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Friday, June 23, 2006

Movie Synchronicity 6: Robert Anton Wilson, UFO's and rabbits

In the conspiracy giga book The Illuminatus Trilogy by Robert Shea (any body have a copy of The Saracen pt2: The Holy War for me?) and Robert Anton Wilson the character Joe Malik gets abducted and taken away on a spaceship. Later in the novel he is made a Discordian and given the holy name U Wascal Wabbit. Later in life R.A Wilson started noticing many more connections between UFO’s and rabbits. It would seem he then decided to popularize the idea of connections between rabbits and UFO’s in his books and lectures. He claims there is even a branch of UFO study called Lepufology, a claim which might be a classic case of Guerilla Ontology. Please let me know if anybody out there knows if Lepufology is legit and can verify its authenticity. Whether Lepufology is real or not the connection between Rabbits and UFO’s is certainly intriguing. I will quickly cover the usual basics of the connections between the two which most people familiar with the subject are aware of, adding a few of my own intuitions and then go on to try and tie the subject of Rabbits and UFO’s together with that of magic mushrooms and shamanism in future blog posts.

I would also like to quickly interject with the thought that the synchronicities between UFO’s and rabbits bare a lot of similarities to the 23 enigma and the Discordian law of 5’s. All 3 share the property of seeming more real the harder you look for them in your environment. Could it be that they are (hell R.A Wilson has at points explicitly said this!) just techniques of encouraging the adept to do foolish things persistently until he/she gains illumination when giving up the search for the other in his surroundings. If Alan Watts (a friend of R.A Wilson mind you) is right and the difference between self and environment, object and subject, experience and the person having the experience is a false dichotomy aren’t we just playing the serpent trying to swallow its own tail? Isn’t Bob’s over arching message more about our belief systems and self-hypnotization? Hasn’t the question always been more “Who is the Master that makes the grass green” than “Have you seen the fnords?" You don’t think that he doesn’t sometimes laugh in his sleeve like the Rascal Guru when people talk about this shit?

A fool who persists in his folly will become wise. -William Blake

On to the bunnies!

-In 1948 Bugs Bunny landed on the Moon soon followed by Marvin the Martian in the Looney Toons Cartoon “Hardevil Hare”. I am told Bugs Bunny is possibly the first UFO abductee in history (can you verify this?).
-Also the Pooka, a six foot tall Celtic folklore beastie, features heavily in the discussion of rabbits and UFO’s and appears in the film Harvey (one of Wilson’s favorite movies). Does Donnie Darko’s Frank qualify I wonder?
-Close Encounters and E.T feature rabbits before we see UFO’s and aliens. The poster of E.T has E.T and Elliot flying across the image of the moon (Rabbit in the Moon?)
-President Jimmy Carter has claimed to have seen UFO’s and also bizarrely was once reportedly attacked by a swimming rabbit while fishing! (Monty Python Holy Grail…?)
-Many real life alien encounters including UFO’s and rabbits are reported out there and available online for further perusal.

Some loosely related ideas come to mind for possible further reflection and investigation on this blog:
-Alice In Wonderland’s White Rabbit
-The Matrix “Follow the white rabbit Neo!”
-2001: A Space Odyssey’s black monolith on the moon.

So what about the rabbit/UFO mushroom idea I mentioned? All in good time my friend.

One more thing quickly comes to mind. Wasn’t Robert Anton Wilson an editor for Playboy? The Bunny Empire… FNORD

Dear Robert Anton Wilson
You ruined my life. For that and much more I am eternally grateful.
I love you.

Jake Kotze

P: S I wonder if those folks bad mouthing Timothy Leary would ever understand the above statement?


Anonymous said...

The Wu Liang shrine in China reveals information about the ancient cult of the moon goddess, who had a pet "drug-pounding hare"--a white rabbit who ground mushrooms (amanitas muscaria maybe?) in a mortar and pestle to produce an elixer for eternal life.

see: ISBN 0804720169, (Wu Hung, Stanford University Press)

Thought you might like to know.

SMiles said...

Howdy from Austin, Texas!

Glad to see more on the UFOs PO Rabbits meme.

Thanks for the link to my own ELFIS article on same. I'm happy it was helpful to someone.

On the subject of your blog's name, check out this incredible Aldous Huxley lecture on the the BNWO and Scientific Dictatorships.


Anonymous said...

check out joe dante's movie "innerspace" for more bunny/ufo connections.

Anonymous said...

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