Homer sync occurred to me while researching "X-men" (that's what I get away with calling watching superhero movies, "Star-Trek" and "Simpsons" since starting this blog) is that Hugh Jackman not only fights Magneto on the giant New York Isis but also Sabertooth.

Notice how we can see the WTC in this shot.

Sabertooth is played by Tyler Man, who can also be seen as Ajax in the film "Troy," which is based on the "Iliad". So we see Hugh Jackman (a stargate veteran having jumped the vortex in "Kate and Leopold" and "The Prestige") and Ajax, the great grandson of Zeus, fighting on the head of Isis. Amazing...

Da Vinci magickly rears his head again, connected to the astonishingly recurrent John Rhys-Davies. Davies is just wonderful when it comes to mystical coincidence of esoteric nature. He is seen in the "Lord of the Rings" films as a ring protector and he helps Indiana Jones find the Arc and the Holy Grail. When not engaged in this kind of activity, he is seen jumping through stargates on "Sliders". Mr. Davies becomes relevent to this particular investigation when we learn that he has played da Vinci on the holodeck of the starship Voyager in "Star Trek." More Davies Syncs:

"Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade," like "Da Vinci Code," "The Fisher King," and "Monty Python and the Holy Grail," is a pivotal movie to mention when investigating the Holy Grail's pop synchro-web. Each of these movies have the Grail as central motif. My attention in this heavily Knights Templar resonating film is directed towards Sean Connery as he is highlighted by virtue of being the only character to actually drink from the real Grail. Connery causes quite a few esoteric ripples in the sync-ocean when we look at his long and successful film career. Extremely relevant roles stand out at first glance. Connery was a Freemason in "The Man Who Would Be King," a classic 007 (John Dee) empirical (Baconian) Franciscan Friar (searching for sacred texts all resonating heavily with Rosicrucian ideals) in "The Name of the Rose," and finally playing King Agamemnon (commander-in-chief of the Greeks in the Trojan War) in the already mentioned stargate movie, "Time Bandits."

Of the composite non-linear film character this investigation creates we could say: "The Freemason and alchemical occultist who travels through stargates and is intimately connected with the heritage and lineage of the gods." He also did the voice of a giant dragon in "Dragonheart". Dragons might connect him with the serpent and reptile alien themes and their possible home in the stars at Draco. Michael Tsarion has speculated that Draco is the home of the original Atlantean aliens. Incidentally, Draco is also the name of the dragon Connery plays in the film...

The disaster movie "Meteor's" poster shows the Twin Towers top parts being destroyed much like the 9/11 event. This is another Sean Connery film!

With the connections made above I feel confident that, at least within the context of the theory that one can glean knowledge from synchronicity, there is much reason to suspect Jesus, the Holy Grail and some kind of esoteric and occult activity at play in the theatre of consensus reality. This theme seems to resonate with alien contact and stargate technology somehow involving 9/11. My preferred method of interpreting this extraterrestrial-flavored 9/11 synchro-web generated by looking at Jesus and the Grail in pop-culture uses a metaphysically and spiritually oriented view. I see the concepts of Jesus and the Grail through my current belief system as sacred and secret knowledge, passed down through the occult network of the secret societies or intuited by sensitive mystics around the globe. This esoteric knowledge involves the activation of forces that can help facilitate the contact or stargate scenario. These two words, stargate and contact, I believe, are physical or material metaphors, interchangeable with metaphysical or spiritual cosmic consciousness experience. It is possible that the 9/11 event might have been designed by occult forces (possibly guided or channeled by secret societies) to interact with a mega-ritual to facilitate a contact scenario or the opening of a stargate. Again, I repeat that these words, contact and stargate, should be considered as interchangeable with certain higher states of consciousness and/or Illumination.

(WTC Pyramid: Part 2, coming soon...)


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Hi Jake... Just looking back at some of your work: I notice the interesting comment from Greg Tramel (above.) Have you yet had time to research this Ethel Mer(maid) and the Grail connection? We share an interest in mermaids/melusines/quinotaurs, etc... I would be fascinated to know what you discover.

Got some interesting stuff for you on the Ka'aba too, coming shortly.

Any plans to come to the UK this summer for some crop circle research?

Cheers mate

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