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Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Itsy Bitsy Illuminati Propeller Heads (Comic Book Cycle Part 3)

Yet again we explore the 911 mega-ritual using syncrhomystic resonators from pop culture. Thoth-McDuck makes an appearance but the focus lands on Spider-Man. The helicopter is suggested as a little noticed pivotal element involved in the magick of 9/11. Akhenaton and his descendants (ideological and lineage) are sighted as suspects and there motivation is claimed to be cosmic in nature...

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New Podcast with Greg from Occult of Personality . Thanks Greg!

First Tarot card in the collaborative effort by Synkronos23 and myself. Major Arcana 0 "The Babe of the Abyss" (The Fool).

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September Clues part 1 of 4

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ATFX Capital said...

are there 2 types of illuminati u mention the materialist illuminati can u ellaborate on that?

Jake Kotze said...

I see the materialist Illuminati as a bunch of officially connected dudes who sit around and make plans for how to influence the world. The other kind are unaffiliated folks who have achieved spiritual Illumination and now try and enlighten mankind, some might rather say Bodhisattva. I like to think Illuminati can refer to "good" and "bad" guys. Good and bad being simply measured by how much union (evolution) with Godhead an individual spreads vs. suppresses. Sometimes Illuminati can be difficult to separate and truly the difference can be meaningless and grey (think Crowley or Jesus both being Bodhisattva and Affiliated with groups). Maybe it would be better to exchange materialist Illuminati 'faction' for 'facet'.
Does any of this help?
Trying to download Illumination which is by nature beyond subject or object and rational understanding will always result in the kind of rambling above, dig?

hello said...

great work sir!

ATFX Capital said...

yes I think we have the great white brotherhood, which crowley might have been connected to there are alot of blak white themes in crowleys work but in majick wihtout tears he refers to black brothers who have lost thier path and been swallowed by the abyss of daath and are ensnared by the false tree of shells, or false ego... not sure which side the secret chiefs are on, but do you think 911 type events are engineered by black illuminati to generate fear on a surface level, but on a deeper level it symbolizes breaking down the pillars of illusion or positive and negative separation to reveal the middle pillar of illumination? I will do more research into this also... btw look into the symbolism behind LOST on abc ive noticed the main dharma LOGO is an octagon... THANKS.

hoi polloi said...

I'm glad you brought up Spiderman's similar appearance to a grey. I discussed this with a friend not too long ago, so its nice that someone else sees it. When Spiderman 3 was released NY dedicated an entire week of events to the movie and the character [?!]Spidey's' face was plastered all over the subways and billboards, and the tagline was "NY Welcomes Spiderman!" I wasn't too happy about it. Anyway, this was astounding! Thank you

Crackpot! said...

Great video, Jake. You manage to tickle my consciousness every time.

soundlessdawn said...

Joel Shitmaker huh? LOL. Your Dark Knight Val Kilmer resonates the Stargate or "breaking open the head" phenomenon in his role as Jim Morrison of the Doors. A band very much connected to Aldous Huxley's "The Door's of Perception" He also plays a Mar's traveler in "Red Planet," plays Moses in two separate films.. and is in a movie entitled "Wonderland." Great work integrating Spidey.. Genetic manipulation of man and his dual nature; undertones in yet another 9/11 ritual metaphor.. Something initiate Jim Henson integrated into his "Dark Crystal" film.

Jake Kotze said...

Hoi Polloi, glad you see it too never know what folks will be resonating with or rolling their eyes at. I'm sure many of the things are too unconnected for some peoples belief systems... Have you noticed how fashionable it is to wear grey like dark sunglasses?

Agostino, I think we are all ultimately working for the same 'light' inside, both 'evil' wizard types and 'good' mystics. The wizards are just doing their part but I think we can influence them and perhaps show them a better (more groovy, less dam fool silly theatrical) way. 911 feels like it was ill conceived but we can turn it around if we transcend the New World Order style narrative. The ritual might be having a different affect than they planned. Don't think however that a collapse of US government and temporary world outrage followed by revolution might not have been part of the plan... We have to transcend all that action/reaction shit, screw revolution... evolution!

Thanks Crackpot and good info Steven!

aferrismoon said...

Watched the Genghis feed - the 'mistakes'
I sometimes wonder if the lack of believability comprises part of these eVents so that talking heads can come and discuss them 'scientifically' on TV [ questions of course never the searching ones ]until the majority of the population [ who do have intelligence] turns off feeling ntirely powerless in the face of intense destruction and glib denial. Unable to ]do] anything they accept the 'war on [t]errorism' etc.

Re: Samson and the 2 Pillarmids - Samson ties together the tails of 300 foxes [ in pairs I think] and lights them , sends them into the grain field of the Philistines. An attack that perhaps sends them amok, confused but vengeful. I sink-a-link with Fox network lighting fires of confusion in the minds of Worldians sparking a vengeful state, or enough confusion so that it seems worthless to argue against war ona ny sound footing.

Good and bad represents the greatest of confusions based as it is on the psychological interpretationn of "flat plane geometry". Everything within the shape = good, outside = there B DraGons [ or Dagons]
Synergetic geometry proposes a different concept and is worth a read in relation to how Geometry learnt early in life can have deep psychic effects. The Flat Plane initiates a sense of separation, lack of network, ice-o-lation. Which SIDE are u on?
Solid objectivity

Almighty Evan
an evening shot , sunset through the ribs of the Ark. EvanoaH stands looking at plans, to his right sits Cynocephalus, Thoth's dog-faced monkey - BaBoom [ Cyno = Dog,Ceph = Head]

Away now to WaTCh that Iachin Boaz Light Making Spinning Ceph producktion

Apollojeez 4 a ny r am bulling

Jam said...

Great vid Jake. Again!

I just want to inform that thanks to you my jaw no longer works properly due to all the dropping you've given it lately. hmph.

aferrismoon said...

In one of the comic strips the IBIPH , not full screen, I noticed an O with an X behind the running at you Superhero.
Have you seen the MacOs leopard stargate logo with apples ?
APL = ALP [alef] 111
An OX = a bull [ another name for Alef - alephant-elephant, the accepted etymology]
MacOsiris - son of Osiris. Iris also inks to Madeleine MacCanns Coloboma [ a cut in the iris] and a wierd anagram of Colom-boa [ dove-snake]

Itsy-Bitsy Spider ,a well-known rime. used to be a children's TV series with Susan Stranks. The Green Goblin sings an altered version to Spiderman.
I await one of the scarlet starlettes to appear in a itsybitsy yellow [ribbons, ballons] pole-ka dot com bikini atholl, though what colour the dots [ short for Dorothy] I know knot. Red I suppose like the
Iris of the Eye
Whe' da helichoppa fly
In da batman clip
Where da white should be
Da yellow fills it

OWLs often appear - the Order of the White Lion I found in a book called Energized Meditation by Dr.Chris Hyatt. it's also the highest military honour the Czechs can give which is strange since Bill Clinton has one.
NightOwl appears in Watchmen

Jake- the great image of the burning towers , the unusual view, is it worth trangulating that image with the Twins and then retriangualte with the Freedom tower .
The image has that stepped effect to Pillarmids with their covering off so I wondered. The Twins could flatten the top giving the no capstone effect, the Pharoahdom Tower may add that ABN-stone


aferrismoon said...

In Steve Willners vid [ i think] there was an advert for RAINBOW BRITE sweets. In Hebrew BRYTh , pronounced similarly = covenant and the [Rain]Bow Covenant God made with Noaah in Ch.9 v.13 :
'I do set my bow up in the clouds'
This reminds me of GWB reading the goat book
' I do set my people up... '

Jake Kotze said...

Thanks Jam and Aferrismoon for all the bits and pieces...

Bee well folks

Part 4 (Last Chapter?) e.t.a. 4 days...

Dru Chaos said...

Been a reader of your stuff for awhile...just thought I'd say keep up the good work. Great stuff this was.

aferrismoon said...

Thanx for putting the September clues in an easy to find spot.
Love the Clues
love the Hues

aferrismoon said...

Bee in Hebrew - DBVRH 217 and is the name of the only female Judge in the Good Book. She's a bit of a warrior. This is the girl's name Deborah [ though the Hebrews say Devorah]
Have included a shortish piece of the 'bees' in the Samson story at my blog
i guess the BeeHive reminds one how to Behave

realm said...

I used to watch the Duck Tales often in my youth, funny how it has come around again. The many comics and cartoons linking to the coming mega ritual are fascinating.Has anyone found comics etc, with the pentagon? Anyway good work again Jake.

aferrismoon said...

The use of comix in these synchromystic tales has a direct link to the hieroglyphs . The hieroglyphs = the cartoons , the captions = the cartouches.
Found some Lily propaganda in the Song of Solomon [ The Song of Songs]. The writer claims to be a lily, also picks them from his garden and gives them to his flock, or shares them. No direct ingestion descriptions.